Van Morrison and Joey Defrancesco / New album: You’re Driving Me Crazy

Remarkably, Van Morrison is about to release his third studio album in little over six months. You’re Driving Me Crazy is a collaboration with jazz organ virtuoso Joey DeFrancesco.

Morrison’s 39th studio album features fresh interpretations of Blues/Jazz Standards such as Miss Otis Regrets, The Things I Used To Do and Every Day I Have The Blues and Morrison originals including Have I Told You Lately, The Way Young Lovers Do and Magic Time.

Jazz organist DeFrancesco is a relatively young musician (he’s also a trumpeter and vocalist) who signed a deal with Columbia records at the age of 16 (in 1987) and was performing with Miles Davis a year later. Others in the band for this new Van Morrison album include Dan Wilson (guitar), Michael Ode (drums) and Troy Roberts (tenor saxophone).

You’re Driving Me Crazy will be released on 27 April 2018 via Legacy Recordings.

CD Edition

1. Miss Otis Regrets (Cole Porter)
2. Hold It Right There (Terry, Grey, Vinson)
3. All Saints Day (Van Morrison)
4. The Way Young Lovers Do (Van Morrison)
5. The Things I Used To Do (Eddie Jones)
6. Travellin’ Light (John Mercer, James Mundy, James Young)
7. Close Enough For Jazz (Van Morrison)
8. Goldfish Bowl (Van Morrison)
9. Evening Shadows (Van Morrison / Acker Bilk)
10. Magic Time (Van Morrison)
11. You’re Driving Me Crazy (Walter Donaldson)
12. Everyday I Have The Blues (Peter Chatman)
13. Have I Told You Lately (Van Morrison)
14. Sticks and Stones (Titus Turner)
15. Celtic Swing (Van Morrison)

2LP vinyl

Side 1
1. Miss Otis Regrets
2. Hold It Right There
3. All Saints Day
4. The Way Young Lovers Do

Side 2
1. The Things I Used to Do
2. Travelin’ Light
3. Close Enough for Jazz

Side 3
1. Goldfish Bowl
2. Evening Shadows
3. Magic Time
4. You’re Driving Me Crazy

Side 4
1. Everyday I Have the Blues
2. Have I Told You Lately?
3. Sticks and Stones
4. Celtic Swing

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L Lawrie

Down to £3.99 at amazon.co.uk


Official statement on Van’s website on his divorce from Michelle Rocca (not mentioned in the statement). Which undoubtedly means Days Like This will join Tupelo Honey and You Win Again as albums which will never be reissued.


Cant believe it…Van hasn’t announced a new album release this week. SO FAR!


Yea, but The Prophet Speaks will be released December 7th. Pre-ordered.


Heinz, If you think the cover looks cool now, imagine how much you’d like it if it was done well :)




€5.95 on vinyl on Amazon.it I’m in…. until they cancel it….


I’m in. I buy every Van Morrison release. I’ve found plenty to enjoy on all of them. I’m kind of surprised I’ve never heard of DeFrancesco before so this will be something new for me. I would like to see the Legacy releases kick into gear. Some of Van’s early-mid 70’s stuff is hard to find on CD.


Hey Paul, do you by any chance know what is going on with Amazon Italy. Are these real prices? Will they get cancelled?

Chris S

While the last two, had some great moments, hearing more music from a artist is always better then hearing the sixth single from a two year old album. Love the voice, love the blues and jazzy feel of the last two (and many of his output over the past 40+ years). Will get it on CD, then decided if it is worth also getting on vinyl.

Chris S

(should have been “much of his output, not many”.

Colin Harper

I reviewed a pair of concerts – sold separately, so not a double bill as such, but effectively much of the audience had paid for both and stayed in their seats – that were happening back to back in Cork City Hall, Ireland at Cork Jazz Festival in 1997. On first, John McLaughlin’s Free Spirits (John, Dennis Chambers, Joey de Francesco); on next, Van Morrison (with Goergie Fame on organ). Amazingly, John McLaughlin’s set was stopped early so that Van’s people could move a few things around on stage. I went backstage and the Mahavishnu and the boys were not happy. It must have been the only occasion in 40+ years where a jazz festival pulled the plug on the legendary John McLaughlin. Wonder if Joey reminisced fondly about this with The Man?

David A.

Here’s a song from the album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBdreGU4Ds4

Tom M Hans

Am I own my own thinking that each song on “Philosophers Stone” has more substance than all releases since “Days Like This” combined?


RE: “Am I on my own thinking that each song on “Philosophers Stone” has more substance than all releases since “Days Like This” combined?”

I agree with your assessment about Philosopher’s Stone versus the total of his work since Days Like This.


I haven’t heard any of these 3 albums yet, but from their description I put them in the same line as Bob Dylan’s last 3 albums.

A conspiracy theorist would think this is Van’s latest attempt to derail Legacy’s reissue programme which started in 2015. After a good start it appears that has come to a halt, the way the 2008 remaster programme was stopped half way. Still no sight of his 70s/80s back catalogue properly reissued. The SDE of The Healing Game has been shown on amazon/jde.de for over a year now, still not released.

Catlow judith

Been a fan for over forty years and bought every album but I’m not impressed with the last two. Hoping this one is more like the old days.
Wish he would come back to France for a gig.

Fred Phoesh

I am a huge Van Morrison fan but I’ve let his last few albums where is trying to be all jazzy seem to be nothing short of Embarrassing. His voice just cannot hack it anymore. He sings off key so much of the time it is really quite annoying.


I like the idea that Van Morrison is still playing and releasing music – he’s dedicated his life to it and I guess it’s ‘too late to stop now’. And I like the way he revisits earlier songs from his own catalogue and performs them as a mature artist.

However, every time I look at one of his new releases I can’t help thinking that it must be years since someone took a bit of care with the artwork.


I think that cover looks rather cool…


I can’t wait to hear this collaboration. I’ve been a huge fan of Joey for years. Not as big a fan of Van Morrison though. This looks really interesting!!

Wayne klein

What’s up with Van doing all these albums? Not that I’m complaining but there’s a sense of urgency to releases that we haven’t seen in ages.

Catlow judith

He’s got an ex wife and kids to support!

The Masked Man

Maybe so, but it’s not like record sales in the year 2018 are gonna do much for that…

Ben Williams

Great stuff. A very good time to be a Van fan! Like being back in the 60s and 70s when an artist could (and would) release two or three albums a year.

Steve Gentry

Been following DeFrancesco for many years. Look at musicians listed. No bass player? That’s because Joey plays bass with his left hand and pedals better than any bass player you’ve ever heard. Looking forward to this release.