Van Morrison / It’s Too Late To Stop Now new box set with vols II, III, IV & DVD


Sony/Legacy Recordings will release a four-disc box set next month of previously unreleased Van Morrison live concert recordings from his legendary 1973 tour with the Caledonia Soul Orchestra.

It’s Too Late To Stop Now…Volumes II, III, IV & DVD brings together performances originally recorded at three venues: The Troubadour in Los Angeles, the Santa Monica Civic Center, and The Rainbow Theatre in London. The DVD in the set is professionally filmed live footage from the Rainbow Theatre, originally aired on the BBC in the UK and now available for the first time, commercially.

The audio on this new set has been newly remixed from the original multi-track recordings by Guy Massey and Sony promise that these new mixes “recreate the sonic atmosphere of each venue, from the standing-room-only intimacy of The Troubadour to the expansive excitement filling the 3,000-seat Rainbow Theatre”.

The original 1974 album that has inspired this new collection, ..It’s Too Late To Stop Now…, has also been newly remastered and will be reissued on 2LP and two-CD.

Both the box set and the original album reissues will be released on 10 June 2016. Van Morrison fans in Europe should note that JPC in Germany have an incredibly good pre-order price for the box set.



VOLUME II (Recorded live at The Troubadour, Los Angeles, May 23, 1973)

  1. Come Running (Van Morrison)
  2. These Dreams Of You (Van Morrison)
  3. The Way Young Lovers Do (Van Morrison)
  4. Snow In San Anselmo (Van Morrison)
  5. I Just Want To Make Love To You (Willie Dixon)
  6. Bring It On Home To Me (Sam Cooke)
  7. Purple Heather (Van Morrison)
  8. Hey, Good Lookin’ (Hank Williams)
  9. Bein’ Green (Joseph G. Raposo)
  10. Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)
  11. Listen To The Lion (Van Morrison)
  12. Hard Nose The Highway (Van Morrison)
  13. Moondance (Van Morrison)
  14. Cyprus Avenue (Van Morrison)
  15. Caravan (Van Morrison)

VOLUME III (Recorded live at the Santa Monica Civic, California, June 29. 1973)

  1. I’ve Been Working (Van Morrison)
  2. There There Child (Van Morrison, John Platania)
  3. No Way (Jeff Labes)
  4. Since I Fell For You (Woodrow Buddy Johnson)
  5. Wild Night (Van Morrison)
  6. I Paid The Price (Van Morrison, John Platania)
  7. Domino (Van Morrison)
  8. Gloria (Van Morrison)
  9. Buona Sera (Carl Sigman, Peter De Rose)
  10. Moonshine Whiskey (Van Morrison)
  11. Ain’t Nothing You Can Do (Don D. Robey, Joseph Wade Scott)
  12. Take Your Hand Out Of My Pocket (Sonny Boy Williamson)
  13. Sweet Thing (Van Morrison)
  14. Into The Mystic (Van Morrison)
  15. I Believe To My Soul (Ray Charles)

VOLUME IV (Recorded live at The Rainbow, London, July 23 & 24, 1973)

  1. Listen To The Lion (Van Morrison)
  2. I Paid The Price (Van Morrison, John Platania)
  3. Bein’ Green (Joseph G. Raposo)
  4. Since I Fell For You(Woodrow Buddy Johnson)
  5. Into The Mystic (Van Morrison)
  6. Everyone (Van Morrison)
  7. I Believe To My Soul (Ray Charles)
  8. Sweet Thing (Van Morrison)
  9. I Just Want To Make Love To You (Willie Dixon)
  10. Wild Children (Van Morrison)
  11. Here Comes The Night (Bert Berns)
  12. Buona Sera (Carl Sigman, Peter De Rose)
  13. Domino (Van Morrison)
  14. Caravan (Van Morrison)
  15. Cyprus Avenue (Van Morrison)

DVD (Recorded live at The Rainbow, London, July 24, 1973)

  • Here Comes The Night (Bert Berns)
  • I Just Want To Make Love To You (Willie Dixon)
  • Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)
  • Moonshine Whiskey (Van Morrison)
  • Moondance (Van Morrison)
  • Help Me (Ralph Bass, Willie Dixon, Sonny Boy Williamson)
  • Domino (Van Morrison)
  • Caravan (Van Morrison)
  • Cyprus Avenue (Van Morrison)

Jeff Labes – piano & organ
Dave Shaw – drums
John Platania – guitar
David Hayes – bass guitar
Jack Schroer – alto, tenor, baritone saxophones
Bill Atwood – trumpet
Nathan Rubin, Tim Kovatch & Tom Halpin – violin
Nancy Ellis – viola
Terry Adams – cello

2LP Vinyl / 2CD Remaster

Side 1
1. Ain’t Nothin’ You Can Do
2. Warm Love
3. Into the Mystic
4. These Dreams of You
5. I Believe to My Soul

Side 2
1. I’ve Been Working
2. Help Me
3. Wild Children
4. Domino
5. I Just Want to Make Love to You

Side 3
1. Bring It on Home to Me
2. Saint Dominic’s Preview
3. Take Your Hand Out of My Pocket
4. Listen to the Lion

Side 4
1. Here Comes the Night
2. Gloria
3. Caravan
4. Cyprus Avenue


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Will Evans

The box set (now out) is absolutely superb. Only minor point is that, to my ears, the version of “Into The Mystic” on Disc 2 is the same recording that appear on the previous ITLTSN (now Volume 1) so it’s not true to say that all 45 tracks on the new set are previously unreleased…


Today I received a €4 refund from JPC. I’d ordered both CD sets, and from the widget above it seems their prices have crept down a little, from an already great deal.

David Hartley

There’s a photo of the inside of the box set at JB Hi-Fi in Oz:

comment image


It’s Too Late To Stop Now…Volumes II, III, IV & DVD for £25.79 including free UK delivery here at speedyhen . They call it “It’s Too Late to Stop Now CD / Album with DVD”

Jon T

This is great news; I’ve never looked forward to a box set as much as I have this.


………..offer listed above now gone. Now to hope that those of us who ordered get it!!!


update on US pricing for II, III, IV
Best Buy 39.99
Barnes Noble 42.74
FYE 42.98
Target – N/A

If you are a member of any of these you can knock off $4 to $5 on top of this. Since Target does not list it means there will probably not be a US only set of bonus tracks which is sad

The Brown Eyed Girl track from 2008 Remaster might be the same as the track on II. If the running time is 3:24 then it is probably the same

Mikael Stigell

It’s a shame that the DVD only have parts of the broadcast, deleted is the beginning with Warm Love and Take Your Hand Out of My Pocket and the final with Wild Night, I Paid The Price, Saint Dominic’s Review and Gloria. Less is not more…


One of the best live albums ever released. Does anyone know if JPC charge you when you order or when they ship (as with Amazon)?


They charge you when they ship.


Cheers Heinz.


Wonderful news , one of my favourite albums .


Thanks Ern. Ordered. At that price it’s a steal!


Just spotted on the Rough Trade website, It’s Too Late To Stop Now…Volumes II, III, IV & DVD going for £16.99 + £3.50 for delivery.

CJ Feeney

Fantastic deal, and they don’t take your money before shipping

Chris G

Just ordered both of them. Great price, let’s see if Rough Trade deliver. Thanks for the info.

Will Evans

The bonus track “Brown Eyed Girl” which was added to the 2008 remaster is, I think, being left off this Vol. 1 re-release and it may well be that such track is the same as appears on Vol. II-not sure about that


Most likely, to encourage purchase of the supplementary set.

Alan Blevin

Italy link no longer active.When you search the site it only shows the old reissues.

Eric Thiessen

Amazon US is:
Pre-order $15.00 on It’s Too Late To Stop Now…Volume I
Pre-order $49.98 on It’s Too Late To Stop Now…Volumes II, III, IV & DVD


Plenty of time for the pricing to settle on these two – However Best Buy (seriously) is offering II-IV at $39.99 and free shipping.

Pete Walker

Are some performances on Volume 1 also on the respective concert dates within Vol 2,3,4 or have they edited the concerts on Vol 2,3,4 to exclude the performances on Volume 1?

Alan Blevin

Volumes 2,3 and 4 contain no performances from Volume 1 from what I have read.


So what’s the deal with those Amazon UK prices then? Shurely a misprint!


My guess is that amazon.uk is trying to avoid risk.
For future releases for which they have no idea about the price yet, they deliberately set a high price so they don’t get stuck with having to abide their price guarantee for all pre-orders with too low a price. Usually as time goes by they come up with a more reasonable price

Chris G

The UK prices seem ludicrous. What are Amazon UK playing at? Agree with Ronnie, play safe, but double the price?
We will all be buying once again from Italy.


Just hope Van and Sony remain on speaking terms for the next few weeks.


Thanks, was waiting for clarification that the Volume 1 was a new remaster following the 2008 24 bit remaster. Looks like this along with the new ITLTSN volumes box set will add to the wallet busting June, which now includes, the Stones Totally Stripped, the last two Phil Collins TALAMN reissues, Paul Simons new one, Dexys new one, Nail Youngs Earth and Maccas Pure.and the ludicrously priced Warm Leatherette by Grace Jones. Phew!


Now this is great news – I remember the BBC rainbow and radio simulcast – Arguably the best live album ever made.


So happy the Rainbow show is finally getting an official release, both audio and video. Fingers crossed for a decent mix & print.


Now THAT is how you handle a reissue! Great for people who just want the original and better for people who don’t have it AND may want more. =)

Ben Williams

Finally gonna be back in print! The one Van Morrison CD I have really really struggled to find. The deluxe set looks cool also.