Vangelis / Delectus: new 13-disc box set


A new 13CD box set, called Delectus, will feature all of Vangelis‘ Vertigo and Polydor albums – including the Oscar winning Chariots Of Fire – newly remastered (from the original first generation master tapes) ever under the legendary composer’s own supervision.

As well as the albums Earth, L’Apocalypse Des Animaux,  China, See You Later, Antarctica, Mask, Opera SauvageChariots of Fire, Soil Festivities and Invisible Connections, Delectus also features recordings with Jon Anderson as ‘Jon & Vangelis’. These are Short Stories, The Friends of Mister Cairo, and Private Collection. Additionally, this set features four bonus tracks, one of which, Neighbours Above (on the See You Later disc) is previously unreleased.

The 64-page book contains rare photos

Delectus is presented as an outer box which contain two large die-cut wallets to hold all of the discs and a 64-page book, with essays, and rare photos. The image above suggests a poster may be included as well.

Speaking about the new box, Vangelis said “I always welcome remastering my old work for two basic reasons. Firstly, I get the opportunity to bring the sounds to today’s standards, secondly, it gives me the chance to go through the experiences and memories of the time.”

Delectus will be released on 3 February 2017.

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Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon jp   118708.00


  1. Come On
  2. We Are All Uprooted
  3. Sunny Earth
  4. He-O
  5. Ritual
  6. Let It Happen
  7. The City
  8. My Face In The Rain
  9. We Are All Uprooted
  10. A Song


  1. Apocalypse des animaux – Générique
  2. La petite fille de la mer
  3. Le singe bleu
  4. La mort du loup
  5. L’ours musicien
  6. Création du monde
  7. La mer recommence


  1. Chung Kuo
  2. The Long March
  3. The Dragon
  4. The Plum Blossom
  5. The Tao Of Love
  6. The Little Fete
  7. Yin & Yang
  8. Himalaya
  9. Summit


  1. I Can’t Take It Anymore
  2. Multi-Track Suggestion
  3. Memories Of Green
  4. Not A Bit – All Of It
  5. Suffocation
  6. See You Later

Bonus tracks

  • Neighbours Above (previously unreleased)
  • My Love (previously unreleased on CD)
  • Domestic Logic 1 (previously unreleased on CD)


  1. Theme From Antarctica
  2. Antarctica Echoes
  3. Kinematic
  4. Song Of White
  5. Life Of Antarctica
  6. Memory Of Antarctica
  7. Other Side Of Antarctica
  8. Deliverance


  1. Mask: Movement 1
  2. Mask: Movement 2
  3. Mask: Movement 3
  4. Mask: Movement 4
  5. Mask: Movement 5
  6. Mask: Movement 6


  1. Hymne
  2. Rêve
  3. L’enfant
  4. Mouettes
  5. Chromatique
  6. Irlande
  7. Flamants roses


  1. Titles
  2. Five Circles
  3. Abraham’s Theme
  4. Eric’s Theme
  5. 100 Metres
  6. Jerusalem
  7. Chariots Of Fire


  1. Soil Festivities: Movement 1
  2. Soil Festivities: Movement 2
  3. Soil Festivities: Movement 3
  4. Soil Festivities: Movement 4
  5. Soil Festivities: Movement 5


  1. Invisible Connections
  2. Atom Blaster
  3. Thermo Vision


  1. Curious Electric
  2. Each And Every Day
  3. Bird Song
  4. I Hear You Now
  5. The Road
  6. Far Away In Baagad
  7. Love Is
  8. One More Time
  9. Thunder
  10. Play Within A Play

PRIVATE COLLECTION: 00600753682203

  1. Italian Song
  2. And When The Night Comes
  3. Deborah
  4. Polonaise
  5. He Is Sailing
  6. Horizon

Bonus track

  • Song Is (previously unreleased on CD)

THE FRIENDS OF MR. CAIRO: 00600753682197

  1. I’ll Find My Way Home
  2. State of Independence
  3. Beside
  4. The Mayflower
  5. The Friends of Mr. Cairo
  6. Back To School
  7. Outside Of This (Inside of That)
  8. One More Time
  9. Thunder
  10. Play Within A Play

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[…] new Vangelis remasters, previously only available in the recent Delectus box set are now available on CD […]


Ordered via MyPlayDirect’s PopMarket on Jan. 24, but those folks appear to have gone bankrupt! They have my $ – and I got nothing from them (but heartache). AVOID THAT DEALER, friends.

Michael Gibson

Ordered on the 1st, delivered today and refund processed.


My original order from Amazon France was cancelled, but when I realised that they now have the set in stock I contacted them and they agreed to honour the original price. I’ve had to re-order at the new price (€89.99) but they’ve promised to refund the difference. Fingers crossed!


Love the sound on this, nice and crisp not muddy like previous CD copies, especially on the Jon & Vangelis LP’s, but bonus wise bit poor, even the new J&V bonus is mostly Vangelis….

Roger Linney

Very much liked the recent Amore red vinyl LP.

[…] It’s just £67 right now (6 Feb, 14.55 GMT) which is about £25 cheaper than the UK price at present. You can read more about it here. […]

Phil H.

A few of the comments on here had me worried and I kept checking on progress but amazingly my copy was dispatched today from France. Go figure :-/

Doug P.B.

Don’t want to gloat folks but I actually received an email from Amazon France yesterday, mine shipped Feb 1st, with UPS to boot ! So I must give Paul credit for the alert, thanks Paul !! ($53 Euros total, which includes shipping and import fees from UPS). Hopefully the price will come down from the other sites soon.


Yeah its likely a cash-grab. Just hope the remastering is ok. Other than Blade Runner being missing (it got released by a different label, but chronologically it should have been included as its Nemo work) this is Vangelus’ best work. He was an absolute genius in his prime.

don cooper

Have loved the ol’ Vang since hearing H&H on Alan Fluff Freeman’s R1 Saturday Afternoon Show mid-Seventies.Had vinyls up to Beauborg and collected cd’s up until recently…
If you want to know why this box was put together catch the final 10-15 seconds of the otherwise excellent documentary ‘Vangelis and the Journey to Ithaka” (’tis on Ytube).
Did you ever get a sudden turn against somebody?
And I have no reason to believe he was kidding, judging by his lifestyle-ats.

Still fancy buying Rosetta.Doh!

Phil H.

Hi. What did he say? I couldn’t catch it.

Scott G

In November this was on a ‘Deal Alert’ with Amazon France for £38. I immediately placed a purchase order. On the 19th January Amazon.fr sent me an email stating
“we have been forced to remove this limited edition item from your selection due to a stock shortage at our supplier. We are currently not able to tell you if this item will go on sale soon”

Very disappointed.

Paul, your suspicions were right.

Kevin Farrow

I had it on order from both Amazon UK and Amazon France since last year. After Christmas I presumed Amazon France would honour the lower price so I cancelled my UK order. I emailed Amazon France and told them I could wait as long as it takes to get stock back in but they wouldn’t reinstate my order.

After this and the Paul McCartney “Flowers” rip-off I think it’s time to look elsewhere for less expensive ways of obtaining this music.


Yes I received the same email from Amazon.fr. No Vangelis box for me. Too bad. I don’t know much about Vangelis’es music and when I started to look into it, I really liked it. Was looking forward to the box. But I’m definitely not going to buy it for $80 or more.

[…] Vangelis / Delectus (box […]


I’m not buying this for 80 euros or more. I see the contents and the price looks excesive to me, specially with the very poor bonus tracks announced. I wonder if this way of proceeding from Amazon is legal.


The same here. As I say, they know where to stick the 5 euros voucher they give me.


I’ve received the same email as you, Andy. I wonder if this is Amazon France’s way of not honouring a price glitch….


Translated email from Amazon.fr today :-

We have been forced to delete this article in edition Limited, from your selection, due to stock shortage at our supplier. We are currently not able to tell you if this item will go on sale soon.


Looks like Amazon France won’t be honouring that price after all! Have just heard from them that my order has been cancelled because of a lack of stock at the supplier . . .


Amazon.fr has just canceled my order, because it is said to be out of stock from their supplier.
They offer a 5 euro coupon as a compensation. :-(


The price on Amazon.fr was too good to be true.

I received an e-mail today saying :

“Indeed, we were forced to delete this article in limited edition, of your selection, because of a stock shortage at our supplier. We are not at present capable of indicating to you if this article will be put back on sale soon.

Please note that we charge articles only at the time of their expedition(shipping). You were not thus produced for this article and this one does not appear any more in your account.

So and in exceptional commercial title, we decided to offer you a 5-euro discount voucher. This discount voucher is only valid for articles bought in the shop Music: CD and Vinyl.”

So now I have to order it from Amazon.de and pay €89,99 instead of €44,27. More than double!

Gareth Pugh

Disappointingly just received an e-mail from Amazon France cancelling my order – not enough stock to fulfil all orders (annoyingly I ordered it pretty much straight away too). Hey-ho.


Amazon.fr not being honoured by the looks of an e-mail I just got through, but they’re bunging people who ordered a 5EUR voucher. On reflection and reading the comments above, I think I might have dodged a bullet, bargain or not.


So what can Vangelis/Universal/Polydor do to turn this from a forgettable collection to an essential one?

Make sure the remasters are faithful to the original master tapes (i.e. don’t muddy the sound up with excessive additional reverb)! At least give us card sleeves with original LP art for the discs! But above all, BRING OUT THE ADDITIONAL MATERIAL!

Three of the bonus tracks are reinstated tracks to the See You Later album; two appeared on a vinyl single only, and the other only ever appeared on a test pressing of the album. It’s great to have them restored here, but alas, a fourth test-pressing-only track does not appear here, so these bonus tracks are incomplete. It seems a shame not to have included the final test-pressing-only track, despite the song’s exceeding strangeness, but some of the most glaring missed opportunities come from other sources.

In 1984, a vinyl 12″ with two Vangelis tracks accompanied a book of photographs by Italian photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri entitled “Silent Portraits.” It is a beautiful set, but only 600 of those were ever made. A box set like this screams for their inclusion to finally bring them to a wider audience. An additional b-side from the “China” album, “The Long March (Part 2),” also does not appear here. And then there are the many singles Vangelis did with guest vocalists like Ronny and Peter Marsh (apparently tracks born from the See You Later sessions), or under aliases. It would have been nice to see them all collected here, if for no other reason than to finally get beyond their endlessly bootlegged iterations.

Bootlegs have uncovered so much unreleased material (mostly in poor quality) by Vangelis that it almost rivals the amount of material on legitimate releases. One track in particular, allegedly entitled “Greece” and coming from the Opera Sauvage recording sessions, has to be one of the single most beautiful tracks Vangelis has ever composed. It, and others from those sessions, should finally see the light of day on this release.

And these are just the tracks we know about. I can only speculate as to what is locked away in Vangelis’ vaults.

Certainly I have no idea what the licensing agreements are surrounding these omissions, but being that the same label released most if not all of the music I mentioned, chances are good they could be included, if someone really wanted to make the effort to please the fans!


What a waste of opportunity to bring to the table some really good and unreleased soundtracks! Still we are waiting for a proper release for “The Bounty”, “1492 Conquest of paradise (complete score)”, “Blade Runner (complete score)”, “Chariots of fire (complete score)”, “Missing”, “Francesco”, Antarctica (complete score)”, “Cavafy”, “Bitter Moon”, “Cosmos”, “Cousteau”, etc. How long do we have to be listening to those awful bootlegs with terrible sounds? We have been faithful to Vangelis music for many years and I think that we deserve some respect!


I just got this update from Amazon.fr and using Google Translate :

A date of release of the items quoted below has changed and a new delivery date has been estimated based on the new release date : 23 February 2017 – 25 February 2017
We do our utmost to obtain these items and we will send them to you as we receive them.

So fingers crossed still, the release date for the set is showing as 10 Feb 2017 on their site. So two weeks to Canada is a standard time frame.


This retails for 44,27 Euros on Amazon France.
That’s 3,40 Euro per album… Bargain!


You’re welcome :)

mr fuzz

Further to the above , just ordered via Amazon France . Total : 47.70 euros all in . Hope this comes to fruition .. Anyone else reading this & keen to get hold of a copy , would place an order quickly . Not sure how many they have left in stock to pre-order ? . Makes me wonder how this price can be offered when it differs so significantly to other outlets £85 – £95 …


The offer is already gone… it says “currently unavailable” now.


Do you know if there is any chance for this collection to be released on vinyl too?


The remastering was done several years ago, and the RCA remasters that got released were a mixed bunch. At least we are getting the rest now, but I agree its a bit lazy. He could have included another disc of unreleased stuff from the period, say more tracks from unreleased scores like Missing or The Bounty (theres still some stuff from Blade Runner unreleased). But hey, its Vangelis we should be thankful even for this package as it is. A better title would have been ‘Miracle’, frankly.


I am a fan of Vangelis (and Jon & Vangelis equally) for a very long time, and such a box set makes me very happy! Sure I have all these albums already, and some in more than one version… Still I am looking forward to hearing them refreshed, and accompanied by some nice book.


While it probably isn’t enough to entice most people to spring for the whole thing, nobody (including, it seems, in the promo blurb) has mentioned that Earth has only ever been available on CD in Greece, and not easy to get a hold of.


I’m a huge Vangelis fan – and for me the less interesting material is the stuff with Jon Anderson.

The top albums here are: See You Later, Opera Sauvage, Mask, and Soil Festivities. China, L’Apocalypse and Antartica are great too.

Missing in action are El Greco, Direct, Spiral, Heaven and Hell, Beaubourg, The City, 1492, and Albedo 0.39.

But here’s the thing…. a Vangelis box set without the likes of Albedo 0.39 is always going feel a little strange. But there’s worse news – many of the titles not in this box had a remaster, by Vangelis, in recent times – and the reviews were not good. He made changes to the music, added reverb, cut some running time, and just generally mucked about with them.

And the thing is – these are all out on readily available CD’s. They’re not remastered, but guess what – they sound fantastic. We live in a era where everything has to be “remastered” or people don’t seem interested, sadly. I can see the Steve Hoffman threads now, as collectors scramble to get the original CD releases, because they offer the best sound. I just don’t see how they’re going to be improved (though only time will tell).

I will add, some of what is missing is pure magic, for example – The City is a fantastic work. Finally, the box includes the DG release – Invisible Connections, which history tells me is a title few Vangelis fans are going to want (it’s always divided people, being a sort of companion to Beaubourg.)

I love these boxes, but it’s so much better when agreements are cut, and they’re complete. I know this set is based around the labels mentioned, but it’s such a shame. I’m also surprised at the lack of extras, seems only a handful of tracks for See You Later.

Finally – is there any indication that they’re including the original artwork?


Re: Invisible Connections being included, this set seems to encompass the remainder of his work made at Nemo Studios (other than already released remasters on RCA and two Irene Papas discs). I think Earth is the odd one out on that score but is included for completists sake. I’m sure there’s a b-side from China thats missing, oddly. So not ‘complete’ anyway.


dont have much vangelis, fancy this but will wait for a deal


Maybe there’s not much love for Chariots of Fire here, but I’ve always hoped Vangelis would release some of the unreleased music that you can hear in the film that didn’t appear on the album (an alternate version of “Hymne,” for example). This box would have been a good place to do that.

Jay Kranz

don’t have any Vangelis on cd aside from blade runner and the last jon and Vangelis album so I think I will be on this if it gets a decent priced American release or a deal price from Europe.


Oh. I’ve been gradually collecting all Vangelis’ work over the last couple of years, so this isn’t really going to appeal to me now. I’d like to see standalone reissues for them, especially the harder-to-find ones such as See You Later.

alan hansen

the thought they’ll i’ll be buying this box only for the Jon & Vangelis material makes me a bit queezy, but i don’t dare wait for individual remasters of those discs otherwise.


No 5.1/4.0? What a wasted golden opportunity, as surely Vangelis’ music orchestral scope is tailor-made for surround.

Leslie Hanagan

Paul, are you sure the track listing is correct for “The Friends Of Mister Cairo” album?
The last three tracks of “Short Stories” are added.

Leslie Hanagan

The “Friends Of Mr. Cairo” album was to have been released by Audio Fidelity as a SACD earlier this year. AF boss Marshall Blonstein told me that it had been remastered, and he was co-ordinating the project with Vangelis’ brother, and then suddenly Universal pulled the plug. Now we know why.


Lol at price….4 unreleased tracks…someone should take a look at the recent steve hillage and Ian hunter boxes for best practice examples

Simon F

If this had been his RCA catalogue I would of gone for it. But as it’s the Polydor years; sorry Vangy old son it’s a no from me.

Patrick Gleeson

Vangelis’ RCA albums have already been reissued and remastered by Cherry Red:


adam shaw

About time they remarsterd Short Stories .
Shame you have to buy the box to get it !


13 discs for £85? Nah, Bobbie Dylan gave us 36 for the same price ; ))


It would be nice if the 3 Jon & Vangelis albums were released separately but i don’t suppose there is much chance of that happening.


A close-up look on Amazon seems to indicate the discs are inset into the wallet so not slotted into slits as I first assumed. Still would prefer plastic CD cases.


Soil Festivities is a particular fave of mine. Blade Runner part 2 on some tracks. Anyone who finds the sound of rain relaxing will love this album.

Packaging looks disappointing – Nobody likes all the discs stuffed in slits in cardboard wallets (instant scratches), nobody except cost-cutting product managers. I can see them thinking that this allows more prominence on the shop-shelf at what looks like LP size but most sales will be online so that logic falls apart when analysed. Put them in CD single cases if cost is an issue and house the lot in a sturdy box – This would please most buyers where more cardboard wallets won’t.


Agree with you re: packaging. So, where will the value be for buyers? There are three options as I see it. Will it be:

1) In the packaging? No individual cases, no original artwork (perhaps it will be represented by thumbnail images in the booklet), yes rare photos and essays but most people buying music aren’t doing it for the accompanying booklets.
2) In the remastering? We have much reason to be skeptical about this. The recent Cherry Red remasters (by Vangelis) were abysmal (too much reverb, bits of tracks edited out, track break glitches). Even Odes is missing nearly 40 seconds of material when compared to the original album.
3) In the musical content? A paltry four bonus tracks (roughly 18 minutes’ worth) over 13 discs doesn’t isn’t exactly jam-packed. They are great albums, to be sure, but I have them all. See You Later has emerged over the years as one of my all-time favorites, and I am really excited that most of the bonus content is on that, but it is still incomplete, and there is no reason for that. See my separate post below as to what other opportunities are being missed here.

Most of these albums are available for decent prices and in good quality, so why should any fan, new or old, buy this?


I’d like to hear this not sure about stumping out the cash though – I suspect there will be severe demands on my wallet over the next month or so.
Also my absolute love of Friends of Mr Cairo is severely tempered by my absolute loathing of Chariots of Fire…