Various Artists / California Groove Volume IV / 6CD box set

Warner Music in France have so far issued three volumes of their California Groove series, multi-disc various artist sets that celebrate Californian music. Seven years after the release of the last volume comes Californian Groove IV the biggest and most extravagant release to date.

This is a six-CD promises “a unique mix of West Coast, Electronic, Proto Yacht Folk, Jazz, Blue Eyed Soul, Rock Country, AOR Disco, Balearic Pop, Soul” (!) and includes tracks from Al Jarreau, Michael Franks, Aghetha Faltskog, James Taylor, Dan Folgelberg, Randy Crawford, Air Supply, Ric Ocasek, Jennifer Warnes, Steely Dan, The Pat Metheny Group and many, many more.

Not only that, the label promise some previously unreleased titles, demos and rare remixes amongst the 116 tracks. These include four Bill La Bounty demos that were previously only issued in the now out-of-print Time Starts Now box, a series of small instrumental pieces created specifically for this project by Geyster (as well as a new track) and some rare Joey Negro mixes.

I’m loving the look of the artwork and these six discs will have their own ‘vinyl replica’ style card sleeve style and its own detailed booklet. These come in what looks like a clamshell box.

California Groove Volume IV is primarily available in French retailers like Amazon FR and FNAC, although you might see it available elsewhere as an import.

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Various Artists

California Groove IV


California Groove Volume IV

Disc: 1

  1. Rai Thistlethwayte / San Francisco Street
  2. Christopher Cross / Ride Like The Wind (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix)
  3. Yehan Jehan / Swallow The Horizon
  4. Geyster / Out On The Street (Interlude)
  5. Geyster / Everytime I’m In Love (Spring Version) – Previously Unreleased
  6. Alessi / Air Cushion
  7. Rob Mehl / House On The Rock
  8. Mike Lundy / Love One Another
  9. Nicolette Larson / Lotta Love (Joey Negro Yacht Disco Mix)
  10. LUXXURY / What Do Ya Really Want ?
  11. Michael Franks / Jealousy (Geyster Remix)
  12. Al Jarreau / Girls Know How
  13. The Brecker Brothers / As Long As I’ve Got Your Love
  14. Geyster / Back To The Motel  (Interlude)
  15. Work Drugs / Miami Nights
  16. Louis Lake / Tropical Nights
  17. Aura / Let’s Go, It’s Over
  18. Hal Bradbury / You Win, I Lose
  19. Teen Daze / Carmel

Disc: 2

  1. Zervas & Pepper / Class of ’96
  2. The Ozark Mountain Daredevils / Jackie Blue
  3. Dave Raynor / Leave Me Alone Tonight
  4. Bernie Taupin / Monkey On My Back (The Last Run)
  5. Christopher Cross / Mary Ann – Rare 7” Track
  6. Mike Post & Larry Carlton / Theme From Hill Street Blues
  7. Agnetha Fältskog / Let It Shine
  8. Louise Goffin / In The Mood
  9. Holly Knight / Sexy Boy
  10. Sheila / Little Darlin’ (Geyster California Groove Remix) – Previously Unreleased
  11. Geyster / Southbound  (Interlude)
  12. Super db / The Best In Me
  13. Burt Bacharach / Touch
  14. Byrne & Barnes / Never Gonna Stop Lovin’ You
  15. David Diggs / Cloud Shepherd
  16. Geyster / Shining Light  (Interlude)
  17. Sex on Toast / Hold My Love
  18. Monkey House / It’s Already Dark in New York
  19. Bill Labounty / Home Free – Rare Demo
  20. James Taylor / Woman’s Gotta Have It
  21. The Bliss Band / Slipaway

Disc: 3

  1. Young Gun Silver Fox / You Can Feel It
  2. Darlingside / Go Back
  3. Captain Walker / The Wrong Way
  4. Fools Gold / Runnin’ & Hidin’
  5. Tommy Conwell & The Young Rumblers / I’m Seventeen
  6. Bernie Leadon / Callin’ For Your Love
  7. Morrison Kincannon / To See One Eagle Fly
  8. JD Souther / Something In The Dark
  9. Dan Fogelberg / Heart Hotels
  10. Gary Wright / Love’s Awake Inside
  11. Dwight Twilley Band / Sleepin’
  12. The Marshall Tucker Band / Testify
  13. Firefall / Clouds Across The Sun
  14. Couchois / Colonel
  15. Chris Stills / This Summer Love
  16. Mr Day / Both Sides
  17. The Wild Feathers / Goodbye Song

Disc: 4

  1. Christopher Cross / Take Me As I Am
  2. Jeffrey Foskett & Jeff Larson / You Remind Me Of The Sun
  3. Incarnations / Let Love Find You
  4. Walter Sobcek / Miami
  5. Geyster / Sugar Baby
  6. Valerie Carter / O-o-h Child
  7. Lauren Wood / Fallen
  8. Chris Hillman / Clear Sailin’
  9. Batteaux / High Tide
  10. Marvin Franklin Kimo & The Guys / Kona Winds
  11. Galdston And Thom / Savannah Sunny Sunday
  12. Lion & The Lamb / All For You
  13. Supreme Jubilees / Do You Believe
  14. Andre Solomko / Last Day At Home / Mélancolie
  15. Queen Latifah / I’m Not In Love
  16. Randy Crawford / In Real Life
  17. Bill Labounty / The Week End – Rare Demo
  18. Geyster / Sugar Baby (San Diego Dawn) – Previously Unreleased
  19. NxWorries / Scared Money

Disc: 5

  1. Louis Lake / Walking The Clouds
  2. The Midnight / Los Angeles
  3. Geyster / Heading Downtown  (Interlude)
  4. Air Supply / We The People
  5. The Strike / On Death’s Door
  6. Benjamin Orr / Stay The Night
  7. Ric Ocasek / Touch Down Easy
  8. Randy Vanwarmer / Suzi Found A Weapon
  9. Geyster / A Stranger On The Road (Interlude)
  10. Foreigner / Waiting For A Girl Like You
  11. Jonathan Wilson / Living With Myself
  12. Geyster / Sorrows (Interlude)
  13. The Lagoons / California
  14. M.I.L.K. / Following the Sun
  15. PREP / Sunburnt Through The Glass
  16. Childhood / Californian Light
  17. Zoot Woman / It’s Automatic
  18. Phoenix / Definitive Breaks
  19. Westpoint / A Love Like This
  20. Larry Carlton / Bubble Shuffle
  21. Bill Labounty / That’s When Something Special Starts – Rare Demo
  22. Bill Labounty / When The Magic Works – Rare Demo
  23. Lifelike / Pacific Palisades (Theme Reprise)

Disc: 6

  1. John Kilzer / Marilyn Dean & James Monroe
  2. Marc Jordan & Bruce Gaitsch / You and Me and Jimmie Dean – Previously Unreleased
  3. David & David / Being Alone Together
  4. Jeff Larson (w/America) / Rain Soaked Cloud – Previously Unreleased Remix 2018
  5. Burt Bacharach / Pacific Coast Highway
  6. Martin Brygmann / Driving
  7. Parades / Another Love
  8. Los Colognes / Forever In Between
  9. Steely Dan / Pixeleen
  10. Dave Loggins / You Made Me Feel Love
  11. Geyster / Ocean Avenue (Interlude)
  12. Kere Buchanan / Slippin’ Away
  13. Doug Brons / Run Right In To You
  14. Tomi Malm  / Walking On Air
  15. Eddie Rabbitt / Suspicions
  16. Jennifer Warnes / Living Under The Gun
  17. GIG / Hernando’s Paradise
  18. The James L’Estraunge Orchestra / See You Tonight
  19. Pat Metheny Group / Last Train Home

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bertel van den bos

Is there also a volume 1-2 and 3?


Does anyone know if this album is available on Deezer?

Marcus Liesenfeld

If you like this, check out the Too Slow To Disco compilation series about that Westcaost sound.



Just received mine today, love it!
Thanks for the tip Paul, would have missed this otherwise.

Mickey Stevens

I’d like to thank Paul too! I would have never known about this set without this post. I just received my copy a few days ago. The music is great. About a little more than half is from the last century. Of the “new” stuff, most of it is better than I anticipated; only a handful of songs that come off as bland or as self-parody. Also, the photos do NOT do the packaging justice. I might have to try making an unboxing video just to post here.

FYI, got my copy on importcds.com for just under $60 including shipping, so that might be a more reasonable option for those of you in the US…


its blue eyed soul, yacht rock etc…follow the link out to the blog it defines what an album should contain to be part of this sound does not mean you have to come from the west coast…

you can also check out music for please by Tom findlay of Groove armada


“Tom Findlay from Groove Armada presents a special Music For Pleasure selection of some of the finest soulful pop music of the 70s and early 80s. Press play and suddenly life somehow feels so much better. The sun is shining because it always does round here. In your mind, you are roller-skating down Venice Beach, the breeze gently kissing your blonde hair. You live in an apartment up in Laurel Canyon. Life has never been better.
Although California plays an obvious role, it’s not just the Pacific Coast representing here. We’ve got some Scots, a Yorkshireman, some Brummies; but as the saying goes “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

Mark Elliott

Thanks for the heads up on Music for Pleasure a great listen :)

Steven Roberts

California groove?

Agnetha Fältskog??


Jeff M.

Agnetha Fältskog produced by Peter Cetera , it’s the reason why Calif’ Groove…

CJ Feeney

How many Northern Soul acts came from Wigan.


Song by Bill LaBounty


“Do not listen to this collection while driving or operating heavy machinery as it may cause drowsiness.”

Alan Jones

If I may I would like to highlight one of the bands on here I feel most readers might say “who?”. I’m talking about Young Gun Silver Fox and the track You Can Feel It from their debut album West End Coast released Nov 2015. Young Gun is Andy Platts lead singer from the UK band Mamas Gun who also plays keys and the Silver Fox is Shawn Lee, a multi instrumentalist who has released over 40 albums in his various guises. West End Coast is my most played album in the past few years, it’s instantly infectious and one of those you will go to again and again. I implore you to give these guys a listen. Their difficult (mot in this case) second album AM Waves it out in a couple of weeks and it is also superb. In fact I’m so sure you’ll like it, if you buy West End Coast and you decide it’s not for you, well I’ll buy it off you!

Paul English

I bought the other three California Grooves – excellent stuff.
Have pre-ordered this as it will disappear fast.
I’d also recommend the Light Mellow series from Japan – 14 separate CDs plus two 3CD editions called AOR City and Sealine.

In the same vein:
Surfers AOR Classics 2CD
AOR Classic Melodies 2CD

Then there’s a great 4CD box called Leo Blokhuis Presenteert The Sound Of The Westcoast 1965-1979. Great sleevenotes and photos. Shame they’re in Dutch.

Does anyone have the one disc California Groove Special Edition?

Larry Davis

Hey curious, I found this weird 8CD box on Sony Japan called “AOR Heaven” that fits your description…didn’t have a booklet and have no idea who does certain songs…even Sony Japan has no recollection of it…its from 1995…maybe it’s part of a bigger set??


The artwork is not bad but it has more of a Florida vibe than California.

Charles K

Californian here, So Cal specifically, and so agree. When I first saw it I immediately thought of Florida, Miami Vice, etc., especially the flamingos. Maybe they didn’t have any locals working in the art dept. :-)


I wish the Bill LaBounty Box Set would be back in print…


Are they sure these people are from California or did they just pass through on their way to Iowa?


Air Supply are from Australia. Apparently the U.S. has annexed the continent, and it is soon to be the 51st state. Giant cables are being made to pull the tremendous land mass so that it touches California and Alaska, states that will no longer require travel through Canada to be mutually accessable by automobile.



At least they’re not in Kansas anymore ;-)

Larry Davis

And Air Supply are easily the lamest Australian act in history…fact.


I bought the first two volumes. These aren’t compilations of artists or bands that originate from California. These compilations were made by the French division of Rhino (so the small booklet is written in French) to discover all the facets of what is called “west coast”, “soft rock”, “blue eyed soul” or “Californian music” as they say in the booklet. The remastering is fantastic. You will find big international hits on this compilation. Unknown singles or album tracks from big international names. And unknown songs from unknown artists. Not all of them are great but … you may discover some nice tunes like I did. After listening to these first two volumes I bought the album “Midnight Light” by Leblanc & Carr. Thanks SDE for reviewing this fourth volume!


So do you mean to say that “Californian music” is a phrase that the French use for a certain style of music whether it is Californian or not? I still don’t get it.


Like ‘witch house’.

Larry Davis

This box reminds me a bit of this weird obscure 8CD box called “AOR Heaven” released on Sony Japan…found it sitting on the floor of this record store and had no booklet, just song titles…half I knew, half I did not, so I had to use my Shazam app on my phone to identify the tracks I did not…that and Google Image and Wikipedia, but some are still a question mark….this box is so obscure that even Sony Japan has no recollection of its release!! And it should not be called “AOR Heaven” but “Yacht Rock Heaven”, cuz that’s what it is…the obscure stuff makes the familiar feel fresh… I am interested in this set, as well as the first 3 volumes…Warner/Rhino France do good sets…I have boxes by Chic and Michael Franks…


I try not to judge but….who would want to buy this and at that price?


The French, apparently! :)


Is Bernie Taupin Californian?? Saying that I would like a reissue if his solo albums on cd. Had a couple on vinyl back in the day. Not that bad.


Um, Bernie Leadon, not Taupin. Was a member of the Eagles. Definitely Californian.


Disc 2 track 4… Bernie Taupin


Sorry, Aaron. My old eyes missed that. Bernie Taupin. Definitely Californian. Can tell by his accent.


Bernie Leadon was from Gainesville, Florida. His brother, Tom, was in Mudcrutch with Tom Petty, also from Gainesville.


How about that? And it just occurred to me that Don Henley is a Texan. And I have always thought of the Eagles as such a definitively California band. So much for that theory.

Larry Davis

And Glen Frey was from Detroit, Michigan… The Eagles came together in California, backing up Linda Ronstadt…

Dave R

His track is just after mine…

Oliver Rose

News items aren’t showing up on the frontpage like normal, Paul

i.e. here [http://www.superdeluxeedition.com]

Oliver Rose



Gets my vote for most bizarre collection ever. Some of these artists don’t even hail from California, at least some of the ones I actually recognize. The songs may have been recorded in California, but what does that have to do with some “California sound”? For example, Ben Orr was born in Cleveland and The Cars came out of Boston. Their first album was recorded in England. How is he representative of the “California sound.” I just don’t get it.

Larry Davis

I think that solo album “The Lace” was recorded in California mid 80s so it qualifies…


One big WHO!!!! for almost 95% of those featured here.


I recognised artists for at least 33 tracks, so only about 70% “WHO?” for me.