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Exclusively on vinyl next month comes eighties alternative. This offers 30 ‘alternative’ eighties songs from a variety of artists including Scritti Politti, Pixies, Propaganda, Bauhaus and John Foxx.

As is often the case with these kind of compilations the definition of ‘alternative’ is rather broad, so as well as the artists above, tracks from Howard Jones, Bronski Beat and Dead Or Alive also feature.

No CD release for this 2LP set, which is clearly designed to appeal to those who have re-embraced vinyl, and it’s pretty good value at under £17 in the UK.

eighties alternative is released on 1 June 2018 on Demon Records.

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Various Artists

Eighties Alternative [VINYL]


LP 1
1. Scritti Politti – Absolute

2. Propaganda – Duel

3. The Psychedelic Furs – Pretty In Pink

4. Big Audio Dynamite – E=MC2

5. Pixies – Monkey Gone To Heaven

6. Bauhaus – Kick In The Eye

7. Spear Of Destiny – Liberator

8. Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy

9. Dead Or Alive – That’s The Way (I Like It)

10. The Lotus Eaters – The First Picture Of You

11. Prefab Sprout – When Love Breaks Down

12. The Bangles – Hazy Shade Of Winter

13. The Primitives – Crash

14. Westworld – Sonic Boom Boy

15. Theatre Of Hate – Do You Believe In The Westworld

LP 2
1. Adam & The Ants – Dog Eat Dog

2. Bow Wow Wow – Go Wild In The Country

3. Altered Images – I Could Be Happy

4. Toyah – I Want To Be Free

5. Haysi Fantayzee – Shiny Shiny

6. Men Without Hats – Safety Dance

7. King – Love And Pride

8. Furniture – Brilliant Mind

9. Ultravox – Vienna

10. John Foxx – Underpass

11. Gary Numan – Music For Chameleons

12. Art Of Noise – Close (To The Edit)

13. Landscape – Einstein A Go

14. Blancmange – Living On The Ceiling

15. Howard Jones – What Is Love?

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Mmm…hardly alternative. The usual boring chart fodder. Shame as there are some real obscure and alternative gems out there crying out for a new audience.


Mines arrived and it’s sounding really good so far.

Antony Hudson

Most of these tracks are on the MOS compilation cds…

[…] Various Artists / Eighties Alternative […]

Richard Cosgrove

Good track listing, but songs that I’ve got several times over already on CD, and I’m not fussed about them on vinyl :-)


The cover artwork is very similar to the generic ZTT 12″ sleeves, “Who! Chance? Blink!?”.

If you google “ztt who chance blink” you’ll see the sleeve. :)

Steve W

There are some odd choices on there. There’s nothing I hate though so might pick it up. :)

O(+> Peter B

These were the compilation albums we had in Australia during the 80s (with half an hour crammed on each side, great records though – I still have “The Breakers ’83”): http://www.oz-compilation-albums.com/80s/80index.htm


I think it has a New Order-feel in terms of sleeve design. It’s simple but effective and does the job. Totally agree though, coloured vinyl would’ve been a nice touch, plus I worry the sound quality may be poor by trying to cram in so many tracks per side.


My thoughts too but it could suffer worse sound quality if it was pressed on coloured vinyl.


Not very good value for money really considering there’s a 100 track CD set (the sort you see in supermarkets) with a similar name going for little more than a fiver. It’s not as if this vinyl set offers anything out of the ordinary in either content or sound.


Wow, vinyl … is this a new format?
I’m collecting CDs, so I must be the über-hipster of tomorrow …


I’ll never understand this whole “vinyl revival” trend… maybe one day people will come to their senses. Or maybe they’ll ask for the revival of gramophones, who knows?


I was over the moon when vinyl was phased out but obviously there is a demand for it now whether we like it or not unfortunately.


Einstein needs another go.

Kevin M

Some slightly unpredictable sing choices there which makes a nice change, eg Dog Eat Dog, a fantastic song which is IMO a million times better than the oft-used Antmusic. Bauhaus often get compiled with their Ziggy Stardust hit cover version, nice to see one of their best own songs used instead, etc etc.

Terribly cheap looking cover though, the sort of thing you’d pass over in a charity shop for £1.


I actually think the artwork is top-notch! Looks beautiful to me…

Charles Christopher

The definition of ‘alternative’ is very different here in the US than in the UK – Erasure are very much considered an ‘alternative’ act here, which I’m sure anyone in the UK would find unbelievable – where anything that didn’t sound like Bon Jovi or Gloria Estefan was considered ‘edgy’ (especially if they wore make-up ). This seems to be a British release, so who knows what they were thinking. Maybe just ‘less mainstream than Rick Astley’? I dunno.

I do know that I could’ve personally whipped up a better cover than that, and my photoshop skills stink. It doesn’t bode well for how much effort went into making the tracks sound good, but I feel like this isn’t aimed at the discerning music buyer. Maybe to people who look at the track listing and go “oh, I remember when I was an edgy youth”? It does look shockingly like one of my mixtapes from the decade, only with worse cover art.

Glen Buchanan

It’s put out on Demon Records who handle all the T.Rex reissues and comps. I’ve been buying Bolan vinyl from Demon for years and it’s always been excellent as far as remastering and sound quality goes. The price, (very reasonable), may have something to do with not splashing out on better art.

Jorje Chica

Placing Adam Ant just before Bow Wow Wow is a bit cheeky, considering the musicians in the latter group were stolen away from Adam by Malcolm McLaren…

Glen Buchanan

I had exactly the same thought when I read the running order. Anyway Adam won the battle in the end zooming past Bow Wow Wow in popularity. You still hear about Mr. Ant from time to time, not so much from Anabella and her bunch who’s star seems to end with I Want Candy being used on TV adverts.


I love a compilation from the early 80s. Finding a k-tel or ronco in good condition is everything to me, This will sit nicely with these. I spend far too much money every week on vinyl and open and play all of it. What’s the point in not opening it? By the time you’re dead vinyl may be out of fashion again and just a burden to whoever it’s left too

Adrian Slatcher

Sort of an 80s one hit wonders selected in some ways. Annoyed that the anachronistic Pixies track is included (great song but 1989?). Wonder what the sound quality will be like given how much is on there. I’d love to see some newly curated single artist vinyl but this seems superfluous

Stan Butler

Reads like a run of the mill Absolute 80s playlist.


11. Gary Numan – Music For Chameleons
Alan Partridge approves of this release.


It’s a wicked bass line – he’s arguably the most ground-breaking tune-smith on this compilation.


I’m struggling to remember what Hasie Fantayzee or Howard Jones were an altwrnative to?


Agree, this could’ve definitely been a lot more ‘alternative’, although some track choices are obscurer releases (such as DOA inclusion). Most of these have appeared, often together, on many 80s CD electro/pop compilations, but these never make it to vinyl, so as an 80s sampler it’s reasonably strong.


Whether most of these tracks are alternative is questionable – is the intention to just avoid the mega selling 80’s acts? Have to say though, its mostly a brilliant compilation. Shame there is no CD version:(


You could buy three of those 100 hits eighties compilations that would probably cost less than this and make up that compilation yourself.

Alan B

Bit of a strange one this. Research has shown most new vinyl LP buyers don’t play their vinyl. They play the CD or use the download code. Does this come with a download? If not who is going to buying a random compilation of unconnected artists to not play it?


Alan B, you made me laugh at myself! You’re spot on, I, like many of my friends, never play some of our newly purchased vinyl LPs because we want to keep them pristine. In fact, we never even remove the shrink-wrap. Instead we just display the record next to the turntable, or place it in our lap and lovingly pet the album cover (as if it were a house cat) while listening to a CD of the same album :-)


@Michael – I really really hope you are kidding :-)
I can’t imagine not playing the vinyl I purchase. The whole reason for buying vinyl for me is that I love the whole experience. I it find much more engaging than playing a CD. I also am one of those that thinks that vinyl sounds better (although I am willing to accept that it might be psychological). And of course not having the artwork reduced to CD-sized box is generally better too!

Meanwhile (back on planet Earth) although I wont be buying this, I do like the artwork.

Glen Buchanan

I grew up with vinyl so have always played it and always will. Sometimes at night when I don’t want to make a racket I do take some LPs out and just enjoy the cover art/ posters/etc.


If you have an actual cat you could use the LP to protect your legs from that diggy in claw thing they often do to your thighs…


Hi SimonP, I don’t have a cat because I’m allergic to them, but thankfully I’m not allergic to vinyl records :-)

For my absolute favourite records, I usually buy two copies — one to play, and one to not open and play, so I’ll have a new back-up copy if the played vinyl gets damaged. As such, I also try not to play my one and only copy of a record too often because I want to prevent wear of the playing surface, and will instead listen to the CD while displaying the vinyl LP.

Mike the Fish

That’s a very Sony heavy compilation, with some of the usual suspects, and what’s with going back to around 30 mins a side on vinyl?


… alternative? do we have another?


Can’t quite see what the intention is here. It comes across as a compilation glued together by a committee of people who weren’t there at the time looking at photos and basing the shortlist on interesting haircuts.
….or it could be compiled by interestingly coiffured Kirk Brandon, who appears twice.


Not a bad compilation overall but can’t work out who it would appeal to on vinyl. Missed opportunity to not use coloured vinyl in conjunction with the cover design.