Venom / In Nomine Satanas box set

Massive coloured vinyl box • Remastered audio • Studio albums • 8LP + 7″ • Unreleased demos/rehearsals • Hardcover book & more

British ‘extreme metal’ band Venom celebrate 40 years with a new super deluxe vinyl box set. In Nomine Satanas features remastered audio, unreleased demos, coloured/splatter vinyl and a book, posters and merchandise.

This hefty set (not dissimilar to the Black Sabbath Ten Year War package ) features the band’s first four studio albums, released between 1981 and 1985 along with 1986 live album ‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’. A bonus 2LP set – ‘Son of Satan: Rare and Unreleased’ offers early 1979 Church Hall rehearsals, Impulse Studios ‘£50 demos’ from 1980. The final vinyl record (there are nine in total) is a seven-inch shaped picture disc of 1982 single ‘Bloodlust’.

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All the vinyl is pressed on some form of coloured vinyl and all of the albums are remastered from the original tapes with embossed covers, posters and inserts like their original first editions.

In Nomine Satanas also includes a large 40-page hardcover book detailing the history of the band featuring new interviews with all three members, written by Dom Lawson. Additionally, it includes a massive (90 x 60cm) two-sided poster of the ‘Seven Dates Of Hell’ tour poster, a reproduced tour programme and Venom’s legions back patch.

This set is released officially on 31 May 2019 via BMG, although there has been a pre-order campaign via the official store for a while, which offers signed copies of the box.

Welcome To Hell
(Remastered from original tapes on splatter vinyl. Comes with reproductions of original poster and insert with an embossed cover.)

Black Metal

(Remastered from original tapes on swirl vinyl. Comes with reproductions of original poster and insert with an embossed cover.)

At War With Satan

(Remastered from original tapes on splatter vinyl. Comes with reproduction 6-page roll fold booklet and leather book effect cover.)


(Remastered from original tapes on splatter vinyl. Comes with reproductions of original poster, and insert.)

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (2LP)
(Pressed on half and half vinyl. Comes with reproductions of original gatefold and inserts.)

(Planchette shaped 7” picture disc single)

Sons Of Satan: Rare and Unreleased (2LP)
(New album of previously unreleased demos. Pressed on splatter vinyl. Gatefold cover)

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Also included…
12” x 12” book of the story of Venom written by renowned Heavy Metal journalist Dom Lawson from new interviews with Cronos, Mantas and Abaddon. Featuring previously unseen and rare photos and memorabilia. Plus:

  • 90cm x 60cm 2 sided poster of ‘Seven Dates Of Hell’ tour poster.
  • Reproduction ‘Seven Dates Of Hell’ tour programme.
  • Venom’s legions back patch.

Detailed track listing

Welcome to Hell

Side 1
1. Sons of Satan (2019 – Remaster)
2. Welcome to Hell (2019 – Remaster)
3. Schizo (2019 – Remaster)
4. Mayhem with Mercy (2019 – Remaster)
5. Poison (2019 – Remaster)
6. Live Like an Angel (Die Like a Devil) (2019 – Remaster)

Side 2
1. Witching Hour (2019 – Remaster)
2. One Thousand Days in Sodom (2019 – Remaster)
3. Angel Dust (2019 – Remaster)
4. In League with Satan (2019 – Remaster)
5. Red Light Fever (2019 – Remaster)

Black Metal

Side 1
1. Black Metal (2019 – Remaster)
2. To Hell and Back (2019 – Remaster)
3. Buried Alive (2019 – Remaster)
4. Raise the Dead (2019 – Remaster)
5. Teacher’s Pet (2019 – Remaster)

Side 2
1. Leave Me In Hell (2019 – Remaster)
2. Sacrifice (2019 – Remaster)
3. Heaven’s On Fire (2019 – Remaster)
4. Countess Bathory (2019 – Remaster)
5. Don’t Burn the Witch (2019 – Remaster)
6. At War with Satan (Intro) [2019 – Remaster]

At War With Satan
Side 1
1. At War with Satan (2019 – Remaster)

Side 2
1. Rip Ride (2019 – Remaster)
2. Genocide (2019 – Remaster)
3. Cry Wolf (2019 – Remaster)
4. Stand Up (And Be Counted) [2019 – Remaster]
5. Women, Leather and Hell (2019 – Remaster
6. Aaaaaarrghh (2019 – Remaster)

Side 1
1. Powerdrive (2019 – Remaster)
2. Flytrap (2019 – Remaster)
3. Satanachist (2019 – Remaster)
4. Burn This Place (To the Ground) (2019 – Remaster)
5. Harmony Dies (2019 – Remaster)
6. Possessed (2019 – Remaster)

Side 2
1. Hellchild (2019 – Remaster)
2. Moonshine (2019 – Remaster)
3. Wing and a Prayer (2019 – Remaster)
4. Suffer Not the Children (2019 – Remaster)
5. Voyeur (2019 – Remaster)
6. Mystique (2019 – Remaster)
7. Too Loud (For the Crowd) [2019 Remaster]

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Side 1
1. Intro / Too Loud (For the Crowd) (Live) ( 2019 – Remaster)
2. 7 Gates of Hell (Live) ( 2019 – Remaster)
3. Leave Me In Hell (Live) ( 2019 – Remaster)
4. Nightmare (Live) ( 2019 – Remaster)
5. Countess Bathory (Live) ( 2019 – Remaster)

Side 2
1. Die Hard (Live) ( 2019 – Remaster)
2. Schizo (Live) [2019 – Remaster]
3. Guitar Solo – Mantas (Live) ( 2019 – Remaster)
4. In Nomine Satanas (Live) ( 2019 – Remaster)
5. Witching Hour (Live) [2019 – Remaster]

Side 3
1. Black Metal (Live) ( 2019 – Remaster)
2. The Chanting of the Priests (Live) [2019 – Remaster]
3. Satanachist (Live) ( 2019 – Remaster)
4. Flytrap (Live) ( 2019 – Remaster)
5. Warhead (Live) ( 2019 – Remaster)

Side 4
1. Buried Alive / Love Amongst the Dead (Live) ( 2019 – Remaster)
2. Bass Solo – Cronos (Live) ( 2019 – Remaster)
3. Welcome to Hell / Bloodlust (Live) ( 2019 – Remaster)

Sons Of Satan: Rare and Unreleased 

Side 1
1. Angel Dust (Church Hall Rehearsals 1979) ( 2019 – Remaster)
2. Buried Alived (Church Hall Rehearsals 1979) ( 2019 – Remaster)
3. Raise the Dead (Church Hall Rehearsals 1979) ( 2019 – Remaster)
4. Red Light Fever (Church Hall Rehearsals 1979) ( 2019 – Remaster)
5. Venom (Church Hall Rehearsals 1979) ( 2019 – Remaster)

Side 2
1. Sons of Satan (190 Impulse Studios Demo Recording, Oct 1980) [2019 Remaster]
2. In League With Satan (1980 Impulse Studios – £50 Demo Recordings) ( 2019 – Remaster)
3. Angel Dust (1980 Impulse Studios Demo Recordings) [2019 – Remaster]
4. Live Like an Angel (Die Like a Devil) (1980 Impulse Studios – £50 Demo Recordings) ( 2019 – Remaster)

Side 3
1. Schizo (1980 Impulse Studios – £50 Demo Recordings) ( 2019 – Remaster)
2. Venom (1980 Impulse Studios – £50 Demo Recordings) ( 2019 – Remaster)
3. Angel Dust (Impulse Studio Demo Session 1980) ( 2019 – Remaster)
4. Raise the Dead (Impulse Studio Demo Session 1980) ( 2019 – Remaster)

Side 4
1. Red Light Fever (Impulse Studio Demo Session 1980) ( 2019 – Remaster)
2. At War With Satan (1983 Impulse Studio 2 – At War Demos)

Bloodlust single

Side 1
1. Bloodlust (Single Version)

Side 2
1. In Nomine Satanas (Single Version)

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mark serainidis

Just bought it , great looking box set, black metal lp on the back can’t see the drummers pic ,to dark , but on my original album can see it easily, and the same on all other new albums pics a little unclear not sharp…book is good interviews to read, but the original lps are better to find if you can…

Shawn Boyer

Are you saying the original LPs (which I have) sound better than this “Remastered” set?

Celtic Bob

Would love to own this but not in the cards at the moment. The 2LP set will have to suffice for now. Great to see it on SDE.


Don’t know why they keep pressing Black Metal with the album title in white, on the original it was embossed black on black.


Black Metal is printed in black on this release. Not sure why the included the white print in this photo. Or at least my copy is black. This box set is so frigging cool. The detail with the packaging is spot on. Every album sounds good and thank god my albums play flat and not like my stylus is surfing. At least 80% of what I have or have purchased for 180 gram has warping issues. I’ve had no luck at all with these (except maybe the Metallica sets) up until now. I couldn’t be happier except maybe containing a slightly longer book and maybe a dvd. Also my copy of Possessed has the center label on the wrong side. They did such a great job putting this set together.


This repress has the Black Metal title in relief on the sleeve. However the box set is Czech low budget pressing from GZ Media. I’d like to know more about the ‘original masters’ that allegedly been used. This is a UNIVERSAL product nowadays and as far as I know the Venom masters went up in flames in a major fire back in 2008. That leaves us at best with a much later master, most likely digital and that doesn’t fly with me. Venom is not by far an audiophile act but the original lp:s still had DYNAMICS and that is very hard to recreate if you only have the digital source.

David McIntyre

First two albums are awesome. Nice to see Venom getting the SDE treatment. Influential band in metal circles


no metallic inverted cross with all the album in advanced flac format?…


I have never even heard of this band. Looks a nice set if you have and actually like what they’ve done, though!

John Simmons

I’ll never forget seeing them on the Seven Dates of Hell tour at the Hammersmith Odeon, i was about halfway back but could feel the heat from the light show/flame show that happened down the front. This must have been in 84 but i get the feeling that Health & Safety wouldn’t allow it nowadays.

It looks like a great box set but as others will probably say why no CD edition?


A good looking set if you’re into Venom! I recall seeing ‘em on a mates recommendation at Hammersmith in the early – mid eighties and thought ‘what a racket’. Another mate left after a couple of songs, but they did put on a great visual show. Respect that they’ve been at it forty years and even rehearsed (or even re-hearsed) in a church hall!! Bless ‘em!

Paul Mac

Well, I must say I never expected to see Venom covered in SDE! :)

Welcome To Hell and Black Metal are two extremely influential albums in the history of heavy music, and BM in particular has always been a favourite of mine (there was a nice double vinyl release a few years ago for RSD that I picked up at the time). In League With Satan was extremely ambitious when released, but was let down by poor production (and let’s face it, because the band’s reach exceeded their grasp at that stage). By the time Possessed came out, I had moved on, so I can’t really comment on it.

This looks like a really nice set, but it’s not cheap…will have to think about it, unfortunately.

Paul Mac

Sorry, I meant At War With Satan….


This is awesome! I started out liking Venom, then hating them because they were awful, then eventually liking them for the same reason, lol. I’ll have to compare this set to the 2-CD remasters that came out a while ago and see what (if anything) is missing from this one.

I like the colored vinyl for this box, mainly because the initial sound quality is so bad on the original recordings it really won’t matter WHAT type of vinyl these are pressed on. Ha!


Always loved the blurb that they had on the back of the Black Metal album – ‘Home taping is killing music and so are Venom’.

Tom m hans

I never got into Venom, Slayer yes, and, to a certain extent, Sepultura.
As a vinyl Venom fan I would be delighted.
Looks great.
Up the Irons!


What will Carlos say? :)

Matt R

In the name of Santana is a much better title than In the name of Satan.