Very limited SIGNED Zombies vinyl box

Just 50 signed vinyl boxes available

Available to pre-order right now is In The Beginning a 5LP vinyl Zombies box set with only 50 sets SIGNED by Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone!

This box contains the albums Begin Here, Early Days, Continue Here, R.I.P. and Odessey and Oracle. The records are all pressed on different coloured vinyl and come housed in a rigid slipcase. Designer Phil Smee handles the presentation and the inner sleeves include photos from his extensive collection.

This is truly limited, with just 50 copies and is exclusive to Amazon in the UK. Please note if they are not available when you check the pre-order link below it means they’ve gone!

These should ship on 19 April 2019.


Side One
1. Road Runner
2. Summertime
3. I Can’t Make Up My Mind
4. The Way I Feel Inside
5. Work ‘n’ Play
6. You Really Got A Hold On Me/Bring It On Home To Me
7. She’s Not There

Side Two
1. Sticks And Stones
2. Can’t Nobody Love You
3. Woman
4. I Don’t Want To Know
5. I Remember When I Loved Her
6. What More Can I Do
7. I Got My Mojo Working


Side One
1. Whenever You’re Ready
2. Don’t Go Away
3. She’s Not There [stereo version with studio chat]
4. I Love You
5. Leave Me Be
6. Indication

Side Two
1. She Does Everything For Me
2. You Make Me Feel Good
3. Tell Her No
4. I Want You Back Again [alternate version]
5. Kind Of Girl
6. I Must Move


Side One
1. Sometimes
2. It’s Alright With Me
3. She’s Coming Home
4. I Want You Back Again
5. Nothing’s Changed
6. Is This The Dream?
7. Remember You

Side Two
1. Just Out Of Reach
2. Remember You [OST version]
3. How We Were Before
4. Gotta Get Hold Of Myself
5. Goin’ Out Of My Head
6. I’ll Call You Mine [single version]


Side One
1. She Loves The Way They Love Her
2. Imagine The Swan
3. Smokey Day
4. Girl Help Me
5. I Could Spend The Day
6. Conversation Off Floral Street

Side Two
1. If It Don’t Work Out
2. I’ll Call You Mine [overdubbed version]
3. I’ll Keep Trying
4. I Know She Will
5. Don’t Cry For Me
6. Walking In The Sun


Side One
1. Care Of Cell 44
2. A Rose For Emily
3. Maybe After He’s Gone
4. Beechwood Park
5. Brief Candles
6. Hung Up On A Dream

Side Two
1. Changes
2. I Want Her, She Wants Me
3. This Will Be Our Year [mono mix]
4. Butcher’s Tale (Western Front 1914)
5. Friends Of Mine
6. Time Of The Season

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Paul Whitfield

According to Amazon the signed set is now back in stock!

Glen Buchanan

If I had lots of $$$s I’d want one but still wanted to say what a remarkable awesome band.

Hugh Hall

Only 50? BIG respect to the fanbase!

Jarmo Keranen

They’re are so old. I think they got too tired and couldn’t sign anymore after 50 copies!

Joe Mac Pherson

I’m quite possibly one of very few people today, who owns the 1965 U.S. debut album, as well as the U.S. issue of Odessey And Oracle, also the deluxe 1997 U.K. 4 CD box set, Zombie Heaven, hand signed by all 5 of the original members of The Zombies. It took me 10 years and 2 concerts to achieve this feat, between 2005-2015. The 2005 concert was at the now gone Key Club, on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood; the 2015 concert was at the Saban Theatre, on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills.
I brought a single black Sharpie with me in 2005, and Colin and Rod graciously signed my material. To my tremendous surprise, Paul Atkinson, their dear friend and original lead guitarist, showed up to see his beloved friends and former band mates. He was in very delicate condition. I was taking aside by Rod Argent, who informed me, Paul was gravely ill, suffering from cancer. He also said, “He’s been our close friend for many years. He’s quite frail. Please, when you talk to him, try not to get too excited because I know you are. Be gentle with him.” I gave Paul great courtesy, quiet, polite respect. thanked him so much for helping to make The Zombies the band they became. He was soft spoken, so kind, an absolute gentleman. He signed everything for me. Incredible. A few months later, he was gone.
A decade passed. The Zombies toured for their Fiftieth Anniversary, with Paul White and Hugh Grundy in the lineup. They both signed their names to my 3 items, with a gold metallic marker I brought. So, 3 signatures in black, 2 signatures in gold. “Knocking them cold in black and gold.” Trivia Time! Where does this song quote come from?
I will never sell my 3 Zombies music releases, with all 5 signatures. I’m seriously thinking of donating them, and a real trove of signed music in my collection, to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, or The Smithsonian Institute, or, across The Pond, a British music institute of note.
But not yet!!


Great Story! I happen to live in Hollywood and am familiar with the Saban. How about donating them to the Grammy Museum in downtown?

Joe Mac Pherson

I can’t consider the Grammy Museum. I don’t think they care about my 2 LP’s signed by Nico, or my Donovan signed LP, Marianne Faithfull signed LP, or LP’s signed by Martha Reeves and Betty Kelley, one of The Vandellas; Ronnie Spector, Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Yes, John Cale, Julian Cope of The Teardrop Explodes, Pete Burns & Steve Coy, from Dead Or Alive; Duran Duran, Marc Almond of Soft Cell, Siouxie & The Banshees, The Church (Original lineup and current lineup), Annie Lennox, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Heaven 17, Belinda Carlisle, Pet Shop Boys, and much more, right up to NOW, with Glasvegas, Ten Fe, Temples, Small Black, Jagwar Ma, Foals, Jamie Woon, Roosevelt, Lykke Li, DMA’s. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, The Horrors, The War On Drugs, Wild Nothing and so many others. ** Joe’s Rule: I must have a very real appreciation, respect and admiration for a band or recording artist, to have their music autographed. I have to meet these people in person, preferably at their concerts. And, no more Black Sharpies! A choice of colors! Metallic inks, in Gold, Silver, shades of Blue, Purple, Green, Red, Orange, Copper- because you’d be amazed at how bands or solo performers LOVE to select colors they truly like. Some of them draw linear patterns, or images. Some write their names in different colors. Some are really particular, choosing the one shade they relate to. As a result, the LP and 12″ single covers look really special. Ditto for box sets, and CD covers. The LP and 12″ single covers look fantastic, professionally framed.
I often think, all of my signed music will ultimately go to an institute in the UK, or select establishments there. Why? The Grammy Awards, I simply can’t take seriously. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame still hasn’t honored Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys, Siouxie & The Banshees, The Church, OMD, Marianne Faithfull, Can, Kraftwerk, Ultravox, Bananarama, Echo & The Bunnymen and too many more. I find this insulting. The UK has a greater appreciation for more diversity in recording music. So, I think I need to start looking into where I can potentially donate all I have that’s signed, to a place or places in the UK where people will be glad to see it on display.
I have no interest in selling any of it!! Donating is better!


I appreciate your e-mail offers but what’s the use if the item is already gone?


Just clicked on theo s link ( ordered) even shows pic of them signing them .?? Movie mars

Richard Lamming

Amazon.com Marketplace update. Could have bought a copy through Amazon.com sent from UK seller for £102. Rarewaves had 10 copies available. Bulk flipping? Ho Hum.

Tim H

Amazing…I found two signed copies of Zombies live at Bloomsbury Theatre in two charity shops 6 months apart for a couple of quid each, signed by Argent and Blunstone…


When I checked the marketplace offers on Amazon.com, there were 22 (!) signed copies left. WtF???


Still available on Amazon but tried to buy on side and the link doesn’t work

John A

These have been available for over a week now. I pre ordered two last week then cancelled one yesterday thinking I was being greedy. Glad I did. Hopefully gone to a genuine collector.

David may

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone brought the whole lot to sell on at an inflated price.


Still available on amazon.com marketplace:


Keith Wright

50 copies is that all, not worth the effort.

David M

All gone. Will have to make do with my signed copy of Odessey and Oracle (by all 4 living original members).


tried ordering, says unavailable. is it sold out already or not available?

Peter Parker

All gone in under 5 minutes. Impressive but not surprising.


All gone by the time I clicked on the link from your e-mail. :(


Do they include the grapes or biscuits?



Boaz Halachmi

Sold out.