Visage / The Wild Life: The Best of 1978 to 2015 / new compilation


A Visage compilation, The Wild Life: The Best Of 1978 to 2015, is due to be released next month.

This set boasts a stunning front cover image and brings together, for the first time, music issued by the synthpop/new wave band under Polydor, Blitz Club and Steve Strange Collective labels for a career-spanning selection that takes us from the birth of Visage in 1978 to the final tracks recorded before Steve’s untimely death in 2015.

The Wild Life: The Best Of 1978 to 2015 will be issued on 9 December 2016.


1. Fade To Grey (Original Version)
2. Mind Of A Toy (Original Version)
3. Visage (Original Version)
4. The Anvil (Original Version)
5. Night Train (7″ Version)
6. The Damned Don’t Cry (Original Version)
7. Pleasure Boys (Original Version)
8. Never Enough (Original Version)
9. Dreamer, I Know (Original Version)
10. She’s Electric (Coming Around) (Original Version)
11. Hidden Sign (Tiger Face Flame Remix)
12. Love Glove (Orchestral Version)
13. Aurora (Original Version)
14. The Silence (Original Version)

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I don´t like…i prefer the single versions of these songs…I have the originals singles and are very differents…

elliot buckingham

Seems to be unavailable on amazon is there a issue also my autorip sounds like new recorded versions of the old hits


To answer the questions on the Japan singles compilation the original proposed track listing was to be;
Don’t Let It Rain On My Parade
Adolescent Sex (rerecorded version)
Sometimes I Feel So Low
Life In Tokyo (Steve Nye remix 7″)
European Son (Steve Nye Remix 7″)
Quiet Life (UK 7″ edit)
All Tomorrow’s Parties (Steve Nye Remix 7″)
I Second That Emotion (Steve Nye Remix 7″)
Gentlemen Take Polaroids (7″ edit)
Swing (video edit)
Ain’t That Peculiar (cash cows version)
Nightporter (Steve Nye remix 7″)
Some Kind Of Fool (original vocals)
Taking Islands In Africa (Steve Nye remix)
The Art Of Parties (7″ version)
Visions Of China
Ghosts (7″ edit)
Cantonese Boy
Canton (live 7″ edit)
Bamboo Music (7″ version)
It was Steve Jansen and Richard Chadwick I was in contact with on this and they were happy with the track listing but after it went to David it changed to what was released. If he isn’t happy with a particular track or version he won’t approve it.

I’m afraid to say there are no unreleased tracks in the vaults apart from their very early demos which the whole band would rather burn than have released. It was thought there were two from Quiet Life and another possible from GTP but it was found they were just ideas that either changed into a released track or were dropped before they were recorded. There are some very early demos of David by himself but these are sketches of the song ideas and are owned by David so will never see the light of day.
Sorry guys.

[…] Earlier this month SDE posted about the new Visage compilation Wild Life: The Best of 1978 to 2015 (out soon). It’s fair to say that this was met with a decidedly lukewarm reception by fans who were looking for something a bit more nuanced and well, interesting. […]


This looks promising https://www.amazon.de/Wild-Life-Best-Versions-Remixes/dp/B01MTS8WCL/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480254802&sr=8-1&keywords=The+Wild+Life+%28Best+of+Versions+%26+Remixes%29 I can’t find any tracklisting or any other information on it all not even on their FB page.


I’m really sad and too surprised about RJStevene said about David Sylvian being the major barrier to turn Japan missing material into unavailable to fans. Sure there’s planty back catalogue material to be release still and it’s a shame to know the artist himself (Mr David) doesn’t give the importence it has to die hard fans. I know we were all talking about Visage but I couldn’t help to express my sadness towards the Japan thing. Let’s pray to gave it release someday. Let’s cross our fingers also.


I missed this post when it was first published however reading the comments it seems there is universal disappointment in this.
Whilst Visage never enjoyed the commercial success of Duran, Depeche Mode, Spandau, Human League etc, their contribution to the new romantic scene is undisputed.
So this makes it all the more annoying that a record company isn’t able to put out a decent release. Surely a remastered and expanded version of the first album (now some thirty six years old) would have been the smart thing to do?
I do hope the statue becomes a reality, but with releases like this it ‘s going to take a bit longer to raise the money…..

Michel Bendichou

No vinyl version?


If you had bothered to look at the giant advert at the top of their FB page you would have seen that they are releasing it on CD and 2 x 12″ Vinyl. There is supposed to be a CDX version as well.


The whole Visage situation is just so sad, and whatever the good intentions behind this latest release, it does nothing to put the band back in its rightful place alongside all the other electro-rock/pop acts of the era, some of whom are now on their second or third catalogue expansions.

As a fan of the group in its heyday I will doubtless buy a copy, but still hope that some specialist label will consider picking up a full catalogue license if Universal still aren’t interested.

Oh, and I’d be interested to know where I can see that press advert, mentioned earlier, with that mention of a deluxe version of this album.


If you look on their FB page you will see the advert at the top of the page with the mention of the CDX on it.


The BBC version of Can You Hear Me is already available on the most recent best of called fade to grey. The Anvil BBC version is on there too but don’t bother. What happened is Steve & Rusty brought a prelease copy of some of the tracks from the Anvil album to be played on radio 1, they weren’t radio sessions. I remember listening and recording the radio show back in 82.

The Beat Boy album cassette remix would be brilliant. I asked the compiler of the Cherry Red Beat Boy cd why he didn’t include it and he said because he didn’t know it existed, if he had it could have been a 2 cd release. If only these compilers would bother contacting the fans or even looking at discogs they would find out about the releases and stop making mistakes and missing tracks off. Too late now and I think it will be a long time until someone thinks it’s financially worth reissuing a Beat Boy cd with all the missing mixes.


I’m also very disappointed by this compilation but I think it is as it is to get something out to get funding for the Steve Strange statue as it has been planned by his family. So I’m not going to be too hard on them but I’d rather give them a donation than buy this.
I totally agree with all comments above. There are some unreleased tracks;
Eve of Destruction and All The Kings Horses which were recorded at the same time as In The Year 2525 (the original mix was included on the ‘masters’ compilation but is segued into The Anvil as it was taken from the Fade To Grey mixes album), The Lady Is A Tramp duet with Ronny, Strange Connexions (the planned B side to the remix version of 2525), The Love Of My Life duet with Jennie Bellestar. Then there are the other three BBC sessions Only The Good Die Young, The Promise and Questions. There is talk there may be the original recordings of Only The Good Die Young and Beat Boy with Billy Currie and Dave Formula from 82.
Back in 2000 I contacted Polydor direct about re-releasing the Visage albums and got a rather abrupt reply. Apparently they are just not interested, partly because Visage weren’t signed to Polydor UK (where they were a hit) but to Polydor New York (where they weren’t). That is why The Anvil and Beat Boy got released on Cherry Red (cringe). The only way the albums will be remastered and the full back catalogue released is if another reissue label puts up the dosh to do it. By the way, that supposed planned but cancelled release just sounds to good to be true and more likely a bootleg than a legitimate release.
As for Japan there is one major barrier to their whole back catalogue being released and he’s called David Sylvian. I had some involvement in the Hansa reissues and the joint Hansa Virgin best of and Mr Sylvian still has full control over what is and isn’t released from the back catalogue. The original suggested track listing for the best of included all the single mixes, unreleased tracks and 12″ versions (and the Cash Cows mix of Aint That Peculiar) but it was nixed by David. So what you have is what he has allowed.


Hey RJStevene, I’d love to know what unreleased Japan tracks were mooted for the Hansa/Virgin compilation. Japan are my all-time fave band, so I’m always interested in news of unheard tracks lurking in the archives.


Only 14 tracks from one of the best 80s bands. I will stick to the albums with their bonus tracks.

Ian Harris

The Night Train 7″ was on one of Old Gold’s Kick Up The Eighties compilations, long since out of print. It has been promised a few times on Visage compilation yet the (inferior in my opinion) album mix always seems to appear.


By the way, does anyboby know if the original 1978 version of 2525 was ever released on CD?

Bruja's Dad

This would be a welcome addition also:


“Can You Hear Me” is probably the strongest track on Beat Boy.

P. E.

This is a travesty of a collection. Pointless and shoddy with a dull cover.
Oh for what could have been…

Japan deluxe editions please!!! All their albums!!!

Daniel ( from Berlin )

On the cover of “Beat Boy” ( only US version ) Steve Strange wears the same coat that
Pete Burns have on “Youthquake” cover …. Both great covers.


Agree that the tracklisting is nothing to write home about. Maybe the Deluxe Edition, if indeed available, will surprise us. I very much doubt it but there is always hope. It’s probably a dvd or so. For what it’s worth, I’ve never been excited about any dvd added to a music album. Never.
One thing about all Visage albums, the covers are outstanding. Love them all.


Something about this doesn’t ring quite true. I mean, look at how plain and lacking in scope it is. Quite extraordinary.

Perhaps SDE is now the first stop for album co-ordinators to get a heads up. I’m sure word got around about the effect this site had on the upcoming Donna Summer compilation…


Very disappointing …………… when I first heard about this I was hoping for lots of remixes and rarities. What a wasted opportunity!

Gary Hunter

As someone has already mentioned in this thread, why are n’t the singles “Beat Boy” and “Shameless Fashion” on this collection?? They should have also had the proper version of “Love Glove”, not the orchestral version.

This baffles me as their is plenty of room to include the 2 singles I mentioned.

Even the single “Tar” is not included!


I totally agree with Foxee and Koen. I’ve been waiting for deluxe editions of Visage first álbum and The Anvil too many years as well as the Japan albums. Plenty of missing material from both, promo vídeos also. I hope Universal wakes up and release everything die hard fans are really waiting for.


the 7″ mix of Night Train, is that the first time on CD?

Neil Kelly

Indeed if it appears correctly when this is issued!

martin aspland

i am only aware of it being on CD once and i have it on one of those fairly cheap 80’s compilation cds

this is a real shame as last year a certain record company were looking to do the following and I imagine they did not get the licencing deal as this would have been great , look at the suggested tracklisting . lets hope the deluxe has some of these especially the Anvil Dance mix

Artist: Visage

Title: Remix Anthology 2 CD Collection


1/ Tar (Original 7″ Mix) 03:25 (cat # ADA 48)
2/ Frequency 7 (Original Version) 03:05 (cat # ADA 48)
3/ Fade To Grey (Single Version) 03:50 (cat # POSP 194)
4/ Fade To Grey (Special Maxi Version) 06:14 (German cat # 2141 318)
5/ Fade To Grey (Dance Mix – Remix John Luongo) 06:44 (US cat # PX1-501)
6/ Mind Of A Toy (Single Version) 03:32 (cat # POSP 236)
7/ We Move 04:00 (cat # POSP 236)
8/ Mind Of A Toy (Dance Mix) 05:14 (cat # POSPX 236)
9/ We Move (Dance Mix) 06:29 (cat # POSPX 236)
10/ Frequency 7 (Dance Mix) 05:00 (cat # POSPX 236)
11/ Visage (Single Remix) 03:47 (cat # POSP 293)
12/ Visage (Dance Mix) 06:01 (cat # POSPX 293)
13/ The Damned Don’t Cry (Single Version) 03:55 (cat # POSP 390)
14/ The Damned Don’t Cry (Dance Mix) 05:43 (cat # POSPX 390)
15/ Night Train (Single Remix) 03:39 (cat # POSP 441)
16/ Night Train (Dance Mix) 06:07 (cat # POSPX 441)
17/ Night Train (Dub Mix) 05:02 (cat # POSPX 441)
18/ Whispers (Single Edit) 03:47 (Japanese cat # 7DM 0069)
19/ Pleasure Boys (Single Version) 03:34 (cat # POSP 523)
20/ The Anvil (Remix) 04:26 (cat # POSP 523)
21/ Pleasure Boys (Dance Mix) 06:58 (cat # POSPX 523)
22/ The Anvil (Dance Mix) 06:14 (cat # POSPX 523)
23/ Pleasure Boys (Special Remix Version) (cat # POSPY 523-W)
24/ Pleasure Boys (Bonus Beats) 06:03 (cat # POSPW 523)
25/ Pleasure Boys (Black Leather Remix) (Germany cat # 2812 134)
26/ Der Amboss 05:37 (cat # POSPV 523)
27/ Love Glove (Single Version) 04:00 (cat # POSP 697)
28/ Love Glove (Full Version) 06:38 (cat # POSPX 691)
29/ Beat Boy (Single Version) 03:30 (cat # POSP 709)
30/ Beat Boy (Dance Mix) 07:15 (cat # POSPX 709)
31/ Beat Boy (10 Min – Dance Mix) 09:54 (cat # BOY 1)
32/ Beat Boy (Machine Mix) 08:45 (cat # BOY 1)
33/ The Damned Don’t Cry (Remix) 04:44 (Spanish cat # 21 41 488)
34/ Love Glove (Alternate Version) (cat # POSPW 691)


This would be perfect!!


Very poor tracklisting after that build-up indeed.

Koen Kroeze

Hoping for…

Visage (Deluxe Edition)

the original album (remastered)

Fade To Grey (7″ Version) [original single a-side] 3:50
Frequency 7 [original single b-side] 3:05
Mind Of A Toy (7″ Version) [original single a-side] 3:35
We Move [original single b-side] 4:03
Visage (7″ Mix) [original single a-side] 3:51
Second Steps (7″ Edit) [original single b-side] 5:00
Fade To Grey (12″ Version) [original 12″ single a-side] 6:17
Frequency 7 (Dance Mix) [original 12″ single b-side] 5:03
Mind Of A Toy (Dance Mix) [original 12″ single a-side] 5:15
We Move (Dance Mix) [original 12″ single b-side] 6:28
Visage (Dance Mix) [original 12″ single a-side] 6:01
Second Steps [original 12″ single b-side] 5:30
Fade To Grey (Dance Mix) [original 12″ single a-side] 6:44
unreleased versions….

Daniel ( from Berlin )

Hi Koen that’s right !!
A “DeluxeEdition” ( and REMASTERED ) of “Visage” should be the first in line
before putting out a pointless compilation like that.
PS: you forget a few rare things
– the original version of “Tar” ( released 1979 only on 7″ – 3:25 )
– the second ( sadly uncredited 12″ dance version of “frequency 7”
( different beginning and end but almost the same length – 5:03 / 4:58 )
– the original 1978 seven inch of “in the year 2525” ( 3:41 )
– “fade to grey” ( alternate 7” mix with drums on intro – 3:50 )
– “fade to grey” ( dance mix edit -3:45 )

Bruja's Dad

It seems “The Silence” is listed as original version. Wonder if this will be a studio version? The version on Orchestral would be considered live. Love Glove is listed as the Orchestral version, so it made me wonder….


Hmmm, what’s cdx?

Philippe Perret

the Anvil 12″ dance mix, the Anvil dub have never been released on CD nor digital


The remix of Hidden sign seems to be the only “new ” thing to this compilation… with “night train” 7″ edit (if it’s really th 3min and a half, and not the 4 min found on every Visage compilation since then)

Some talks about a CDX? what’s this?


I thought the front cover image was stunning too when I first saw it, but having had a few days to think about it, I think it’s not as good as it good have been. The arrowhead stripes could have looked so much better if made to look as if they were actual make up applied to the contours of Steve’s face. Superimposed flat on, they just look a bit cheap.

Peter Anderson

Plus one for Japan deluxe editions


As much as I would love this , having read Anthony Reynolds excellent biography of the band (Japan that is, not Visage) I suspect that there is not actually very much unreleased stuff in the vaults. Virgin did carry out a rerelease campaign of Sylvian’s work and the Virgin-era Japan catalogue but only Tin Drum got any kind of special attention (released in a box with the Art of Parties EP included on a separate CD + a book of photos).
Now if the remaining members of the group could bring themselves to release the Penguin Cafe tapes that would really be something…


Very old but very good!
I bought it on one of my frequent (back then) trips to Japan in the 90s.
Pretty extensive but no real rarities.

Incidentally – last week I discovered an alternative version of Japan’s Ain’t That Peculiar (only available on a Virgin compilation called Cash Cows). Well worth a listen…

Post-Punk Monk

Just a bit of clarity. “Cash Cows” first yielded the alternate version of “Ain’t That Peculiar” in 1980, but there was one other place to hear it; on the 1982 re-recording of “Nightporter” on 7″ single VS554.

elliott buckingham

also available but no listing anywhere yet is a cdx and dbl vinyl version


When I saw this advertised on Amazon I must admit I got quite excited. Sadly upon reading the tracklisting I was once again left disappointed by a Visage Best Of. I was really hoping that this would truly have ALL the singles on it. Gutted.


Not overly thrilled by this release.

Bring on the deluxe edition of the first album I say – it’s a true classic and there are a wealth of bonus tracks to collate together.

I’d also like to see proper treatment of The Anvil with a 2 CD release.

Also, I’m going to make a bid here for deluxe editions of the classic Japan albums on Virgin – Gentlemen Take Polaroids and Tin Drum – surely there are remixes and demos and unreleased stuff that could make fine packages there??


Foxee: Agreed, plus one here
Both GTP & TD plus Quiet Life reissued as 2CD + DVD
…and why stop there, Sylvian brilliant debut as well, including ALL the early period singles collaboration with Sakamoto, Japan last catalogue reissue was in 2003-2004

Mike the Fish

There was a nice triple vinyl of Quiet Life, the sound in general was nice, although my copy has got fairly noisey vinyl which is a shame. I’m not really into Japan but seeing the triple vinyl with loads of remixes on it got me curious, and it turned out I quite liked some of the stuff so I got it in the end!


No Beat Boy or Shameless Fashion? I also find this lacking, but have already pre-ordered. Love Visage, but to me this is a subpar effort.


There’s very little value in this compilation (the third in six years), and – I’m no expert, so happy to be corrected – but which track is from ’78? The only one I know is In The Year 2525 – and that’s absent, as is the brilliant Tar – the 7″ from ’79.

I know Beat Boy isn’t well regarded by many (although I have a soft spot for the cassette mix) – it could’ve been better represented also.

Billy Dojcak

I only listen to the drums in Beat Boy.


Rusty Egan was bombarding their FB page the other day claiming this release was fake and that everything released by Visage after 1985 was not the real Visage going to extremes i would say. Regarding this release i find it to be pointless and even their comeback single Shameless Fashion is missing which is very odd. Lets hope the CDX is more interesting when the details are released.


After reading this would be career spanning on three labels with tracks from 1978-2015, I was surprised to see only 14 tracks on this compilation.

Nice cover as you say, but it seems like a half-arsed, token effort you’d find for £3 in a supermarket.

I would be much more interested in a proper deluxe, career spanning set featuring the albums, demos, 12″ mixes etc., and a book with some decent information and photos.


I’d like to see the first two albums remastered with additional bonus material (b-sides and remixes and rarities such as the original Radar Records single).

I would have thought the first two albums sold well enough to be released properly.

Jon Howells

A little generous on the post-Pleasure Boys material, perhaps…

elliott buckingham

deluxe of hearts and knives would be welcome with all the extra mixes


there’s supposed to be a cdx version?
was hoping for some rare mixes like original uk 12 inch of fade to grey and the 7 inch remix ofor night train. hopefully there’s a 2nd disc of rarities otherwise nothing to get excited about.


yes the original advert for it I saw ssad cdx too. so fingers crossed.

Philippe Perret

the original UK 12″ ? Never heard anything about this, what is it ?

Neil Harland

The original twelve inch of Fade To Grey in the U.K. Had a slightly longer intro, and I’m talking seconds. I have it, e cover is exactly the same as the seven inch version

Neil Harland

There were other versions on 12″ of course…..