Warner Bros sets date for Prince Purple Rain reissue and teases contents

The reissue of Prince‘s 1984 album Purple Rain is now confirmed for early June and will offer significantly more than one bonus disc of content…

The newly remastered Purple Rain will come with “two incredible albums of previously unreleased Prince music and two complete concert films.”

No further details were offered, although Warner Bros. Records CEO Cameron Strang said in a statement “When we make any of Prince’s music available to fans – from the hits to unreleased gems – we are committed to upholding Prince’s high creative standards and we know fans will be thrilled when they hear these albums and see these films.”

In other Prince news, as has been widely reported, his catalogue is now available on streaming services, such as Spotify.

The Purple Rain reissue is set to be released on 9 June 2017. More information on this when we have it. Warners first release after Prince’s death was the 4EVER hits set which was issued in late November 2016.

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[…] of previously unreleased Prince music and two complete concert films.” that Warner Bros. Records promised us back in February. On the positive side, the four-disc expanded set is a wallet-friendly £25 in the UK right […]


Disc 3 looks interesting, but disc 2 is a waste of plastic in my opinion. Single edits are really not my thing!

Pastuiven Verkwil

Purple Rain DeLuxe tracklist (to be officially announced this Friday):

Disc 1: Original album, 2015 Paisley Park remaster

Disc 2: Edits & extended mixes
When Doves Cry (7” single edit)
17 Days (single edit)
Let’s Go Crazy (single edit)
Erotic City (single edit)
Purple Rain (single edit)
God (single edit)
God (Love Theme From Purple Rain) (instrumental)
Another Lonely Christmas (single edit)
I Would Die 4 U (single edit)
Baby I’m a Star (single edit)
Take Me With U (single edit)
Let’s Go Crazy ( Special Dance Mix)
Erotic City (extended version)
Another Lonely Christmas (extended version)
I Would Die 4 U (extended version)
Disc 3: From the Vault
The Dance Electric (11:29)
Love and Sex (5:00)
Computer Blue (“Hallway Speech” version) (12:18)
Velvet Kitty Cat (2:32)
Katrina’s Paper Dolls (3:30)
We Can F*ck (10:17)
Electric Intercourse (studio version) (4:57)
Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden (6:25)
Possessed (7:56)
Wonderful A— (6:24)
Father’s Song (5:30)

Mark Browne

I hope it’s all released on purple vinyl please! And more news on this


I also ordered the purple rain picture disc from JPC. Got an email the item is unavailable and cancelled my order.


Is there any update about the picture disc anyone please? I ordered it from JPC but the listing has gone.


Thanks Paul

elliott buckingham

just ordered the pic disc version from amazon Italy strange its not listed on the uk site

[…] that Prince‘s Purple Rain will be reissued in June. That was confirmed by Warner Bros Music a few weeks back. One would have thought that an official announcement detailing the contents is due in the next 4-6 […]


I wish Amazon UK would match the 3rd-party seller – I’d love to get ‘4Ever’ for 7 quid, but the only option to Australia is 10 quid.

Mike Williams

Prince’s PURPLE RAIN (The Movie) had 15 songs/tracks featured in the movie, but only the 9 Prince songs made it onto the original vinyl soundtrack. I notice the extra songs every I see the movie on TV or DVD/Blu-Ray. Since a CD can hold all 15 songs AND they were all by Warner Brothers Artists, why not release an expanded complete soundtrack? The expanded track line-up (taken from the movie end credits) would be as follows:

1. Let’s Go Crazy – Prince & The Revolution
2. Jungle Love – The Time *
3. Take Me With U – Prince & Apollonia
4. Modernaire – Dez Dickerson *
5. The Beautiful Ones – Prince
6. God (Love Theme From Purple Rain) – Prince *
7. When Doves Cry – Prince
8. Father’s Song – Prince *
9. Computer Blue – Prince & The Revolution
10. Darling Nikki – Prince & The Revolution
11. Sex Shooter – Apollonia 6 *
12. The Bird – The Time *
13. Purple Rain – Prince & The Revolution
14. I Would Die 4 U – Prince & The Revolution
15. Baby I’m A Star – Prince & The Revolution

The “new” tracks are indicated by the asterisks * and the tracks are listed in the order that they were in the film.

The 2nd disc would add the various 12″ mixes & B-sides from the singles/time period, and a 3-disc deluxe version also includes the Blu-Ray. Put the live stuff out as a separate release unless it’s from the Movie.


This was already released in Japan in 1984 following the song order from the film.


James Baker

We lived 2 C the dawn!!

Great news to finally get the much improved reissue details, a few years (and a death!), after it was first announced way back on Valentines day 2014 if I’m not mistaken.

At least without Prince being around it won’t be censored! I’d actually love for it to be censored and brought out with another new Prince album (or two) but alas those days will no longer come around to annoy/joy us.

I sincerely hope WB manage to reissue the Prince back catalogue with the true respect it deserves. My bet is on Universal providing a better reissue campaign with the NPG albums from 1995 onwards! Not sure how they’ll manage the vault during the Purple patch though!!

Please ensure you issue a separate update on further track listing as soon as you hear it Paul! ;)


Has the wind ever been taken out of your sails by the first comment you read under a seemingly exciting announcement like this? I hadn’t considered that one of the “two complete concert films” could just be the already released Syracuse ’85 gig.
Still, having the 1983 benefit gig in better than ‘tape-drag bootleg quality’ will be worth getting this, as it was one of the best gigs he’s ever done.

James Galvin

FINALLY! I can’t wait, I hope they do a vinyl set as well. Preferably on Purple Vinyl.


Oh my, just wee’d myself with excitement….As a huge prince fan for 33 years, this is exciting……very exciting…..will reserve judgement for release…..

Second post here, so hey Paul I read this everyday at work….staple lunchtime read…kudos


Hoping for proper re-issues of the first two albums by Sheila E.
And definitely Jill Jones.

william mckinley

I am very happy to hear this.


Does anyone know if there is an extended version of 17 Days? Would love a 12″ of that.

Graham Turner

Apparently there is. Questlove (who is known to have an extensive collection of rare Prince stuff) posted an Instagram towards the end of last year showing a 7m32s version.


Warners take note. Thanks Graham, that’d be a nice addition.


It will likely be the Syracuse concert. It won’t likely by the First Ave Aug ’83 gig because of the poor quality (colour) of the video. Likely something from 1984.


This is great news !!! I have been waiting for a SDE of “Purple Rain”. I hope that Warner will reissue “Sign Of The Times” and “Diamonds and Pearls” as well.


@Paul: Let’s keep in mind this is Warner we’re talking about, so you can expect anything… (Let’s hope they’ll pass this project on to their subdivision Rhino…)

elliott buckingham

i hope rhino stay clear of this. I recently purchased the red vinyl reissue of zztop eliminator the track legs has a fault on it that rhino are not interested in fixing


Why is everyone assuming the two live concerts would be Purple Rain-related? The press release simply says there will be two previously unheard albums, and two live concert DVDs released. It does not say they are part of a boxed set or anything like that. They could be totally independent of the Purple Rain remaster.


I have loads of Prince CD’s and singles – but I would like to have all the remixes from the Purple Rain era collected together on the forthcoming release, regardless of if they have been available before or not. Not to mention things that have never been on CD, despite being “circulating” on MP3.

My hope for this release is that they focus on unreleased songs and the original mixes. Some single edits would also be nice.


Just a few “wants”, pleeease!!! :)

Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix) (7:35)
Computer Blue (Longer Version) (7:23)
I Would Die 4 U (Extended Version) (10:15)
Purple Rain (Long Radio Edit) (5:37)
Erotic City (make love not war Erotic City come alive) (7:24)
Another Lonely Christmas (Extended Version) (6:47)
17 Days (3:54)
Electric Intercourse
Father’s Song


You do realize that Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix) (7:35), Erotic City (make love not war Erotic City come alive) (7:24), I Would Die 4 U (Extended Version) (10:15), and 17 Days (3:54) have been available on CD for years now, right? Also, Computer Blue (Longer Version) (7:23) has been circulating for a few years now in EX+ quality as well. Why would you even want the Purple Rain (Long Radio Edit) (5:37)? What’s the point? However, having Electric Intercourse, Wednesday, and Father’s Song released, and Another Lonely Christmas (Extended Version) (6:47) finally released on CD would be nice.


Personal choice. Be nice to have the longer versions all together in they’re rightful place representing the album. That’s all. As for the Long Radio Edit of Purple Rain, I’m obviously not as much of an authority on the availability of it as you, maybe you could enlighten me? I thought it was pretty rare (happy to be proven wrong). Anyway, regardless of what you think, I’d personally like to see these collected together.

Steven Adamson

Here’s what I’d like to see –

Disc One: Purple Rain (remaster with 7″ edits of singles and B-sides at the end of the disc)
Disc Two: Extended Versions (12″ mixes of singles and B-Sides plus unreleased extended versions of album tracks)
Disc Three: Outtakes from the Vault (tracks like “The Dance Electric”, “G-Spot”, “All Day, All Night”, “Moonbeam Levels”…)
Disc Four: More Outtakes from the Vault!
Disc Five: Live at First Avenue, August 1983 (the show they recorded many of the tracks for Purple Rain)
Disc Six: Live at First Avenue, June 1984 (Birthday show with great unreleased tracks)
DVD: First Avenue 1983
DVD 2: A previously uncirculated live show from the Purple Rain Tour

Then as a separate release:
Prince & The Revolution: Syracuse & the World (Live 1985 2cd/Blu Ray) – Remaster of the whole show with remixed and remastered audio with the video retransferred from the original tapes.

To be honest, I’d be perfectly happy with whatever they release and hope this means future deluxe editions and remasters are on their way!


The two complete concert movies, I think may very well be the 1st Ave gig from August 1983 with the debut run outs of much of the Purple Rain album and a complete PR show, probably Syracuse (the one used on PATR Live) but would prefer Houston. There were however several shows on that tour professionally recorded aswell as the 1984 1st Ave Birthday show that I believe ran out debut perfomances of Roadhouse Garden, Our destiny and All day All night. That would be special.
As far as out takes go, where do you start? computer blue (extended), all day all night, electric intercourse, wednesday, our destiny, roadhouse garden. Alternate and extended versions of take me with U, beautiful ones, darling nikki etc.
So much material, really can’t wait


I am very, very excited about this! Don’t care about the price, don’t care if it will be one or five releases – just as long as there wont be any download-only “bonus” content!

I am hoping for any 12″ versions from the era to be included, rather than live recordings – and of course unreleased songs.

Someone mentioned Diamonds And Pearls on vinyl. It was supposed to be out last year (along with Lovesexy, Batman and Graffiti Bridge) but I don’t know what happened there. I was going to order them all but it looks like they never came out. Anyone know what is up with these vinyl releases? Someone also mentioned that 4Ever was supposed to come out on vinyl?


The I would die 4 u 12″ is a 10 minute edit of a rehearsal which went on for over 30 minutes and the tape ran out but the 30 min version curculates in perfect quality. I think it would be a waste to use so much space with that when there’s piles of great stuff to put on instead. There’s at least 4 versions of computer blue that are 15 minutes long plus demos of purple rain and longer alternate versions of all the album tracks and b sides. Several versions of erotic city. Stuff that was released much later was recorded around that period so could be included

Btw the family album had both German and jap pressings on cd. Likewise the vanity 6 cd. Them plus A6 and time and Sheila and Jill jones would make great deluxe editions with 12″s and b sides etc but I think the market is pretty small so they may not be commercially viable. In saying that I see much more obscure stuff in this site getting multiple disc sets. Who knew the guys from radar love had another sing, never mind 29 albums?

Stick the prince vocal demos of those albums in a box set however and you can empty my bank account.

I don’t care if it’s a physical release or download so open to bonus material on download. That’s what they can do with crazy hour long versions of tracks that few people will listen to often.

Larry Davis

Per Golden Earring…1982’s “Cut” album had “Twilight Zone” which was a bigger US hit, a Top 10, than “Radar Love”, which only hit #13…just saying…and more minor hits on “The Hole” and “North/East/South/West”…


I was hoping for vinyl reissues of Diamonds and Pearls, Symbol and The Rainbow Children. Crystal Ball would be nice to own. And One Night Alone.

Robbert van Deursen

Review oct.5, 2016: from Blu-ray.com:
Purple Rain was released to theaters in Dolby Stereo, which was remixed in 5.1 for the film’s 2004 DVD. That 5.1 mix appeared on the 2007 Blu-ray in a choice of either Dolby Digital or lossless Dolby TrueHD. For the new Blu-ray, the 5.1 track has been re-encoded in lossless DTS-HD MA 5.1. With some minor differences, the description in my former colleague’s review of the previous Blu-ray’s audio applies, but, at least to my ear, the new disc’s soundtrack isn’t as “hot” as its predecessor’s, so that the sound is better balanced overall. The track remains front-oriented, which is true to the original, and the dialogue is mostly clear and well-prioritized, with an occasional line buried in the mix. Having repeatedly experienced Purple Rain in multiple incarnations, including its original theatrical release, I am confidently that this Blu-ray’s track fairly reproduces the theatrical experience, which is the primary reason for my higher audio score.

Robbert van Deursen

Whu not get the PR bluray if you want a 5.1 mix?
English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
French: Dolby Digital 5.1 (640 kbps)
German: Dolby Digital 5.1 (640 kbps)
Spanish: Dolby Digital 2.0

Paul W

I’ve recently got back into Prince in a big way, mainly because so much of the best new music over the past year or two is so obviously influenced by Prince that he has come to mind quite often. I had all the 80s stuff, but drifted away at the startof the 90s like many did. I’ve therefore been on a mad spree picking up all the albums I missed out on, and there were plenty, and have been amazed at how good they are, as we had been led to believe the quality dropped after the 80s heyday. I actually managed to fill the remaining gaps yesterday, so I think I am only missing one live album, not including the grey market, and a handful of remixes. It hasn’t been a cheap pursuit either. However, I am anticipating that what will be coming out over the next few years is going to cost me a fortune, but I can’t wait, nonetheless!

Larry Davis

Per Matthew…the Family album was only an official CD from Japan (I used to have it), and same with the 1st Mazarati album…I have an original cassette of the Apollonia 6 album and refuse to buy the Japanese CD for $100+ bucks as only 500 were pressed before it was pulled due to a mastering error and never fixed/reissued…now that extended bootlegs are available and it will likely be fixed/remastered/reissued/extended in time.

As for the Purple Rain reissue…bout frikking TIME…with the 2 unreleased albums and 2 films…sounds like 5 discs total. If anything, since PR is originally just 9 tracks, 45 minutes or so, Warners could tack on the full-length B-sides at the end (espesh “Erotic City”) & the 12″ “Lets Go Crazy”…and follow how Blank & Jones made their so80s discs more than 80 minutes each, some almost 90 minutes…dunno how they did it, but making an extended PR album close to 90 minutes would be killer as most everything could fit on it…then the 2 unreleased albums and films (DVD or BluRay choice)…hopefully a model for later…and I do second extended remasters of all his proteges’ albums (the 4 Sheila E albums and unreleased one, the Time, Family, Mazarati, Jill Jones, Ingrid Chavez, Madhouse, Eric Leeds, etc)…

Kevin Davis

Larry – I’d never heard those details about the Apollonia 6 CD in Japan. I have all of those Japan CD releases – including this one – and have never noticed any issue with it. Do you have any more info?

Larry Davis

I found that out while looking at prices for it on eBay…no reason to question it…I don’t have the CD so I never heard any errors…

Matthew Jessee

Hi Larry. Actually The Family CD also was officially released in Germany as well and that’s the one I have. I also have the Mazarati and Apollonia 6 Japanese CDs (not aware of any mastering error – it sounds fine to me). Would be amazing to have all of the protege projects with the extended versions & unreleased bonus tracks – if WB would realise the appeal of this back catalogue! Until then I have my vinyl singles & bootlegs.


I ran screaming around the house after the Alison Moyet reissues but am about to do another lap now.

The unreleased albums better not be live stuff. And I want all the extended and/or full length versions (whatever you want to call them). Two unreleased albums will not do it. I want the 10 min version of I would Die 4 U, the extended versions of Another Lonely Christmas, God, Computer Blue (also 10 mins), Erotic City, Lets Go Crazy, The Beautiful Ones, etc. And there is a great Hot Tracks version of Take Me With U.

Of course the Appolonia 6,Vanity 6, Time and Family albums need to be reissued as well. With extended or full length versions.

And especially since this is a soundtrack a 5.1 mix on Blu Ray is also required. Don’t care the price. This is essential stuff. More than essential.

Paul Kent

Here’s an idea… if the 2nd and 3rd CDs are to include unreleased content only, why not include a code to download all the b-sides and mixes…

… oh, no, hang on … erm …


great idea Paul, lets limit the unreleased stuff on one cd to 28 minutes in length so both would fit one CD and then lets bluster pompously our way to justify it…..? I’m never going to get over Flowers in the dirt i dont think, but at least it stopped me going on about Nik Kershaw’s The Riddle!


Nice try, Paul Mc-Kent-ney…
;) ;) ;) ;) ;)


There’s so much material that could be considered a good fit for this release that I reckon everyone will be be able to say “oh, I wish they had put x, y, or z on this”.


I haven’t played PR in a long time, to me it always like a non coherent patchwork. I hope it aged well when I get the SDE.
Sign o the times, however, patchy as well is a ROCK amongst Prince Records. Let’s wait and see. Some things are better left unpublished to help create a myth. Peace.


Sign o the Times patchy? Tapestry, Dark Side of the Moon, Pet Sounds and Rumours also in that category of yours? Lol :)


All Prince albums are patchy imo too… Not to say some of them aren’t brilliant as well but he really struggled with sequencing a coherent album.


LOL – I am a complete ignorant of Rumours, Pet Sounds and Tapestry. Regatta de Blanc – non patchy at all. Prince has always experimented with different styles, voices and alter egos – the Camille record was cancelled and part of it has been transferred to Sign O the Times – thus making it patchy because of the high pitched vocals…. slow love on the same record as If i was your girlfriend… GREAT – it worked – but Purple Rain is still lacking coherence to me. Doesnt mean I dont love it. Peace!


Normally I balk at the prices of these SDEs, but this will be one where I don’t care how much it is, I’m ‘avin’ it!

Matthew Jessee

Definitely the Apollonia 6 album is long overdue for CD release/remastering/reissue. It’s the only high profile Prince protege album produced by the man himself that’s only been on CD from Japan (back in 1990 in very limited quantities). They could even do a 2 disc edition with the unreleased Apollonia 6 film (a sort of longform video EP with suprising cameos).

Hopefully the attention to his catalog will lead to other Prince related artists getting remasters/reissues as well (the Vanity 6 album could use remastering and most of the Paisley Park catalog is long out-of-print). Would even love to see Vanity’s solo albums finally come out on CD.


The Vanity solo albums are, unfortunately, owned by Motown, so unless there was a licensing deal set up, I don’t think we’ll get them as part of this deal. If there is a proper reissue campaign and the Vanity 6 material sells well, Motown might look to cash in on the phenomenon.

Matthew Jessee

Oh I know it’s a stretch to hope for the Vanity solo CD’s. I’ve written multiple times over the years to Hip-O Select and reissue companies like Cherry Red hoping that they would consider them. I think it didn’t help that Denise/Vanity disavowed them completely. But they are two of my favourite Prince protege albums, so I hold out hope.


Whatever is released, I hope it is all remastered, especially the Purple Rain movie. I watched it again on good old DVD and the sound was awful. I would not be surprised if one of the dvds is the movie and the other is a live concert.


Don’t forget the 20 minute version of I Would Die 4 U!


Isn’t it around 10 minutes? I have the white sleeved 12″ and that’s how long it is. The America 12″ was over 20 minutes….

Paul Edwards

There are unofficial versions out there- 20 mins for IWD4U and a 15 minute Computer Blue

Eric M.

It’s generally believed that the 12″ “I Would Die 4 U” is edited down from an even longer take, although I haven’t sought it out for myself.


It is, there is a 20 minute version that is the same as the 12″ version they just keep jamming instead of fading out…its awesome…

Billy Dojcak

That was dreadful.


Well if there was a 20 minute version, I’m sure there were many good reasons for it being shortened! Plus, if it was “unofficial” I can’t see it ending up on an official release…


Without having any great expectations, I’m waiting faithfully for something, If not great, at least very good from this deluxe edition of Purple Rain.
Anyway, like someone said, I’ll believe it when I see it.
As a secret wish, I would love to see remastered editions from all his protegees.
The Time, Vanity 6, Apollonia 6, Sheila E., The Family ecc.


I, too would like to see 12″ versions and b-sides, but I’m not holding out hope.

Perhaps a pre-emptive, SDE-authored ‘open letter’ to Warners advising against ‘download-only’ content might be in order.


I’m not that sure if they mean one big Purple Rain boxset with the remastered album, two bonus-discs and two concert-DVD’s. If you read the official press-release from Warner you can also read into it that it will be five individual releases, coming out on the same day. Prince said in an interview a few years ago that he “just” remastered the original album and delivered it to Warner, with no bonus-material. Anyway: whatever it will be, it’s very exciting news. I’m very curious about the details. Hopefully we’ll get those soon!


Let’s hope this is the first of many remastered deluxe sets of the classic material. I’d love a Sign ‘O’ The Times box set.


There’s a whole bunch of great unreleased music from that time. Roadhouse garden, our destiny, Wednesday, fathers song, and alternate unreleased versions of 17 days, when doves cry, multiple long versions of computer blue, songs he gave to others like eternity and our destiny. I made my own fan 4cd set nearly 20 years ago now but more stuff came to light since. The first avenue 83 gig was only shot with 2 cameras so I wouldn’t hold huge hopes for release. Atlanta has been doing the rounds for a while too but more interesting would be completely unseen live stuff instead of Syracuse. However based on the Paisley park after dark events showing pretty much only videos that already circulate amongst fans, it makes me wonder if they will pull out the really good stuff. There’s pikes of great stuff in the vaults so no real need to hold back. They could release multi disc sets for the next 100 years literally.


Very good news there.

I’m guessing one of the live disc will be the gig from Syracuse 85 but I’m hoping for the Purple Bowl show 85 and the Minnesota Dance Theatre benefit show from 83.

Paul Edwards

As said by one of his representatives this week- yes he didn’t want to release all this stuff when alive but when alive he didn’t have a $100m tax bill to pay either


Whatever happened to the 4EVER viny release?


Hope the first CD will include more than the 9 songs of the original LP.


The best artist of all time ! I’m so excited …