Wet Wet Wet reveal full track listing for Popped In Souled Out super deluxe

Wet Wet Wet / "Popped in Souled Out" super deluxe edition

A month on from the announcement that Wet Wet Wet‘s 1987 debut, Popped In Souled Out, is to be reissued as a super deluxe edition, the band have now confirmed exactly what the content will be on each of the five discs included in the set.

Scroll down for the full track listing, which reveals five bonus tracks appended to the album proper, including three single versions. ‘The Memphis Sessions‘ on disc two also includes bonus tracks, two of which were early versions of singles: Wishing I Was Lucky and Home And Away (which became Angel Eyes).

The ‘B-Sides, Remixes and a Number One’ disc includes 13 tracks and features two remixes of both Wishing I Was Lucky and Sweet Little Mystery along with the demo of Angel Eyes (Home And Away) which featured on the 12-inch and CD of the single release. The “number one” on this disc is of course the band’s charity cover of The BeatlesWith A Little Help From My Friends.

Fans will probably be most excited about the ‘Unreleased and Rarities‘ disc which includes 14 tracks from early sessions in 1984/5. Tagged on the end are some rare dub mixes, although notable by its absence is the infamous PWL Phil Harding remix of Sweet Little Mystery. This mix stripped away the entire band – and replaced it with the ‘house’ PWL sound – keeping only Marti’s voice. The band refused to release it at the time and when SDE queried it’s lack of inclusion on this 30th anniversary celebration, the response was as follows “We got it out of the tape archive and had a listen to it, it wasn’t us then and it’s not us now, so we’ve decided to not to include it“.

Finally, the ‘Pop It In The Player!’ DVD is packed with promo videos, TV appearances (Top Of The Pops, Whistle Test) and new interviews with the band.

The Popped In Souled Out super deluxe edition will be released on 22 September 2017.

Popped In Souled Out / Super Deluxe Edition

Disc 1 – Remastered album with bonus tracks

  • Wishing I Was Lucky
  • East Of The River
  • I Remember
  • Angel Eyes (Home And Away)
  • Sweet Little Mystery
  • I Don’t Believe (Sonny’s Letter)
  • Temptation
  • I Can Give You Everything
  • The Moment You Left Me
  • Words Of Wisdom
  • Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
  • World In Another
  • Wishing I Was Lucky (Live at The Wendy May Show)

Bonus Tracks

  • Sweet Little Mystery (Live at Capital Radio)
  • HTHDTGT (Live at Capital Radio)
  • Angel Eyes (Single version)
  • Temptation (Single version)
  • Sweet Little Mystery (Single version)

Disc 2 – The Memphis Sessions with bonus tracks

  • I Don’t Believe (Sonny’s Lettah)
  • Sweet Little Mystery
  • East Of The River
  • This Time
  • Temptation
  • I Remember
  • For You Are
  • Heaven Help Us All

Bonus Tracks

  • Piece Of My Heart
  • Wishing I Was Lucky
  • Home And Away

Disc 3 – B-Sides, Remixes and a Number One

  • Wishing I Was Lucky (12” Version)
  • Wishing I Was Lucky (Metal Mix)
  • Words Of Wisdom (Wishing I Was Lucky B-Side)
  • Still Can’t Remember Your Name (Wishing I Was Lucky B-Side)
  • Sweet Little Mystery (12” Version)
  • Sweet Little Mystery (Mista E Mix)
  • May You Never (Live / Wet Pack Track)
  • We Can Love (Angel Eyes B-Side)
  • Home And Away (Demo Version / Angel Eyes B-Side)
  • Heaven Help Us All (Temptation B-Side)
  • I Remember (Extended Version / Temptation B-Side)
  • Bottled Emotions (Temptation B-Side)
  • With A Little Help From My Friends (Single)

Disc 4 – Unreleased and Rarities

  • The Moment You Left Me (Planet Studio Session Nov 1984)
  • Home And Away (Planet Studio Session Nov 1984)
  • East Of The River (Planet Studio Session Nov/Dec 1985)
  • Wishing I Was Lucky (Planet Studio Session Nov/Dec 1985)
  • I Don’t Believe (Planet Studio Session Nov/Dec 1985)
  • Words Of Wisdom (Planet Studio Session Nov/Dec 1985)
  • East Of The River (Amazon Studios Sessions Jun 1985)
  • Temptation (Amazon Studios Sessions Jun 1985)
  • World In Another (Amazon Studios Sessions Jun 1985)
  • For You Are (Amazon Studios Sessions Jun 1985)
  • I Suppose (Amazon Studios Sessions Jun 1985)
  • I Can Give You Everything (The Manor Studio Oct 1985)
  • I Can Give You Everything (Comforts Place Sessions Oct 1985)
  • We Can Love (Comforts Place Sessions Oct 1985)
  • Wishing I Was Lucky (12” Gotta Job Mix)
  • Wishing I Was Lucky (Instrumental Dub)
  • Sweet Little Mystery (Dub Version)

Disc 5 – DVD: Pop It In The Player! Promo Videos, BBC Performances and Snapshots – The Story of Popped In Souled Out

  • Snapshots – The Story of Popped In Souled Out – Band interviews
  • Wishing I Was Lucky (Promo Video)
  • Sweet Little Mystery (Promo Video)
  • Angel Eyes (Promo Video)
  • Temptation (Promo Video)
  • I Remember (Promo Video)
  • With A Little Help From My Friends (Promo Video)
  • Wishing I Was Lucky (US Promo Video)
  • Full Scale Deflection (BBC May 20th 1986)
  • Wishing I Was Lucky (BBC Whistle Test Mar 25th 1987)
  • Temptation (BBC Whistle Test Mar 25th 1987)
  • Wishing I Was Lucky (BBC Top Of The Pops May 21st 1987)
  • Wishing I Was Lucky (BBC Top Of The Pops Jun 5th 1987)
  • Sweet Little Mystery (BBC Top Of The Pops 13th Aug 1987)
  • Sweet Little Mystery (BBC Top Of The Pops 27th Aug 1987)
  • Angel Eyes (BBC Top Of The Pops 31st Dec 1987)
  • Temptation (BBC Top Of The Pops 31st Mar 1988)
  • With A Little Help From My Friends (BBC Top Of The Pops 12th May 1988)

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Tom M Hans

I just purchased this 5 disc box for 9.50 USD via ebay from getimport cds. Free shipping in the US. Not sure if they will honor it or not. Crazy.

Karl Watson

The “The Moment You Left Me (Beats Run Wild Version)” is present but the “I Can Give You Everything (Jammin’ Version)” isn’t present.

Also the following that was stated as being on disc 4 on the original release info and the Wet Wet Wet website is not present on the release:

I Can Give You Everything (Comforts Place Sessions Oct 1985)

Karl Watson

It’s mostly there, however, these could be missing:

The Moment You Left Me (Beats Run Wild Version)
I Can Give You Everything (Jammin’ Version)

These might be on disc 4 which contains a lot of early recordings. Will find out later.

There’s the following that’s missing:

– East of the River (PISO Promo Version)
– Anything else they recorded in Memphis not included on disc 2
– An early song called Louise
– PWL mix of Sweet Little Mystery
– Anything else from the vaults we don’t know exists


Does anyone have a list of songs/mixes that are missing from this, I know one of their b-sides was supposed to be a different version although not mentioned on releases in the 80’s, or even a better playlist that would be better?

elliott buckingham

ive opted the the digital version at only £14 its £35 cheaper than the box I only wanted the remixes and extended Memphis sessions set. hopefully the version of temptation is as the original complete with the f. word

Karl Watson

The version of Temptation on the main PISO album does contain the f word.


Amazon have this for preorder at £5.99! Obviously a pricing error, though the last time I ordered an item incorrectly priced item it was honoured, though they usually cancel multiple orders.

Karl Watson

Also they enlisted the services of Stephen Hague and disregarded his efforts. However, the Metal Mix of Wishing I Was Lucky contains some of his work.


Does anyone know the history for the PWL mix? Was only one mix commissioned? Was it made available anywhere?



My memory is sketchy….but if I remember correctly the original sessions for Popped In Souled Out didn’t go well. I believe the record company commissioned a PWL mix of Sweet Little Mystery as a way of trying to break the band (Phil Harding did the mix before they had released anything). That didn’t go down well either so they went with the original demo of Wishing I Was Lucky instead as first single.


Shame about the PWL mix, given it was dragged out it should have at least been released digitally on its own. Wouldnt have affected the integrity of the release then.


Loving the Wets official line on the PWL mix. They missed a trick. Oh well. Not for me.


Excited for this.


That’s too bad the PWL mix is not included, as it was the only reason for me to buy this expensive release.
The comment from the band is funny, because to be honest, when you listen to some of the other mixes released back then and included on this box, some are crap. So why not including this PWL mix to please a few others ?
Sad really.

Brian h

Have this preordered, have most of the singles from back then, will be good to have all in one place. Always hate when people find fault with track listing, but HTHDTGT (how the hell did they get there) was the last song on their second album. Puzzled as to why it would be on this release. Looks a great set though.

Karl Watson

They wrote HTHDTGT in Memphis whist recording the Memphis Sessions, so is kind of of the era.


I’d say because they done it live at the time


Hi B

H.T.H.D.T.G.T. is on there as it’s from that era as they always performed it live and it’s part of the capital set.

Incidentally, H.T.H.D.T.G.T. was never on the Holding Back The River L.P and nor on the UK pressing of the CD, but it is tagged onto a European re-press as well as being the bside to Sweet Surrender.

So it spans both eras as I guess that was organic for the track.

Karl Watson

It’s always been on the UK CD release as I got the CD on day of release. They wanted to put it on there as a surprise and because other bands had done it.


I want it – but not enough to pay 53 quid for it. The previous sets dropped to about 35 quid so might bide my time. Plenty else in my shopping basket right now.

btw it was Sweet Little Mystery that had the Van Morrison lyric. I think they just paid him for it as he’s down as a co-writer.


The previous set i assume you are meaning Picture This is only £10 on the greatofferstore.


That’s the one! Never realised it got that low in price.
I thought 35 quid was a bargain.

lee bowler

It’s jam packed with content but for some reason it’s not hitting the mark with me and their pretentious remark about a PWL remix is so so annoying, included or not i don’t think i’ll be purchasing. NB wasn’t I can give you everything remixed by Arthur Baker at some point? During or after this era, I think it should be included

Karl Watson

Yes, remixed in 1993 for their End of Part One set. It was due to be released as a single but they decided on Love Is All Around instead.

Wishing I Was Lucky was also treated to some Arthur Baker mixing at the same time.


Not my cup of tea, but looks like a well curated product that should satisfy fans of the group. Personally I very much respect the decision to omit the PWL thing. Hopefully it will sell well and pave the way for similar quality products for other artists.

Karl Watson

Potentially all there.

There are the following tracks out there:

I Can Give You Everything (Jammin’ Flexi Disc Version)
The Moment You Left Me (Beats Run Wild Sampler Version)

However, these could well be just the versions from the 1984/1985 sessions.


Looks like nothing is missing as far as I know, but I think you have the tracklist mixed up a bit CD3 is CD4 and visa versa, if you look at pic of the discs


I see they updated the image online
Here it is just in case you want to change yours on here Paul.


Well, we’ll have to wait for the 40th anniversary release to get that PWL remix :-) Looks like all the other remixes are there. I’m impressed and actually looking quite forward to this.
Glad I ordered it when the deal alert came out. Picked it up for $52 including shipping (No VAT as I shipped to NYC).

Steven Roberts

So will this set include the original single version of Wishing I Was Lucky (it looks like its on there).

IIRC didn’t Van Morrison insist they change a line in their song for the album release because in the single version they referenced/paid homage to/pinched a line from one of his songs?

Karl Watson

Yes, but it’s Sweet Little Mystery :)

Iain mac

think that caused them more trouble, as they “quoted” the chorus of a John Martyn song of the same name


One dodgy PWL track missing? So what. This is a stacked release.


The ‘temptation’ was too great!!!

Chris Squires

ah man, it’s 1988 and me and the lads are driving to visit a friend at Portsmouth Uni. with this on my little CD player on the back shelf of the metro with tinny speakers……

A completely evocative album and I really can’t wait to get my hands on this. I don’t mind the PWL thing at all, nothing to throw the rattle from the pram about. Each of the 4 CDs have a reason to listen, no dead wood for me.



Well I guess that’s that sweet little mystery solved ….. sorry I couldn’t resist