Wet Wet Wet / The Journey

First studio album in 13 years on the way

Wet Wet Wet will next year issue their first studio album with new singer Kevin Simm.

The Journey will feature newly written material and is available to pre-order in a number of formats, including a special 2CD+DVD deluxe edition (which includes a bonus disc of re-recorded hits) and red vinyl LP.

Signed versions and bundles are available from the band’s online store which also offers regular ‘making music’ video updates direct from the band during the recording process and pre-sale for tickets for a 2021 tour (the latter goes on sale this Friday).

Kevin Simm (formerly of Liberty X) joined Wet Wet Wet in September 2018 just over a year after Marti Pellow had officially quit. After two low key shows in November that year (in Glasgow and London) a UK tour followed in Spring 2019. The DVD in the 2CD+DVD deluxe edition of The Journey actually features the 2018 show at St Luke’s in Glasgow.

The artwork above is a placeholder (phew) and fans will need to be patient, since this as-yet-uncompleted album isn’t scheduled for release until 25 June 2021.

Browse the official Wet Wet Wet store for The Journey exclusives and bundles

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On one hand I am curious, on the other hand Wet Wet Wet is not the same without Marty, it is like Queen without Freddie, INXS without Michael. The music is great, but the “sound” is different. Therefor, I hope it is only new material.

Karl Watson

The Journey album itself is all new material. The second CD available across a number of editions being released are new recordings of the band’s most popular hits with Kevin Simm on vocals.

Dennis Bree

Why all the negativity about how they look? I am excited a new album coming with new vocalist and it should be about the music, not immature ageist comments!


After the Low/Bowi thing between David Bowie and Nick Lowe, I expect Journey come out next year with a new album called “The Wet Wet Wet”.


I’m all for artists giving ‘heads-ups’ about forthcoming releases, but SEVEN MONTHS ahead is a bit ridiculous. Especially when three of them look like they might not even make it that far. The music cycle goes so quickly that I’ll have forgotten about it by then.

Even if it was a big extravagant pricey boxset, 3-4 months is plenty of time.

But that seems to be the trend nowadays – movie studios release trailers up to a YEAR before the actual films come out, TV channels start advertising programs months before they actually show them, hardware stores selling Christmas lights/decorations in September…ugh!

Donnie Biscuits

When Kevin was on The Voice, he was great, a real journey for him from the disappointment of reality show rejection and short-lived fame of Liberty X, who were always more about ‘the girls’. I hope this works out for him, you’ve got to admire someone that keeps trying.

What? Marti? Worry?

Hope that isn’t the cover?

it’s bloody awful, looks like a carer out with the old folks at a Mystery Tour event in Blackpool

What?Marti? Worry

Apologies Paul, I didn’t read that far down my eyes were ruined by that placer front cover.

Nigella Tong

I am interested to hear what their new music sounds like – their last album Timeless was actually very good, particularly the lead single weightless .

Marti Pellow solo albums (bar The Devil and the Monkey ) were disappointing and more for the middle age housewives market with endless ballads/ covers and re-recordings of wet wet singles (never understood why he recorded those songs again).

I hope this new album comes with a classic pop sound and singles Radio 2 etc will pick up and play!