Wet Wet Wet’s ‘Popped in Souled Out’ to get five-disc super deluxe treatment

Expanded Memphis Sessions • Unreleased Material • B-sides • DVD

Universal Music will reissue a 30th anniversary super deluxe edition of Wet Wet Wet‘s 1987 debut Popped In Souled Out in September.

This new five-disc edition will feature the original album remastered, an expanded edition of the Willie Mitchell Memphis Sessions (including a previously unreleased version of Wishing I Was Lucky), a full disc of unreleased recordings from 1984/5, and a CD of remixes, demos and b-sides from issued on the various vinyl and CD singles – along with their cover of With A Little Help With My Friends. The content is completed by a DVD with promo videos, TV appearances and new interviews with band members.

The super deluxe edition is presented in a large format 12-inch, 72-page book that features the band telling the story of the album with unseen photos from their private collection.

The full track listing hasn’t been made available as yet (you’ll be the first to know!) but Popped In Souled Out will be reissued on 22 September 2017 – 30 years and one day since the original release. The band will also celebrate in July with two live shows – at Rochester Castle (12th) and Edinburgh Castle (15th).

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Dave Meehan Nyquest Limted

I’m working on this…the DVD part. …All the BBC stuff, promos etc. … Lots of work & media gone into this, I worked on Moody Blue Timeless flight release, Big Country at BBC, John Martyn Island Years & a few hundred other things for many labels over the last 20 years. They are as serious as any of the 300 bands I’ve worked with / for & probably more successful. Sound guys too from band to management. Lots of effort in this one & everyone is involved.

Hope you enjoy it.


The price did drop the £46.60 on Amazon since it was announced at the end of March and pre-order price guarantee if you ordered then that’s the price you will pay. Shame about the missing PWL mix but there is still time to re-consider, it’s not out until September.

[…] month on from the announcement that Wet Wet Wet‘s 1987 debut, Popped In Souled Out, is to be reissued as a super deluxe […]

[…] Big price-drop on Amazon UK today for the forthcoming Wet Wet Wet Popped In Souled Out super deluxe edition. The five-disc set (4CD+DVD is now down to just £45, which is £20 cheaper than when SDE announced this reissue at the end of last week. It’s not out until September and you can read much more about it here. […]

Karl Watson

Was £49.99 plus £3.95 through the Wets official store. I suspect that Amazon may even come down further – and with their pre-order price guarantee :)


Now down to £45.60 on Amazon!

Chris Squires

Yup, ordered at £45.60.

As ever, Amazon UK get it right eventually….


I’m with Straker on this one. WIWL was marvelous – and the Demo of Angel Eyes was good too. I also believe i had another very good demo on one of those independent tapes from the 80s – but from then on – even the Memphis Stuff (and i love that Soul Era) left me cold.
And Jan, can it be that “Sweet Little Mystery” got the PWL treatment, not WIWL?


Thanks for the PWL responses. Made the hairs on my arm stand up.


A version of ‘Angel Eyes’ appeared on the compilation ‘Honey at the Core’ in 86. I guess it is a given that this will be on there?


What is or are PWL Remixes?


Pete Waterman Limited.


Imagine Wet Wet Wet with Jason Donovan’s backing tracks. Yes, that bad!

Karl Watson

On these editions I’m always keen to have unreleased stuff on them instead of things that have been available in that past. The Stephen Hague stuff would be good to hear – just to see what treatment the songs we know got.


Hey Simon, each to his own taste. But on 5 CDs there must be room for them. For me to enjoy and for you to skip.


Hope they stick to their guns and don’t put the PWL mix(es) on it, as they’ll probably be as bad as most of the other crap that came out of there…

David Bates

The Cherry Pop Phil Harding Club Mixes CD tried very hard to get the PWL Wishing I Was Lucky on in 2011 but they couldn’t get it licenced.

Tony Gubba

Never been a fan but some good pop across this lp. Looks a cracking set.

Karl Watson

I’m hoping this release contains the following tracks that have never been issued on CD – only flexi, vinyl or cassette:

I Can Give You Everything – Jammin’ Flexi Disc Version
The Moment You Left Me – Beats Run Wild Sampler Version
Sweet Little Mystery (7″ Version)
Sweet Little Mystery (12″ Version)
Wishing I Was Lucky (Instrumental Dub)
Wishing I Was Lucky (Gotta Job Mix)
May You Never (Live – Sweet Little Mystery 12”Wet Pack)
Wishing I Was Lucky (Instrumental Dub)
Wishing I Was Lucky (Gotta Job Mix)
Sweet Little Mystery (Mister E. Mix)

All the other b-sides can be found on CD releases – some UK releases and some overseas releases.

Stuart Russell

“Beats Run Wild”: a great mix tape that I still have a copy of

Being from the locale, I saw WWW live a few times before they broke so looking forward to this


49.99 with limited signed poster on their website, why bother with amazon!

Karl Watson

I hoping the Amazon price drops – usually does. Marti’s recent box set has dropped aver 45% since Amazon originally listed it and it’s now £5 than it is via his official store.

The signed poster edition of PISO is now “souled” out and I wasn’t too fussed about going for that so I’ll stick with my Amazon pre-order. Amazon offer pre-order price guarantee – if the price drops between now and dispatch date, you’ll get charged the lowest price it has been offered at. Can always cancel if the price doesn’t seem to be moving.

Stevie B

I sooo hope there’ll be a pop up of the cover with the Sgt. Pepper 50th anniversary edition. Thee’s simply no way I’m buying unless there’s a self assembly of that montage.

Paul English

“I agree with you Paul, who decides what music is classed as “serious” and what is not?”

In my experience, hipsters and musos have been at this snobbery game for as long as I can remember – 35+ years. I don’t listen to them.

@Martin Farnworth

“Yep although i rather dislike the band i don’t like the snobbery surrounding ‘serious’ artists. I imagine someone stroking their chin in a wine bar listening with serious intent to the serious musicianship of a Sting album”

Nearly all hipsters I know hate Sting.

Thanks for the heads-up on the album, Paul. If it drops below £50 I am in.


This looks like it could be a good release (though I’ll have to wait for the price to come down) The album has some weak moments it has to be said and is by and large floated on 4 killer singles and a couple of other tracks that make the grade. However; be great to hear more raw versions of some of these on the extras. Live material from the period shows the Wets could really cut it live and had some great energy. Be nice if that PWL version gets on there. Was not aware of that. I can imagine how it sounds and as a fan of the PWL sound I will probably like it.


I reckon With A Little Help With My Friends will be on disc 4 “Push On Through – B-Sides, Remixes and a No 1”, I really hope everything that was only on vinyl gets on this set, although I’m not fond of the way discs go into these sets, they always seem to be scratched before they reach cd player, they should put the plastic bags on the discs like they usually have on Japan Mini Replica Vinyl CDs


April Fools Day!! LMAO

eoin hall

Hopefully the 12” mix of Sweet little Mystery will finally be released on cd.


I’m not sure if this a joke or not…its the pop-up that’s making me think that it is.


While I agree with all the comments about serious artistst vs. useless pop trash, i think he has a point. I find it strange that a lot of pop artist from the eighties get the deluxe treatment (see Belinda Carlisle, Bros, Jason Donovan, TPau etc.) while there are many still active musicians who have a bigger fanbase, more recorded output or are generally better received critically and yet there are not even decently remastered editions available (like he said Jackson Browne, Bryan Adams, Billy Joel,Bob Seger, Don Henley etc.). I lie Wet Wet Wet and 80s pop, but to me it´s strange that bigger artistst in terms oif sales and fanbase get overlooked when it comes to the deluxe treatmaent.


Armin, as Paul himself said earlier, if something does not get a reissue it’s normally because either the record label can’t be bothered or more commonly the artist/band won’t allow it or it’s both of them for the same reasons. For example why has Madonna not being reissued, I’d wager it’s because Madonna herself does not want it reissued.

Its the case that most of the acts that have been reissued that you listed started out in the 1980’s, while Bryan Adams aside, most the ones that have not had reissued started out in the 1970’s so maybe it’s a generational/ age that the artists have differing views on reissues.


I think there is also still a bit of a stigma attached to released SDEs that it shows you’ve become a “nostalgia act”–that your best days are behind you, in the past, and what you’re putting out now is just filler to justify new tours until you’re ready for retirement. I don’t think it’s a fair stigma, but I think it’s very much alive, in the same way that a similar stigma was attached to releasing a “greatest hits” was thought to be an acknowledgement that the hit-making days were over. Just like hits packages, I think SDEs are beginning to get a makeover in terms of perception in the industry, especially as we see both labels and artists looking for new ways to release profitable physical products to combat he low-margin digital sales. Some artists are probably going to still avoid doing SDEs for a long time–especially any artists that are most focused on what they are currently doing (Madonna, Pet Shops Boys, etc.) and prefer not to spend time “looking back.”

I still hold out hope that eventually some of those artists–especially Madonna, who I think has quite a bit of unreleased material–will eventually at least concede to licensing the projects out to someone like Rhino to meet the demand while still working on their current work. Such arrangements seem to have worked out just fine for people like Tori Amos.


I’m interested, but first I need to see the tracklistings whether it’s worth it (for me) that amount of money. If it’s like the other/previous WWW SDE then I won’t be buying. The tracks I wanted were on my CD singles but not included on the box set.

And I still don’t know why people took time to write comments about something they aren’t interested in or even hate. I know I wouldn’t waste my time on that. I come (back) here often. For a long time I didn’t see something interesting for me. But now this WWW post I’m interested in. Thank you Paul, I hope you’ll get your hands on the tracklistings ASAP hahaha…


] along with their cover of With A Little Help With My Friends

Hmm, I’ve never heard of that one. Who’s it by? ;)


A little bit out of my price range, but why the hell not? And September is MONTHS away, so plenty of time for a price drop.

I agree with all the anti-music-snob comments above. I have a wide range of musical tastes and I’m proud of my collection, no matter how ‘dorky’ or uncool it might be in places. I don’t hide my Spice Girls behind my Marvin Gayes, I don’t hide my Bananaramas behind my Pretenders and I don’t hide my Betty Boos behind my Blondies.

If you don’t like something, that’s fine. But there’s no need to click on the thread and be an old grump about it.


I enjoyed this album as a teenager, i don’t think it’s aged very well. I would be interested but it’s very expensive. Compare it to today’s release of Fleetwood Mac “Tango in the night” 4 x cd & 1 vinyl LP for £16 cheaper and it’s easy to see why people are being less than positive, especially if you own the original album and the Memphis sessions album already. Nice idea but be realistic with the price

CJ Feeney

To be fair to the Wets, there is going to be less repetition in this box than most deluxes. Tango has three (?) identical stereo mixes of the album, this will have one. The Memphis sessions are of real interest to fans. Willie Mitchell being a producer of “serious” soul music.

I agree the price is high, but I guess the record company have done a calculation on prospective units they will sell compared to preparation and production costs. I expect it will sell less than Tango or Flowers in the Dirt.


Steve, the Amazon UK price for the Tango in the Night SEE when it was first announced was £61.99 so only £3 difference. I may end up being wrong, but I am guessing this will end up at around the same price as Tango In The Night come release day.


I think Amazon tends to over estimate the going price when they first post the listing, knowing they have the pre-order price guarantee to avoid pissing off people who pre-order the day it’s listed. In the long run, it’s better to have the price listed too high and be able to come down on it than it is to list it too low and be in the position of having to honor a price that Amazon would lose money on.


The term ‘serious artists/music’ is as worthless as talking about ‘real’ instruments. The song is what matters, not the perception of the artists or how it was created. The most heartfelt song can be produced on a computer and the most calculated cynical cash generator played on a guitar


I love pop music and I love any music with heart.

Wet Wet Wet have serious heart in what they do. They write, perform and produce everything they do (sometimes with other producers as well). I can only think of three album tracks in 30 years that have been cover versions (Maggie May, Love Is All Around and Beyond The Sea).

They do what they do and people can take it or leave it. They don’t claim to be anything they are not. They don’t try to be cool and they don’t try not to be cool. They just do what they do.

So if you like it great!

If you don’t like it, then that is for you to decide.

I for one, can’t bloomin’ wait for September and I’m aching to find out the track listing – I could wet myself but I’ll try not to (no pun intended).

Last week I saw Marti Pellow live – he was incredible. So full of soul, rhythm and blues AND completely and immensely talented!


James Blair

I will forever be astonished (& horribly disappointed) by people who take the time to diss releases they have no interest in, or personal taste for.
I see plenty of titles on these pages that don’t personally interest me. Sometimes I skip merrily by without so much as a click, othertimes I read the details and comments, but choose not to post my personal opinions. Never do I feel the need to judge others’ tastes & preferences with judgmental music snobbery!
I love the fact that this site features reissue info’ about every kind of music, regardless of genre, perceived credibility, or commercial success on first release – that is a huge credit to Paul’s open mind and eclectic taste.
For the record, this release won’t end up in my collection, but I’m excited for fans of the band and of this album!


I was never really a fan of the band until I heard the Memphis Sessions which if I remember rightly was a limited 10″ release. It completely made me reappraise them as artists – it was apparent they were a lot more than Pellow’s smile. The sessions lacked the pop sheen of the eventual hits but were far superior in my opinion Must admit I would be tempted to buy an extended version of that album if it was alone but there would have to be quite a price drop for me to consider buying a 5cd box.

One of the things I love about this site is the lack of musical snobbery and that Paul looks at each release on its merits, understanding that it will certainly appeal to someone. As someone who is closing in rapidly on my 50th birthday, I have been blessed (cursed?) by being a sponge to many musical genres from the late 70s onwards. As I’ve got older my tastes moved into more serious territory, but being a teenager in the 1980s, I can’t help but retain interest in a number of bands from that era from Adam Ant to Kylie via Wham!, Spandau, Duran etc.

One of the most exciting re-releases for me this year is the extended 2 disc Haircut One Hundred Paint And Paint album which is due on 19th May. The was the album post Nick Heyward and was one of my favourite albums in 1984.


@Rob – I am so glad I bother to read comments for groups that I am only vaguely interested in e.g. Wet Wet Wet. If I hadn’t read your comment I wouldn’t have found out about the Paint and Paint reissue. I LOVE this album and have worn out two copies on vinyl (it can be pretty hard to find).
I didn’t ever think it would get an extended reissue as it was not popular at the time.
Ordered on Amazon within 30 secs of reading your comment. Thanks for that!

Mike the Fish

Expanded Paint & Paint?! Must check that out!


WIWL is one of THE great pop songs. Not got a lot of time for the rest of their output but I’d happily shell out a tenner for an hour’s worth of versions of that classic.


Here’s hoping and praying they include the unreleased PWL Remix of ‘Sweet Little Mystery’!


Waiting for the 10 disc set, plus fridge magnets …..

Pete Muscutt

More super deluxe boxsets definitely need fridge magnets!!!

The Progster

Couldn’t stand Wet Wet Wet…absolutely rubbish band urghhh…and this album a 5 disc version? Come on Paul is this a pre April Fools Joke???


Please see comments above!


And yet you clicked on the link anyway. Strangely enough, when I see a release coming from a band I am not fond of, I manage to simply scroll onward and leave it to the people who will enjoy that release–which is whom I am fairly certain the edition is targeted for. I don’t understand this concept that the only albums that should ever get a special release or a remaster or a deluxe edition are albums that specific people think “deserve it.”

Count me in for this one. The Wets never really made a huge impact in the US, but what I heard of them I liked, and with this on it’s way, it reminded me to order the rest of their catalogue while I was at it, because I have yet to hear anything from them that I didn’t like.

Hans Jörg

No one is interested in your rubbish comment master progster. Troll along.


Even if I like it I will only get it if it includes the Phil Harding mix(es).


Holy cow, what a week of deluxes (my Tango & T’Pau are both here) – they recorded a lot before Popped in as is well known, so will be great to here the earlier stuff. Given Wishing I Was Lucky is an utter tune – hope that all the remixes released are included – the PWL mix would be a bonus if they are slightly less pious these days, cross fingers!

Auntie Sabrina
Chris Squires

The signed poster bundle is showing as unavailable upon checkout, whether that means “Souled out” or it is a web gremlin I don’t know as they don’t give an edition number, it would have been a nice to have poster….Well if “sold out” it means a few must have been ordered….


This is great! I’ve been excited about this all week since the band started tweeting about it.

The track listing isn’t known so i don’t know what assumptions are being made. I can’t see why the PWL ‘Wishing’ wouldn’t be included after all there is plenty of room across 5 discs.

I expect there will be a 2-disc version as the previous deluxe box set also had a completely separate 2-disc edition.

From this era most tracks are on CD so it would be nice to have the few vinyl only mixes on CD and of course the unreleased tracks!


Chris G

I am not too sure if I will get destroyed on here. But £65 for Wet Wet Wet. Are you serious? Most of the Deal Alerts are for albums that no-one wants to buy. And this will be the next one. When are the serious artists going to re-release, Deluxe albums. Where is Stevie Wonder, Jackson Browne etc,etc. I am sorry but, these are super deluxe reissues are from bands that no-one ever liked. I have deluxe from Allman Bros, Clapton, Costello, Gaye, etc, etc, but this one? No.


I agree with you Paul, who decides what music is classed as “serious” and what is not? I for one like the Wet Wet Wet albums and certainly hope to be able to afford this super deluxe edition of their debut. Hopefully their others will follow in similar boxsets. Not all people who like music listen to artists such as Jackson Browne or Stevie Wonder (I do, but many do not). Music like that produced by Wet Wet Wet is just as important and just as enjoyable too many as any other type of music, whether it be Pop like theirs or Heavy Metal or Rap. So Chris, do not be the judge and jury of what others like when it comes to listening to music because what you class as “bands or artists that no-one ever liked” the same could be said about those you listen to if we were all to judge like you do. I have albums by artists such as Eric Clapton, Elvis Costello and Stevie Wonder but I also have artists such as Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley and Bananrama. As for the Allman Brothers who you list as having a deluxe set by, they have never had a hit single or album in the UK where as Wet Wet Wet have had 29 Top 50 singles (including 3 number ones), 7 Top 50 albums and 3 Top 50 compilation albums.

Chris G

I am glad you like Stevie Wonder or Jackson Browne, but they were just 2 artists I could think of, that have never had SDE of their best years. Led Zeppelin never had a No 1 single in the UK, does that make WWW more popular than them?

martin farnworth

Yep although i rather dislike the band i don’t like the snobbery surrounding ‘serious’ artists. I imagine someone stroking their chin in a wine bar listening with serious intent to the serious musicianship of a Sting album. Usually artists not considered pop acts. (as opposed to something might be considered superior). A seriously good box set though was the 5 disc of Hunting High And Low- a ‘serious’ (ha) pop act who had a major impact.

In the annoying stakes this talk of ‘serious’ artists I hear of ranks with people talking about authenticity in music and ‘real’ music- which sounds like the most conceited thing ever. I suppose I must like a lot of unreal music!

Chris G

I “seriously” do not stroke my chin in a wine bar,whilst listening to Sting. I drink Guinness in a pub.

Matthew McKinnon

I wish there were. And I wish it were me.

Chris G

Further to my previous post, I see that the price has dropped already. I am an avid reader of your site, I love it, I also have the Paul Young releases you were involved with, but too many super deluxe editions are being released from artists that not many people want to buy. If they carry on like this, then some bean-counter at the few record companies left will say enough is enough and that regrettably will be the end of it. My Generation SDE is now almost half the price it was at release time, so will the readers of this site simply not buy anything until the price has dropped to acceptable limits? I wonder what price Sgt Peppers will be in 6 months time, or even in 6 weeks time. But the price will be controlled by whichever website has it cheapest, or has too many in stock ,and the rest will follow. The law of supply and demand has always existed. Having said that, the price of those SDE from ‘serious’ artists that have now deleted, are going through the roof! Who knows, anyway, best wishes to you, and keep up the good work.

Chris Squires

Man that is quite arrogant. Price point is sensitive for many here whether it is Paul McCartney or any point downwards from there. To assume “No one wants to buy” because YOU don’t want to buy is (sadly) an all too common knee-jerk stance on here.

It grinds my gears when someone types “Who would buy this rubbish?” even when it a group I don’t like. You wouldn’t go into a pub, walk up to someone and say “What you like is crap” so why do it here?

I have no idea what you mean by a “Serious artist”. WetWetWet were pretty serious about what they did, they did it extremely successfully over a number of years (and shifted a lot of units) and were loved by many (me included)…what else do you need? On top of that I would put Marti Pellow’s voice up there with Tony Hadley & George Michael as the best Pop voices this country has ever produced.

To dismiss a group like WWW3 whilst listing the artists you mention is pure snobbery and little else.

I understand what opinion is, it’s just a shame that people don’t have a bit more grace about exercising theirs.


Well said Chris Squires!
I’m not a Wet Wet Wet fan (although I do rather like Angel Eyes – I think they nabbed some lyrics from a Squeeze song in it too) but people need to remember that everyone’s tastes are different and therefore no more, or less, important than the next person’s.


“It grinds my gears”

I’m sure your rants about your gears getting grinded grinds plenty of other people’s gears! Take it easy man.

Chris G

First of all I am not being arrogant. I do not use words like crap or rubbish, when I write on here. I was simply posting my thoughts on the over-pricing of SDE that happens. And then the price comes down as it now has. I mean no disrespect to artists like WWW, I loved wishing I was lucky, and I wished that I was as good looking as Marty Pellow. Or could sing like him. But there are just too many SDE releases from artists that will not sell.
As for the best 3 pop voices from this country, please….

Chris Squires

Who would you rate as having a better male pure “Pop” Voice than George Michael, Tony Hadley or Marti Pellow. I don’t count Freddie as I would class him as Rock Voice. There are not that many better (IMHO) that I can think of. There are “Interesting voices” and there are “Good voices”….it’s a venn diagram of sorts.

Just Curious……

Chris Squires

To Paul, Mick Hucknall – decent shout. This is maybe where the Venn diagram crossover comes in as both someone like Mick Hucknall and Paul Young crossover into the (Blue-eyed) “Soul voice”.
To me neither are true Pop voices, they are not clean enough, both have that rasp of soul. Yes, they have sold many Pop records but are they Pop voices? We need the old Pop Star Professor B:Rian Cox to draw us a venn chart.
Where does Rick Astley fit, he has a belter? Pop or Soul? Does it matter?


Bit of a short sighted comment. The deal alerts I recently bought (among others, thank you Paul ;-) were box sets by Alan Parsons Project “Tales….”, The Clash “Sound System” and REM “Out Of Time”. My guess is you would consider that “serious” music.
A while back we had that discussion on this site when the Nick Kamen 2cd came out. A very welcome release in my book. Music makes people happy whether it is played with a synthesizer or guitar. To each their own. Wet Wet Wet made many people happy back in the 80’s. Glad they get to release this. It’s not my cup of tea and I’m amazed the record company manages to squeeze 5 discus out of this but hey, there is certainly a market for it and they deserve it just as much as Lez Zeppelin or any other stuff you call “serious”.

In fact, if I may, I would recommend you try some of that “unserious” music. One of the greatest things about this website is that you get a chance to learn about music you would have otherwise no clue about. I would have never entertained the idea of buying Alan Parson’s Project “Tales….”, it’s now one of my favorite albums. Listen without Prejudice….

Chris Squires

Hey Kauwgompie, I had never owned a Sparks record until this week and because of the recommendations of others and I really “Got” Hippopotamus I am now the proud owner of the Island Years Box set. It pays to be open minded here on SDE (oh, and have a deep wallet and a VERY understanding wife).

My favourite band of all time sold about 100 copies of their last reissue campaign, plenty left over, doesn’t make The Lilac Time crap though, does it?


Agreed Chris!! In fact, thanks for bringing that up. I need to do some Sparks research. I have a few of their extended versions on CD and like them a lot. Who knows, I may end up the same as you….with a box set.
I’m much looking forward to the release of “Jungle Jezebel” by Divine. Doubt that is considered “serious” music but try playing it loudly in your car….a must have. Finally all Bobby O produced remixes on a 2xcd. Hope the sound quality will be there which it may not considering it is from Cherry Pop, but that is a different issue.


The Lilac Time (and Duffy in general) definitely an underrated group/writer.
I would love to see better treatment of his back catalogue (the 2CD Paradise Circus reissue was a gem though).
Favourite Lilac Time album is Astronauts – can’t put my finger on why but it is the one I seem play most often…


If all SDE’s were only allowed to come from “serious artists” as labeled by you, then I supposed the one positive point is that I would be saving plenty of money.

If you’re upset that you’re not getting SDE’s from Clapton and Wonder, your gripe is with them, not with Wet Wet Wet or other bands that you don’t find to be “serious” enough.

And let those of us who are able to enjoy music without it having to come with some snob-approved pedigree enjoy expanded editions of what we like as well. It certainly doesn’t impact your ability to listen to your music.


W3 were not a manufactured bubblegum group, but payed their dues on the live circuit before hitting the big time, created their own organisation instead of signing away control to a major, and basically were 3 lads who could play their instruments and another with a very fine voice. They loved soul music, played well live without need for excess electronic trickery, wrote very good soulful pop songs and had a very respected musician friendly manager (now the head of a major hifi cable maker Ecosse….). Jeez, what do you need to do to be classed as serious? Not Clapton, sure. But Nick Kamen they are not.

Chris Squires

Funnily enough, what you have described of the Wets trajectory is how I always felt the Q-Tips might have ended up had they sold in any serious amount, they did all the hard work but never quite saw the pay off like W3 did. A tight group (albeit much larger) who could REALLY play, a guy with a great soul / pop voice and a love of good old fashioned soul. A “Memphis Sessions” version of the Q-Tips album would have been immense.

Chris Squires


One of my defining mid / late 80s life experience albums in glorious SDE.

Thrilled at this development…. One of THOSE albums that you know inside out and back to front I played it so many times when it first came out. “He would swear by his mouth almighty”…

If they could do this for “The Ups and Downs” it would make my decade.


As in Stephen Duffy’s “The Ups and Downs”? If so then count me in. I adore that album!


Another purchase for me. I have the original album on cassette, and this collection is very appealing.


I had this cd since it came out, can’t believe it’s been 30 years! Must be getting old …


Please tell me that ” pop up” isn’t real !!!!!


I like the ‘pop up’ it goes with the title of the album. At least they have done much more with this Super Deluxe Edition than Paul McCartney has done with his releases and they are much more expensive for less content. Good on ya Wet Wet Wet.


I hope it drops in price like the previous super deluxe did as £64.99 is a bit too much for me. I would love to buy this and update it from the standard CD I originally bought when the album was first released.


A little pointless without the unreleased PWL mix of ‘Wishing’ which a certain demographic is after (me!). Apparently the band hated it because they’re not on it, only Marti’s vocals.


Ooh, that sounds cryptic.
Awaiting in anticipation to track listing.

CJ Feeney

I’m not a fan of PWL remixes of other artists, but you would think after 30 years that if the band don’t want it on their own album release, they would be a least willing to licence it for inclusion on a PWL release/retrospective.


… and sell some boxsets.

elliott buckingham

a double cd would suffice disc1 remastered with b-sides disc 2 demos and 12″ mixes