Wham! / Last Christmas white vinyl 7″

The limited edition reissue is now more widely available

Wham! / Last Christmas white vinyl LP

As mentioned in last week’s Saturday Deluxe, Wham!s Last Christmas is being reissued as a seven-inch white vinyl record.

The single features the standard single version of the festive favourite with the original B-side (actually an AA side, of course) which is an edit of the remix of ‘Everything She Wants.’

At first, this release appeared to be only available via Sony’s own website, but it has now become more widely available and you’ll now find it on Amazon in the UK and the like. This is welcome as the shipping charges on the official store were very high. This edition is is described as ‘strictly limited’ although no actual numbers have been revealed.

Last Christmas is released on 13 December 2019.

1. Last Christmas (single version)
2. Everything She Wants (remix/edit).

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While looking around iTunes for Xmas music (haven’t bought any for a while), I found that the version of “Last Christmas” on the US compilation The Essential NOW That’s What I Call Christmas appears to be a remix. In some ways, it sounds a lot like George Michael’s vocal applied to a karaoke version—but there are also some differences in the vocal tracks (mainly background stuff brought more forward in the mix, if I’m hearing things correctly).


Can’t believe I’ve bought another Last Christmas release, with that dreadful pitch change at 1:04.


I love the fact they’ve used a standard Epic label instead of a tacky picture label.

Narendra Kumar Alambara

Tried ordering from Amazon UK and Amazon Japan – And both are not shipping them outside their region. Any other marketplace shipping it to India?

Phil Fogel

$20 Canadian with shipping isn’t too bad but still pricey for a 7″ single, however I’ve pre ordered vinyl from Amazon Canada on UK releases only to be burned, it gets delayed for months with new release dates and then I’m told it’s no longer available, this happened with Kylie’s green vinyl for her Step Back In Time set. A releases date of December 13th seems late to arrive in time for Christmas, especially if it’s coming from the UK.


Like others have said, time and time again, how many times do we have to say in chorus, ”lost opportunity.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This year sees the 25th anniversary re-issue of THAT song by Mariah Carey!

For her fans the reissue includes;

7inch (with pop-up gatefold Christmas scene)
12inch (with cut-out Christmas decorations)
CD single
Cassette (x2, one in red and one in green)

So Mariah fans are spoiled for choice yet the 35th anniversary of an absolute classic gets a cheap (yet expensive) and nasty 7inch white vinyl which may or may not replicate the original gatefold sleeve.

The 2014 reissue was disgusting! It was sooo thin it should have been called a flexi-disc!

My favourite reissue has to be the Japanese 2004 CD which has great artwork and obi.

John McCann

Really spoiling me mate,a choice of different colours of cassette,


You forgot the expanded 2CD deluxe edition of Mariah’s Christmas album with an entire second disc of unreleased material, remixes, recent stand alone Christmas singles etc.


Glad you made the comparison, that’s something I noticed, people certainly have lots of options and it will make the fans buy twice the amount..as it’s the same tactic to get it to the top spot….

Agree on the 2004 CD.. they have reissued the track a few times and usually stick to traditional artwork, it seems we have to wait until the Japanese release a great package. Would of loved to have the original Japan 12” mix on cd…
Now they released the 4K official video (which is great but) in order to rely just on YouTube streaming to get it up the uk chart….




You might think they would have gone for the 12″. They could Make It Big. And that’s The Final word from me :-D

mino gagliardi

I have the concert of The Final on cd and it could be remastered!


No problem with shipment to The Netherlands


When oh when will we see a complete Wham box set??


Originally ordered it from the official web store and checked out Amazon to see how much I overpaid but then saw that they won’t ship it to the US. At least I hD no choice but to over pay, LOL.

Inge Kjetil Bratset

Ah, brings back a lot of good memories. Were a big Wham fan back in the day. Bough two copies of the single, both the regular one, and a special version with a big poster in it. Still think I have them tucked away somewhere even today.


Thanks for the update on this. I refused to pay the inflated P&P from the official webstore so I’m glad that I can get it from Amazon with free delivery.


This item does not ship to Taiwan


regret to announce…
amazon uk
“This item does not ship to _________.”
fill in your country outside uk :(

Steven Campbell

Yep! Happened to me when I looked at this and I live in Northern Ireland which is part of the UK! Same thing happened when I tried to order the half speed mastered version of everything but the girl’s walking wounded album.


Amazon uk does not ship this outside the uk


I might just get this one

Chris Squires

This is my history. My growing up, my best Christmas at the end of my best year. One of my favourite songs ever. I love George Michael, particularly the Wham! period. I love Vinyl, I love Collecting. I had the original on vinyl several times over in various guises.

Yet somehow I am out. This could have been made interesting with the slightest of thought. But, alas, white vinyl was as far as the thinking got. I know it is an over-worn phrase here on these pages but it is the definition of “missed opportunity”.
Different cover? There were lots of out-takes from that session.
Different mix?
Different B-side?
State the edition number (that old chestnut). If they made 5,000 it’ll be around all year long if they made 1,000 it would be a proposition. Thinks – Abba – Summer Night City or Happy New Year, two equally uninspiring 7″ singles that sold out in a heartbeat because we knew what the proposition was from the beginning. For me anyway it’s a very sad release. Coulda, shoulda, woulda….


Chris, that’ s incredible, the same is true for me… My best year (I was 15), and my best Christmas!
And I agree on all the rest.




A very late release date for a Christmas song maybe you first receive it after Christmas

Hugh Jass

It’s late in order to be eligible for Christmas no1 spot.