What’s That Sound? Complete Albums Collection of Buffalo Springfield

CD and vinyl sets • Mono mixes • Neil Young-supervised remasters

A ‘Complete Albums Collection’ box set of Canadian-American rock band Buffalo Springfield output will be released on vinyl and CD at the end of June.

Although the band, which featured Neil Young and Stephen Stills, only issued three studio albums, the Complete Albums Collection will be a five-disc set since it includes 1966’s self-titled debut in both stereo and the band-preferred dedicated mono mix (which Young and Stills insisted on, after disliking the original stereo mix). The follow-up – 1967’s Buffalo Springfield Again – is also included in both dedicated mono and stereo. 1968’s Last Time Around (stereo only) completes this box.

The audio has been remastered from the analogue tapes and overseen by Neil Young. The vinyl set will be limited to 5,000 copies and the vinyl are gatefold packages, which replicate the originals.

What’s That Sound? Buffalo Springfield Complete Albums Collection will be released on 29 June 2018.

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Buffalo Springfield

Whats That Sound - 5LP vinyl box


Compare prices and pre-order

Buffalo Springfield

Whats That Sound - 5CD set


disc 1 / Buffalo Springfield (mono mix)
1. Go And Say Goodbye (Remastered) [Mono]
2. Sit Down I Think I Love You (Remastered) [Mono]
3. Leave (Remastered) [Mono]
4. Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing (Remastered) [Mono]
5. Hot Dusty Roads (Remastered) [Mono]
6. Everybody’s Wrong (Remastered) [Mono]
7. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (Remastered) [Mono]
8. Burned (Remastered) [Mono]
9. Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It (Remastered) [Mono]
10. Baby Don’t Scold Me (Remastered) [Mono]
11. Out Of My Mind (Remastered) [Mono]
12. Pay The Price (Remastered) [Mono]
13. For What It’s Worth (Remastered) [Mono]

disc 2/ Buffalo Springfield (stereo mix)
1. For What It’s Worth (Remastered)
2. Go And Say Goodbye (Remastered)
3. Sit Down I Think I Love You (Remastered)
4. Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing (Remastered)
5. Hot Dusty Roads (Remastered)
6. Everybody’s Wrong (Remastered)
7. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (Remastered)
8. Burned (Remastered)
9. Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It (Remastered)
10. Leave (Remastered)
11. Out Of My Mind (Remastered)
12. Pay The Price (Remastered)

disc 3 / Buffalo Springfield Again (mono mix)
1. Mr. Soul (Remastered) [Mono]
2. A Child’s Claim To Fame (Remastered) [Mono]
3. Everydays (Remastered) [Mono]
4. Expecting To Fly (Remastered) [Mono]
5. Bluebird (Remastered) [Mono]
6. Hung Upside Down (Remastered) [Mono]
7. Sad Memory (Remastered) [Mono]
8. Good Time Boy (Remastered) [Mono]
9. Rock & Roll Woman (Remastered) [Mono]
10. Broken Arrow (Remastered) [Mono]

disc 4 / Buffalo Springfield Again (stereo mix)
1. Mr. Soul (Remastered)
2. A Child’s Claim To Fame (Remastered)
3. Everydays (Remastered)
4. Expecting To Fly (Remastered)
5. Bluebird (Remastered)
6. Hung Upside Down (Remastered)
7. Sad Memory (Remastered)
8. Good Time Boy (Remastered)
9. Rock & Roll Woman (Remastered)
10. Broken Arrow (Remastered)

disc 5 / Last Time Around
1. On The Way Home (Remastered)
2. It’s So Hard To Wait (Remastered)
3. Pretty Girl Why (Remastered)
4. Four Days Gone (Remastered)
5. Carefree Country Day (Remastered)
6. Special Care (Remastered)
7. The Hour Of Not Quite Rain (Remastered)
8. Questions (Remastered)
9. I Am A Child (Remastered)
10. Merry-Go-Round (Remastered)
11. Uno Mundo (Remastered)
12. Kind Woman (Remastered)

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Chris S

While both of the mono single versions of Bluebird/Mr Soul were better then the album version, both in the mix, and in the case of Bluebird, its shortness, the 11 minute version was a disaster. (Was it scotch tape editing?) I’d rather have all of the mono single mixes.

Florentino Stabile

Hi Paul and all the awesome people at SDE,

At the time of this writing the UK site (Amazon) is pretty hard to beat at 19.99 which is about the same price as Amazon.ca with the shipping. However my experience has shown that the Amazon.uk outshines the Amazon.ca and Amazon.com… in my experience. All due respect to those other two. Looking forward to hearing this legendary band in mono and stereo remastered.
A band not often credited with the incredible influence of the time
How can you go wrong with Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Richie Furay, Bruce Palmer and Dewey Martin.
Thank you Paul for your indispensable insight on deals 12 months a year


USA vinyl now $64.25 USD

wayne klein

So….the mono Again finally appears. It’s always sounded better than the wonky stereo mix of the album.

I agree with others that the long, live “Bluebird” should be here. I understand that Stills hates it (and maybe Young as well) BUT let’s be completist here and give the fans what they want for a change (unlike the other box which had the mono first album, then presented it yet again on another disc–not the most wonky decision that Young has ever made but about as goofy as many of them).

Richard Lamming

Vinyl set down on Amazon UK to £82.59.


It’s down to £16.95 for the cd set on amazon, must have automatically price reduced due to another site.


Did the old 2001 box set include “Last Time Around”? I thought that it did not and that was a big criticism of that box set.


‘The set omits the album versions of “On the Way Home”, “Pretty Girl Why”, and “Four Days Gone” from Last Time Around, and the songs “Carefree Country Day” and “In the Hour of Not Quite Rain” from Last Time Around. It also lacks the long version of “Bluebird”, released on a double album-compilation in 1973, which also contains the tracks mentioned, except for “Carefree …”. I like the 2001-box a lot: great sound, interesting demo’s, alternate takes and unreleased songs, and a wonderful book. But, indeed, why did he leaves those out and why did he include the 4th disc, of which all tracks (except 3) where already – in exactly the same versions – on the other 3 discs ?


Since it’s a new remaster I’ll buy the CD box and compare it to the old box. I’m not a purist so I don’t really care about mono or extras/demos. The only extra I wish it did have is the longer version of Bluebird.


This is an update to my comment. I don’t know what I was thinking about when I said I’d like the longer version of Bluebird as an extra song. I just listened to it on You Tube and I must have been confusing that with something else because that extension was a piece of crap. Glad it isn’t going to be on the new discs.

Ronny Pudding

Should have added Stampede. Then I would have been interested. Oh well.

Philip Cohen

The group’s viewpoint is that there was never a “Stampede” album, but that ATCO records had someone design a mock-up album cover for it. What bootleggers always offered as “Stampede” was a combination of debut album outtakes and materials recorded (in Bruce Palmer’s absence) between the first and second album. Most of those tracks (excepting “Raga 2” & the 1966 version of “My Kind of Love”) are now offered on the Buffalo Springfield 4-CD boxed set released some years ago.


I also have the 2001 Buffalo Springfield box, which sounds very good, has everything I would want from the Buffalo Springfield repertoire, AND definitely looks better than this new box set. If Stephen Stills and the band preferred the dedicated mono mix, then why didn’t Rhino put out the first box set of Buffalo Springfield in both mono and stereo? I don’t feel compelled to buy a second box set of basically the same material. I would be more excited to have a remastered/remixed deluxe edition of CSNY’s ‘Deja vu’. Regrettably, the reported acrimonious relationship of the CSNY band members, especially between Graham Nash and Neil Young, makes me feel that this will not be happening anytime soon, if ever. What a shame.

Bill Davis

I thought the acrimonious relationship was between Graham Nash and David Crosby, due to things that were in Nash’s autobiography? I wasn’t aware that he and Young were also on the outs.


Hey Michael

Agreed 100%. Actually, the acrimony is now also between Nash, Neil AND Stephen with the Croz…..

Last comments I heard from Graham earlier this year when talking about him were not repeatable in a family forum!!!! It’s a shame because all four of them are still around and seemingly should be able to patch things up.

Philip Cohen

Actually, I’m quite O.K. with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young not doing any more reunions, live or studio. I’m more interested in buying more live & studio vault materials from the “Good “ol Days”. And when were those “Good Ol’ Days”? Well, they started on the first Crosby, Stills and Nash album (The one with “Suite:Judy Blue Eyes”, “Marrakesh Express” and “Long Time Gone”) and they ended roughly two years after David and Graham started trying to shut down the whales and save the nukes. The group’s heyday definitely ended with their ragged performance at the “No Whales” concert.


This could easily be a 3-CD set. (1) Mono/stereo 1st album, (2) mono/stereo Again, (3) Last Time Around plus single mixes, promo mixes, extended Bluebird. Or, for everyone who already has the 2001 box, stereo 1st and mono Again on one disc with LTA+extras on the other.

Wayne klein

Since I have the other boxed set, I can’t help but wonder why Neil didn’t include the mono “Again” there.


… and this is the best cover they could come up with?


Yeah, it does look like a supermarket £2.99 budget CD.


They certainly weren’t the best looking band in the world!

Philip Cohen

And, of course, Bruce Palmer usually had his back to the camera. Some have speculated that his status as an illegal (Canadian) alien had something to do with it, but Neil Young was also in the U.S.A. illegally. But, it is also true that in some of the photos where Bruce had his back to the camera, that it wasn’t actually Bruce, but actually a roadie (as in the “Stampede” mock-up album cover photo) or one of the group’s interim bassists (Jim Fielder or Ken Koblum)


5 vinyl albums for £122.99 = (nearly) £25 EACH! Is vinyl that good….

terry boland

I ordered from Amazon Canada came to approx £77.90 including postage and import tax


Hi, Iain. The simple answer is “no.” It’s more expensive due to manufacturing costs. If a vinyl record is mastered and pressed with great care, the sound can emulate that of a compact disc. But vinyl requires maintenance and careful storage to prevent damage to the playing surface. This can sometimes feel annoying, like you should be wearing white cotton gloves to safely pull the record out of the sleeve. Vinyl just looks and feels more prominent to older music fans who grew up with turntables, myself included :-) But if a CD has good sound engineering IMHO, it will always surpass vinyl for overall sound quality.


Thumbs up for the mono mixes (since nearly all stereo mixes from this time period are wretched).
Thumbs down for not offering a high-resolution digital version.
The bonus tracks are not a priority for me. If they were that good, they would be on the album. I’m much more interested in hearing these albums as originally intended.


That cover is bloody awful. Just saying…

Johann Cat

I agree. It may be the worst photo ever put on a major band’s release. Neil, I assume, (since he oversaw this whole project like a hawk, without consulting Stills), chose it based on some twisted criteria of its “authenticity.” To which I would say: photos which amplify the dweeb factor do not equal “more authentic.”


I love Buffalo Springfield, but I have their last box set ( around £15 ) with far more. This is a rip-off, and the artwork is even worse than the last one. The CSN boxset is cheaper than this, and far better… in my opinion


The 2001 box set (reissued in 2013 in Europe) is a vastly superior value – 88 tracks over 4 discs, including unreleased demos, outtakes and alternate takes. Disc 4 is the mono mix of the debut and the stereo mix of Again. I’m in the USA and just bought a brand new 2013 box on Ebay from Rarewaves in London for $18 with free shipping. And the 68-page booklet is a great selling point.

This new box set seems to have the most appeal for completists who want both mixes of the first 2 albums. The earlier box is only missing 2 non-essential songs from Last Time Around – one was written and sung by producer Jim Messina (Carefree Country Day), and the other was a poem written by a fan who won a radio contest, with the heavily-orchestrated music by Richie Furay (Hour of Not Quite Rain). I’m fine with streaming those songs.


Yeah, but vinyl wasn’t hip in 2001, maan!


Talking about CSNY…Graham Nash has a new compilation coming out on June 29. Includes a second disc of demos…not sure if Military Madness should be on there twice as track 2 and 3…

Over The Years:
Disc: 1
1. Marrakesh Express (Remastered)
2. Military Madness (Remastered)
3. Military Madness (Remastered)
4. Just A Song Before I Go (Remastered)
5. I Used To Be A King
6. Better Days
7. Simple Man (Remastered)
8. Teach Your Children (Remastered)
9. Lady Of The Island (Remastered)
10. Wind On The Water (Remastered)
11. Our House (Remastered)
12. Cathedral (Remastered)
13. Wasted On The Way (Remastered)
14. Chicago / We Can Change The World (Remastered)
15. Myself At Last

Disc: 2
1. Marrakesh Express (Demo)
2. Horses Through A Rainstorm (Demo)
3. Teach Your Children (Demo)
4. Pre-Road Downs (Demo)
5. Our House (Demo)
6. Right Between The Eyes (Remastered) [Demo]
7. Sleep Song (Remastered) [Demo]
8. Chicago (Remastered) [Demo]
9. Man In The Mirror (Demo)
10. Simple Man (Demo)
11. I Miss You (Demo)
12. You’ll Never Be The Same (Demo)
13. Wind On The Water (Demo)
14. Just A Song Before I Go (Demo)
15. Wasted On The Way (Demo)


track 3 disc 1 should be Immigration Man apparently!


Currently £7.21 on Amazon UK, which seems like a bit of a bargain I reckon given the unreleased demos.

Mister Stick

Like has been said, the omission of the long “Bluebird” hurts… again. Hard to understand what Stills doesn’t like about it, or why it’s okay to play the long version live with CSN, but not release the original recording it is based on. You know what else would a worthwhile release too, and more exciting than this box – Recordings of the short-lived Springfield reunion from 8 or 9 years ago. The bootleg of one of their shows in the short California tour that I have heard is stellar. And, if Neil put hours into this remaster, why not offer it as a high-resolution disc too? Then again, I guess he wants to use that to attract us to his Archives website.

Electric Sydney

There was a previous Buffalo Springfield box set issued , do you know how this one’s different Paul?


this set misses all the demos and unreleased tracks…but does include the full Last Time Around. The last box had (I think) 4 tracks missing from that album…


The other box set included demos & outtakes & remixes etc… It was not an albums collection, although it did include the music from each album. It didn’t include the stereo mix of the debut or the mono mix of the buffalo springfield again. If you don’t have that box set, but you want the albums – this looks better in terms of quality as the mono mix of again is far better, but never available outside of the first vinyl issue. The demos etc… from the other set are only essential if you become a massive fan, and getting that afterwards would hardly impact on the need for this set, in that scenario.


Oh, it does say from the analogue tapes, but not if it was transferred to digital or if it’s a pure analogue chain for the vinyl. Anyway, Again in mono is going to be a massive selling point for this set.


Did this really need to be five CD’s? The debut album was released in with mono/stereo mixes a while back and that fit on one disc. Both mixes of the second album would fit one disc as well. And of course, the 11 minute version of “Bluebird” is nowhere to be found.

If I could, I’d pick up the vinyl version, but I’m sure that will be sold out before I can get my cash flow moving again. Is this really a “limited edition” or just limited to as many as can be sold?


“For What It’s Worth” – lol
Rhino label again, so I’m guessing the cd’s will be well remastered, but the packaging a bit naff.
Does it say anywhere if the vinyl is analogue sourced, I’d assume not if it doesn’t say so.


Great music and all. But not sure who this is aimed at? You can still get the Buffalo Springfield Box Set for less than $20. Which has all the albums plus lots of unreleased tracks and demos…ok it misses a few tracks from last time around..


It’s aimed at anyone who doesn’t already have the albums and people who want the mono Buffalo Springfield Again – I think the fact that you get that mono mix makes it pretty worth while, on cd – but that does depend on how much you like mono or care about a different dedicated mix. Also the stereo debut is another selling point for some. The vinyl is another issue entirely, that would be a really big deal to lots of people who like the band, but then it is very overpriced at the moment – the canadian price seems what it should be. Although that depends on if the vinyl is cut entirely from analogue or uses a digital hi-res master – which they don’t make clear, but I think the other recent Neil Young vinyl remasters have been entirely analogue so there is a very good chance it is.

Nick Love

No stereo version of “Baby Don’t Scold Me”? As long as Neil is involved there will be weird exclusions. At least we get the full Last Time Around this time around.

Jason Hart

No “Baby Don’t Scold Me” is not a weird exclusion because they are reproducing the actual albums that were released. On the stereo release “Baby Don’t Scold Me” was replaced by “For What It’s Worth” which had become a hit in the interim. The only thing new here is the release of the mono mix on CD of “Again” because the mno/stereo of the first album was released in 1997 on an awesome HDCD by Warners…in fact all 3 albums were released in remastered audio on HDCD in 1997. The vinyl box dosen’t look so enticing…I’d just wait until the individual vinyl is available.

Philip Cohen

Both the 1966 & 1967 versions of the Buffalo Springfield debut album exist in mono & stereo. I’ve got a reasonable, but not perfect used copy of the 1966 edition in stereo. There IS a stereo mix of “Baby Don’t Scold Me”.

Mark H.

So, still no digital version of the expanded “Bluebird” from the double-disc collection. Sigh.

Dave H

I can’t believe the last Buffalo Springfield box set was issued in 2001, wow 17 years ago.
That box set omitted the stereo version of their debut album and the mono version of Buffalo Springfield again. A selling point that it’s included here.

A pity there’s no bonus tracks as the nearly 9 minute version of ‘Bluebird’ could have been included for the first time on CD.

Lee Realgone

I feel I should have this for those mono mixes and to compliment my other Buffalo Springfield box, but I think I’ll wait for a wee price drop first.


Hmm, £23 v £123. Which one to I go for…

As a committed vinyl fan I find that discrepancy staggering. Even if it falls to half the cost it represents a steep price for only 3 albums worth of music.

Paul G

Ive been checking around and a couple of sites are asking £99.00 for the vinyl set.