Whitesnake / 1987: 30th anniversary five-disc super deluxe edition box set

Remaster • demos • remixes • live tracks • great price

This October, Rhino will issue a 30th anniversary super deluxe edition box set of Whitesnake‘s self-titled album, which was known as ‘1987’ in Europe and Australia.

The album featured the massive hits Here I Go Again (’87) and Is This Love? which propelled the album to sales of eight million in the US alone.

The super deluxe edition of this reissue is a 4CD+DVD package and features a newly remastered version of the album. As fans will known the track listings were different in the America and the UK for the original release. This reissue adhere’s to neither but is the same tracks and sequence as the 20th anniversary edition (without the four live bonus tracks).

The second CD offers 12 unreleased live tracks recorded from the band’s 1987-88 tour, while the third disc delivers almost the entire album in demo / rehearsal recording form. These variants are dubbed ’87 Evolution Versions’. These are all previously unreleased.

The fourth and final CD includes newly remixed versions of the four singles (Still of the Night, Is This LoveGive Me All Your Love and Here I Go Again 87) and includes radio mixes from the era and four versions of tracks that were unique to Japanese EP 87 Versions.

The DVD features the promo videos for the four singles (restored and with 5.1 surround sound) along with a 30-minute documentary of the making of the album. Additionally, there is a newly filmed video of Here I Go Again, and unreleased live footage from the 1987-1988 tour.

Along with the discs inside the box, there is a 60-page hardcover book, with the usual photos, essay, lyrics etc. This super deluxe edition box set seems great value, especially in the UK where it’s £35.

A 2LP vinyl edition adds some of those new 2017 remixes and a selection of live tracks to the bonus LP, while the two-CD deluxe is discs one and two from the box set (i.e. live tracks on the bonus disc).

This reissue of Whitesnake/1987 will be released on 6 October 2017.

1987 – super deluxe edition

Disc One: Original Album 2017 Remaster
1.    “Still Of The Night”
2.    “Give Me All Your Love”
3.    “Bad Boys”
4.    “Is This Love”
5.    “Here I Go Again 87”
6.    “Straight For The Heart”
7.    “Looking For Love”
8.    “Children Of The Night”
9.    “You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again”
10.  “Crying In The Rain”
11.  “Don’t Turn Away”

Disc Two: Snakeskin Boots [Live On Tour 1987-88] 
1.    “Bad Boys/Children Of The Night” *
2.    “Slide It In” *
3.    “Slow An’ Easy” *
4.    “Here I Go Again” *
5.    “Guilty Of Love” *
6.    “Is This Love” *
7.    “Love Ain’t No Stranger” *
8.    Guitar Solo – Adrian and Vivian *
9.    “Crying In The Rain” *
10.  “Still Of The Night” *
11.  “Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City” *
12.  “Give Me All Your Love” *

Disc Three: 87 Evolutions [Demos and Rehearsals] 
1.    “Still Of The Night” *
2.    “Give Me All Your Love” *
3.    “Bad Boys” *
4.    “Is This Love” *
5.    “Straight For the Heart” *
6.    “Looking For Love” *
7.    “Children Of The Night” *
8.    “You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again” *
9.    “Crying In The Rain” *
10.  “Don’t Turn Away” *
11.  “Crying In The Rain” (Lil’ Mountain Alternate Take Ruff Mix) *

Disc Four: 87 Versions [2017 Remixes]
1.    “Still Of The Night” – Remix *
2.    “Is This Love” – Remix *
3.    “Give Me All Your Love” – Remix *
4.    “Here I Go Again 87” – Remix *
5.    “Standing In The Shadows” – 1987 Versions, Japanese Mini-Album
6.    “Looking For Love” – 1987 Versions, Japanese Mini-Album
7.    “You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again” – 1987 Versions, Japanese Mini-Album
8.    “Need Your Love So Bad” – 1987 Versions, Japanese Mini-Album
9.    “Here I Go Again” – Radio Mix
10.  “Give Me All Your Love” – Single Version

1.    “Still Of The Night” – Music Video, Restored and Remixed in 5.1
2.    “Here I Go Again 87” – Music Video, Restored and Remixed in 5.1
3.    “Is This Love” – Music Video, Restored and Remixed in 5.1
4.    “Give Me All Your Love” – Music Video, Restored and Remixed in 5.1
5.    Documentary about the making of 1987 Album *
6.    “Here I Go Again” – Purplesnake Video Jam *
7.    “Crying In The Rain” – 1987 Tour Video Bootleg *
8.    Band Intros – 1987 Tour Video Bootleg *
9.    “Still Of The Night” – 1987 Tour Video Bootleg *

1987 – 2LP vinyl


Side One
1.    “Still Of The Night”
2.    “Bad Boys”
3.    “You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again”
4.    “Straight For The Heart”
5.    “Here I Go Again 87”

Side Two
1.    “Give Me All Your Love”
2.    “Is This Love”
3.    “Children Of The Night”
4.    “Crying In The Rain”
5.    “Don’t Turn Away”

Side Three
1.    “Still Of The Night” – 2017 Remix *
2.    “Is This Love” – 2017 Remix *
3.    “Give Me All Your Love” – 2017 Remix *
4.    “Here I Go Again 87” – 2017 Remix *
5.    “Looking For Love”

Side Four
1.    “Bad Boys/Children of the Night” – Live *
2.    “Here I Go Again” – Live *
3.    “Is This Love ” – Live *
4.    “Give Me All Your Love” – Live *
5.    “Still of the Night” – Live *

1987 – 2CD Edition

Disc One: Original Album 2017 Remaster
1.    “Still Of The Night”
2.    “Give Me All Your Love”
3.    “Bad Boys”
4.    “Is This Love”
5.    “Here I Go Again 87”
6.    “Straight For The Heart”
7.    “Looking For Love”
8.    “Children Of The Night”
9.    “You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again”
10.  “Crying In The Rain”
11.  “Don’t Turn Away”

Disc Two: Snakeskin Boots [Live On Tour 1987-88] 
1.    “Bad Boys/Children Of The Night” *
2.    “Slide It In” *
3.    “Slow An’ Easy” *
4.    “Here I Go Again” *
5.    “Guilty Of Love” *
6.    “Is This Love” *
7.    “Love Ain’t No Stranger” *
8.    Guitar Solo – Adrian and Vivian *
9.    “Crying In The Rain” *
10.  “Still Of The Night” *
11.  “Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City” *
12.  “Give Me All Your Love” *

*Previously unreleased

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Kim Talbot

I hope the demo tracks are the ones with John Sykes on guitar. That would make it a definitive purchase.

Friso Pas

I agree on the sequencing. It’s as if someone had his/her shuffle function enabled.
The running order for the vinyl is different from the cd.
But both are way different from the original vinyl or the cd, which at the time were also different on US and UK versions.

For the cd (disc 1, album) I prefer the one I’m used to, which is the first european cd release.

1. Still Of The Night 6:36
2 Bad Boys 4:06
3 Give Me All Yor Love 3:31
4 Looking For Love 6:33
5 Crying In The Rain 5:37
6 Is This Love 4:43
7 Straight For The Heart 3:39
8 Don’t Turn Away 5:10
9 Children Of The Night 4:24
10 Here I Go Again 87 4:34
11 You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again

Albert Tatlock

I recall Cov getting together with Tawny Kitaen. She turned out to be a bit of a violent nutjob though….

I also recall an interview with Robert Plant. He saw the ‘Still Of The Night’ video on MTV in some hotel room. Percy said when he saw the Whitesnake guitarist doing the ‘violin bow’ bit he nearly fell off the bed laughing.

I prefer the bluesier early Snake stuff, with Jon Lord and Micky Moody.


What’s up with the running order? The UK and US versions were different, as was the 2007 reissue and now these versions the CD differs from the vinyl. What a mess.

Paul W

I love whitesnske but its the same old thing sorry


The single disk version of this 30th Anniversary release is only £6.71 on Amazon at the moment.


Wow, 1987 was a great year wasn’it? I’ve already purchased Tango in the Night, Hysteria, The Joshua Tree and now this. I have to say I’m very impressed by this collection. Lots of rarities/unreleased tracks unlike Hysteria and The Joshua Tree.

Richard Cosgrove

Ordered this, as it’s a great album at a great price.

Re Hysteria, I really wanted to go for the recent release but there’s just not enough on there to justify nearly twice the price of this one that as a Lep’s fan I haven’t already got. I’d have happily sprung £40 or even £45 for the Lep’s box, but in comparison to this release it seems even worse value.

Gordon Downs

Couldn’t agree more – if the Def Lep box ever goes below £50 I’ll probably go for it!

Tom M Hans

1987 and the follow up were more than subpar compared to the Slide it in and Come and get it. Once they abandoned the snake covers they were selling out and should have renamed the band. Diamond Dave maybe, oh wait, that was already done. At least DLR was funny. Sorry mates, not for me.


It’s time to shake with the ‘Snake one more time then. I’m actually really beginning to miss the 80s.


No brainer on this at that price! A superb album.


@Paul – Any Deluxe/30th rumours for the remaining big ones of the 1987 rock vintage – Appetite for destruction and Permanent Vacation ? Joshua Tree, Hysteria and now Whitesnake are announced.


Aerosmith have done next to nothing with their back catalogue so I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one (I really hope I’m wrong) . As for appetite I recall reading in either slashs book or Steven adlers book that Axl has a truck load of stuff from the recording and mainly the tour of the album which wouldn’t see the light of day until axl and slash saw eye to eye , so maybe there’s hope for that to come out at some stage

Tom M Hans

Permanent Vacation was atrocious. PUMP instead was brilliant. Dude looks like a lady is as bad as it gets. Sorry.

Friso Pas

The fact that Rhino takes care of this release makes me hopefull about the mastering, especially the vinyl release.


Half the price of Def Leppard’s SDE? Yes please.


On the same day the hysteria box set arrived at home I get this great news , I bought both the 2 tapes together as my 2nd music purchase . A great rock album and still gets a lot of play around home so at this price it’s a no brainer for me

Richard McAllister

£35 you say? Don’t mind if i do

Charlie Waffles

I want one disc with the original nine tracks that I listened to over and over in the U.S. The musicians that “comprised” the touring Whitesnake recorded the horrible Slip of the Tongue cd. Yuk!

Eric M.

I’m quite confused about the “2017 remixes” of the 1987 single remixes? Surely a new remix is a new remix, even if based on the original remix?

Eric M.

My bad. I get it now — I had forgotten “Here I Go Again ’87” was the official name of the track because there was a previous ’82 version. So, there is a 2017 remix of the 1987 album version, and the radio mix is also included. Win win.

Tom M Hans

The 82 version was much much better. Sinners is a great album. Crying in the rain is also awesome in the 82 version.

Eric M.

You know, I don’t know if I ever heard the ’82 version. I’ll check it out– just from considering its era, I’m expecting something a touch drier than the ’87 versions?

Our local classic rock station actually spun the ’87 radio mix on the morning drive the other week (I enjoyed it but honestly I don’t think I ever heard that version ’87 but probably helped it going No.1 on the pop charts). That remix is so pop, it could be a Wilson Phillips track. I imagined the phones lighting up with grumpy old men telling the DJ to “turn that sh** off” LOL… Sure enough, my wife and I heard the song again on the commute later in the week and it was back to the familiar ’87 video/album version.

Tom M Hans

To me the 87 version sounds like Mutt Lange wrote a song for Bryan Adams on steroids. 82 Version is crisp, has a better keyboard and has more omphh. Rock Rubin like, since I am using producer comparisons. But I am sure bunch of people beg to differ. By the way, I rarely heard a more blatant rip off of Kashmir but I love Still of the night. Peace.

Paul E.

Wow! This release deserves it’s own 10 minute drum solo (I mean that in a good/Neil Peart way). Who’s next? Mötley Crüe anyone? They really need a 4 or 5 disc Super Deluxe issue.


Im in for the deluxe.
Love the sound of the synths and guitar on ‘Why cant this be love’.

Akin to Jump Van Halen


Why can’t this be love was Van Halen/Hagar


Not my cup of tea but within its genre this is an excellent album. And “Is This Love” is easily one of the best 80’s singles in my book. Great, great hook. And of course very good value for a 5 disc box. Well done.

Kevin Barrett

This was a great album, this edition looks great value too.


I was a huge fan of the Mick Moody/Bernie Marsden era band. Wish they’d get the same treatment.


They did! A bloody wonderful SDE box set called Box ‘O’ Snakes – The Sunburst Years 1978-1982 back in 2011. Probably long deleted by now so you may have to dig deep for it but it’s worth every penny/cent. Contains all the studio albums (on CD) from Trouble to Saints And Sinners plus Live…In The Heart Of The City, plus two Reading Festival gigs from ’79 and ’80, a DVD with promo videos TV performances and full live US gig from 1980 a 7″ Snakebite EP and a bloody fantastic hardback book featuring exclusive new interviews with Coverdale and Marsden. Highly recomended! I’m sure it must have been featured on this site back in the day… lemme check that…


No, it’s not here. (returns from Amazon) Jesus tap dancing Christ!! £500!!!!! Nuff said.
I won’t be purchasing this. It represents Whitesnake’s fall from grace as they junked all they great blues rock sound in favour of tired old watered down AOR from the MTV generation. A great shame. Heads up for the price though.

Gordon Downs

there is a Little Box ‘O’ Snakes – The Sunburst Years 1978-1982, currently £22.09, which excludes the DVD & the Reading disks

Paul Mac

There was a cheaper option called Little Box O’ Snakes, which was just the albums. It was available at a very reasonable price up to quite recently

Paul Mac

(returns from Amazon) Currently a shade over £22 on Amazon UK…


Paul Mac, thank you for the heads up. Just ordered the Little Box O Snakes for £22. 8 CDs, unbelievable value. The neighbours are going to be annoyed with me this weekend.

Philip Cohen

Different eras of Whitesnake music are under different owners. David Coverdale only owns the recordings up through “Saints an’ Sinners”. Various record companies own the later recordings.


Me too!

Bruno MacDonald

I had the misfortune to see them at Wembley Arena in December 1987. Easily the worst gig I’ve experienced, its lowlights included the audience sitting down for Tommy Aldridge’s drum solo; Adrian Vandenberg running from side to side and pointing at the audience in a bid to elicit cheers but getting boos instead; everything being slightly off-key, rendering even Still of the Night a nonevent; and the set ending after about 75 minutes with a cover of ZZ Top’s Tush, unhilariously rechristened Tits.

I’m prepared to believe this was an off-night after months on the road, some of them in the company of Mötley Crüe, so perhaps the live stuff on this attractively-priced set isn’t atrocious. Bet the sleevenotes don’t point out that the four videos were originally on a release called Trilogy though.

Frenchy Eric

I saw them live in 1990 in France during the Monsters of Rock festival and it was too off-key with Coverdale singing on a playback tape. Live gig amongst the worst i have seen (several hundreds…) !


An easy pre-order for me. This was one of my all-time favorite albums back in the day.

The only thing I’m slightly worried about is the live material. I don’t think I ever ran across a great quality bootleg of that era except for a Tokyo show from 1988. Hopefully DC has stuff in his own archives that makes the live stuff something worth listening to more than once.


All a bit Spinal Tap really.

Mr foley

First comment above was my first thought. Guilty pleasure indeed. Might v well have to give this a go. Note to def leppard… The price point! This has somewhat similar content to hysteria set and much more reasonable.

Ben Williams

Wow, 4 CDs and a DVD for less than £40! Great value!

peter chrisp

Martin i do have to agree it was a massive album way back in ’87 i hate to say Here I Go Again

Stuart Russell

Hopefully the mastering is a vast improvement on the 20th anniversary set, as that CD is easily the most ‘brickwalled’ one in my collection; almost unlistenable on headphones.

£35 is good price point for this.


Whitensnake? An even whiter version Paul?? LOL.


Was it really 30 years ago?

Tawny Kitaen in those videos, great memories.

Friso Pas

Day 1 for the sdl.
A classic album in its genre. Been a fan of it, since it came out.
Previous reissues were pretty compressed, so fingers crossed.
Still Of The Night is one of the great rock tracks of all time.

peter chrisp

Friso & Gareth There some good news you can now listen to Still Of The Night live and it does sound mighty good as his voice around 30 odd years ago is excellent go to this sight & see what you gents think “Hennemusic”!!


Yay! Looking forward to this. This was a great period for Coverdale. He seemed to be everywhere – I remember him being interviewed on The Tube when ‘Still of the Night’ came out. Wonder if we’ll get clarity on who actually played what on the album? The solo to ‘Is This Love’ is just brilliant.

Steven Campbell

Not really a fan of the group though I do like Here I go Again and Is This Love as I have both on various compilations but one thing I will say is that box set is great value for money


Bit of a guilty pleasure at times this one for me. The vinyl is a definite at that price