Whitesnake / Slip of the Tongue 30th anniversary box set & reissues

6CD+DVD super deluxe • 2CD deluxe • 2LP vinyl • expanded CD

Whitesnake‘s 1989 album Slip of the Tongue is to be reissued for its 30th anniversary across four different physical editions including a seven-disc super deluxe which offers a host of rare and unreleased material.

The album went top ten on both sides of the Atlantic although singles-wise neither ‘Fool For Your Loving’ nor ‘The Deeper The Love’ troubled the higher reaches of the mainstream pop charts. Third 45, ‘Now You’re Gone’, actually did the best in the UK, peaking at 31.

Nevertheless, Rhino are not going to let a 30th birthday go uncelebrated and have assembled a mammoth 6CD+DVD super deluxe which features “unreleased versions of every album track” as well as monitor mixes, demos, B-sides, alt mixes and nearly two dozen previously unreleased tracks taken from the session tapes.

The super deluxe box also includes a CD of Slip of the Tongue: The Wagging Tongue Edition which was issued exclusively on vinyl in 1989. It features David Coverdale being interviewed about each track followed by the song.

The final CD in the box set features Whitesnake’s headling performance at the Monsters of Rock Festival at Castle Donington. That concert is also included on the DVD along with videos and a few extras. The promos have been restored and remixed in 5.1 surround sound for the first time.

This super deluxe is packaged in a box that looks the same size as the Simple Minds/Tears For Fears reissues and includes a 60-page hardbound book. A double CD deluxe is also available with a selection of the rare tracks and similarly a 2LP vinyl edition features some bonus material as well. A single CD remaster is the runt of the litter, but even that has seven bonus tracks.

Slip of the Tongue is reissued on 4 October 2019.

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Slip of the Tongue - 6CD+DVD super deluxe


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Slip of the Tongue - 2CD deluxe


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Slip of the Tongue - 2LP vinyl


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Slip of the Tongue - single CD remaster


Sip of the Tongue / 6CD+DVD super deluxe

Disc One: Original 1989 Album (2019 Remaster)
1. “Slip Of The Tongue”
2. “Kittens Got Claws”
3. “Cheap An’ Nasty”
4. “Now You’re Gone”
5. “The Deeper The Love”
6. “Judgment Day”
7. “Sailing Ships”
8. “Wings Of The Storm”
9. “Slow Poke Music”
10. “Fool For Your Loving”

Bonus Tracks: B-Sides and Alternate Mixes
11. “Sweet Lady Luck” (Single B-Side)
12. “Now You’re Gone” (Chris Lord-Alge Single Remix)
13. “Fool For Your Loving” (Vai Voltage Mix)
14. “Slip Of The Tongue” (Alternate Intro & Breakdown)
15. “Cheap An’ Nasty” (Alternate Solo & End)
16. “Judgment Day” (Alternate & Extended Solos)
17. “Fool For Your Loving” (Alternate AOR mix with CHR intro)

Disc Two: The Wagging Tongue Edition (CD Debut)
1. Interviewer: Phil Eastman
2. Spoken Word: “Slip Of The Tongue” Interview
3. “Slip Of The Tongue”
4. Spoken Word: “Cheap An’ Nasty” Interview
5. “Cheap An’ Nasty”
6. Spoken Word: “Fool For Your Loving” Interview
7. “Fool For Your Loving”
8. Spoken Word: “Now You’re Gone” Interview
9. “Now You’re Gone”
10. Spoken Word: “Kittens Got Claws” Interview
11. “Kittens Got Claws”
12. Spoken Word: “Wings Of The Storm” Interview
13. “Wings Of The Storm”
14. Spoken Word: The Deeper The Love Interview
15. “The Deeper The Love”
16. Spoken Word: “Judgment Day” Interview
17. “Judgment Day”
18. Spoken Word: “Slow Poke Music” Interview
19. “Slow Poke Music”
20. Spoken Word: “Sailing Ships” Interview
21. “Sailing Ships”
22. Spoken Word: Closing Interview

Disc Three: Evolutions: Demos/Remixes/Re-records
1. “Slip Of The Tongue” *
2. “Cheap An’ Nasty” *
3. “Now You’re Gone” *
4. “Judgment Day” *
5. “Sailing Ships” *
6. “Kittens Got Claws” *
7. “The Deeper The Love” *
8. “Wings Of The Storm” *
9. “Slow Poke Music” *
10. “Fool For Your Loving” *
11. “Kill For The Cut” *
12. “Parking Ticket” *
13. “Sweet Lady Luck” (Instrumental) *

Disc Four: Monitor Mixes, April 1989
1. “Kittens Got Claws” *
2. “Cheap An’ Nasty” *
3. “The Deeper The Love” *
4. “Judgment Day” *
5. “Slow Poke Music” *
6. “Now You’re Gone” *
7. “Slip Of The Tongue” *
8. “Fool For Your Loving” *
9. “Wings Of The Storm” *
10. “Sailing Ships” *
11. “Sweet Lady Luck” *
12. “Parking Ticket” *
13. “Kill For The Cut (In Desperate Search Of A Melody)” *
14. “Burning Heart” *
15. “Ain’t Gonna Cry No More” (Instrumental) *
16. “We Wish You Well” *

Disc Five: A Trip To Granny’s House:
Session Tapes, Wheezy Interludes & Jams
1. “Slow Poke Music” *
2. “Slip of The Tongue” *
3. “Judgment Day” *
4. “Now You’re Gone” *
5. “Wings Of The Storm” *
6. “Sailing Ships” *
7. “Liquor And Poker” *
8. “Parking Ticket” *
9. “Kill For The Cut” *
10. “Ain’t Gonna Cry No More” *
11. “We Wish You Well” *
12. “We Wish You Well” (Instrumental) *
13. “Wheezy & Sometimes Very Naughty Interludes (Be Warned!)” *
14. “Now You’re Gone” (Revisited) *
15. “Death Disco” *
16. “Whitesnake Boogie” *
17. “Mike Clink’s Shoes Blues” *
18. “Snake Shuffle” (Instrumental) *
19. “Doodles” *
20. “Dementia Polka” *
21. “Kill For The Cut Blues” *
22. “Cuban Heel Blues” *
23. “Adje’s Blues” *

Disc Six: Live at Donington 1990
1. “Slip Of The Tongue”
2. “Slide It In”
3. “Judgment Day”
4. “Slow An’ Easy”
5. “Kittens Got Claws”
6. “Is This Love”
7. “Cheap An’ Nasty”
8. “Crying In The Rain”
9. “Fool For Your Loving”
10. “Here I Go Again”
11. “Bad Boys”
12. “Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City”
13. “Still Of The Night”

Disc Seven: DVD-Video
Live at Donington 1990
1. “Slip Of The Tongue”
2. “Slide It In”
3. “Judgment Day”
4. “Slow An’ Easy”
5. “Kittens Got Claws”
6. “Adagio For Strato”
7. “Flying Dutchman Boogie”
8. “Is This Love”
9. “Cheap An’ Nasty”
10. “Crying In The Rain” (featuring Tommy Aldridge Drum solo)
11. “Fool For Your Loving”
12. “For The Love Of God”
13. “The Audience Is Listening”
14. “Here I Go Again”
15. “Bad Boys”
16. “Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City”
17. “Still Of The Night”
18. End Credits: “We Wish You Well”
Promo Videos
19. “Fool For Your Loving” – Music Video
20. “Now You’re Gone” – Music Video
21. “The Deeper The Love” – Music Video

Bonus Features
22. “Sweet Lady Luck” – Purplesnake Video
23. Behind the Scenes: The Making of Slip Of The Tongue
24. A Look Back: Whitesnake Chronicles with DC & Adrian Vandenberg

* previously unreleased

Sip of the Tongue / 2CD  deluxe edition


  1. Slip Of The Tongue
  2. Kittens Got Claws
  3. Cheap An’ Nasty
  4. Judgement Day
  5. Now You’re Gone
  6. The Deeper The Love
  7. Sailing Ships
  8. Wings Of The Storm
  9. Slow Poke Music
  10. Fool For Your Loving
  11. Sweet Lady Luck (Single B-Side)
  12. Now You’re Gone (Chris Lord-Alge Single Remix)
  13. Cheap An’ Nasty (Alternate Soli & End)
  14. Slip Of The Tongue (Alternate Intro & Breakdown)
  15. Fool For Your Loving (Via Voltage Remix)
  16. Judgement Day (Alternate and Extended Solos)
  17. Fool For Your Loving (Alternate AOR Mix With CHR Intro)


  1. Kittens Got Claws (Monitor Mixes, April 1989)
  2. Cheap An’ Nasty (Monitor Mixes, April 1989)
  3. The Deeper The Love (Monitor Mixes, April 1989)
  4. Judgement Day (Monitor Mix, April 1989)
  5. Slow Poke Music (Monitor Mix, April 1989)
  6. Now You’re Gone (Monitor Mix, April 1989)
  7. Slip Of The Tongue (Monitor Mix, April 1989)
  8. Fool For Your Loving (Monitor Mix, April 1989)
  9. Wings Of The Storm (Monitor Mix, April 1989)
  10. Sailing Ships (Monitor Mix, April 1989)
  11. Sweet Lady Luck (Monitor Mix, April 1989)
  12. Parking Ticket (Monitor Mix, April 1989)
  13. Kill For The Cut (In Desperate Search Of A Melody) [Monitor Mix, April 1989]
  14. Burning Heart (Monitor Mix, April 1989)
  15. Ain’t Gonna Cry No More (Instrumental) [Monitor Mix, April 1989]
  16. We Wish You Well (Monitor Mix, April 1989)

Sip of the Tongue / 2LP vinyl edition


Side one

  1. Slip Of The Tongue
  2. Kittens Got Claws
  3. Cheap An’ Nasty
  4. Judgement Day

Side two

  1. Now You’re Gone
  2. Wings Of The Storm
  3. The Deeper The Love
  4. Sailing Ships

Side one

  1.       Slow Poke Music
  2.       Fool For Your Loving
  3.       Sweet Lady Luck (Single B-Side)
  4.       Now You’re Gone (Chris Lord-Alge Remix)
  5.       Cheap An’ Nasty (Alternate Solo & End)

Side two

  1.      Slip Of The Tongue (Alternate Intro & Breakdown)
  2.      Fool For You’re Loving (Vai Voltage Remix)
  3.     Judgement Day (Alternate & Extended Solos
  4.     Fool For You’re Loving (Alternate AOR Mix with CHR Intro)

Sip of the Tongue / single CD remaster

1. Slip Of The Tongue (2019 Remaster)
2. Kittens Got Claws (2019 Remaster)
3. Cheap An’ Nasty (2019 Remaster)
4. Now You’re Gone (2019 Remaster)
5. The Deeper The Love (2019 Remaster)
6. Judgment Day (2019 Remaster)
7. Sailing Ships (2019 Remaster)
8. Wings Of The Storm (2019 Remaster)
9. Slow Poke Music (2019 Remaster)
10. Fool For Your Loving (2019 Remaster)
11. Sweet Lady Luck (Single B-Side) [2019 Remaster]
12. Now You’re Gone (Chris Lord-Alge Single Remix) [2019 Remaster]
13. Fool For Your Loving (Vai Voltage Mix) [2019 Remaster]
14. Slip Of The Tongue (Alternate Intro & Breakdown) [2019 Remaster]
15. Cheap An’ Nasty (Alternate Solo & End) [2019 Remaster]
16. Judgment Day (Alternate & Extended Solos) [2019 Remaster]
17. Fool For Your Loving (Alternate AOR Mix With CHR Intro) [2019 Remaster]

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Gil Griffith

Promo videos in Stereo. Steve Vai songs ‘For The Love of God’ and ‘The Audience is Listening’ removed from the Donington Live CD (disc 6), with the note that it is “edited for your listening pleasure” on the slipcase.

DVD (disc 7) is the same Dolby 5.1, 48kHz video release as the ‘Live at Donington 1990’ DVD/2 CD release from 2011. Except it looks like a video transfer *from* that release – the title cards are blurry.

The bonus tracks on the main CD (disc 1) are very good, as are some of the material on Evolutions (disc 3) and Trip to Granny’s House (disc 5), but all of these tracks have been released on Spotify so there’s nothing really exclusive to this boxed set.

It would have been nice, for the money they’re charging, to have gotten a 96k/24 bit 5.1 Surround Sound remix on BluRay of both the main record and the live Donington concert. Alas, Rhino took the path of least resistance and simply packaged up content they already had.


I got the box set and the promo videos are not in 5.1 surround.

Alan Mitchell

I was so into Vai in my teens that this album was a must-have. Haven’t heard it since then. I’ve some white 12″ kicking around still but not listened to that in 30 years.

The trouble with Vai is that he’s so unique he doesn’t blend in well. They played a David Lee Roth song tonight on the radio and again Vai really stands apart from that style of hairspray rock.

Will i buy it? Depends on the mastering really.

‪Saar Freedman‬‏

Say what you want, but a 6 Cd/DVD Boxset for under 60 ( it was $59 on Amazon US when I ordered) is really the way box sets should be priced in this economy. seen too many sets with half the material at over the 100$ mark I just had to skip.


I think amazon messed up because its now $74.99.. I also preordered when it ws $59.99 because I had a feeling it wasnt marked correctly


I’d agree. Great set, terrible album.


Looks nice , interested in the 2lp version , it’ll come to amazon uk soon I guess .
Just a footnote I ordered Jimi Hendrix electric ladyland 6lp box from amazon today . £62 which I thought was a fantastic price


I hope one day to see Coverdale’s entire catalog from Deep Purple, to solo, to Whitesnake get the who digital remastering and re-release done with laser etched images on some sides of the released done on 45 RPMs like Metallica did but with this hardcover books instead of the two pieces of paper that came in those that was pathetic PLUS holograms on some sides of the discs like Jack White has done and the soundtrack for one of the Star Wars films I think it was. I want this done for tons of artists such as: Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, QUEEN, The Beatles, FREE, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, CREAM, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Meat Loaf, soundtracks, and on and on!


David Coverdale is one of the best vocalists of all time. Period. Along with Paul Rodgers in terms of it being bluesy. The end and amen. Amen.

Charlie Waffles

Horrible album. Pass.

Jamie Crampton

As they say, nice package, shame about the music. A terrible disappointment after the classic that was 1987, and the murdering of Fool for Your Loving on here is risible. Saw them in 89 at Wembley Arena touring this album, a complete shambles from what I remember, refusing to play anything from before 1987 and the encore was a rush through ZZ Top’s Tush, although naughty Dave called it… “Tits”. Teehee, the scamp.

Nick Love

Not a huge Whitesnake fan although I love David’s work with Deep Purple and later Jimmy Page, speaking of which I’d love to see their underrated collaborated album get a deluxe reissue. I feel it was overshadowed but his quickly thereafter reunion with Robert Plant and didn’t get it’s due.

Steve Lowe

sounds good, but the problem I am having ordered James Taylor box set from them with the postage (UPS) possibly adding another £150 I think I will give it a miss. They are also a nightmare at replying to emails.


Is the deluxe box set coming to the uk Paul ?


To me, and I’ll get slagged for this, this was Whitesnake’s benchmark post 1984. I look at that band with 2 eras. Pre-Slide it In, which are all wonderful, Ready N Willing and Come and Get It, just killer records, but post 1984, Slip of the Tongue was amazing. It was amazing cause it sounded nothing like the old days, but I loved Vai’s playing. Lyrically Wooden Ships, Now You’re Gone, The Deeper the Love, some of the bands best hair metal ballads. Love this and cannot wait for the deluxe treatment and LP release. I am just very curious if any of the demos or session takes will feature Adrian playing?


curious why the track listing has been changed for this release… also, will the “monitor mix” really be that different than the studio mix?

Michael Fortin

Not a huge Whitesnake fan, but it seems you get your money’s worth in these sets. I may spring for the 1 CD to check it out.


Nice, although if they could mix the videos in multichannel, they could have done it for the main album too, couldn’t they?

Mathew Lauren

Good point, Francois! I’ve passed on these “guilty pleasures” simply b/c RHINO refuses to remix ANYTHING (now) into surround, and their (Warner Bros) music vaults are the finest money can buy! So the masters and multi-tracks are safe. That said, Rhino has had no viable excuse over the last couple of years for the lack of studio, surround-mixes imho! Not to mention, the last Whitesnake 5.1 offering (“1987”) was incomplete and a joke!

I’ll Pass.



The artists never do this. I suspect this is with the intention of doing a re-released in the future if there is a music industry in it. I hope a physical format that about probably be Blu-ray Audio the only problem is that that has already understood to fail and might already be a dead format. The thing that burns me up with that is that I don’t think they used that format to the extent that they could have. For example when the Rolling Stones released their 2012 compilation of greatest hits entitled “Grrr” it was an a abridged version on the Blu-ray audio. How could that be if there is far more storage room on that format? Maybe even at that point there was a hope and intention of that being re-released even then. Who knows? It seems like that that would have been such a fascinating opportunity for these kinds of extended and archive releases and re-releases. And why is the bonus material never put in 5.1 either?

Regan Judson

These sets have been extremely well done so far and this one looks great too. I see on the DVD you get David and Adrian together discussing the album. That is a nice little bonus as I have enjoyed the previous looks back with David at ’87 and Slide It In.


I always hated this album. The last good thing that came from Whitesnake was 1987, and is all down hill from there. I have deluxe boxes 1987 and Slide It In, I will buy this one ONLY at 70% discount.


Why would anyone possibly buy an album they hate?


Obviously not for multiple reasons. “Restless Heart” came out in 1997 and is the best thing they ever did. As well as David’s solo studio long play from the year 2000 entitled “Into The Light”.


These Whitesnake sets are really good. Tracks do get repeated a lot but if you enjoy the album and period of the band then there is much to enjoy.

Have they changed the tracklisting? I thought the original ended with ‘Sailing Ships’? There was talk that Adrian Vandenberg was going to record new guitar parts for the album, having missed out when it was recorded. I wonder if they are included on Disc 3.

And ‘The Deeper The Love’ is a classic track.


The original US release did end with “Sailing Ships”, and that’s exactly where the song belongs, imo. Absolutely epic song, perfect way to end things. When it comes in, I’ll have to rip this disc & burn a new one in the “proper” order.


Nice guitar solo from Steve Vai on “The Deeper the Love”. And Tawny Kitaen on the video, mmm