Whitesnake / The Blues Album

‘Revisited, remixed and remastered’ tracks • Coloured vinyl & CD

Whitesnake / The Blues Album

Whitesnake celebrate ‘the blues’ with a new collection (on CD and coloured vinyl) that features remixed and remastered versions of the group’s best blues-rock songs.

The new compilation delivers a mix of hits – such as ‘Slow An’ Easy’ and ‘Give Me All Your Love’ – and ‘deep cuts’ that originally appeared between 1984 and 2011 on six Whitesnake studio albums and Coverdale’s solo album, Into the Light.

Whitesnake’s singer-songwriter David Coverdale pays tribute to blues artists like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and the three Kings (Albert, B.B. and Freddie) in the sleevenotes of this new release:

“It’s hard to find the words to show how profoundly they connected with my soul. But ‘blues’ to me is a beautiful word that describes emotional expression… feelings, be it feelings of sadness, loneliness, emptiness… but, also those that express great joy, celebration and dance, sexiness and Love!!!”

The Blues Album is the third and final release in the band’s ‘Red, White and Blues’ trilogy (Love Songs and The Rock Album were the other two). It is released on 19 February 2021.

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The Blues Album - blue vinyl LP


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The Blues Album - CD edition


The Blues Album CD edition

  1. “Steal Your Heart Away”
  2. “Good To Be Bad”
  3. “Give Me All Your Love”
  4. “Take Me Back Again”
  5. “Slow An’ Easy”
  6. “Too Many Tears”
  7. “Lay Down Your Love”
  8. “The River Song”
  9. “Whipping Boy Blues”
  10. “If You Want Me”
  11. “A Fool In Love”
  12. “Woman Trouble Blues”
  13. “Looking For Love”
  14. “Crying In The Rain”

The Blues Album 2LP vinyl edition

Side One

  1. “Steal Your Heart Away”
  2. “Good To Be Bad”
  3. “Give Me All Your Love”
  4. “Take Me Back Again”

Side Two

  1. “Slow An’ Easy”
  2. “Too Many Tears”
  3. “Lay Down Your Love”

Side Three

  1. “The River Song”
  2. “Whipping Boy Blues”
  3. “If You Want Me”
  4. “A Fool In Love”

Side Four

  1. “Woman Trouble Blues”
  2. “Looking For Love”
  3. “Crying In The Rain”

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Any possibility of these for this year (or any year)?
Best Of / Box Set – Kraftwerk (ideally a single edits / b-sides compilation)
Deluxe Editions of Talk Talk’s four EMI albums
Best Of / Box Sets from Kate Bush, The Blue Nile and Catherine Wheel (as far as I know none have ever been released – apart from Kate Bush, which you mentioned)
Deluxe Editions of Simple Minds first four albums


Whilst I think these 3 albums have been a good idea I think the quality of the remixing is pretty poor, the drum sound in particular. They sound very 2020 so will end up sounding just as dated as the original recordings do today, perhaps even more so. I’ll stick to my much-loved originals.

Or is this a taste of the future… acts frequently remixing the same songs so they sound contemporary?

Jez Hunt

From what I have read, DC cannot include anything pre 1984 in this trilogy due to contractual issues, otherwise I am sure a lot of the tracks would come from the 1978-1984 very bluesy period.
I understand that WS fans have their favourite eras, but perhaps strangely I am a fan of all eras including the late 80s big hair era. I would suggest that this trilogy is probably only for hard-core fans/collectors only though. A new album would be welcome soon please David.

Joe Donato

I haven’t heard the new remixes for the Red and White albums yet. I never liked the original mix for Whitesnake (1987). It seemed very flat and muddy so maybe this idea isn’t all that bad.

Piotr Langtvedt

The 1987 recordings actually sound better in the remix. Much clearer.


As discussed on the official site, DC does not own the rights to the pre-Slide It In material so this necessarily covers everything from 1984-onwards. I think this compilation is more aimed at those who haven’t followed Whitesnake since the 80’s. I’m still looking forward to it!

Ian Ellis

The Bob Mould Distortion 24cd box is £64 on ebay. New and unsealed sold through musicmagpie. The list price is £80.32 but just apply the voucher code PACKUP20 to get 20% off. Offer ends midnight. 4 copies left. They sold 3 yesterday, one of them to me !


What a dreadful and cheap looking cover

Jarmo Keranen

In December 2020 i bought Little Box ‘O’ Snakes (The Sunburst Years 1978-82) boxset. It was first time i bought Whitesnake recordings though i know and heard them since late 80’s. I think the boxset have much more blues than this new cd/vinyl and David Coverdale hasn’t lost his voice yet!


Don’t see the point in rehashing these songs again, especially as remixes. I will stick to their best of CD.


DC lost me through his Americanisation in the 80s. It’s really painful for me to see some of these releases over the years. How about one called “The classic line-up” featuring some of the soundboards from the Coverdale-Lord-Marsden-Moody-Murray-Paice years that I read Bernie Marsden has lying around?

jonathan stevens

hopefully the trilogy will one day be released together, and there will be further savings to be made


Such strange choices given the largely blues-based material on the first four albums. Walking in the Shadow of the Blues, Come On, Sweet Talker, Trouble, Take Me With You, Ready an’ Willin and Ain’t no Love in the Heart of the City far more blues-based than many of these big haired wigouts.

David Gallagher

They don’t have the rights to the first four albums.