Will Young / Lexicon signed CD

Pop Idol winner Will Young releases a new album, Lexicon, next month and you can secure a signed CD edition, if you’re quick.

This will be Young’s seventh studio album and his first for Cooking Vinyl and thus represents something of a new era for the singer who has scored four number one albums in the UK and four number one singles.

The album is produced by Richard X and various songwriters contribute, including Francis ‘Eg’ White of Eg and Alice ‘fame’ (their one album 24 Years Of Hunger is highly recommended, but long out of print). White wrote Young’s 2003 UK number one ‘Leave Right Now’ (and won an Ivor Novello award for his trouble).

Lexicon is issued on 21 June 2019

1. All The Songs
2. My Love
3. Scars
4. Get Me Dancing
5. Ground Running
6. Dreaming Big
7. I Bet You Call
8. Forever
9. Freedom
10. Faithless Love
11. Say Anything
12. The Way We Were

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Michael McA

I’ll be buying it. He’s done some great stuff in the past – ‘Home’ off ‘Keep On’ is just gorgeous – and one of the finest things I’ve heard in many a year – and he is certainly the best artist to come out of the Pop Idol / X Factor carry on – but he doesn’t half come across at a bit of a twit sometimes – as in the latest video – and at other times.

David Stanley

I’m American so I can say this: American audiences have a fruitfly’s attention span. When you mention the Pet Shop Boys, they think “that group from 30 years ago? Are they still around?” So it’s not surprising there are Americans who don’t know who Will Young is (I certainly do).

The same ones who’ve never heard of The Jam, Blur (except “Song 2”), Manic Street Preachers let alone Robbie Williams, Take That, Kylie Minogue (except for “Loco-Motion” maybe).

Conversely, British groups like A Flock of Seagulls and The Fixx had hits in AMerica while having pretty much no impact at least chart-wise in the UK. I got a thrill, however, hearing the girls rock out to “Kids in America” in Amy Poehler’s “Wine Country”.


David ( NO relation to the singer Michael, I’m sure):
Pet Shop Boys is well recognized but only to those older than Millenials, this is Pet shop Boys sparse concert touring in the US fault ( 6 shows do not help anyone’s popularity.)
Blur tours often enough to be recognized for sure. Kylie Minogue was huge in the “Loco Motion” days, but stuck with TV in Australia, and has avoided the US , sans NYC, much to her demise and many gays frustration ( this reluctance hurts me personally.) Take That had a very brief popularity but never followed up, and Robbie Williams eroded any popularity by not only staying away from Take That but never touring the US ( again he needs to learn the lesson Paul Young was smart enough to realize & TOUR the US, if he ever wants any recognition or $ from the US. The Jam was a long time ago, but recent tour of Paul Weller was well recieved, and his fan base all spoke of the (’76-’82) Jam, again due to the timeframe, non-Millenials, I noticed. Kim Wilde had two popularity time periods, with Kids in America & remake of “You Keep Me Hanging On.” She should have toured for those 3 (again TOO few dates) with NENA, whom she collaborated with on “Anyplace, Anytime, Anywhere” or better still, Kim should tour in the USA opening for Kylie Minogue (!) as Kim’s sister sings for Kylie.


He certainly has fans in the US including myself. Echoes is my fav album of his and I can’t wait for this new one.

Nigel Quinless

There is also available Limited Edition Orange Vinyl. Also signed cd and orange vinyl offers at https://willyoung.tmstor.es/
Take a look for some savings on the Amazon cd price (there is a delivery charge tho. Still worth a look for those who love vinyl or signed items)
Happy shopping


the signed Lexington CD will not be available to USA, Brexit or Orangatan’s tariffs?
Yes, LONG before Sam Smith there was Will Young.
but he HAS to TOUR extensively in the US to be recognized for the talent he is.


Correction, Initially it was not available in the US, NOW it is, & I snapped up a copy as quickly as I can, his video for “All the Songs” is Inpirational, okay and Hot )))
but as with Robbie Williams & others, they MUST perform in no less than 20 cities throughout the US to be recognizable., especially the city which has the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame & Museum (which was designed by I.M.Pei whom just passed away at 102 three days ago.)
Too many European acts do not tour at least once every decade in the US or at all, and expect to be accepted in the States, it really does not take much, as the famously talented Paul Young found out and has now toured Thrice in recent years, and is well received. Even though he is a better gay man and older by a dozen years, Will Young should open up/double bill with Sam Smith, whenever he gets over his Fiasco of an Oscar speech, promoting his forthcoming album release as well, Stateside.



(Speaking for the rest of the USA I believe).

Revolving Revolver

Ignorance must be bliss, right, mate?


Is it really that difficult, in an age when the entire world is connected by the internet, do do a bit of a search if you haven’t heard of someone. Also from the US, and also own all his CDs, including the EP he released in the US not al that long ago.

Believe it or not, there are massive recording artists that aren’t based in America. Your ethnocentrism is showing.


Where do you live mate? In a Cave??


Ordered the signed cd, can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. Love the single. Wills voice is amazing. So looking forward to seeing him in concert in edinburgh. Flying over to see him, will be so worth it.


OMG He’s naked


And now I will NEED to watch the video. I don’t think I’ve seen Will naked since Mrs. Henderson Presents, where there was, if I remember correctly, a slight suggestion of, shall we say, Wee Willie’s Winkie if you played it frame-by-frame. Not that I would have done that or anything….nothing to see here.


Sad to think he has to stoop so low to sell a song – YAWN!


Why is it necessarily “stooping so low”? Music videos have been rife with depictions of sex and sexuality since almost the very beginning. Granted, it’s predominately female sex and sexuality, but it’s refreshing to see a male sexual expression for once, rather than that being the one “taboo” we must avoid.


I ordered this several weeks ago signed from his website. While i didnt like his last album 85% Proof, his previous, Richard X produced Echoes was to my ears one of the best albums of the decade. A pop masterpiece. I am hoping Lexicon will be similar. Thank you Paul for featuring him.


Totally agree here Shane. It’s the follow up to Older that George never released. Genius down-tempo subtle production with very strong songwriting. Should have been alot bigger.


Yes. You have took the words right out of my mouth. I too am hoping Lexicon will be a follow on from Echoes. My fave Will album by far. I was not keen on 85% Proof either.

Stephen Leigh

Thank you for this… I clearly need to listen to the Echoes album. I rate the Friday’s Child album very highly. I listen to the title track (the album version, not the edited single version) weekly at least.

Ian Harris

Rather miffed that the signed Amazon version is cheaper than the signed version from Will’s online store, which I’ve already ordered.


Ian, if it is anything like the ‘signed’ Rumer LP I bought on Amazon a while back, the signature was very obviously a rubber stamped effort. Should have returned it of course but it was a great LP :)

DJ Control

Me too! and here at the SDE Shop :)

Alan B

Could be worse. I pre ordered a signed Richard Ashcroft CD of his latest album from his website months before release. Then just before release suddenly a signed version appeared on Amazon. Same price. Just one issue. He signed his full name on the Amazon CDs and only signed his initials on his web store version. Only found out after albums release and both were sold out. Not amused.