Wishbone Ash / The Vintage Years 1970-1991 / 30CD limited edition box

30 discs • remastered with bonus tracks • Unreleased live albums 

British rock band Wishbone Ash see their output celebrated with The Vintage Years 1970-1991 a gargantuan and ‘strictly limited’ 30 CD box set.

This box set includes all 16 albums released up to 1991 with bonus material, including rare album outtakes, B-sides and 12 previously unreleased studio tracks. Three of these (Nouveau Calls, Here to Hear and Strange Affair) are out of print and the albums are presented in mini-gatefold sleeves.

As well as this studio material, The Vintage Years offers up eight previously unreleased live albums across 11 CDs. These are as follows:

1. Portsmouth Guildhall 1973 (2CD) from the Wishbone Four / Live Dates tour
2. Southampton University 1973 from the Wishbone Four / Live Dates tour
3. Edinburgh Usher Hall 1976 from the New England tour
4. Marquee Club 1977 from the Front Page News tour
5. Newcastle City Hall 1977 from the Front Page News tour
6. Bournemouth Winter Gardens 1978 (2CD) from the No Smoke Without Fire tour
7. Guildford Civic Hall 1980 (2CD) from the Just Testing tour
8. Chelmsford Odeon 1980 from the Blowin’ Free tour

That leaves three further CDs which are official, previously released live albums: Live DatesLive Dates Volume Two and Live in Tokyo.

All the music has been remastered from the original multitrack and ¼” tapes, sourced from Martin Turner and Andy Powell’s personal collections, and from the Universal Music and Atlantic archives. Founding member Turner says, “We decided to give it all to the wonderful Pete Reynolds whom I believe has done a brilliant job of mixing and remastering a massive collection of work. It’s almost like having one’s whole musical life in one box.  It certainly represents the most comprehensive Wishbone collection that I know of and I hope you enjoy it.”

The box set comes with a 156-page hardback book written by Classic Rock’s Dave Ling, which includes the usual array of personal photos, as well as images of rare posters, flyers and collector’s memorabilia.

This set is limited to 2,500 copies and has been authorised by all of the original band members; indeed includes individually signed photos of each of them as well as four reproductions of original posters, a 36-page poster book, a facsimile MCA debut album promo pack and a 7″ flexi disc for the single Blind Eye, the first of the 11 Japanese singles series.

The Vintage Years 1970-1991 will be released by Madfish on 24 April 2018. As well as the pre-order options below it’s available via PledgeMusic and Burning Shed.

DISC 1 – Wishbone Ash (1970)

1. Blind Eye [03:45]
2. Lady Whiskey [06:13]
3. Errors Of My Way [06:57]
4. Queen Of Torture [03:23]
5. Handy [11:37]
6. Phoenix [10:26]

Bonus Tracks

7. Lady Whiskey (First Light recording) [03:12]
8. Roads Of Day To Day (First Light recording) [05:50]
9. Blind Eye (First Light recording) [03:35]
10. Joshua (First Light recording) [02:14]
11. Queen Of Torture (First Light recording) [03:08]
12. Handy (First Light recording) [12:40]
13. Errors Of My Way (First Light recording) [06:25]

DISC 2 – Pilgrimage (1971)

1. Vas Dis [04:46]
2. The Pilgrim [08:35]
3. Jail Bait [04:45]
4. Alone [02:25]
5. Lullaby [03:03]
6. Valediction [06:22]
7. Where Were You Tomorrow [10:27]

Bonus Tracks

8. Alone (full length album sessions version with vocals) [05:56]
9. Alone (First Light recording with vocals) [03:05]
10. Where Were You Tomorrow (album sessions studio version) [07:23]

DISC 3 – Argus (1972)

1. Time Was [09:42]
2. Sometime World [06:55]
3. Blowin’ Free [05:18]
4. The King Will Come [07:06]
5. Leaf And Stream [03:55]
6. Warrior [05:53]
7. Throw Down The Sword [05:55]

Bonus Tracks

8. Jail Bait (live from Memphis 1972) [04:54]
9. The Pilgrim (live from Memphis 1972) [10:08]
10. Phoenix (live from Memphis 1972) [17:05]

DISC 4 – Wishbone Four (1973)

1. So Many Things To Say [05:04]
2. Ballad Of The Beacon [05:03]
3. No Easy Road [03:46]
4. Everybody Needs A Friend [08:22]
5. Doctor [05:51]
6. Sorrel [05:01]
7. Sing Out The Song [04:23]
8. Rock ‘n’ Roll Widow [05:53]

Bonus Tracks

9. No Easy Road (1972 Single Version) [03:35]
10. Blowin’ Free (1972 Single Version) [03:55]

DISC 5 – Live Dates (1973)

1. The King Will Come – June ’73, Croydon, Fairfield Hall [07:44]
2. Warrior – June ’73, Newcastle, City Hall [05:42]
3. Throw Down The Sword – June ’73, Newcastle, City Hall [05:57]
4. Rock ‘n Roll Widow – June ’73, Reading, University [06:08]
5. Ballad Of The Beacon – June ’73, Reading, University [05:22]
6. Baby What You Want Me To Do – June ’73, Portsmouth, Guildhall [07:48]
7. The Pilgrim – June ’73, Croydon, Fairfield Hall [09:14]
8. Blowin` Free – June ’73, Newcastle, City Hall [05:31]
9. Jail Bait – June ’73, Reading, University [04:37]
10. Lady Whiskey – June ’73, Reading, University [05:57]
11. Phoenix – June ’73, Croydon, Fairfield Hall [17:23]

DISC 6 – There’s The Rub (1974)

1. Silver Shoes [06:38]
2. Don’t Come Back [05:10]
3. Persephone [07:00]
4. Hometown [04:48]
5. Lady Jay [05:56]
6. F*U*B*B [09:37]

DISC 7 – Locked In (1976)

1. Rest In Peace [06:44]
2. No Water In The Well [03:48]
3. Moonshine [03:35]
4. She Was My Best Friend [03:54]
5. It Started In Heaven [03:18]
6. Half Past Lovin’ [05:31]
7. Trust In You [05:07]
8. Say Goodbye [05:02]

Bonus Tracks

8. Bad Weather Blues [04:35]
9. Chicago Tease [03:05]

DISC 8 – New England (1976)

1. Mother Of Pearl [04:34]
2. (In All Of My Dreams) You Rescue Me [06:15]
3. Runaway [03:19]
4. Lorelei [05:27]
5. Outward Bound [04:54]
6. Prelude [01:17]
7. When You Know Love [05:47]
8. Lonely Island [04:34]
9. Candlelight [01:52]

DISC 9 – Front Page News (1977)

1. Front Page News (Front Page News) [05:11]
2. Midnight Dancer (Front Page News) [04:31]
3. Goodbye Baby Hello Friend (Front Page News) [03:52]
4. Surface To Air (Front Page News) [04:53]
5. 714 (Front Page News) [03:23]
6. Come In From The Rain (Front Page News) [04:45]
7. Right Or Wrong (Front Page News) [02:53]
8. Heart Beat (Front Page News) [04:22]
9. The Day I Found Your Love (Front Page News) [04:31]
10. Diamond Jack (Front Page News) [04:19]

Bonus Track

11. Come In From The Rain (live) [05:06]

DISC 10 – No Smoke Without Fire (1978)

1. You See Red [06:00]
2. Baby The Angels Are Here [04:49]
3. Ships In The Sky [03:03]
4. Stand And Deliver [07:19]
5. Anger In Harmony [05:09]
6. Like A Child [05:00]
7. The Way Of The World – Part 1 [04:11]
8. The Way Of The World – Part 2 [05:29]

Bonus Tracks

9. Time And Space (album session outtake) [05:55]
10. Firesign (album session outtake) [05:03]
11. Hard On You (album session outtake) [04:59]
12. John Sherry Jam (album session outtake) [06:28]
13. Sherriff Of Sherwood (album session outtake) [06:09]

DISC 11 – Live at Tokyo Sun Plaza 1978

1. F*U*B*B [10:50]
2. The Way Of The World [10:26]
3. You See Red [06:27]
4. Jail Bait [07:02]
5. Blowin` Free [05:15]

Bonus Tracks

6. Bad Weather Blues (live B-Side from ‘You See Red’ 12″ single) [08:38]
7. Helpless (live single) [04:04]
8. Blowin` Free (live single) [06:30]

DISC 12 – Just Testing (1980)

1. Living Proof [05:43]
2. Haunting Me [04:33]
3. Insomnia [05:08]
4. Helpless [04:04]
5. Pay The Price[03:32]
6. New Rising Star [03:54]
7. Master Of Disguise [04:25]
8. Lifeline [06:28]

Bonus Tracks

9. Fast Johnny [04:04]
10. Come On [03:23]
11. Is Justice Done (album outtake) [04:21]
12. The Bells Chime (album outtake) [03:22]
13. Out On A Limb (album outtake) [03:44]
14. Where You Been (album outtake) [04:00]
15. Halfway House (album outtake – Martin Turner vocal) [03:46]
16. Halfway House (album outtake – Claire Hamill vocal) [03:48]
17. Football And Boxing (album outtake) [03:29]

DISC 13 – Live Dates Volume Two (1980)

1. Doctor – Hull City Hall, 1980 [05:43]
2. Living Proof – Bristol Colton Hall, 1980 [05:50]
3. Runaway – Wolverhampton Civic Hall, 1980 [03:15]
4. Helpless – Wolverhampton Civic Hall, 1980 [03:48]
5. F*U*B*B – London, Hammersmith Odeon, 1978 [09:45]
6. The Way Of The World [10:29]
7. Lorelei [06:20]
8. Persephone [06:20]
9. (In All Of My Dreams) You Rescue Me [06:58]
10. Time Was [06:52)
11. Goodbye Baby Hello Friend [05:20]
12. No Easy Road [07:20]

DISC 14 – Number The Brave (1981)

1. Loaded [04:11]
2. Where Is The Love [03:19]
3. Underground [04:14]
4. Kicks On The Street [04:15]
5. Open Road [05:18]
6. Get Ready [03:13]
7. Rainstorm [04:54]
8. That’s That [03:02]
9. Roller Coaster [03:17]
10. Number The Brave [04:56]

Bonus Tracks

11. My Mind Is Made Up (B-side) [04:39]
12. Get Ready (single mix with Claire Hamill backing vocal) [03:15]
13. Now Or Never (album outtake – John Wetton) [03:54]
14. Hard On You (album outtake) [04:59]

DISC 15 – Twin Barrels Burning (1982)

1. Engine Overheat [04:04]
2. Can’t Fight Love [04:00]
3. Genevieve [03:36]
4. Me And My Guitar [04:00]
5. Hold On [04:50]
6. Streets Of Shame [04:37]
7. No More Lonely Nights [05:18]
8. Angels Have Mercy [03:54]
9. Wind Up [05:06]

Bonus Tracks

10. Cat And Dog Fight [03:41]
11. Go For The Gold [04:05]
12. Night Hawker [06:15]

DISC 16 – Raw To The Bone (1985)

1. Cell Of Fame [04:33]
2. People in Motion [03:50]
3. Don’t Cry [03:29]
4. Love Is Blue [03:44]
5. Long Live The Night [03:33]
6. Rocket In My Pocket [03:46]
7. It’s Only Love [04:13]
8. Don’t You Mess [03:54]
9. Dreams (Searching For An Answer) [03:30]
10. Perfect Timing [03:56]

Bonus Tracks

11. She’s Still Alive [03:40]
12. Apocalypso [03:47]
13. Valley Of Tears [03:42]
14. Nkomo [03:39]
15. Talk To Me [03:26]

DISC 17 – Nouveau Calls (1987)

1. Tangible Evidence [04:22]
2. Clousseau [03:40]
3. Flags Of Convenience [04:30]
4. From Soho To Sunset [03:28]
5. Arabesque [04:30]
6. In The Skin [04:51]
7. Something Happening In Room 602 [03:35]
8. Johnny Left Home Without It [03:35]
9. The Spirit Flies Free [03:44]
10. A Rose Is A Rose [03:39]
11. Real Guitars Have Wings [03:14]

Bonus Track

12. T-Bone Shuffle [03:32]

DISC 18 – Here To Hear (1989)

1. Cosmic Jazz [03:30]
2. Keeper Of The Light [03:55]
3. Mental Radio [04:55]
4. Walk On Water [04:02]
5. Witness To Wonder [04:10]
6. Lost Cause In Paradise [04:46]
7. Why Don’t We [06:13]
8. In The Case [03:28]
9. Hole In My Heart – Part One [03:06]
10. Hole In My Heart – Part Two [04:33]

Bonus Tracks

11. Heaven Is (album outtake) [04:35]
12. Bolan’s Monument (B-side) [03:56]
13. Duffle Shuffle (album outtake) [03:59]

DISC 19 – Strange Affair (1991)

1. Strange Affair [04:18]
2. Wings Of Desire [03:51]
3. Renegade [03:55]
4. Dream Train [04:58]
5. Some Conversation [04:17]
6. Say You Will [04:06]
7. Rollin’ [03:55]
8. You [03:50]
9. Hard Times [03:01]
10. Standing In The Rain [05:38]

Bonus Tracks

11. Chimes Of Freedom (album outtake – Andy Powell vocal) [03:26]
12. Standing In The Rain (album outtake – Martin Turner vocal) [05:35]
13. Strange Affair (album outtake – brass mix) [04:24]
14. Dream Train (album outtake – brass mix) [05:00]
15. Rollin’ (album outtake – brass mix) [03:53]
16. Chimes Of Freedom (album outtake – Andy Powell vocal) [03:25]

DISC 20 – Portsmouth 1973 – Wishbone Four / Live Dates recording tour Part 1

1. The King Will Come [07:01]
2. Warrior [05:38]
3. Throw Down The Sword [06:41]
4. Ballad Of The Beacon [06:21]
5. Rock ‘n Roll Widow [07:11]
6. Everybody Needs A Friend [07:16]
7. Blowin’ Free [05:23]
8. Jail Bait [04:58]

DISC 21 – Portsmouth 1973 – Wishbone Four / Live Dates recording tour Part 2

1. Doctor [06:28]
2. So Many Things To Say [07:01]
3. Baby What You Want Me To Do [07:20]
4. Phoenix [18:56]
5. It Ain’t Easy [04:47]
6. Where Were You Tomorrow [09:41]

DISC 22 – Southampton 1973 – Wishbone Four / Live Dates recording tour

1. The King Will Come [07:34]
2. Warrior [05:40]
3. Throw Down The Sword [05:53]
4. Ballad Of The Beacon [07:06]
5. Rock ‘n Roll Widow [06:29]
6. Everybody Needs A Friend [06:52]
7. Blowin’ Free [05:21]
8. Jail Bait [05:07]
9. Doctor [06:26]
10. So Many Things To Say [07:23]
11. Baby What You Want Me To Do [06:33]

DISC 23 – Edinburgh 1976 – New England tour

1. Runaway [03:30]
2. The King Will Come [07:19]
3. Warrior [06:45]
4. Lorelei [06:23]
5. Persephone [09:29]
6. (In All Of My Dreams) You Rescue Me [07:16]
7. Outward Bound [04:09]
8. Mother Of Pearl [05:59]
9. Rest In Peace [06:44]
10. Time Was [07:14]
11. Bad Weather Blues [08:45]
12. Jail Bait [06:08]

DISC 24 – Marquee Club 1977 – Front Page News tour

1. Blind Eye [02:41]
2. Lady Whiskey [02:41]
3. The King Will Come [06:33]
4. Warrior [05:10]
5. Throw Down The Sword [04:27]
6. Front Page News [06:20]
7. Sometime World [07:06]
8. Goodbye Baby Hello Friend [05:53]
9. Runaway [03:37]
10. Phoenix [10:36]
11. Jail Bait [05:20]
12. Blowin’ Free [06:43]
13. Bad Weather Blues [08:37]

DISC 25 – Newcastle 1977 – Front Page News tour

1. Blind Eye [02:42]
2. Lady Whiskey [02:48]
3. The King Will Come [06:18]
4. Warrior [05:24]
5. Throw Down The Sword [04:36]
6. Front Page News [06:04]
7. Sometime World [07:20]
8. Goodbye Baby Hello Friend [05:48]
9. Runaway [03:27]
10. Come In From The Rain [05:17]
11. Jail Bait [05:40]
12. Blowin’ Free [08:15]
13. No Easy Road [06:23]
14. Bad Weather Blues [08:52]

DISC 26 – Bournemouth 1978 Part 1

1. The King Will Come (Bournemouth 1978) [07:03]
2. Warrior (Bournemouth 1978) [06:28]
3. Errors Of My Way (Bournemouth 1978) [06:21]
4. You See Red (Bournemouth 1978) [06:54]
5. F*U*B*B (Bournemouth 1978) [09:32]
6. The Way Of The World (Bournemouth 1978) [10:53]

DISC 27 – Bournemouth 1978 Part 2

1. Phoenix (Bournemouth 1978) [12:52]
2. Anger In Harmony (Bournemouth 1978) [03:39]
3. Time Was (Bournemouth 1978) [07:16]
4. Runaway (Bournemouth 1978) [03:39]
5. Lady Whiskey (Bournemouth 1978) [02:51]
6. Jail Bait (Bournemouth 1978) [05:38]
7. Queen Of Torture (Bournemouth 1978) [03:45]
8. Blowin’ Free (Bournemouth 1978) [08:28]
9. Bad Weather Blues (Bournemouth 1978) [08:36]

DISC 28 – Guildford 1980 – Just Testing tour Part 1

1. Doctor (Guildford 1980 – Just Testing tour) [05:41]
2. Blind Eye (Guildford 1980 – Just Testing tour) [04:05]
3. Way Of The World (Guildford 1980 – Just Testing tour) [10:14]
4. Living Proof (Guildford 1980 – Just Testing tour) [05:57]
5. The King Will Come (Guildford 1980 – Just Testing tour) [06:46]
6. Lifeline (Guildford 1980 – Just Testing tour) [06:52]
7. Insomnia (Guildford 1980 – Just Testing tour) [05:01]

DISC 29 – Guildford 1980 – Just Testing tour Part 2

1. Phoenix (Guildford 1980 – Just Testing tour) [16:38]
2. Blowin’ Free (Guildford 1980 – Just Testing tour) [06:38]
3. Queen Of Torture (Guildford 1980 – Just Testing tour) [03:28]
4. Helpless (Guildford 1980 – Just Testing tour) [03:31]
5. Jail Bait (Guildford 1980 – Just Testing tour) [06:49]
6. Bad Weather Blues (Guildford 1980 – Just Testing tour) [10:00]
7. Too Much Monkey Business (Guildford 1980 – Just Testing tour) [05:10]

DISC 30 – Chelmsford 1980 – Blowin’ Free tour

1. Doctor (Chelmsford 1980 – Blowin’ Free tour) [05:06]
2. Lady Whiskey (Chelmsford 1980 – Blowin’ Free tour) [02:54]
3. Helpless (Chelmsford 1980 – Blowin’ Free tour) [03:50]
4. I Need People (Chelmsford 1980 – Blowin’ Free tour) [05:36]
5. The Pilgrim (Chelmsford 1980 – Blowin’ Free tour) [08:34]
6. Lookin’ For A Reason (Chelmsford 1980 – Blowin’ Free tour) [03:56]
7. Runaway (Chelmsford 1980 – Blowin’ Free tour) [05:48]
8. The King Will Come (Chelmsford 1980 – Blowin’ Free tour) [06:57]
9. Phoenix (Chelmsford 1980 – Blowin’ Free tour) [15:31]
10. Blowin’ Free (Chelmsford 1980 – Blowin’ Free tour) [06:52]
11. Jail Bait (Chelmsford 1980 – Blowin’ Free tour) [05:15]
12. Bad Weather Blues (Chelmsford 1980 – Blowin’ Free tour) [08:40]

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Stephen Maltais

I have ordered two of these sets from Amazon and both of them come sealed and incomplete:
there is no signed photo of Andy Powell in either and in the un-boxing video from the makers of the box set you clearly see his signed photo…anyone else have this?

Stephen Maltais

I have also seen that others who bought this box set did not get the Andy Powell signed photo that was supposed to be included, from posts on the bands website forum….their “manager” told people to email him if they did not get the photo and he would see that they do get their signed copy… guyroberts@wishboneash.com

Stephen Maltais

Snapper music to the rescue! I emailed their sales rep and here is the incredible reply I received !!

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your message and I’m very sorry to hear that the Andy Powell photos have not been included.

There was indeed a problem where some stock was missing the photo but we identified it before the stock shipped and attached a sturdy envelope mailer containing the missing photo onto the box mailer, so as to not damage the actual box set within the packaging.

However, if Amazon Canada are anything like Amazon UK they most probably removed the mailer when it arrived in their warehouse in order to use their own mailers, and as the photo was tucked inside this was probably discarded.

We do still have some replacement signed AP photos here so I will get two sent to you with a free copy of the previously unreleased ‘Live at Glasgow Apollo ‘77’ as a gesture for your troubles.

A good tip would be to try your local independent record store, they’d be able to order this in for you with the care and attention the product deserves.

Stephen Maltais

ok, thanks Paul and how did it get rectified?

Nigel Walsh

Despite the extra arm and extra leg it cost to get it here to Australia it is a worthy artefact of those early years. First band I ever saw live in Portsmouth in 1973.

Bill Thornton

What a fantastic box ! So much care and thought put into it . Along with the Ian Hunter box , this is exactly how a box set should be . Well worth the money. The autographed photos are a beautiful touch


Just unboxing this now and first impressions are WOW. Thanks to all involved in putting this together. A real top quality production.

Lots of music to get through now so lets hope the neighbours are out. Its been said before but cmon Andy ‘throw down the sword’

Ben in Colorado

Just got confirmation that my copy shipped and is due here tomorrow.

On the Wishbone Ash web page it states, “the Vintage Years 30 CD deluxe box – set is due for release any day now and just to let you know that it’s already now 75% sold – out with pre orders, so if you are interested do get on that quickly!”

Jon Ashelford

Has anyone any comments about the vastly different ways that re-issues are produced and marketed? I’m thinking of the Allman Brothers 5 CD box set, with absolutely no frills, retailing at Sainsbury’s for £13.00 and the Wishbone Ash 30 CD extravaganza for £250.00. Both in their own way seem to be good value, but at opposite ends of the spectrum. Are the soon to be released Wire reissues the middle ground? Any thoughts about this greatly appreciated.


Has anyone tried ordering from Amzon UK ? I have tried kicking off through the SDE link but the Amazon link itself does not seem to function.

Paul W

Any body have any idea what the corect price will be at the moment it all over the place


I like the way you have got “strictly limited” in quotation marks – how limited do we think 2500 units is? I think if it was 250 or 500 you could say limited but 2500 seems enough for everyone and then some, especially as the price will put a lot of people off and the studio albums are already in the fans collections in decent quality. I know they dont want to split the live and studio stuff but they may end up doing so, depending on how the numbers shift. However this is a brave and bold project and I take my hat off to those involved.

Paul W

Could someone please tell why ,this boxset is so much money.I just dont get how the come up eith the price

Tim Joseph

Nice to see that Live Dates 2 is included. Am I right in thinking that has never been issued on CD, apart from a quickly-withdrawn Japanese CD?


Not quite: released in 2012 on Real Gone Music in the US (https://www.amazon.com/Live-Dates-II-Wishbone-Ash/dp/B0073GQX2I/), other labels elsewhere. Still in print.

Colin Harper

A heads up for those who may be interested – Andy Powell has written a terrific piece on his 60s influences for Shindig! magazine, out in early March. I helped a bit with the editing – terrific stuff, with several unseen images and plenty of new information.


This is killer. Can’t wait to hear the 2 live versions of So Many Things To Say from the 1973 shows. It’s one of my favorite WA songs from what is an album that constantly gets panned because of “bad sound”. My original copy of the LP sounds fucking great. I think to many people just like to complain and nitpick, especially on the SH forum.

Chris Wilson

I’m now in a dilemma. Wishbone Ash were one of my favourite bands through school and Uni. and all the albums get an airing two or three times a year. Do I sell all my Wishbone Ash Japanese Mini LP SHM CDs to fund this?


As a fan from the mid-70s, I am looking forward to this release. I agree with a previous poster that There’s the Rub and New England are both sonic highlights but the Ted Turner incarnation has probably better stood the test of time. IIRC the later albums were somewhat hit and miss as Laurie Wisefield’s songwriting influence came to the fore. I have not seen the Martin Turner version of the band but if you get the chance to see the AP version you will not be disappointed. The musicianship on show is stunning and the new guitarist more than fills Ted’s shoes. Even the new material sounds good!

Larry Davis

Well, first time I ever really heard of the band was my friend Mark saying a coupla years ago that Wishbone Ash was one of his fave bands, or British bands, don’t remember, and I should check em out…I did my research and heard samples…not exactly my thing…but maybe I should re-listen because I recently expanded my listening repertoire…more bluesy/proggy/experimental stuff, more than just pop/powerpop…still, this set is great for the hardcore/completist fan, but a bit much/expensive for someone like me…still, I love that releases like this are coming out in the wake of certain stores not selling CDs anymore…


Paul Wren – it’s also about all the albums being newly remastered.
Alte Venema – I doubt that you’ll find this box at half price at any point in the future. The, similar (& very wonderful) Steve Hillage box has never dropped below its original £200 price tag.

Mark Turrell

Wow! Who saw this coming …
Have to save the pennies.

Gis Bun

Seriously, while the average price per CD is decent, who’s going to for over $300 US for this [particularly if you have a good chunk of it].
Would of been better splitting into 2 or three sets.

Murray Robbins

Great that Martin and Andy have reached some degree of a rapprochement with this set.
I prefer Martin’s band personally due to the fact that his vocals bring authenticity, and his genius bass playing (a real player’s player), but Andy has all the cards in the argument.

Reading the two books by the respective protagonists is both fascinating and tragic.

ASs for the recorded legacy, There’s the Rub is a sonic stand out and a real Hi-Fi show off LP. I said this to A.P. at Frome’s Chese and Grain last year and he agreed. He and his wife laughed when I commented that Bill Szymczyk was worth his weight in gold in Scrabble! A.P. then said that when Ash heard the play back of the final take, they were blown away. That and New England are stunning.

Chris Squires

JUST when I had promised myself I would be good I go and get a 10% off ticket from jpc…. Still not sure I will jump in just yet. BUT as was being said on the bloody superb Saturday Deluxe (deluxury?) thread they have confirmed and committed to a given number…which will help concentrate minds. It will be a game of brinkmanship.

I got into Wishbone Ash by accident in 1980 I was a 13 year old mad Oldfield fan and was reading everything I could find about the man and I came across a review for Ommadawn which was far and away my favourite piece of music in the whole wide world at that very point and the review said something along the lines of and I really am paraphrasing what I can remember “The end of side one has the most stunning guitar orgasm that Wishbone Ash never wrote” and from then on I had to explore, it helped that I then discovered my best mate’s elder brother was into them and knocked up a cassette for me (home taping is killing music! – yup, that’ll be it).

Paul Wren

This is a tricky one for me as I have all the studio albums and three already released live albums. So it’s all about the eight unreleased live shows versus the price. Maybe these will see separate release later on via CD and vinyl? Terrific band.

Alte Venema

Big price, it’s a shame. My experience year after year is that a few month’s later you can buy these boxes for half the price on the record fairs en record shops.
And is this what people want.


Takes me back, not listened to some Ash in years. Might need to pusuade my good lady to get this as a very early birthday present. The twin guitars were an influence on Iron Maiden. And F#U#B#B does stand for what you think it does.


Stumbled upon this set, on the Burning Shed website, a couple of months ago whilst deciding whether or not to buy a Russian bootleg copy of the hard-to-find ‘Number The Brave’ cd. Took about five seconds to add to basket. Seriously looking forward to this box.


Would really love a copy of this after Mad Fish did such a great job on the Steve Hillage box set.
Only problem – no more bloody storage space. Agghhhhh!!!!


Love me some Ash…did John Wetton ever perform live concert with the band in his short time with them?

Colin Harper

From memory of helping Andy Powell with his autobiography, no – just the one studio album. Andy recalls John’s involvement in that one album as having been based on something of a misunderstanding – John being led to believe by WA’s manager, or his own manager, that he (John) would have a leading role in terms of songwriting and singing, when it fact the band was a kind of ensemble, with other voices, as it were, in the mix.

It intrigued me to find that, because of the bubble of a heavy touring musician in the 70s, Andy was really unaware of John Wetton’s previous singing role in King Crimson – he only knew him as a bass player from his time pre-KC with Mogul Thrash, who had shared bills with WA in the early days. We assume that every prominent musician knows every other prominent musicians CV, but not so – certainly not pre-Internet, when a successful musician was spending a great deal of time on the road and taking care of (their) business.


Thanks for the insight…I figured he didn’t…and thankfully Asia was released about a year after his WA time.


This one deserves a proper unboxing video!

Colin Harper

I was beginning to think you must really dislike Wishbone Ash, Paul! :-)

Andy A

Pre-ordered a while back through the wonderful Burning Shed. One of the last few remaining Classic Rock acts who’s back-catalogue is all over the place. Really looking forward to this.