Woodstock / 50th anniversary sets

39-disc uber box • 10CD super deluxe • 5LP set • 3CD

The 50th anniversary of legendary music festival Woodstock is to be celebrated with what one can only describe as a quite exhaustive, nay exhausting, set of releases later this year.

Between August 15-18, 1969, more than 400,000 people converged on Max Yasgur’s 600-acre dairy farm in upstate New York for Woodstock. 32 turns performed over the weekend including Joan Baez, The Band, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Sly and the Family Stone, and The Who.

Woodstock 50: Back To The Garden: The Anniversary Collection is available as a 3CD, 5LP, 10CD and – Bloody Noraa limited 38CD and blu-ray set! The 38CD experience has 432 songs, 267 of them previously unreleased, and features virtually every note played on the stage that weekend. As well as what they’re calling ‘sonic memorabilia’ such as stage announcements about brown acid, it being a ‘free concert from now on’ and – we’re presuming – any issues arising in the car park or people trying to locate their lost kids or minds (man).

The 10CD version features 162 tracks across and (along with the really big box) is the first Woodstock collection to feature live recordings of every performer at the festival. The vinyl version is a 42-track 5LP set with a 3CD edition mirroring this track listing.

The big 38CD+blu-ray package

The big 38CD edition is available from Rhino’s US site and also via the European store as well). It’s $800 in the USA and a bit over £600 over here. It looks like it’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) only.

Orders placed with Rhino for the big box will include exclusive Dale Saltzman 18×15 lithographs based on banners from the original festival. And a free hippy, a square inch of actual farmland and some vintage LSD* (*not really).

5LP edition of Woodstock 50: Back to the Garden

Think that’s probably enough? Oh no! Vinyl Me Please will have a special 10 LP package (due in early August) limited to 1,000 units pressed on tie-dyed-style coloured vinyl!  This set contains Woodstock Vols. 1, 2, 3 and 4, which haven’t been in print on vinyl since 2009.

The three-CD, ten-CD and 5LP vinyl editions of Woodstock: Back to the Garden – 50th Anniversary Experience are released 28 June 2019. The massive box will ship on 2 August.

Woodstock 50 – Back to the Garden: The Anniversary Collection 10 CD set

CD 1

Richie Havens

  1. Hello!
  2. From The Prison /Get Together/ From The Prison
  3. High Flying Bird
  4. With A Little Help From My Friends
  5. Handsome Johnny
  6. Freedom
  7. It seems there are a few cars blocking the road – John Morris


  1. Look Out
  2. Day Song
  3. Two Worlds

Bert Sommer

  1. Jennifer
  2. And When It’s Over
  3. America
  4. Smile
  5. Let’s see how bright it can be – John Morris

Tim Hardin

  1. How Can We Hang On To A Dream
  2. If I Were A Carpenter
  3. Reason To Believe
  4. Misty Roses
  5. We’re a pretty big city right now- John Morris

CD 2

  1. Somebody, somewhere is giving out some flat blue acid – John Morris

Ravi Shankar

  1. Raga Manj Kmahaj


  1. Momma Momma
  2. Beautiful People
  3. Mr. Tambourine Man
  4. Birthday Of The Sun
  5. It’s a free concert from now on – John Morris

Arlo Guthrie

  1. Coming Into Los Angeles
  2. Lotta freaks!
  3. Wheel Of Fortune
  4. Walking Down The Line
  5. Every Hand In The Lan
  6. Let’s just make the festival, not the other stuff – John Morris

Joan Baez

  1. The Last Thing On My Mind
  2. I Shall Be Released
  3. He already had a very, very good hunger strike going
  4. Joe Hill
  5. Drug Store Truck Drivin’ Man – featuring Jeffrey Shurtleff
  6. That brings us fairly close to the dawn – John Morris
  7. I guess the reason we’re here is music – John Morris


  1. They Live The Life
  2. That’s How I Eat

CD 3

  1. Can those of you in the back hear well? – Chip Monck

Country Joe McDonald

  1. Janis
  2. Donovan’s Reef
  3. The Fish Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die Rag
  4. Those wishing to be lost, those wishing to be found – Chip Monck


  1. Savor
  2. Jingo
  3. Persuasion
  4. Soul Sacrifice
  5. An exciting set is understandable – Chip Monck

John B. Sebastian

  1. How Have You Been
  2. Rainbows All Over Your Blues
  3. I Had A Dream
  4. Darling Be Home Soon

The Keef Hartley Band

  1. Halfbreed Medley: Sinning For You>Leaving Trunk>Just To Cry>Sinning For You
  2. Bring Jerry’s nitroglycerin pills to the Indian Pavilion – Chip Monck

CD 4

  1. Go to Mr. Lang’s office right away – Chip Monck

The Incredible String Band

  1. Invocation
  2. The Letter
  3. Gather ‘Round
  4. When You Find Out Who You Are
  5. If things aren’t going well for you or whatever – Chip Monck & Hugh Romney

Canned Heat

  1. Going Up The Country
  2. Woodstock Boogie
  3. Can we have a little juice on this other microphone, please? – Bob Hite & Chip Monck
  4. On The Road Again
  5. It’s your own trip – Chip Monck

CD 5

  1. We’ll take care of that right away – Chip Monck


  1. Theme For An Imaginary Western
  2. Long Red
  3. Who Am I But You And The Sun (For Yasgur’s Farm)
  4. Southbound Train
  5. Open your eyes wide – Chip Monck & Joshua White
  6. So many people have been able to participate in such a debacle – Ken Babbs

Grateful Dead

  1. Mama Tried
  2. It’s a sinister plot! – Ken Babbs, Country Joe McDonald, et al
  3. Dark Star
  4. High Time
  5. You’re carrying Janis’s wah-wah pedals – John Morris

Creedence Clearwater Revival

  1. Green River
  2. Bad Moon Rising
  3. I Put A Spell On You
  4. It’s going to be a very long evening – Chip Monck

CD 6

Janis Joplin

  1. To Love Somebody
  2. Kozmic Blues
  3. Piece Of My Heart
  4. Music’s for grooving, man
  5. Ball And Chain
  6. Just in case you should get any ideas about leaving – Chip Monck

Sly & The Family Stone

  1. Medley: Everyday People>Dance To The Music>Music Lover>I Want To Take You Higher
  2. Are you supposed to be up there rapping? No, man. – Abbie Hoffman & stagehand

The Who

  1. I Can’t Explain
  2. Pinball Wizard
  3. I can dig it – Abbie Hoffman & Pete Townshend
  4. We’re Not Gonna Take It
  5. Shakin’ All Over
  6. My Generation
  7. Welcome this new day – Chip Monck

CD 7

Jefferson Airplane

  1. The Other Side Of This Life
  2. Somebody To Love
  3. Let’s play it out of tune – Grace Slick
  4. 3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds
  5. Won’t You Try/Saturday Afternoon
  6. We got a whole lot of orange and it was fine – Grace Slick
  7. Plastic Fantastic Lover
  8. Volunteers
  9. If you’re too tired to chew, pass it on – Hugh Romney
  10. The roads are fairly clear now – John Morris
  11. This is the largest group of people ever assembled in one place – Max Yasgur

Joe Cocker

  1. Dear Landlord
  2. Feelin’ Alright
  3. Let’s Go Get Stoned
  4. Hitchcock Railway
  5. With A Little Help From My Friends
  6. Isn’t the rain beautiful? – John Morris, Barry Melton, rainstorm & audience

CD 8

Country Joe & The Fish

  1. Rock And Soul Music
  2. Love
  3. Silver And Gold
  4. Rock And Soul Music (Reprise)

Ten Years After

  1. Help Me
  2. I’m Going Home
  3. Come down and say hello to us – Chip Monck

The Band

  1. Chest Fever
  2. Tears Of Rage
  3. This Wheel’s On Fire
  4. I Shall Be Released
  5. The Weight
  6. We’ve just had a slight change in running order – Chip Monck

CD 9

  1. It’s really a drag – Chip Monck

Johnny Winter

  1. Leland Mississippi Blues
  2. Mean Town Blues
  3. Johnny B. Goode
  4. It just doesn’t seem to be necessary – Chip Monck

Blood, Sweat & Tears

  1. More And More
  2. Spinning Wheel
  3. Smiling Phases
  4. You’ve Made Me So Very Happy

Crosby, Stills & Nash

  1. Tell ’em who we are, man
  2. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
  3. Blackbird
  4. Marrakesh Express

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

  1. Sea Of Madness
  2. Wooden Ships
  3. Bummer!
  4. 49 Bye-Byes

CD 10

The Butterfield Blues Band

  1. No Amount Of Loving
  2. Love March
  3. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Sha Na Na

  1. Test – Chip Monck & Sha Na Na
  2. Get A Job
  3. Come Go With Me
  4. Silhouettes
  5. At The Hop
  6. Duke Of Earl
  7. Get A Job (Reprise)
  8. Thank you for making all this possible – Chip Monck

Jimi Hendrix

  1. Hear My Train A Comin’
  2. Izabella
  3. The Star Spangled Banner>Purple Haze
  4. Good wishes, good day, and a good life – Chip Monck

Woodstock 50 – Back to the Garden: The Anniversary Collection 3CD

CD 1

  1. Handsome Johnny – Richie Havens
  2. Freedom (Motherless Child) – Richie Havens
  3. Everybody’s ground getting comfortable? – John Morris
  4. Reason To Believe – Tim Hardin
  5. It’s deadly serious, man – John Morris
  6. Coming Into Los Angeles – Arlo Guthrie
  7. Lotta Freaks! – Arlo Guthrie
  8. Drug Store Truck Drivin’ Man – Joan Baez With Jeffrey Shurtleff
  9. Please come down – Chip Monck
  10. The Fish Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die Rag – Country Joe McDonald
  11. Jingo – Santana
  12. Soul Sacrifice – Santana
  13. Helen Savage, please call your father – Chip Monck
  14. Darling Be Home Soon – John B. Sebastian
  15. It’s not poison! – Hugh Romney
  16. Going Up The Country – Canned Heat
  17. On The Road Again – Canned Heat

CD 2

  1. Country common sense! – Chip Monck, Country Joe Mcdonald, Ken Babbs
  2. Dark Star – Grateful Dead
  3. We’ve got the keys to your house – John Morris
  4. Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival
  5. I Put A Spell On You – Creedence Clearwater Revival
  6. Kozmic Blues – Janis Joplin
  7. Piece Of My Heart – Janis Joplin
  8. Medley: Dance To The Music /Music Lover /I Want To Take You Higher – Sly & The Family Stone
  9. We’re Not Gonna Take It – The Who
  10. My Generation – The Who
  11. Somebody To Love – Jefferson Airplane
  12. Volunteers – Jefferson Airplane
  13. We must be in heaven, man! – Hugh Romney

CD 3

  1. I think you people have proven something to the world – Max Yasgur
  2. With A Little Help From My Friends – Joe Cocker
  3. Looks like we’re gonna get a little bit of rain – John Morris
  4. I’m Going Home – Ten Years After
  5. The Weight – The Band
  6. Spinning Wheel – Blood, Sweat & Tears
  7. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes – Crosby, Stills & Nash
  8. Sea Of Madness – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  9. Wooden Ships – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  10. Love March – The Butterfield Blues Band
  11. At The Hop – Sha Na Na
  12. It’s been a delight seeing you – Chip Monck

Woodstock – Back to the Garden – 50th Anniversary Experience (5LP)

  1. Handsome Johnny – Richie Havens
  2. Freedom (Motherless Child) – Richie Havens
  3. Everybody’s ground getting comfortable? – John Morris
  4. Reason To Believe – Tim Hardin
  5. It’s deadly serious, man – John Morris
  6. Coming Into Los Angeles – Arlo Guthrie
  7. Lotta Freaks! – Arlo Guthrie
  8. Drug Store Truck Drivin’ Man – Joan Baez With Jeffrey Shurtleff
  9. Please come down – Chip Monck
  10. The Fish Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die Rag – Country Joe McDonald
  11. Jingo – Santana
  12. Soul Sacrifice – Santana
  13. Helen Savage, please call your father – Chip Monck
  14. Darling Be Home Soon – John B. Sebastian
  15. It’s not poison! – Hugh Romney
  16. Going Up The Country – Canned Heat
  17. On The Road Again – Canned Heat
  18. Country common sense! – Chip Monck, Country Joe Mcdonald, Ken Babbs
  19. Dark Star – Grateful Dead
  20. We’ve got the keys to your house – John Morris
  21. Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival
  22. I Put A Spell On You – Creedence Clearwater Revival
  23. Kozmic Blues – Janis Joplin
  24. Piece Of My Heart – Janis Joplin
  25. Medley: Dance To The Music / Music Lover / I Want To Take You Higher – Sly & The Family Stone
  26. We’re Not Gonna Take It – The Who
  27. My Generation – The Who
  28. Somebody To Love – Jefferson Airplane
  29. Volunteers – Jefferson Airplane
  30. We must be in heaven, man! – Hugh Romney
  31. I think you people have proven something to the world – Max Yasgur
  32. With A Little Help From My Friends – Joe Cocker
  33. Looks like we’re gonna get a little bit of rain – John Morris
  34. I’m Going Home – Ten Years After
  35. The Weight – The Band
  36. Spinning Wheel – Blood, Sweat & Tears
  37. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes – Crosby, Stills & Nash
  38. Sea Of Madness – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  39. Wooden Ships – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  40. Love March – The Butterfield Blues Band
  41. At The Hop – Sha Na Na
  42. It’s been a delight seeing you – Chip Monck

Woodstock – Back to the Garden – 50th Anniversary Experience 38CD+blu-ray

Includes Full Performances by the Following Artists (In Chronological Order)

  1. Richie Havens
  2. Sweetwater
  3. Bert Sommer
  4. Tim Hardin
  5. Ravi Shankar
  6. Melanie
  7. Arlo Guthrie
  8. Joan Baez
  9. Quill
  10. Country Joe McDonald
  11. Santana
  12. John B. Sebastian
  13. The Keef Hartley Band
  14. The Incredible String Band
  15. Canned Heat
  16. Mountain
  17. Grateful Dead
  18. Creedence Clearwater Revival
  19. Janis Joplin
  20. Sly & The Family Stone
  21. The Who
  22. Jefferson Airplane
  23. Joe Cocker
  24. Country Joe & The Fish
  25. Ten Years After
  26. The Band
  27. Johnny Winter
  28. Blood, Sweat & Tears
  29. Crosby, Stills & Nash
  30. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  31. The Butterfield Blues Band
  32. Sha Na Na
  33. Jimi Hendrix

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Preordered the 38 CD and it has yet to be delivered .
Rhino/Warners has ignored my telephone and email requests for an explaination. One rep promised roger back to me but nothing. I have beentryingsinceAug 8th to get an answer. Always knew Rhino as a helpful company until this misadventure.

paul walstra

They did indeed not respond quickly to questions about delivery which concerned me at the time as this was not a cd I picked up in the bargain bin (the 38 disc set), but quite an investment.
there were issues with them moving warehouse it seems.
anyway – I finally received my set yesterday – haven’t heard a single note of it yet as I want to make sure I have time to properly listen when I get round to it.
But very pleased with it – whether the art work is to your taste or not, whether you like or dislike paperbacks, doesn’t matter – it is a piece of history and this version is the most complete reease you’re likely to ever get. Enjoy!


This seems to be an example of the old but effective sales technique called ‘The Decoy Effect’ in which the vendor shows you three options with the goal of steering you subliminally towards the middle option which is still an expensive one. In this case, most of us swiftly ruled out the ludicrously-expensive $800 USD 38-CD box containing a disc of grasshoppers farting, contractors vacuuming out the Porta-Potties, etc. and gravitated almost immediately towards the 10 CD set which seemed like the more sensible option and the best value. We felt relieved and glad at ‘only’ spending $130 USD, or whatever the price of the set was that day.

(By making this point, I like to think I’m sort of the 2019 equivalent of that yippie activist bloke who got up on stage during The Who’s set, saying something to the effect of “The whole thing stinks, man!”, and got clobbered by Pete Townsend for his efforts).

This BBC article describes the technique in more detail: https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20190801-the-trick-that-makes-you-overspend


Hey Alex, that is possibly one of the best reviews I ever read. What were you expecting? Rhino were quite open about what was in it, and if you are buying a wooden box with its own “belt buckle” it was never going to be small. I hope it’s a piss take review as that was a lot of money to spend to be so disappointed. Either way brilliant write up, perhaps come back when you have listened to it and let us know what you think to the sound and music, but be warned there’s a 40 minute version of grateful dead dead performing turn on your lovelight,, you may want to skip that, though I hear they play in colour…..


Just got my 38 disc set yesterday. Sooo…I don’t know what to do with the belt buckle around it so that frankly pisses me off because I don’t know how to store it at the moment off hand. The other two things that piss me off are the paperback book that has the track listings but not the running time of either the songs or the total time of the c.d.s individually. I imagine that that is because they are far less than an hour, huh? That usually seems to be the case with audio releases when they do not disclose so. The other issues with the paperback book is that, well it’s paper back and I HATE paper backs. With that said what I hate more than that are black and white pictures. Think for a minute every single mother fkn’ black and white photograph you have seen over the past one hundred years. Every single one of them did not have to be black and white for all sorts of reasons. You want to know why? Because it saves whomever money. Not the prescribed idea that it is “artful” which ought to raise a bunch of red flags to begin with. So the paper back book in this set that costed me hundreds of dollars is cheaply and lazily done. BUT I imagine that is what everyone else would tell me is what I get for buying it in the first place.


Hey Alex…. I’d be HAPPY to take the box set (that you seem to be unhappy with) for your cost PLUS shipping…lol

Actually I got the set a few days ago and I LOVE it. The price includes getting ALL the artists paid, and a shitload of work (a labour of love… and a little money) into a small edition of 1,969 sets that BTW, are SOLD OUT…. so I have a friend who’d love a copy if your unhappy and so inclined.


For heaven’s sake nobody tells you anything, at least I, if anything the problem is anything but. After waiting half a century for the complete Woodstock concert, they finally put it on sale in a limited edition of 1969 copies at an unacceptable price of $ 800. This is the unacceptable thing.
Do you understand that music is not for a select few, but of all? Surely you have made sacrifices to be able to afford it and as you say RHINO did a hard job. As far as I’m concerned, I made appeals to RHINO, to Michael Lang on all the social networks, nobody answered. I have found no protests, it may be because those of my generation no longer care about anything even though I have so many friends that the 60s / 70s have not lived them yet they follow that music.
What else to say, I am close to you and I salute you


moan, moan, moan nothing positive to say then?
Black & White has far more definition than color does and… Thin for a minute… if the film loaded is black and white then the photos taken will be, duh!!! Can’t miraculously make them into color unless it’s faked

Nigel Burnap

Shame that those who worked on such an historic reissue have failed to include any of the Jimi Hendrix set on the 3cd set.
He was the most expensive artist paid and the star spangled banner wrapped up an unbelievable weekend.
The Warner 4cd box set has yet to be beaten on this occasion and I appreciate the Hendrix set is available on separate cd but really come on now.

Alan Blevin

Hendrix estate refused to allow the 2 tracks Larry Lee sang lead on to be included.Hendrix estate refused to allow Brian and Andy to remix it.Hendrix estate refused to allow any tracks to be included on the 3 disc version.
The producers worked on getting clearances for this for nearly 15 years.It was only the 50 year European copyright law that persuaded many of the artists to give permission.That and a very generous royalty rate which explains much of the price.

Erik van der Scheer

that’s for the 10 cd box, the 38 cd set is a bit more expensieve


Creedence Clearwater Revival will release their full set on CD and LP on August 2, 2019.

Paul Berney

I’m so excited by this. But the price of the bigger sets is insane. And the middle one, while much cheaper than the 39 Disc set, seems very expensive for something still so incomplete, despite the 10 CDs. I personally have a great interest in the 3 CD set, but I have two issues. 1st – Why not include a track from every act? Over 30 acts, the set has 42 tracks, so a track per artist was not too much to ask. 2nd – No Jimi Hendrix performance from the festival on the 3 CDs? Not even the iconic Star Spangled Banner? That feels so deliberately mean-spirited. Almost an attempt at blackmailing the customer. Holding back on Hendrix to make people spring for the 10 disc set? It’ll never work, people can enjoy much of Woodstock elsewhere, but I still find it spiteful to not include a Hendrix highlight on the shorter comp. Greed can cost custom, and it might just with me.


I have no interest in the entire festival audio, but I’m glad it’s being released for future generations.
There are enough major acts involved that I hope that they’ll release their own full concerts as separate albums in the future.


What horrible cover art!


A reference to the ramblings of the Duke Wodingtonshire might be little over the top in my mind.
That is until I went to the Rhino site & read the entire 432 song list. Bloody Nora indeed!! An entire disc of stage announcements!! I was only 7 years old @ the time but saw the movie when I was 16 @ a midnight movie theatre and I guess it was kind of like very cool (man). Maybe you had to be there


I think I’ll wait until they issue the 60th Anniversary Virtual Reality Version for $19,690 USD. It’s rumoured to include: several hours of queuing for the toilets; several more hours of queuing for the payphones; whizzing down a mudslide with no trousers on; trashing one of the Food For Love stalls in outrage over the hot-dog prices; getting stuck in a traffic jam, only to find that the NY State Thruway is closed (man); getting run over by a tractor; and taking a dip in Filippini pond. (Not necessarily in that order).

Juan Tomapasca

Dear Dave, you’re absolutely right.
Greetings from Lima, Peru.


Wow what a set, i would be amazed if the Who’s legendary complete set is not released at some point individually. Fans have been waiting for it a long, long time, it’s certainly been rumoured to have it’s own issue for a while. Jimi Hendrix’s complete Woodstock was issued in 2010, so a stand alone release for The Who would be most welcome. Let’s hope sooner than later … :-)


Yes they released Hendrix “supposedly” complete Woodstock……but was still missing two of my favorite of Jimi’s mellow beautiful jams Mastermind and Gypsy Woman (Impressions), hard to get on Bootlegs only. That would be great to see. Hopefully they would have cleaned Larry Lee’s guitar leads out as he was out of tune for about half the concert except for these two songs, the opposite of the official word why they never released them

The German (Don't mention ... well, you know)



Does anyone know if a DVD or Blu Ray of all surviving footage will be released? Been longing to see The Who’s complete set since I was a kid!

Anthony DeMaria

According to the Rhino site, the time for Janis Joplin’s introduction of Snooky Flowers – “This is Snooky Flowers” and I CAN’T TURN YOU LOOSE add up to 7: 37. This is still leaves out almost two minutes of the actual performance but is an improvement over the just over five minutes which the intro and performance of the song on the purported “complete” Janis Joplin: The Woodstock Experience CD released in 2009 was cut. The total time for the intro of Snooky and the song should be just over nine and a half minutes. What is being edited and why? Is it Snooky’s comment, “Get your hands from under your girlfriend’s dress for a minute,” while exhorting the crowd to get into the music which was previously cut? On the 2009 Janis Joplin: The Woodstock Experience, in addition to the omission of Snooky’s comment, the part of the song where Joplin was singing was cut. What were they thinking? The Great Dane four CD bootleg, Woodstock: The Lost Performances, which includes Joplin’s performance bears this out, as it has the complete song minus the Snooky intro and comes in at 8:49.

Andy Zax

Anthony, the listed time is too short–thanks for the catch; I’ll get it fixed– but I can assure you that the uncut full-length version of “I Can’t Turn You Loose” is included in the box.


Hey Paul. Not listing the 38 CD track list [when you get it]? :-)

brian mckeen

save $42 by ordering from the UK and shipped to the US…eliminated having to pay $50 tax

David M

I got the 40th anniversary 6 disc set new for 7.50 pounds! Seems to have a good chunk of what is selling for over 100 pounds now. Rip off! Anyone buying the full set has serious completist problems and should be awarded it for free of they can get through it twice…


You don‘t need to order it which is good for you. I ordered it as a gift for my wife‘s 50th birthday in August ;-:
And additionally we‘ll be in Watkins Glen if the festival will happen. You see there are a lot of crazy people out there :-D

Jarmo Keranen

I couldn’t resist this and make an order. Total cost was about 800 euros. I was 10 years old when Woodstock happened. At the end of July i’m 60 years old. In August Woodstock is 50. That was good enough reason to order this. Happy birthday to myself! Hope you enjoy your present!

paul wren

The Vinyl Me Please link is live right now and pre-orders are being taken at $280 plus postage.

David regan

You say 5 formats but only mention 4?

SDE Hall of Fame

No, the 10LP set is the fifth format.


…and I should have added, the two Larry Lee sung songs from the Hendrix set are easily found in SBD quality if you look hard enough… …at the same time you’ll find the full Hendrix set in the correctly played order…


I was only seven at the time of the festival itself, but like others, saw the film first at a late night double bill at an independent cinema with some like minded school mate, music nerds when I was in my mid-teens. Can’t remember what the other film was. Was Herzog’s ‘Aguirre, the Wrath of God’ already out at that point: we were always going to see that??
I’ve had the two, original vinyl sets for years. Then bought them on CD, followed by the four CD box in whenever, and finally the six CD thing a few years ago. Oh yes, and the simultaneously released box of five bands including a contemporary released studio album, plus their Woodstock set. Finally, the ‘multi disc releases’ of bootleg origin, easily available to torrent for years now. Still, there were still gaps that I needed to fill.
So although this is bloody expensive, this was a no brainer! Got an e mail late Thursday/early Friday from dead.net, quickly worked out it was cheaper to buy from Rhino Europe direct, and ‘pressed the button’.
My only other purchases this year have been the Dead and Dylan RSD things, and I’ve pre-ordered the Aoxomoxoa 50th thing, and the Rolling Thunder box set using some Amazon tokens, so I’ve sort of justified it to myself. It just means the new Crimson box set and Neil Young Tuscaloosa vinyl purchases will be delayed for a few months, and I’ll just have to hope no other biggies are released until the autumn.
Still, if my wife asks, you don’t know…!

bruce kelso

by the time we got to Woodstock- money was in the air and the sound of a million cash registers was ringin . experience Hendrix REMIXED,EDITED AND RUINED the gypys, sons and rainbows set years ago. why wont they just put out the COMPLETE show with no edits etc. ? don’t they know by NOW there are NO new jimi hendrix collectors. if they miss this chance there will never be another.

David Fisher

Heaven! I’ve always been nuts about Woodstock. Amazing performances and groovy vibe (unless you were actually there by many accounts – note Pete Townshend’s comments for instance.) So I just ordered the 39 disc box AND the 10 LP “tie-dyed” vinyl bundle. (You’d think the process of immersing the twisted and knotted vinyl in a bucket of ink would have a detrimental effect on the playback quality but I’ll take that risk – form over function every time.) Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I am going to be seriously poor after this but can’t wait to get a hold of it. I was about 2 and a half when the festival happened but can now relive the entire 3 day event under the influence of the tab of acid that Paul says is in the box (pure Owsley, not the “not specifically too good” brown variety I hope.) Now I wonder how that’s gonna clear customs? (Yes I know that was a joke before anyone tries to helpfully disabuse me of this fantasy. I’ll take that bit “with a pinch of salt.”)


Would be nice for the 3-CD set to have Jimi’s Star Spangled Banner and Purple Haze, at a minimum. But I already have the DVD of his Woodstock performance, so not a huge loss.

I’d quibble more about some other tracks missing from the 3-CD set, including Feelin’ Alright by Joe Cocker, Come Back Baby by Jefferson Airplane, Try (Just a Little Bit Harder) by Janis Joplin, and High Flyin’ Bird by Ritchie Havens. So I’m on the fence for this set. Anything longer than 3 CDs is just too much for me.


There’s probably a bunch of people out there who were at the concert and heard all this for free and are now being fleeced for several hundred quid to hear it again on CD!


well…they are rich pensionners now :-P karma

Ian E

Purchased the box after two site crashes and a text from my credit card fraud dept. All designed to stop my splurge but foiled! I paid £632 and I’m happy at that. I bought the 40th anniversary set and was tantalised by the compiler saying that a full release had been considered. Now it has. I love this festival from my sofa. I’m sure I would have not liked the discomfort of being there!


The 38-CD super-duper deluxe box Woodstock 50 ironically still doesn’t include all the songs each artist performed during their set, plus one’s lifespan won’t allow one to have time enough to listen to the whole thing. The 3-CD or 5-LP versions of Woodstock 50 might have been of interest — but wha-a-a-t, NO HENDRIX!! Well, at least there’s plenty more public announcements added, so “far out, man — we must be in heaven!”

Looking back 50 years, Woodstock now feels more like phony-college-student-hippy-euphoria, because the ‘peace, love and understanding’ mantra, which premised the music festival, soon faded away a few short years later. Many from the Woodstock generation eventually graduated from college (some with an MBA), and traded in their tie-die t-shirts, Volkswagen buses and glass bongs, for business suits, BMWs and Grey Goose vodka martinis. I guess the announcement about the ‘brown acid’ should have been “Warning: this drug may make you more conservative than your parents!” Well, at least some of the music was good.

Eric Thiessen

It’s only missing 3 – two by Hendrix his estate asked to be not used and a Sha-Na-Na song that too much of the recording as missing to be repaired. The travesty is the over $21 per disc selling price.


Eric, there are more than 3 missing. The “Woodstock Experience” double CD titles that came out during 2010 through 2012, including “Jimi Hendrix Live at Woodstock”, “Santana: The Woodstock Experience,” Johnny Winter: The Woodstock Experience,” et al., contain the complete playing set from each featured artist. That’s double (or more) songs in most cases than what is being offered on the super deluxe Woodstock 50 box set.

Perhaps it may have been better if Rhino divided the anniversary box set into separate numbered volumes with each artist’s performance unabridged. This would have allowed Woodstock fans the choice of purchasing only those volumes that featured the portions of the concert they like best, or so a music completist (who cannot afford to max out his credit card or miss a car payment), could acquire the entire 3-day concert over a period of time that better fits into his budget.


Michael, you’re not looking at the correct track listing for the 38CD set. It’s here:

Larry Davis

To be honest, I’d rather have a 38CD box of every “Outlaw Country Cruise” there was…#5 is coming up end of January next year, I was on #4 a few months ago, and that was the biggest blast ever…saw 39 concerts on it, each one 80-90 minutes, full sets, tons of cool collaborations, the works… better music than Woodstock ’69, although, at the time, that lineup WAS 1969’s version of punk rock…

David B

Excellent news .. many thanks for the update ..


I bought theWoodstock triple vinyl s/track back in 1977 when I was fifteen and punk was raging all around. I can’t explain why but I’ve always had a fascination with this festival. A couple of years later I got the Woodstock 2 double album then got to see the film as part of an all night rock film festival alongside Born To Boogie, Pink Floyd At Pompeii and The Song Remains The Same – not a bad bill at all! Later on came the extended DVD of the film. Great stuff!
Jump forward to 2009 and I grabbed the six CD fortieth anniversary set plus the updated 4 DVD film set along with the Woodstock Diaries made to commemorate the 20th or 30th anniversary; I can’t remember which.
And now we come to the big one – 50 years and OMG what a way to celebrate.
I’ve worked out that I could pay off the 38 disc set in about three and a half months but the main problem is a) sneaking into the house without anyone else being any the wiser about it, and b) where in the name of Zeus’s butthole am I going to store the damn thing? I have nowhere to put it and it looks like a pretty big box/package judging by the photos. But this still remains a thing of rare beauty whatever the outcome; it’s something I have been dreaming of for some considerable time, and even mentioned it on SDE back in January when we all putting forward our suggestions/hopes for box sets in 2019. So should I instead go for the ten disc set? That would be nice except that it duplicates quite a bit of stuff from the aforementioned six disc set. It’s a shame that the compilers could not have fixed so that the six and ten disc sets could sit side by side without any duplication. Anyway, I’m gonna have to have a lie down and study track listings in full.now. There’s a lot of work to be done here…
Oh does anybody know do Warners Store charge credit cards upfront on pre-orders?

Ian E

I paid £632 Simon. I assume they took the entire lot up front as I had a text from my barclaycard asking to confirm the transaction. I took the view that the 10cd version was only a bit of an improvement over the 40th 6 cd version. And I would regret not picking this box up if I passed. I was also motivated by a recent post I read somewhere that 55+ something people should not worry about leaving a financial legacy to people who may spend it without thought about how you earned it to pass to them, but should instead spend it on beautiful things for themselves in their own lifetime. Sensible advice that I, aged 58, took onboard! Do it Simon and do it now while there is time.


I probably would Ian, but for two factors; one is the space thing which I mentioned before – there is simply nowhere in my music room to put it without me tripping over it and breaking my neck or it getting damaged somehow and I couldn’t take that. The second is a financial one – I just got hit this week with a massive unexpected bill that has already whacked my credit card total up to well over £300 and we’re only just 12 days into May! I’ll leave you to work out the maths on this one…
I am still pondering over the 10 disc set – by my reckoning and calculations there are 75 music tracks on the 6 disc Woodstock 40 set and 128 music tracks on Woodstock 50.
Out of that 64 are duplicated from W40, leaving, spookily enough another exclusive 64 on W50! Then there are 9 on W40 that did not make it onto W50. So that is a possibility… We shall have to see. Shame about the full set but I have to be realistic, it is just not possible. Anyway, enjoy your set when it arrives Ian – I’m sure you will!


Sorry but no vintage LSD, no sale.

Tim Joseph

I could have sworn CSNY did Find The Cost Of Freedom …


“Find the Cost of Freedom” was the flip side of “Ohio,” released in 1970.


Hmmm. What exactly is that on Disc 38? Appendices and farewells? Im not sure I understand, is it just the stage announcements excised?


Rob, the last disc is snippets of dialogue from attendees.


I am disappointed the big box will not include two Hendrix songs. Supposedly at the request on the Hendrix estate for “purposes of continuity.” What a bunch of BS. I havent seen the full track list but I KNOW it must be the whole Larry Lee issue again!
Also one song from Sha Na Na will not be included as the tape was damaged. This seems a bit suspect also as the Richie Havens masters have been missing (and remain so) since the 70’s so a pristine tape was used.
I applaud Rhino for doing this finally (even if it is for copyright reasons) and I have already thrown down. Andy Zak mentioned a good 10 years ago that he had this whole thing mastered to 30 CD’s and since no one would release it (and get clearance at the time) that he would be sure the Library of Congress, The Smithsonian and the Rock and Roll HOF got a copy. I am sure this will sound amazing, but the Hendrix thing is truly upsetting.


Living in the past ….gonna cost living in the present lol


This reminds me of The Beatles 72 cd Let it Be Day By Day series, sounds a great idea until you try listening to it. I find it a struggle to get through the full film and that’s the highlights.


There is a 83 cd box with the let it be material – and I adore it!


There should be a version where you only pay for the first couple of discs and the rest is free…


Seems to be a beautiful item for sure. But if i bought the Über super deluxe edition that costs a fortune , i would only listen to maybe a maximum of 3/4 of the music played !
Lists of the Artists at Woodstock 69:
Richie Havens
Bert Sommer
Tim Hardin
Ravi Shankar
Arlo Guthrie
Joan Baez
Country Joe McDonald
John B. Sebastian
The Keef Hartley Band
The Incredible String Band
Canned Heat
Grateful Dead
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Janis Joplin
Sly & The Family Stone
The Who
Jefferson Airplane
Joe Cocker
Country Joe & The Fish
Ten Years After
The Band
Johnny Winter
Blood, Sweat & Tears
Crosby, Stills & Nash
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
The Butterfield Blues Band
Sha Na Na
Jimi Hendrix

Warner should release too a complete set on cd and vinyl of some of the artists listed above …

Jeff G.

“Warner should release too a complete set on cd and vinyl of some of the artists listed above …”

That’s what I would go for. I absolutely love the Band, the Who, Jimi, CSN/Y, and Ravi Shankar, and really like the Incredible String Band and Tim Hardin. The rest I could really do without, so no sale for me for any other these sets.


I would love the complete set but the pricing is way too high for me. I am interested in the 5lp version. Will there be a similar price as the USA Amazon price at Amazon UK when it arrives. I am just wondering whether to pre-order from the USA for now which with postage etc comes in at £126

SDE Hall of Fame

Pretty sure they will come through to the UK soon


300 left ?! Now it‘s 299.
I dreamed of the complete CSNY and The Who since I saw the movie first time in 1989. and my whole world had changed…


Fun fact: It will actually take three times as many hours to listen to/watch everything as the length of the festival was.


I also bought the big box. Had to. I was there!!!

Ben In Colorado

About a third of these bands are well known to me. So many others are not. She Na Na was at Woodstock? Egads!

And good old Janis J. Made a career out of singing other people’s songs, badly.

David Bly

Late responding to this, but not only were Sha Na Na at Woodstock, but their appearance in the film actually brought them to the attention of the general public and made their long career a possibility. Had they not been included they would probably never had been known other than by a very few people.

Ivan P

So the closer of the 3CD/5LP is At The Hop, not Star Spangled Banner / Purple Haze? Seriously?

‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky…


I’d rather have a 50th anniversary release of the full 1969 Isle of Wight concert, featuring Bob Dylan, The Band, The Who etc., which took place a few weeks after Woodstock. Failing that, a stand-alone release of Dylan’s, and the Band’s, performance would be welcome.


Though not necessarily “stand alone,” the complete Dylan set was released on the deluxe edition of “Another Self Portrait.”

Paul Prescott