World Party / vinyl reissues

All five studio albums reissued

Karl Wallinger has approved vinyl reissues of World Party‘s five studio albums, including the acclaimed Goodbye Jumbo (1990) and the 1993 hit Bang!

The other long-players are Private Revolution from 1986, Egyptology (1997) and Dumbing Up, which was the last studio album issued way back in 2000.

All the albums will be issued on 180g black vinyl and Dumbing Up (which will be a 2LP set) sees its debut on the format. The schedule is roughly one release a month, starting with Private Revolution in February.

Self-produced and largely self-played by sixties-obsessed Wallinger, World Party has essentially been Karl’s solo project since he left The Waterboys in 1986. ‘They’ released an impressive run of singles in the late eighties and early nineties including ‘Ship Of Fools’, ‘Message in the Box’, ‘Way Down Now’ and ‘Beautiful Dream’ most of which failed to chart, although the sublime ‘Is It Like Today?’ did creep into the UK top 20 helping Bang! reach an impressive – and unlikely – number two position in the British album charts. ‘She’s The One’ from Egyptology was covered by Robbie Williams and reached number one in 1999.

It doesn’t look like there’s any CD reissues to go with the vinyl and anyone expecting some deluxe editions is probably out of luck. When SDE talked to Karl back in 2012 this is what he had to say on the subject: “I don’t like it when you go to buy a CD and it’s got five other tracks at the end that are basically rubbish versions of other tracks on the album. I hate that”. He also doesn’t like greatest hits, only grudgingly releasing 2007’s Best in Show in the USA and Australia when told he needed something to support the tour.

SDE presumes these will be remastered, even though Karl also told us “I’m not really in to remastering tracks we’ve heard before, I don’t really agree with that” (!). We’ll confirm when that information is forthcoming.

All the albums are great, but Goodbye Jumbo is probably World Party’s masterpiece, wonderful catchy pop songs, beautifully recorded, exhibiting a brilliant mesh of influences (Prince, Beatles etc.) and lyrically powerful with a hippy heart delivering messages around ecology and love.

The reissue campaign starts with Private Revolution on 26 February 2021 and moves through the albums every three or four weeks. These are issued on Karl’s own Seaview label. Bang! has the ‘new’ cover art from 2000, which is a bit of a shame. I can’t find any pre-order links for Egyptology, yet.

Private Revolution (1986)

  1. “Private Revolution” (4:01)
  2. “Making Love (To the World)” (2:30)
  3. “Ship of Fools” (4:27)
  4. “All Come True” (5:52)
  5. “Dance of the Hoppy Lads” (0:44)
  6. “It Can Be Beautiful (Sometimes)” (3:00)
  7. “The Ballad of the Little Man” (5:02)
  8. “Hawaiian Island World” (4:20)
  9. “All I Really Want to Do” (4:43)
  10. “World Party” (4:36)
  11. “It’s All Mine” (5:33)

Goodbye Jumbo (1990)

  1. “Is It Too Late?” – 4:24
  2. Way Down Now” – 3:49
  3. “When the Rainbow Comes” – 4:58
  4. “Put the Message in the Box” – 4:16
  5. “Ain’t Gonna Come Till I’m Ready” – 5:05
  6. “And I Fell Back Alone” – 3:57
  7. “Take It Up” – 4:37
  8. “God on My Side” – 4:14
  9. “Show Me to the Top” – 5:15 (contains untitled hidden track beginning at 4:42)
  10. “Love Street” – 4:21
  11. “Sweet Soul Dream” – 4:39
  12. “Thank You World” – 3:47

Bang! (1993)

  1. “Kingdom Come” – 5:27
  2. “Is It Like Today?” – 5:11
  3. “What Is Love All About?” – 4:06
  4. “And God Said…” – 0:26
  5. “Give It All Away”– 4:23
  6. “Sooner or Later” – 4:34
  7. “Hollywood” – 4:09
  8. “Radio Days” – 4:53
  9. “Rescue Me” – 6:06
  10. “Sunshine” – 4:31
  11. “All I Gave” – 3:47
  12. “Give It All Away (Reprise)”

Egyptology (1997)

  1. “It Is Time” (3:20)
  2. “Beautiful Dream” (4:45)
  3. “Call Me Up” (2:57)
  4. “Vanity Fair” (3:33)
  5. “She’s the One” (4:56)
  6. “Vocal Interlude” (0:24)
  7. “Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb” (5:58)
  8. “Hercules” (3:15)
  9. “Love Is Best” (3:03)
  10. “Rolling Off a Log” (5:54)
  11. “Strange Groove” (4:10)
  12. “The Whole of the Night” (3:15)
  13. “Piece of Mind” (4:58)
  14. “This World” (4:21)
  15. “Always” (4:23)

Dumbing Up (2000)

  1. “Here Comes the Future” (4:44)
  2. “What Does It Mean Now?” (4:59)
  3. “Another 1000 Years” (5:29)
  4. “High Love” (6:51)
  5. “Best Place I’ve Ever Been” (3:31)
  6. “You’re a Hurricane, I’m a Caravan” (4:00)
  7. “Who are You?” (5:08)
  8. “See the Light” (5:19)
  9. “Santa Barbara” (4:17)
  10. “All the Love that’s Wasted” (4:33)
  11. “Little Bit of Perfection” (5:26)
  12. “Always on My Mind” (8:34)

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Matt Thurston

I wish they packaged all five albums in a box set. I think most people, like me, will be buying all five. Missed opportunity.


I’ve seen Karl 3 times in the states, including the 2015 show in St. Louis, my hometown. Before being sidelined by his aneurysm and his legal battle with Chrysalis over She’s The One, he had an active website with a bunch of demos and Beatles covers, all of which were interesting and fun. Some but not all of them wound up on Arkeology. While I’m a WP junkie, I don’t see an incentive to buy non-remastered LPs apart from Dumbing Up, which hasn’t been on vinyl before. The 2006 reissue of Dumbing Up swapped out two tracks 3 and 11 of the 2000 version for other songs that weren’t any more memorable, really.

Richard Stephen Pievaitis

Blimey I love World Party, got the picture sleeve of Ship of Fools from a tiny record shop in Whitby when it first came out in what, 1987 ? Then got the next three albums on cd. But managed to see them live in 1993 at the T & C in Leeds. I had been over to Eire earlier that day from 5:30 that morning by air and by 8:00 pm I was starting to wilt slightly. Not thru beer.
Stood by a side door waiting and suddenly the little emergency exit door opens outwards and who comes bumbling in with hat and dark glasses at 7:55 pm but Karl W himself complete with guitar in case.
So low key and simple but five minutes later on he came and bang !!!!! They were amazingly tight and musically excellent. But he obviously travelled separately from the rest of the band.
Strange cultish yet poppy band almost a U.K. Crowded House, maybe ?!?!
Still love those first three albums but would vinyl make them sound better or just different, not sure.

Richard Stephen Pievaitis

Blimey I love World Party, got the picture sleeve of Ship of Fools from a tiny record shop in Whitby when it first came out in what, 1987 ? Then got the next three albums on cd. But managed to see them live in 1993 at the T & C in Leeds. I had been over to Eire earlier that day from 5:30 that morning by air and by 8:00 pm I was starting to wilt slightly. Not thru beer.
Stood by a side door waiting and suddenly the little emergency exit door opens outwards and who comes bumbling in with hat and dark glasses at 7:55 pm but Karl W himself complete with guitar in case.
So low key and simple but five minutes later on he came and bang !!!!! They were amazingly tight and musically excellent. But he obviously travelled separately from the rest of the band.
Strange cultish yet poppy band almost a U.K. Crowded House, maybe ?!?!
Still love those first three albums but would vinyl make them sound better or just different, not sure.

Just looked at Wiki – here’s an edit:
in February 2001 he suffered an aneurysm that left him unable to speak.
After a five-year rehabilitation, in 2006 Wallinger re-emerged onto the scene. With his back catalogue reclaimed from EMI, a distribution deal was agreed (via his own Seaview label) with Universal, and he played his first live show in a decade at the South by Southwest festival in Texas, USA. He played additional US dates in 2006 including the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee. Big Blue Ball, a joint project with Peter Gabriel with production work by Stephen Hague was also released.
In September 2007, World Party supported Steely Dan in their first tour of Australia.
World Party toured extensively in America in 2012, and toured England for the first time in 12 years, ending with an appearance in November 2012 in London at the Royal Albert Hall.
Live dates and tours followed through 2015, and a 2013 UK show was issued as a 2CD set called World Party – Live!. World Party has not toured, released new material, or updated their website since the end of their 2015 North American tour.


Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below was changed by the supplier, and we need to provide you with a new estimated delivery date based on the new release date:
World Party “Goodbye Jumbo [VINYL]”
Estimated arrival date: October 29 2021

Larry Davis

If I remember correctly, some 10+ years ago, WP released a 5CD “boxset” in a diary/journal form with all the hits that shoulda been, rarities, B-sides, unreleased, etc…filled with photos, little tidbits & remembrances, and blank pages for the listener to add…very cool, original & interactive package…regret selling it but it was Karl approved & on Seaview…anyone else have this journal package?? I’d love to get it back…in my eyes, WP were both a cult act & one that simultaneously appealed to unadventurous radio stations & listeners…really odd…almost like Sheryl Crow…but I did have that “Ship of Fools” single…think it did slightly better chartwise in the US…#27…and I had “Goodbye Jumbo” on CD…one of those record club deals, Columbia House…and a US special edition of “Egyptology” on The Enclave label, loved “She’s The One”… surprised about Robbie Williams’ cover, almost identical and hey, nice royalty cheque for Karl, eh??


I just saw one on eBay new sealed for…$300. I’m sure it’s worth it, but I haven’t won the lottery yet lol


Got mine signed a few years ago after a great show. Karl thumbed through and told me a couple of things about some of pictures. Since it is a calendar, I write down the concerts I attend. He seemed to appreciate that I was using it.

Randy Goldner

I have it but it’s not for sale. It is as you described. A 5-CD set, called the Arkeology Diary and Music Collection, published as a ring-bound journal. Haven’t checked it out in awhile but I feel a World Party resurgence coming on! Can’t wait for these reissues; I have a first pressing of Goodbye Jumbo on vinyl but everything else is on CD, so I’m all over these reissues.

John P

My recollection is that Ship of Fools was released end of January 1987 and the Zeebrugge ferry disaster happened early March of the same year. If my memory serves me well and being a huge fan of the band, all radio stations pulled the song from their playlists in light of the disaster and deaths due to the obvious lyric. Saw them at Glastonbury 1994, on very early in the day, with a very small audience but for me were the highlight.

Rett Russell

World Party was such a great band….. all my friends and me in Mississippi (!) were totally captivated. Ship of Fools….a masterpiece, insanely enjoyable….one of many Karl released to the world….party indeed.
Wish I’d had the opportunity see them onstage…so: please keep those back-in-the-day reminisces coming…I live vicariously through them!

DJ Salinger

So good to see a bit of love for Karl and the band here. I revisited my World Party albums last year for the first time in a while and was all the better for it.
It also reminded me what a great live act they were.
I agree with other comments about the b-sides; I managed to find most of the CD singles over the years and there are some gems. Not least that demo version of ‘Little Man Within’ on ‘Is It Like Today?’ – which IMO was far superior to the version on ‘Private Revolution’.
I’ve felt they were becoming something of a forgotten band with the passage of time – but the many comments here say otherwise. Cockles warmed.

Metal Mickey

Not sure it would have the same effect nowadays, but my main remembrance of “Goodbye Jumbo,” is that it was one of those rare albums that _everyone_ seemed to like, and anyone who heard it for the first time went and bought their own copy the next day (“Automatic For The People” had the same effect a few years later…)
Nice to see some WP activity, but yes, it’s a shame it’s just a vanilla reissue programme… and isn’t it weird that artists who you might assume to be on the same wavelength, like Karl and (say) Andy Partridge , have totally opposite views as to issuing demos & extra tracks…?


Still one of the puzzlements of life that Ship Of Fools wasnt an almighty chart hit, huge airplay and Chart Show (!) rotation and ended up in the 40s. Though I guess that also applied to many of their singles from the first three albums. Still an incredible song that should have blown 1987 apart musically.


Hey Paul,
did you get that die CDs of World Party were rereleased by Seaview in 2020? You could check jpc.de to see the details.
Best wishes

Steven Campbell

What happened to the link for Egyptology? I noticed it’s sold out on Amazon alas!


This comment includes some horrible name-dropping which I apologise for, but it’s relevant…
I can vouch for Karl’s distaste for compilations.
My friend Harry and I got to hang out with World Party when they were touring Australia with Steely Dan. Michael Gudinski, founder of Mushroom records and the head of the touring company and the label which released Best In Show in Australia, was also there. At one point, he leaned over to me and said, “You should talk Karl into doing one of our Liberation Blue albums.” Don’t ask me why he thought I might have any sway, but I was happy to pass on the message.
I explained to Karl that it was a series on the Liberation label of well established artists doing live acoustic versions of their best known songs. Karl just stared at me and made a face that was a combination of bemusement and disgust.
That’s another thing I really respect about Karl – he’s not interested in resting on his laurels. He’d rather look forward.
Having said that, it would be really nice if he released some new material that wasn’t clearing out his bottom drawer.

John MC cann

Apart from Carl,,,who else’s name did you drop that anyone would have ever heard off?

Paul Taylor

Bit dismissive.
Mushroom Records are a big deal. I’m sure there’s not many people in Australia heard of the likes of Gene, Menswear, Marion or other such niche bands yet people on this site have heaped a level praise on them that seems disproportionate to their success.

Marshall Gooch

Huge World Party fan, have all the albums and most on LP, plus practically every B-side and live track. However, the albums are mostly too long for single-record vinyl. I think Goodbye Jumbo, Bang, and especially Egyptology should be presented on 2LP sets (even if it’s done as 3 sides) to get the most out of vinyl. That being said, I don’t have Bang or Dumbing Up (obviously) on vinyl so I’m likely to order those two at least. The reissue CDs that came out on Seaview were quite nice… And I disagree with Karl–I’d be ecstatic to have at least some of the WP B-sides as bonus tracks.


It took me a very long time to complete my World Party vinyl collection, and of course now that I’ve finally got all the ones that were released….they reissue them. That’s always the way it is though isn’t it? Still, I’ll be buying Dumbing Up and probably Goodbye Jumbo (just to compare).


Thank You for finally releasing these on vinyl. It was really tough finding anything from World Party on vinyl here in North Ontario Canada. I had the first two albums but was always keeping an eye out for Bang and EGYTPOLOGY on vinyl. I can’t wait to hear these again as I dont even have a CD player hooked up anymore. My XTC collection is now complete withe the recent purchase of Nonsuch and always thought that Andy P. and Karl W. would make great collaborators……Can only hope…..Thanks to whoever convinced KW to release these LP’s again. It’s minus 27 c this morn and it’s time for a cup of tea and something summery to warm me up.I think Skylarking may work..Thank You Kindly again.

Mark Franklin

Put The Message In The Box from Goodbye Jumbo peaked at number 39 in the UK and was later covered by Brian Kennedy who managed one place higher at 38. Also, that’s me introducing the Is It Like Today clip on TOTP :)

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Ordered all 4 LPs even though I have `Private Revolution` & `Goodbye Jumbo` on vinyl.

IMHO Karl Wallinger was as musically talented as Mike Scott and the World Party run of albums from`Private Revolution` thru to `Dumbing Up` is superb.

I hope these reissues do well, Karl may be able to finance some more recording sessions.


Does anyone know if the extended version of Ship of Fools was ever released on Cd or a compilation (not on Arkology)?

Steve F

@Mark – nope. It’s not by any means the only one, either. I’ve asked Karl via FB if he fancies doing vinyl + extras as lossless downloads, Divine Comedy-style.

Steve F

Karl gave my comment a thumbs up. Let’s hope it has planted a seed…

John MC cann

McCartney would have been better collaborating with wallinger,, instead of some other people he choose to write with, imo

Paul Murphy

Egyptology Station

Alan Blevin

Just want to add to the general love fest for Karl and the remarkable music he has created.Agree that Goodbye Jumbo is a total masterpiece but in my opinion Egyptology isn’t far behind.


Love World Party
Arkeology is fun … a treasure trove. Have bought the Thank You World as it has been favourably mentioned.
Vinyls will have to be ordered …. such good music

Stan Stanton

Great news. Goodbye Jumbo is one of the greatest albums ever made by anyone ever.

Arjan van Laar

“Ain’t Gonna Come Till I’m Ready” is one of the best songs ever.


Double entendre, Mr. Bond ?

A 4cd b-sides and rarities set would be nice, indeed.


Goodbye Jumbo is an absolute masterpiece and deserves to be released as an SDE. Ship Of Fools is one of the catchiest songs ever (not on Goodbye Jumbo), one of my all time favorite singles. Brilliant band!!


World Without Love (L&McC) by World Party …

p britten

Hi Paul,
I don’t buy vinyl anymore (except when there’s no other way, like in the case of Costello’s Purse or Wussy’s Funeral Dress II) but I’m happy these five wonderful albums are reissued one way or another.
My copy of Dumbing Up includes a bonus DVD offering many (all?) World Party videos. Was that the standard edition or something more exclusive or/and limited?
Anyway, you’re absolutely right mentioning the Prince and Beatles influences, but I think K. Wallinger was also a big fan of Bringing It All Back Home/Highway 61 Revisited, because he did ’65 Dylan almost better than Zim himself.

John Drayton

I only know the first two albums well. Love both of them. Vocal-wise, I hear a lot of Jagger. To my ears there’s not enough blues influence to make the Dylan comparison work.


Very underrated band and deserved more success. I remember “Put the Message in the Box” when it came out, what a song, and was amazed it didn’t chart but this was the times of SAW, Blackbox and Technotronic. Time to reinvestigate Goodbye Jumbo I think….


The first two albums are nothing short of brilliant. Private Revolution is the one that resonates with me – time and place.

World Party toured here in Australia as an opener for Steely Dan. Two legendary bands, one show…it was an amazing night.


I remember them doing an impromptu acoustic gig at a pub in Balmain (The Bridge I think). That was a good night.


I was there….I think it was at Rose Shamrock and Thistle at Rozelle….always remember the goosebumps from opening chord of Sunshine though I kind of get those each time I here that track anyway! (Bang! is my favourite World Party album)


I remember Q magazine calling ‘Goodbye Jumbo’ their album of the year in 1990, which was how I first heard about it. At the time, it seemed a bold choice over the likes of ‘Violator’ and ‘Listen Without Prejudice’ but I do think it’s held up really well. So many great timeless songs, and the first half (side) is practically perfect.

It’s strange how Wallinger never got the sort of kudos that would later be bestowed on the likes of Noel Gallagher and Neil Finn, but I guess that’s life.


It’s funny you mention the Oasis boys. As I was listening to World Party today (like really listening for the first time), I found myself thinking, “Well, there’s the last bit of Oasis that actually sounded like something original sourced. Now they’re just 100% derivative.” (Not that I hate Oasis, but they seem more like an “in-the-style-of” tribute band than one with a unique sound of their own.)

Mike Grivich

We made our own B-Sides compilation years ago. Finding all of them was hard but we did it. We filled up THREE discs with them. I’ll be getting Goodbye Jumbo and Bang for sure. Still have my original Private Revolution. When I first heard Ship of Fools on the radio, I thought it was a Mick Jagger solo single! Was lucky enough to see them back in the day a few times. Jellyfish opened for them for one show!

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Now that is what I call a line up, Jellyfish & World Party!

All my CD singles are in a box somewhere, amongst them a shed full of World Party singles. I’m gonna make some discs of my own.

Kevin Wollenweber

Oops, I’m sorry I misspelled Karl’s name in my earlier post. I am blind and don’t do the online check often enough for such things.

Kevin Wollenweber

So sorry that the World Party reissues are yet another vinyl only project. I get the reason why Carl Wollinger opted against the “expanded” editions and that is a unique and refreshing decision, believe me, but come on, perhaps when the vinyl rollout is complete, he’ll decide in a “COMPLETE COLLECTION” set of the albums in a clamshell box or something stylishly akin to it, because those tunes are fantastic, and he can add a disk of the B sides, leaving out the “rubbish” as he calls it, just for us CD collectors. This is not some call to boycott. I just no longer have a turntable and am deciding on CD as my format of choice. I have to admit, though, that I agree with the individual who commented that any one of these albums would benefit from a 5.1 mix, but that is an after-thought. I just like these albums and would especially like to upgrade my copy of GOODBYE JUMBO on something other than an MP3 or MP4. I am, after all, a fan of “holding the music in my hands!”


I have the CDs for the first two albums; I feel like it got a bit “ok-ish” after that. I would be super-interested in these if there were extras, because I have none of the singles from that era, but I don’t feel like I need to own these on vinyl, especially if nothing has been done to the original recordings. Hope he reconsiders in my lifetime.

“All Come True” is the song I go back to most often. Just brilliant.


Yes it IS!

Paul Wren

Plenty of love here for Karl and rightly so as he is a quality artist. Hopefully he will see some income as these are on his own label. I already own them on vinyl so won’t be joining in this time – unless he sticks some additional material onto them!

Darren Linklater

Goodbye Jumbo is a pure joy. Beautifully recorded and packed full of great tunes. It is a great shame this wasn’t a huge hit. For anyone thinking of dipping into these start with Jumbo then go with Bang next. It was a huge shame when Karl had his illness which seems to have robbed us of what should have been a regular flow of new albums. At least he is well and we can revisit the wonderful catalogue again.
I have original vinyl of the first 3 but Egyptology always eluded me and is expensive when it comes up anywhere.
I will be renewing the collection in full. A fantastic collection could be made of all the associated B sides which were often as good as the albums. Hopefully this is a prelude to that long threatened new album.


The art for Bang! was always supposed to be what it is now, the exploding head done by Karl’s US record company against his wishes.

All vinyl 2020 remaster for vinyl editions.


Paul Murphy

Apart from making me dig this amazing album out and play it again, the ‘Bang’ artwork prompt also made me dig out Wreckless Eric’s ‘Big Smash’ for the first time in many a year. A very pleasant evening. [I might also dig out Dylan’s ‘Shot of Love’ today, it has got a theme going with me].

John r Chamberlain

What a terrific band;
Those first two albums were never off my TT back in the day and Goodbye Jumbo was my fave album of 1990 along with LWPv1
Be nice to finally have Dumbing Up on vinyl

K P Young

Love these albums, have them all on cd. Will definitely buy the vinyl.
A great set of 5 cds from world party is Arkeology.Very difficult to get hold of now it has some absolute gems on dear prudence and Lucille to name a couple


There’s a good live album available (2cd) from the 2013 tour if anyone missed out on that.


I had always thought Robbie’s She’s the One was a cover, but I could never find the info on where it had come from. Thank you for finally, after all these years, giving me the reassurance that I’m not crazy (at least on this one issue).

I remember having friends who were very into World Party during the University Years, but for some reason, I never really connected what I was hearing to the band when it was being played at parties (oddly, for some reason, I wasn’t always paying the most attention when I was at a dorm bash). Loving what I’m hearing.

Jeff G.

Great news. I preordered the Private Revolution LP without hesitation.

Joe Atari

A massive shame, considering Goodbye Jumbo is one of the first great albums of the 1990s and there were quite a number of extra tracks on all the singles from 1987 onwards. There is “Arkaeology” but it dives very deep, and isnt either comprehensive or chronological, its a personal collection of rarities. I would have bought 2CD versions of “Private Revolution” “Goodbye Jumbo” and “Bang” (even with the terrible revised artwork!). I guess though, its the prerogative of the artist and Karl is in the Sting camp on this one, no revising of history. One plus is that I remember Karl saying the Robbie Williams cover royalties put his children through university. For anyone not into World Party, do investigate. A great songwriter and a prophet of eco-disaster even on 1987’s “Ship Of Fools”

Paul Mac

I was (and still am) a big Waterboys fan at the time so I bought the first three albums (on cassette!) when they came out. I’m going to buck the trend a little and plump for Private Revolution as my favourite of the three, though. All are stone cold classics, so this is very good news.


There was a nice comp of unreleased (or B-sides) and remixes called “Thank You World” It is too bad that one was overlooked


Interesting that Karl’s chosen to keep to the UK tracklisting for Dumbing Up and ignored the two song substitutes for the USA edition. Given it’s double vinyl there’s room for all!
Think Goodbye Jumbo is the tops too Paul. Such a beautiful LP.

Bob McCartney

Such a great band and one of my favorites. Actually got to meet Karl in St. Louis on the last tour in 2015. Played a rollicking show to a less than full house. Was ecstatic when Arkeology was released as it had been so quiet for so long. Was like 5 brand new releases at once!
I have heard more than once that a new record is on the horizon…Fingers Crossed!

Chadwick Thomas

The original artwork for Bang! was the subject of a lawsuit over its unauthorized use of Scrabble tiles. That’s why they can’t use the original art.


Yes that’s what I heard.


A great run of albums and songs, practically no duds. They seemed to be Q’s favorite band when Bang was released then the support faded (less promotion by Chrysalis?)…Need to give these timeless songs new listens!

Different Time

They were Q’s favourite band at the time of Goodbye Jumbo too and awarded it album of the year in 1990. I bought and still have the CD singles that were released from Goodbye Jumbo – some quality extras on Message In the Box and Way Down Now. Thank You World just had live and remixed verions.


All great albums that could certainly sound great on vinyl.

I wish Karl would look at the XTC series. World Party could really work well with those sort of packages. Their music could sound amazing with a good 5.1 mix.

Adam V.

“Most of which failed to chart”? Don’t forget that Ship Of Fools was top 30 in the US, which led to my brother buying the cassette back then! I’ve remained a big fan ever since, and was fortunate to see them live on their US tour to support Dumbing Up, which at the time they promoted as a new album even though it was six years old. Not interested in the vinyl; sure am glad I’ve got the Arkeology set, as it’s a great collection and I guess fairly rare now.


World Party had a bigger audience outside the UK and were hugely popular in Australia…. ‘Ship of Fools’ peaking at No 4.