XTC / 200g vinyl reissues

XTC will reissue Skylarking, Apple Venus (Vol. I) and Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol. II) as remastered 200g single vinyl pressings this week.

All three are newly mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering from tapes approved by Andy Partridge. Skylarking is from the polarity-corrected masters and includes the 15-track version of the album on a single vinyl pressing for the first time.

This are pressed on 200g vinyl and come with lyric sheets. All three are available via the SDE shop (for worldwide shipping) using this link or use the buttons below. These will ship later this week. Some special bundles available at a discounted price.

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Apple Venus [VINYL]

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon jp   2231.00
JPC de   20.99
FNAC fr   28.82

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Wasp Star (Apple Venus II) [VINYL]


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Skylarking [VINYL]


Skylarking 200g vinyl remaster

Side 1
1. Summer’s Cauldron
2. Grass
3. The Meeting Place
4. That’s Really Super Supergirl
5. Ballet For A Rainy Day
6. 1000 Umbrellas
7. Season Cycle

Side 2
1. Earn Enough For Us
2. Big Day
3. Another Satellite
4. Mermaid Smiled
5. The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
6. Dear God
7. Dying
8. Sacrificial Bonfire

Apple Venus Vol. I 200g vinyl remaster

Side 1
1. River of Orchids
2. I’d Like That
3. Easter Theatre
4. Knights in Shining Karma
5. Frivolous Tonight
Side 2
1. Greenman
2. Your Dictionary
3. Fruit Nut
4. I Can’t Own Her
5. Harvest Festival
6. The Last Balloon

Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol. II) 200g vinyl remaster

Side 1
1. Playground
2. Stupidly Happy
3. In Another Life
4. My Brown Guitar
5. Boarded Up
6. I’m The Man Who Murdered Love

Side 2
1. We’re All Light
2. Standing in for Joe
3. Wounded Horse
4. You And The Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful
5. Church Of Women
6. The Wheel And The Maypole

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We’ve had these in my shop in the US for about a month already. Odd rollout…


200g eh? “These go to 11”

mr mercury

Whats the big deal with Steve Wilson someone tell me? also I thought 2oogr was for promo only.

Chris Fahey

I bought both of theses… even though I own the original releases. (My weakness)

The good: You don’t have on vinyl and don’t wanna pay someone $100, then great.
Sound is clean. Good press on vinyl.
The mediocre:
Low compressed sound with little highs.
A/B against my original copy and the Cooking Vinyl pressing is loud and beautiful.
Either way this is a greatLP and not to be missed. For $24 on amazon or eBay it IS WORTH IT.
If you can nab the original press… agreed. It is superior!

All in all super nice@

martin farnworth

I the the 5 albums so released in the XTC surround series. There are all catalogued in order of the original order of the releases. So the third album Drums and Wires is APEBD103, the follow up Black Sea APEBD104 etc. Hopefully this suggests they’ll all the gaps will be filled with all them released eventually and not necessarily dependent in finding the original tapes. Apart from English Settlement for me all the best ones have been released already.


I got the Apple Venus 1&2 delivered from burning shed a little over two weeks ago. Has there been some kind of staggered release for these?

For Dean Davenport:

Andy Partridge has tweeted about this recently and hinted that a vinyl release of Nonsuch is in the pipeline :)

Dean Davenport

I want Nonsuch on vinyl next.

Wayne Klein

Andy announced on Twitter some time back that he is reviewing the Wilson remixes for the next release. My guess is that it will be either English Settlement (assuming that they did finally find the multi’s) or The Big Express.


Polarity corrected?



“When it came time to master the album on vinyl in 2010, Andy Partridge – still never entirely happy with the overall sound of the finished album – took it to award-winning mastering engineer John Dent, who noticed something that had never previously been spotted. Somewhere, possibly in the transfer from the multi-channel tape to the stereo master, a polarity had been reversed. This is not the same thing as a reversed left/right channel which puts a stereo picture out of phase & makes the sound unlistenable, but a much more difficult to pin down event that can be triggered by something as simple as a badly wired plug in the overall system which, nonetheless, removes some of the punch & presence from a finished recording.

With the polarity corrected, the album complete with original artwork & Dear God was issued on vinyl. Now, some 28 years after its initial recording & release, Skylarking finally appears on CD as it was originally intended to sound & in the packaging as initially envisaged.”

Check Burningshed for more info :


Mike the Fish

John Dent cut the UK 7″ of Video Killed The Radio Star.

Mike B

Really looking forward to hearing Mummer and English Settlement in 5.1.

Adrian Swatridge

Not likely. Master tapes are lost according to Andy.


“Apple Venus Vol 1” is, for me, their masterpiece. absolutely sublime from beginning to end. If anyone hasn’t heard it, try “Easter Theatre”.

Stevie Dal

Absolute classic , i agree 100%

alan hansen

@Caroline: I concur! for me, Skylarking in its original non-“dear god” version, but with polarity corrected, rates an A-; with the aforementioned “Apple Venus Vol. 1” as an almost perfect collection as well which I’d rate an A. not that you need to agree, not that my opinion is worth a pot to piss in; but note that I’m a tough grader. I DO wish that XTC had stopped with AVV1, as I’ve always heard/thought/felt their caboose that followed as a serious sonic misstep.


Never mind these, where is the next one in the Surround Series?


Andy Partridge has tweeted that the next 5.1/remix/CD+Blu-ray is is in progress and he has been listening to some new Steven Wilson mixes. However, he has not yet revealed which album is being worked on. Given that it will be nowhere near to being ready for release, this is fair enough.


I’d love to have “The Big Express” next as this was the album i discovered the band with.


My dream would be English Settlement but, as stated elsewhere, the master tapes have been lost by Virgin!

I think the songs on The Big Express are great (up to the usual XTC standard) but the production always leaves me cold. It really suffers from that 80s digital harshness (to my ears). Hopefully if Steven Wilson will be able to tone that down if indeed it is TBE that is next. If it isn’t then…

I don’t think White Music or Go2 would really warrant the XTC SDE makeover (does anyone really want 5.1 mixes of those early albums?).

So my vote would be for Mummer (which I actually prefer to TBE…just).

Darren L

Colin’s ‘I Remember The Sun’ is up there with the best XTC tracks imo….

Mark S

Seems like Skylarking is reissued every 6 months.
Having said that, “I’m in!”