XTC / Drums and Wires 200g vinyl

Initial quantities include a 7″ single

XTC‘s 1979 album Drums and Wires is reissued as a 200g vinyl LP edition in November.

The album features the hit single ‘Making Plans for Nigel’ and was produced by Steve Lillywhite and engineered by Hugh Padgham.

This is the tenth in a series of XTC Classics to be issued on a 200g vinyl edition. It has been mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering with input from Andy Partridge and is fully approved by XTC.

First pressings of the album originally came with a bonus seven-inch single and that is repeated for the intial run of this newly mastered version. The two tracks on the single are ‘Chain of Command’ and ‘Limelight’.

Drums and Wires will be reissued on 6 November via Andy Patridge’s APE label. You can order it via the SDE shop using this link or the button below.

Side One

1 Making Plans For Nigel
2 Helicopter
3 Day In Day Out
4 When You’re Near Me
I Have Difficulty
5 Ten Feet Tall
6 Roads Girdle the Globe

Side Two

7 Real By Reel
8 Millions
9 That Is The Way
10 Outside World
11 Scissor Man
12 Complicated Game

Extra 7” single

A side: Chain Of Command
B side: Limelight

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why was Life begins at the Hop not included in this remaster?

Paul Kerr

The labels on the 7” are reversed on my copy. Anyone else?

Alan McGuire

Does anyone have an inner sleeve or sheet /booklet with notes and credits with their copy
I don’t know if it’s missing in mine just purchased or one isn’t included – which would be odd
Thanks in advance

James Ross

Same here, disappointing there’s no credits / lyrics


How much is it to ship too Australia

When someone writes an post he/she maintains
the idea of a user in his/her brain that how a user can be aware of it.
So that’s why this post is outstdanding. Thanks!


This is my desert island band. I don’t want to debase them by labeling their style, or should I say styles.

I was in a friend’s car, he was playing something, it must have been Black Sea. I liked it, told him so, a few months later he gave me English Setlement for my birthday. And that was it. After that I bought every album probably the day it came out.

It’s all about songcraft, for me it was a lifeline that got me through the 80’s. I see them as a natural successor to The Beatles, as though seen through a fun house mirror. If XTC has a natural successor, someone please tell me who it is.

I don’t want to start a competition, but I just have to pick one song. Ballet for a Rainy Day, which to me is perfection. You have a simple melody, almost a child’s song. And underneath it constantly shifting chords and harmonies that you never hear in popular music. At the end of a verse, where the root chord belongs, some sinister reharmonization. And boy, can Andy write a bridge.

One last thing, I don’t hear much mention of their combination use of analog synths with acoustic instruments. Certainly nobody else then was doing it.

I think I need to stop here.

Richard Fisher

I enjoyed reading that. XTC are my second favourite band after The Beatles. That is not damning with faint praise. My first album was Oranges and Lemons but then I had to have everything else – and I was not disappointed! Also felt The Big Express was an underrated masterpiece – seems to have very harsh press. Anyway, thanks Budlift.


I hope they give English Settlement the same treatment.


They have

“A 2019 double 200g vinyl reissue of XTC’s masterpiece from 1982.

While looking for the (still ‘lost in the archives’) multi-track tapes to enable Steven Wilson to undertake new stereo and 5.1 surround mixes of the album, the original half-inch master tapes were discovered and used as the source from which engineer John Dent cut new lacquers for this double 200g vinyl edition.”


Strangely Brown

200g vinyl?

is that 180g LP and a 20g single?


2 LP? Seems to be a single LP with 7″. Is that right?


WOW! This is THE album that at the time made me distance myself from progressive music. I have become an avid fan of this musical style and of XTC in particular. All my musical friends here in Montreal thought I was a bit nut to listen to this music And to think that their albums would become more “prog” with time has rekindled the flame that had not really gone out Thanks, Paul, for this news. I go listen to this great LP immediatly on my turntable. And what a sleeve! All unforgettable…


My original copy also came with a lyric sheet that covered their first three albums. I wonder if this reissue will include that too?
Would be a nice bonus if it did.

Metal Mickey

Ah, memories – I still have the original album with the original 7″ from first time around… mind you, if they’d _really_ wanted to complete the package, they’d have added the completely different US 7″ single version of “Ten Feet Tall” c/w “the Somnambulist” :-)


Fantastic! “Drums and Wires” was the first XTC album I bought when it came out in 1979. I instantly fell in love with the group’s angular, albeit quirky approach to pop music, and have been collecting anything and everything XTC ever since. I will definitely be getting this one, and very pleased it will include the 45 RPM vinyl again, but kind of wish the bonus disc could have been an EP this time around so as to have space available to include Colin Moulding’s “Life Begins at the Hop” and “That Is the Way.” Regardless, this release announcement made my day :-)

David Mcintyre

I would buy this album merely to frame it. Love the Cover and will always love this album. Absolute classic


Amazing album.

Paul, any idea if XTC is continuing with their surround sound series?


Exactly the question I also wanted to ask! I think Black Sea was the latest one they reissued?

Scott Carrick

No it was The Dukes Of Stratosphear complete last year, Black Sea was the year before. Good Question though – has Steve Wilson been working on another XTC 5.1 and if so, what is it? My money is on either White Music or Go 2 as I don’t think they’ve found the Master Tapes yet for English Settlement, Mummer and The Big Express and I believe they can’t do Apple Venus and Wasp Star as 5.1’s as they were recorded digitally, more’s the pity :-(!


There might be a clue on the inner sleeve of the latest XTC vinyl releases.

The inner sleeve of ‘Oranges And Lemons’ gives information on “Available from Ape”, listing all albums from XTC and The Dukes from ‘White Music’ to ‘Psonic Psunspot’.
Under each album there’s a note of which format they have been released on to date, (CD/BR/V), and a teasing ‘+’ which indicates ‘Further Releases Planned For 2019/2020’

It could mean vinyl releases for the remaining albums not yet reissued on APE – White Music, GO 2, Mummer, The Big Express, Fossil Fuel – The Singles or it could be a combination of vinyl releases and BR issues as Apple Venus and Wasp Star have had a vinyl reissue but have the ‘+’ sign under them.


In fact Black Sea was in 2017…..