XTC / Oranges and Lemons 2LP vinyl

XTC / Oranges and Lemons 2LP vinyl

2LP vinyl • 200g pressing • XTC-approved

XTC‘s 1989 album Oranges and Lemons is being made available on vinyl next month.

The album, which features the singles ‘King For A Day’, ‘The Mayor of Simpleton’ and ‘The Loving’ is the eighth in a series of XTC Classics to be issued on a 200g vinyl edition. It has been mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering with input from Andy Partridge and is fully approved by XTC.

This is the first time the record has been available on vinyl since the original release and a few improvements have been made, including reworking the sleeve to present the front cover image in all its psychedelic glory and making this a gatefold with song lyrics (the original was a single sleeve).

Oranges and Lemons will be reissued as a 2LP set, via Andy Patridge’s APE label, on 4 September 2020. Pre-order your copy from the SDE shop using this link, or the button below (a few other XTC titles are also available).

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Oranges & Lemons [CD + BluRay]


1 Garden of Earthly Delights
2 The Mayor of Simpleton
3 King for a Day
4 Here Comes President Kill Again
5 The Loving
6 Poor Skeleton Steps Out
7 One of the Millions
8 Scarecrow People
9 Merely a Man
10 Cynical Days
11 Across This Antheap
12 Hold Me My Daddy
13 Pink Thing
14 Miniature Sun
15 Chalkhills and Children

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“Oranges & Lemons” as a 200 gram vinyl double LP in a gate-fold jacket is a ‘must have’ for me. “Drums and Wires” is on my wish list for the next XTC vinyl release.

Steve A

Thanks Paul , I have ordered along with Black Sea. Do you think that White Music and Go2 will ever get 200g releases ?

Kristan S Reed

Very welcome reissue, but I do wonder what the logic is of this being 2LP, when Apple Venus is 1LP, and Wasp Star was recently squished down from its original 2LP form down to 1LP. They’re all roughly the same length.


The original release was a double album but in a single sleeve. They’ve updated the sleeve to a gatefold.

Kristan Reed

I’m all for improvements. However, the XTC vinyl reissue campaign has been variable.
– Apple Venus original is vastly better than the repress.
– Then they squashed the 2LP Wasp Star down to 1LP (whhhhhy)
– Dukes of Stratosphere represses have great gatefold sleeves and paisley inners, but sound muddy compared to the originals.
– The deluxe Skylarking and English Settlement are really beautiful sets worth having, and sound great.
Not sure Andy P is overseeing the vinyl or not, but whoever is has some questions to answer.

Ken Smith

So this has got nothing to do with the 2001 Rematered version?

Grapefruits & Limes

Agree with Steve… Since this is double vinyl, why one record was not orange and the other yellow is a sour mystery.

Jim Vandegrift

Very welcome news. Let’s hope English Settlement is coming soon. Stay safe everyone


English Settlement has already been re-released, although not remastered due to no-one knows where the tapes are.


Jim Vandegrift


Sylent Syd

I only just found a copy of the original pressing last year, at a very respectable price. Sounds silly, but that gatefold sleeve is a very tempting double-dip to me.

Now, PLEASE, let Nonsuch be next…


Can’t believe there isn’t an orange and lemon coloured vinyl version :D


Yellow and orange vinyl would be awesome. Doing this whole series in coloured viny would have been fun. Thinking about it, despite all those gimmicky sleeves, there were only ever a couple of XTC records issued on coloured vinyl in the UK and those were both clear. I guess Andy isn’t that keen on coloured vinyl.


Well my original Psionic Psunspots copy is on coloured vinyl (purple) for what it’s worth…

Alan R

Ruddy Heck, yes please Paul ! Duly ordered this and Ultravox vinyl from SDE immediately. Great stuff.


Exclusjve postcard (which probably means signed by one of them) if you order from Burning She’d.


Sorry Paul, I leapt on this when I got my Burning Shed alert yesterday otherwise I would have ordered from you without hesitation. I did receive my McCartney booklet yesterday which looks fab (gear). Thank you!

As for Oranges and Lemons – another excellent XTC album. One of the few bands that manage to sustain quality across four sides of vinyl. Why the Mayor of Simpleton was not a bigger hit has always flummoxed me. Superbly catchy and Moulding’s bassline alone is a solid classic (apparently he was asked to join Pink Floyd around this time – maybe just on their live tours? I can’t recall…).
Fantastic album (and it’s not even one of their best).


The original vinyl of this was my first XTC album. I was 16. Whenever I listen to the album I can still “hear” the side breaks and I still understand the albums as 4 movements, as it were. As I still think this is the right way to understand “O&L”, I’m delighted more people will now get the chance. If it’s a sonic upgrade, I might even indulge myself…


I think Oranges and Lemons being pigeonholed as ‘psychedelic’, I believe has turned people off buying it for 31 years, its just a damn great pop album!

Dr Volume

Yeah or conversely, anyone checking the artwork and expecting more Dukes of the Stratosphear style nuggets or a “Baggy” XTC in the style of (Dukes fans) Stone Roses might have been surprised to find the expensive sounding digital production values on this were firmly in the 1980s. Definitely tinged with Psych though, but the more decorative end of it… more Sgt Pepper and Pet Sounds than Syd Barrett or The Seeds.

Gary Howman

Thanks for the heads up. Great album from XTC’s psychedelic renaissance.
It was the first CD I ever bought so am always slightly conflicted about ordering the vinyl edition! However I just bought Skykarking and that does sound vastly improved.

Paul Lewis

Love this album so much. Been watching for it on vinyl for years. Just ordered from you!