Yachts / Suffice To Say: The Complete Yachts Collection / 3CD box set

Suffice To Say: The Complete Yachts Collection is a new three-CD box set featuring the output of Liverpool new wave/power pop band Yachts, who were signed to Stiff Record in 1977.

The original five-piece line-up featured John (J.J.) Campbell and Henry Priestman, who would later form It’s Immaterial, with Priestman going on to further mainstream success with The Christians.

The band quickly moved to Radar Records but not before they issued Suffice To Say, the single for which they’re best remembered.

Yachts would go on to issue two albums – 1979’s Yachts and 1980’s Without Radar – although there was plenty of personnel changes along the way, and in fact Campbell wasn’t around for either. There was also eight singles, including the novelty single Do The Chud (issued under the moniker The Chuddy Nuddies). The band split in 1982.

Henry Priestman has overseen this new 43-track release, which brings together both albums and various non-LP singles, B-sides and compilation cuts. Most of the tracks are appearing here on CD for the first time. The booklet features numerous clippings and memorabilia from Priestman’s collection and also features notes by broadcaster Mark Kermode and Les Glover.

Suffice To Say: The Complete Yachts Collection will be released on 23 March 2018. For those interested, I initiated and curated a two-CD deluxe reissue of It’s Immaterial’s first album which you can order from the SDE shop.

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CD 1: Yachts
1. Box 202
2. In a Second
3. Love You Love You
4. Tantamount To Bribery
5. Easy To Please
6. Mantovani’s Hits
7. Then And Now
8. Semaphore Love
9. I Can’t Stay Long
10. Heads Will Turn
11. I’ll Be Leaving You
12. Yachting Type

CD 2: Without Radar
1. Consequences
2. On The Bridge
3. Trust You
4. Out of Luck
5. This Thing That Thing
6. March Of The Moderates
7. There’s A Ghost In My House
8. Live Saving’s Easy
9. Now I’m Spoken For
10. The Lush
11. Don’t Call Us
12. Simposa

CD 3
1. SUFFICE TO SAY (Single version) – Yachts
2. FREEDOM (IS A HEADY WINE) [Single version] – Yachts
3. Look Back In Love (Not In Anger)
4. I Can’t Stay Long
5. Yachting Types
6. Hypnotising Lies
7. Hazy People (Live)
8. Box 202 (Single Version)
9. Permanent Damage (Live)
10. On And On (Live)
11. Suffice To Say (Live)
12. Secret Agents
13. Revelry
14. I.O.U. (In The Oddments Drawer)
15. 24 Hours From Tulsa
16. I Couldn’t Get Along Without You
17. FOOL LIKE YOU (Single version) – Yachts
18. DUBMARINE (Single version) – Yachts
19. DO THE CHUD (Single version) – The Chuddy Nuddies

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David Crozier

Love the Yachts. Their first album is the only album I’ve ever downloaded illegally (because it wasn’t available legally). Now it is, I can get a pristine copy and am delighted to do so. I too suggested a release of this to Cherry Red some years ago and was told it was too uncommercial. Anyone who hasn’t heard of them but loves other Radar artists like Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe etc would be well advised to check them out.

Bob White

Are these remastered?

Steve Niblett

Thanks for the ideas Steve, just not sure how well they would sell…..Iain


From: Steve Niblett Sent: 04 May 2010 01:24
To: ideas@cherryred.co.uk
Subject: Idea for new release on Cherry Red

Hi there,

…blah blah got TV Personalities Tours Wild Swans TV21 ….

Ok, further on the hit list of groups I’m still in search of. .

Yachts & Yachts Without Radar albums – I converted these to vinyl 10 years ago but nothing like having a proper release in the hand.
Fingerprintz – another band I adored, 3 albums there
Bourgie Bourgie – I only have 7” version Breaking Point and cant find anything else
One group I had only one single by was River by King Trigger
That concludes the voting from Hereford

Cherry Red – the label that listens (8 years later)

Pete F.

Great news! I never thought I’d ever see their second album and b-sides make it to CD. Cherry Red has been releasing a lot of my old favorites lately – Haircut 100’s second album, Altered Images box set, The Inmates first three albums (on the Lemon label) and soon the Rezillos complete recordings. I’m quickly running out of old albums and singles that haven’t been reissued on CD.


Was a fan back in the day and have bits of vinyl, but great to have the lot in one place.
Ordered from Amazon as, I don’t know about anybody else, but I find the Cherry Red site slow and cumbersome, and suspect the artist would earn more from CR?


This looks nice, but the hardcore fans may lament the omission of the Yachts’ two Peel Sessions, as well as the BBC1 “In Concert” performance. It’s a pity those weren’t included. This additional material probably could have been added without expanding the set to a fourth cd, since the two proper albums clock in at around 37 minutes each.

DJ Salinger

Good to have them available again (their old compilation disappeared from Spotify last year). As you say Paul, £18 is good value for something that’s been put together with care and contains a generous amount of material.

Meanwhile, It’s Immaterial’s long, long awaited third LP is due for release this year… at some point. From the teasers released on Pledge so far, it’ll be worth the wait.

Jon-Erik Iversen

Looks great and I am pre-ordering today. I saw Yachts at the Nashville in London in 78 and bought the “Suffice To Say” single the next day. A Stiff classic.

Stevie B

Yay! I’d completely forgotten how much I liked them back in the day. Will get this.

phillip caffrey

Is this everything tho. Free singles ?

Frenchy Eric

Never heard of them before
Had a quick listen on youtube, and it does not sound so good to my ears, very dated in my humble opinion
Did they cover Rod’s Sailing in concert, lol ?

don cooper

As I said elsewhere,saw them support Buzzcocks or early XTC? Enjoyed.

Peter Stanton

Great to see this Stiff stuff starting to come out. I have the originals of these and the Damned singles. Used to go to Stiff’s office/shop every Saturday to get the latest releases/ collectibles.


At last! Now how about a Fingerprintz box, somebody?


having just been stung by the Queen is DEad price drop by over 50% after I bought it pre-ordered I am loathe to spend £18 on this, just in case.
this is a shame as it’s a brilliant set.
I’m also holding off Altered Images for the same reason.


Paul, is there any word on whether the band members themselves will receive a sales royalty? I wouldn’t mind putting a few quid in their pockets. Is there an artist site that will have the set available?


At last. Ordered already. Bought single of Yachting Types and never tire of listening to it and looking forward to having it on cd. Loved their first album as well. Can’t wait for release date.

The Progster

Yachts never heard of them….They certainly never had any singles that became hits because the music sounds awful I for sure will definitely NOT be buying this or even downloading this sinking ship of cargo that’s supposed to be good music…I will stick to my Yacht Rock music that gives me more pleasure and anyone else with any ounce sense will be doing the same.

Chris Squires

oh dear, what a sad comment. What is the point of it exactly? I had never heard of Yachts either but remembering that everything posted here on Paul’s site will be somebody’s favourite album or single. I get that everybody is entitled to an opinion but waving it like a red rag to a bull in front of people who plainly do love this stuff and can’t wait for it’s release is a bit self-indulgent and needlessly inflammatory.


I think people post comments like that just to get a rise out of you!


The Progster has to be a parody commenter, surely? It’s not the first time they’ve posted this type of thing so I applaud the commitment.

Darren Lewis

So only music that sounds good becomes a hit eh Progster? If that’s your yardstick for musical selection, I can only imagine your collection is full of some real classics.


Poor trolling.


Never heard of them. This didn’t make it over to the Netherlands, at least not as far as I can remember. Probably very British. Sounds great though, a bit like the squeeze. Love that organ or synthesizer, whatever it is.


“A Fool Like You” was played on WTUL while living in New Orleans well before I turned 10. Great track.

Frenchy Eric

A very tiny little bit like the Great Squeeze ?
Should have called themselves The Canoes, lol
And the synth is going on my nerves …
They were far far far from being as good as the Squeez or the Cars or the synth pop/ rock groups of that era

Rare Glam

Brilliant and pre-ordered last week. New wave pop at its best. ‘Box 202’ – play it loud.

Bob O.

This is fantastic news. I’ve been waiting years for the Yachts catalogue to be reissued…..up to now, the only way to get them on CD was via incredibly expensive Japanese reissues from a few years back. Both of these albums (and all of their singles) are classics; Henry Priestman was incapable of writing a bad song. Me, I’m all smiles!

Joseph Bartram

Ordered from cherry red


Thee most exciting thing in years!!

Robert Laversuch

Really looking forward to this. As to Its immaterial this is a sublime release although I must admit I always disliked the cover.