Yazoo remasters on standalone vinyl

Synthpop duo Yazoo‘s two albums were ‘exclusively remastered’ for last year’s Four Pieces box set but  will become available in March as standalone vinyl records.

The two albums are of course Upstairs At Eric‘s from 1982 and You and Me Both which was issued a year later, in 1983. The Four Pieces vinyl box remains desirable but quite pricey at nearly £80, so the opportunity to pick just the two album ups for less than half that will surely be welcomed by fans.

Understandably, there is no standalone CD option, since the CD equivalent of Four Pieces, called Three Pieces, is really affordable as it is.

Both Yazoo albums are reissued on vinyl on 29 March 2019.

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Upstairs At Eric's [VINYL]


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You and Me Both [VINYL]


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Upstairs at Eric’s

Side 1
1. Don’t Go (2018 – Remaster)
2. Too Pieces (2018 – Remaster)
3. Bad Connection (2018 – Remaster)
4. I Before E Except After C (2018 – Remaster)
5. Midnight (2018 – Remaster)
6. In My Room (2018 – Remaster)

Side 2
1. Only You (2018 – Remaster)
2. Goodbye 70’s (2018 – Remaster)
3. Tuesday (2018 – Remaster)
4. Winter Kills (2018 – Remaster)
5. Bring Your Love Down (Didn’t I) [2018 – Remaster]

You and Me Both

Side 1
1. Nobody’s Diary (2018 – Remaster)
2. Softly Over (2018 – Remaster)
3. Sweet Thing (2018 – Remaster)
4. Mr Blue (2018 – Remaster)
5. Good Times (2018 – Remaster)

Side 2
1. Walk Away from Love (2018 – Remaster)
2. Ode to Boy (2018 – Remaster)
3. Unmarked (2018 – Remaster)
4. Anyone (2018 – Remaster)
5. Happy People (2018 – Remaster)
6. And On (2018 – Remaster)

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Stor Dubiné

where are the extended mixes and unrelease songs??? :-(

Derek Langsford

I have both the The Pieces and In Your Room sets and don’t find the new remaster much different than the former. It’s maybe a little quieter but otherwise, to my ears, is not that much different. Made me glad I didn’t pay too much for it as I am not that interested in the remixes, preferring the original extended mixes and missing songs on the In Your Room 3rd disc.


Hi Derek, I totally agree with you. As a coincidence this weekend I compared the various re-issues and found the 2008 remasters sound better than the 2018 remasters, which I also found sound much quieter.

In fact I found the best sounding release is ‘The Collection’ from 2012. It’s actually quite a definitive release particularly for someone who doesn’t yet have any Yazoo releases.


Sure its great to attract new audiences but who woukd spend 19 pounds on it? Notnew fans for sure. Yazoo sure are on an unusual reissue path.

Each label must by now have an employee reminding them to issue the mandatory overpriced vinyl rerereissue with very little added incentive other than a sticker

Dean O

Upstairs at Eric’s – probably my most played/favourite album ever, it sits high at the very peak of my musical mountain just above Eat to the Beat, The Dreaming, English Settlement, Speak & Spell, Colour of Spring, Visage, New Gold Dream, Difficult Shapes…
To me it is chock full of potential singles – Midnight, Bad Connection, Goodbye 70’s…Americans never could have made anything like this. I doubt Eurythmics would have come about as they did without this album and I think ‘house’ music began here and/or within the grooves of extended ‘Shout’.

I remember all the music coming out at the time, something interesting being released on new release day every week. I expected music to advance and advance and just become more and more incredible with time….obviously that didn’t happen…the world has a stupid ear.

My taste being what it is I don’t find myself buying many new releases these days as there simply aren’t very many that appeal to me…I’ve always bought music and so find myself re-buying things that I already own (re-masters/re-issues) hoping each time that someone has managed to lift a little more of the obscuring film off or that I get some missing bits that I’ve never heard. I may not buy them all or find that they’re all worth it but it’s still nice to see all these different formats coming out and it’s nice to have this wonderful site.

btw – Orbital’s green album would be a great deluxe release. There were so many really good variations of tracks on it and a slew of really good b-sides that I don’t think are available on cd (2 Deep, Open Mind, Deeper, Analogue Test, LC1).

Who knows maybe Alison and Vince will get together and put something else out……….?

Peter Muscutt

I agree, Orbital are due a good reissue campaign! I remember getting a load of their stuff on holiday in USA in the 90s like the Diversions compilation and the In Sides album that came packaged with a couple of EPs. To collect all their early vinyl singles/remixes would be cool though!

Rich P

Ooooooh I’d genuinely love an Orbital reissue and remaster – particularly the early albums. Please – take my money!

Mark A. Hyland

I wonder if they genuinely have been remastered? I have both an original UK press and a pristine MoFi edition, but wonder if this could better either

paul wren

Nothing will beat your MoFi pressing.


Just like others here, I already have those two albums on vinyl so I don’t need those remasters. The original Mute releases still sound great to my ears. I also have “Upstairs at Eric’s” first CD edition and it also sounds great. Two of the best synth-pop albums of the 80s and the finest work of Vince Clarke. Ode to boy (written by Alison Moyet) is probably my favorite song and easily the best track of “You and Me Both”.

Allyn King

I still have my first issue of Upstairs at Erics and it still sounds Fabulous :)


Upstairs at Eric’s is a fantastic album in my opinion. The opportunity to bring it to new audiences should NEVER be passed by. Happy People on YAMB is a song I would quite happily never hear again!

Robert Laversuch

Odd that think YAMB is far superior to Upstairs and one reason is Happy People – each to their own, I suppose agree these albums should NEVER go out of print.

Russ thomas

Happy People was so bad, Alison refused point blank to sing it.
I don’t blame her ;)

carsten hansen

Just another re-re-re-re-re-re-re-press of something you easy can find in second-hand shops


If you like old battered worn copies


I’d rather have the other two albums from the set. I already own UaE and YaMB numerous times on lp.


I think it is worth noting these are the UK versions of these LP’s.

The original US versions had “Situation” and “State Farm” respectively.


Yes, Sire Records got YAZOO wrong just like the first two Depeche albums. That’s why I preferred to buy records from country of origin. More than likely that was how the musician wanted their tracklisting.


…but omitted “Tuesday” and “Happy People” respectively.


I had forgotten about the different track listings. For me the CD set is the way to go here, and I am glad they pressed the CD set. It does seem though that it was a missed opportunity to collect everything from that era singles/remixes into one place, rather than the later era mixes, though I suspect (hope) that may be for a later, different set.