Yello / new album POINT

Electro pop pioneers release a new studio album • Signed box set

Yello / New album Point

Swiss electronic duo Yello will release a new album POINT next month.

The pair are of course Dieter Meier and Boris Blank and Point is their 14th studio album, following 2016’s Toy.

Describing their approach to their art, Blank says “I compare our music with visual worlds. I am a sound painter who works in his studio all the time.” You can hear a preview of Waba Duba, below.

According to the label, POINT takes the classic Yello sound of records like Stella, One Second and Flag and “twists it into something ultra-modern.” It is “part spy film, part Dali-painting, part strobe lit dance floor, part 4D car chase and part deep space torch song. It’s Yello, absolutely on point.”

POINT is available on CD and vinyl, but note that JPC in Germany have a special limited collector’s box which includes three bonus tracks on the CD, a concert recording of the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2017 on blu-ray and DVD, a vinyl picture disc of the album and a signed and numbered 12″ x 12″ art print. It’s not clear at this stage whether that’s exclusive or if it will end up anywhere else (Update: It appears to be a German exclusive, but not a JPC exclusive).

POINT will be released on 28 August 2020

Compare prices and pre-order


Point - CD edition


Compare prices and pre-order


Point - vinyl LP


POINT Limited edition collector’s box set

Disc 1 – CD
1 Waba Duba
2 The Vanishing Of Peter Strong
3 Way Down
4 Out Of Sight
5 Arthur Spark
6 Big boy’s blues
7 Basic Avenue
8 Core shift
9 Spinning my mind
10 Hot pan
11 Rush For Joe
12 Siren Singing

Bonus tracks:
13  Insane
14 Zephyr Calling
15 Meet my angel

Disc 2 – Blu-ray  Montreux Jazz Festival 2017

Disc 3  – DVD Montreux Jazz Festival 2017 on DVD

Disc 4 – Picture disc vinyl LP

Side A

1 Waba Duba
2 The Vanishing Of Peter Strong
3 Way Down
4 Out Of Sight
5 Arthur Spark
6 Big boy’s blues

Side B

7 Basic Avenue
8 Core shift
9 Spinning my mind
10 Hot pan
11 Rush For Joe
12 Siren Singing

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[…] featuring a Dolby Atmos surround mix of the entire album and three bonus tracks. Point was issued back in August and great though the now sold out box set version was, it didn’t contain a surround mix of […]


Finally received my collector’s box from JPC and am very pleased – it’s a great package. The picture disc is superb. JPC’s boxing was the best I’ve seen (along with SDE) with an inner and outer box ensuring the set was mint.
Thank you Paul and SDE for alerting me to this.


Has anyone been able to get the Blu-Ray out ? It is really stuck there under the DVD, and I’m afraid to break the fragile plastic holder if I use more force..
Any ideas ?


I wanted the blu ray on top. I have got the blu ray but was a pain. It took about 10 minutes. Press the spindle down best you can and slide a finger under the disc., then slide the finger around to lift the disc more and then pull.

The design of the digipak is not good. It should have been taller so the disc on the bottom was not caught under the top spindle.

Steve H

I’ve been a Yello fan since Claro Que Si! (ish) and, on August 28th, i had a thought ‘Yello haven’t done an album in a while’ – Googled ‘yello new album’ and had bought the box set within 10 minutes – spooky… and absolutely true…

Robert Morgenstern

Got the Box yesterday and have listen to the picture disc today. A really perfect pressing flat and no surface noises. The concert Blu-ray i can recommend too. A nice set. My print is Numbered with 2600 in total. So they had a lot to sign.


Mein Exemplar hat Nummer xx46/2600.

Andy V

Very beautiful Collector’s Box! Great value for the price.
Got signed print number 21/2500. So only 2500 of these boxes were made.
The picture disc looks great. The CD is housed in a DVD-size DigiPak. With a booklet the same size. The same goes for the DVD and BluRay, also with a nice booklet.
Ordered it only a few days ago from thalia.de, a german book store chain, that also delivers. You can still order it on their website, so try your best. They also deliver to lots of European countries.
Absolutely worth it!


Really nice set indeed, the box is a less thick as shown on the image.

Frustration: the concert discs cover-art is messed up by that FSK-thingy. Reminds me of the Yello by Yello set…

Warren W

I placed my order the day after you posted this. A week later they cancelled – out of stock :(


My copy of the boxset has also arrived. If I go by the number of the signed art-print they produced 2600 copies (I have #2397).


The signed box set was delivered today here in Switzerland. Very nice box. But the vinyl should have been on black vinyl, not on picture disc. Gotta frame that signed art print and hang it on the wall. :-)


I got lucky as received a notification Wednesday evening from JPC that the Collectors box was available so I immediately ordered and it will arrive tomorrow. When I checked yesterday morning it was out of stock.


Box is available again

Wax Monster X

Very disappointed about the box. At the time of pre-order no one would ship to the U.S.
Now JPC and Amazon will ship to the U.S. but the box is gone. Interviewed Yello for a mag years ago and would love to have had the signed box. Dieter & Boris underestimate their fan base. This truly sucked. These labels need to operate on the Japanese method of pre-order pressing. Gather the orders, press what you need with 20 % spare and ship on date. Simple.


That’s the risk with underestimating the supply side. Why buy the inferior versions ? No box set = lost sale, in my book. Move on …


Thanks very much YELLO. A lifetime dedicated UK based fan, only just hearing you have a new album and missing the special edition by weeks it seems. Why do you skip the UK? Why do you make it so hard for people to pay over-the-top-$ for a boxset edition of your music, in a world awash with free-riders streaming everything for free?! Madness. Big kick in the face. THANKS


For all glowing Yello-fans: You might get this collector-box still from this suisse store:

Kenneth Holm

I wonder how many of the collectors boxes there was since they sold out in just a few days. 500? Ive never had any trouble getting deluxe boxes from for instance Depeche Mode or Erasure. So I’m quite disappointed missing out on this one. I don’t put any blame on Yello themselves, but the record company must’ve been aware of how popular a box like that would be so they could’ve decided upon many more to give all the fans a chance to get one. I understand it’s a collectors item and they are never released in 100 000 of thousands of copies, but at least more than they decided upon. I’m sure some will end up on ebay for 10 times the price. I’m happy they still make records and will buy the regular cd, but still this is a big disappointment. I’m getting tired of these limited editions, deluxe editions and so on that only a selected few are able to get. Worldwide…..

Chris Marsh

Also a shame that us long-time buyers (who couldn’t or wouldn’t be fleeced for the box set) have to make do with a cut-down CD.


Well, with this and the recently announced Michael Rother boxset, I do hope the U.S. will see some pre-order options eventually.

Chris Marsh

Another band waving two fingers at the CD buyers who kept them going for decades. no separate Bluray, shorter running CD. I’ve been buying Yello music since the first release of Bostiche. Disappointed by this release strategy.


The Yello – Point – Atmos Edition Blu-Ray (which came out in December 2020) is yet MORE money on top of that (£30+ shipping, which to the USA ends up being over $40, let alone this box set that doesn’t even include it). I just bought 4 other Dolby Atmos music Blu-Rays whose TOTAL probably came to $40 including two Booka Shade Atmos Blu-Rays (Dear Future Self and Galvany Street). Yello is being GREEDY.


Is there confirmed information about the number of copies of this box set ?

Jonathan Kamm

I heard 2500. All signed.

Neil Kelly

Some are claiming 2600


Phew, glad I checked this page, because it’s selling out fast. I still managed to secure a copy at Amazon.de


Seems the box is already sold out at JPC…


Thanks! I got one. ✅


You also can order directly from the Universal Music online shop Bravado from all over the world.



Now it’s already sold out at Bravado.


Hi Marco… you could… But it’s sold out. Sunday 20:00 > Bravado or JPC are both sold out. Not having seen any other places that still have the limited box.


At amazon.de it is still to order.

Richard Storey

There are copies available on various German sites as of 23/07/20

Tim Weldon

Don’t understand the criticism of the artwork. I like it, but each to their own.

Thanks for the heads-up on this, Paul. First time order from JPC – they look an excellent company to deal with/order from. Always like to avoid Shamazon if I can.


Ordered from JPC before and would use them above and beyond Amazon, their packaging so far has been excellent, they sometimes throw a discount voucher through emails, so worth looking out for them.

Thanks Paul for the heads up, looking forward to this.


Regarding the artwork, I have to agree. The design is boring and uninspired. What’s also bad is the purely technical implementation of the renderings. If you take a closer look, you can see that the entire typography was miserably vectorized from one template. It’s really a pity that there is obviously a lack of attention to detail.

Tim Weldon

Peter, what does that even mean???

ralph a costa

lol so true. I have a feeling Peter is using a language translator, Tim (not a very good one
at that lol ).

Pete {in Australia}

THANKS Paul, Great news, and a Surprise for me, this morning! Was watching a interview with Boris about Yello’s formation, a couple of days ago. THANKS to you, now alerted to and ordered, the new YELLO, and alas they do NOT always get released here in physical form, in Australia, anymore. Filmclip for single, is NOW up also. :)

Elizabeth Hirst

Great news that Amazon.De are doing the box set – it fits in to my August expenditure and not my June expenditure. Thanks for the tip Paul


Thanks so much for the heads up , I absolutely loved the new single and really enjoyed Toy. I am very interested in having something signed , I’ve gone for amazon Germany , shipping is only 3 euros.! This is a bargain imo , CD , vinyl , blu ray , dvd and a signed print ?’! Amazing ! If it by some chance does get a uk release I can easily cancel

Jason Eckhardt

Just listened to the new song. Let me start by saying I’m a collector and a life-long Yello fan. I have all their albums, singles, etc. I’m happy that they’re still making music but this new single is disappointing. It sounds like a B-Side or something they phoned in. Think I’ll just be buying the standard CD edition.

About those 2005 remasters: What I’d love to see are Blu-Spec remasters from the original tapes, cleaned up and sounding great. It’s been a while but I recall there are artefacts on “Otto Di Catania”, possibly others. With headphones on you can hear more noise than expected.

Michel75 says: “best electronic group after Kraftwerk,” I disagree, I say Kraftwerk is the best electronic group after Yello.

Favorite Albums: Stella, One Second, Flag, Baby
Favorite Tracks: Squeeze Please, Till Tomorrow, Call It Love, Rubberbandman

Finally, the artwork is boring. As visual as their music is you’d think there would be more going on. Artwork for me is an important opportunity to sell the music inside. I’ve bought many albums just for the artwork. If I didn’t know who Yello were, I’d pass right over this.

Just my 2 cents.


Surely you’re aware that “Blu-Spec remasters” are not a thing? “Blu-Spec” is purely a CD-authoring technology, and has nothing to do with remastering the audio that gets pressed to them.

It’s also a worthless marketing gimmick, but at least one should be aware of what the gimmick claims to do. It will not make a similarly-mastered audio stream sound any better than if it were pressed to CD the old-fashioned way.

The more you know!


My mistake, yes I’m aware that Blu-Spec is just a format (like HDCD), but I have a few and they sound great. Of course being properly remastered and cleaned up is first priority.

Richard Storey

Hi don’t agree at all with the artwork views- Yello are different, the artwork is essentially different and it’s very, very good,

Robert Morgenstern

Thank you very much. Ordered right before reading the whole news. Will be interesting how many prints they will sign, if it is not a exclusive. Hope JPC will not take more pre-orders than they will finally get.


Anyone know what the specs are on the DVD/Blu-ray? Hoping to find a company (not Amazon, apparently) that will ship to the US, but not if the video isn’t playable.

Russ T

Well, love Yello as I do, it’s fair to say they didn’t use much of this new album budget on the artwork. BLOODY HELL that front cover is truly dreadful. Hideous.


Couldn’t agree more.


I couldn’t agree more. Sadly it’s the case with many well-known artists these days. Have you seen how horrendous Pet Shop Boys artworks are lately?

Larry Davis

Turns out that JPC is the only site to ship this box to the US and they threw in some vinyl sleeves for free…ordered, very cool site JPC, thanks for the heads up about new Yello…always thought they were cool but never really had their albums before, except a US compilation or so, but with the new record & deluxe exclusive German box with signed pic disc & live DVD & BluRay, Fab artwork too, perfect place to start!! Thanks again Paul…


I agree – JPC is an excellent site. I live in Germany and its a real bonus to have a great independent alternative to Amazon.

Tom m hans

I remember using their 1000plus pages mail order catalogue as a compendium to look up releases. Pre Internet, ca 1995ish… is 2001 mail order and Munich store still around?
Gruss aus Florida.

Richard Storey

I’m desperate to buy the Collectors box, if you don’t like it, I’ll gladly buy it from you…

Richard Storey


Thanks for the heads up, if I remember correctly
Dieter Mdier put up a plaque somewhere in the 90’s which said at some point in the future he was going to be there at an exact time, he did it as an art installation type thing, does anyone else remember that or did I dream it? Surely if anyone knows they’d be here on SDE somewhere.
Has the event come & gone?


Yes, it was in 1972 at the Documenta in Kassel.
There was installed (and still is there when I’m right) a plaque with these words
“On 23rd March 1994 from 3pm to 4pm Dieter Meier will stand on this plaque”


Thanks Chris! I don’t know why this has stuck in my head all these years


Brcause it’s just a crazy thing? ;o)


But did he stand on the plaque? :)


I’ll have to wait til it’s available in the US. Not too thrilled with the new single. Maybe a few remixes might make it sound a little better. I’m all for the next Yello reissue campaign. The 2005 cds were good but still missed out on some crucial 7″/12″s. Paul maybe you could interview Boris and Dieter and ask them at some point?

Jan V.

Ordered. Thanks, Paul


Thanks, Paul, this is great news.
Amazon Germany, of course, isn’t shipping to Australia but JPC is throwing in a few charming trinkets and widgets so I’m extra happy!

Justin Isbell

I’m a sucker for trickets and widgets but couldn’t find any on the JPC site. What is it they’re giving out?
Cheers, Justin


Justin, JPC offered some vinyl inner sleeves and a “record butler” to remove vinyl from sleeves without skin contact – basically an oven mitt. Cute.

Trevor Smith

Wow. This is genuinely exciting news for me and I hear it first at SDE, thanks Paul! Been listening to a lot of Yello recently . Will undoubtedly pre-order this.


Well, the signed box was an instant buy before even reading about it. ‘Toy’ was a truly great record all the way through after what were, for me, years of albums with just a few great tracks. And with so long between albums, it’s never certain that there’ll be another from them.

I’ve been a fan since I heard ‘I Love You’ on Timmy Mallet’s radio show back in ’83. To finally have something signed will be a nice addition to my Yello collection.

Thanks, as always, for the heads up, Paul.


Thanks from all of your German readers that you are an international website.


Fantastic news, just ordered the limited edition through JPC, very simple.
Yello, best electronic group after Kraftwerk, amazing they are still very active and always on spot.
Favorite albums: One Second, Zebra and Toy; favorite track: Lost again (12″).
Thank you Paul!

Inner Space

My favorite track is also Lost Again……but strangely enough, not the 12″ version.
Although I almost always prefer long (extended) versions, not in this case.
The 12″ version is missing the great middle eight section with the excellent guitar part
and the lyrics:
“I know isn’t this crazy
Let’s have a last drink
Don’t ask where I come from
And don’t ask what I think
I leave you, lady
Full of desire to stay”
I think that version is only available on the 7″….but it could be also on the album version as well.

Michael G

Ordered the signed edition.
Again thanks for highlighting this item.


thanks Paul ordered!


Talking about electronic music pioneers.
Jean Michel Jarre plays an online virtual reality concert on Sunday 21.06.
More infos can be found via

Ordered the Yello collectors box btw ;o)
Looks like an JPC exclusive.
Only one Box per custumer.

Big thanks Paul for this spot!

Wolfgang Mintrop

It seems that the (signed) box is not someting special to JPC. Other German dealers are offering this box, too. Pls check, Paul.

amazon.de: https://amzn.to/30VKqwn

buecher.de: https://www.buecher.de/shop/rock/point-collectors-box/yello/products_products/detail/prod_id/59617460/


Fantastic! Thanks for pointing us in the direction of the German Limited Edition.
Easy to order, can’t wait!


This is great news. Their last album “Toy” was amazing. I just ordered the signed collectors box.