Yes featuring ARW / Live at the Apollo

Limited edition 3LP vinyl set • blu-ray and DVD with 5.1 surround sound

Yes featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman have been touring recently in celebration of the prog rock band’s 50th anniversary and their 2017 show at the Manchester Apollo will be issued in September across a number of formats by Eagle Rock, including this 3LP opaque orange vinyl edition.

The three musicians play classic tracks such as Roundabout, Owner Of A Lonely Heart, And You And I, Hold On, Heart Of The Sunrise, I’ve Seen All Good People, and more, to a sellout crowd and are joined on stage by Lee Pomeroy (on bass) and Lou Molino III (on drums).

The performance was filmed, so as well as the triple vinyl and two-CD editions, Live at the Apollo is also available on blu-ray or DVD with 5.1 surround sound.

The orange vinyl is limited to 3,500 units and until we get confirmation to the contrary it might be best to assume that, like the recent Rolling Stones No Security set, the coloured vinyl is a North America/Canada-only exclusive and not available in Europe. There are no UK links to the various editions, as yet, anyway.

Live at the Apollo will be released on 7 September 2018.

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Yes Featuring Anderson Rabin & Wakeman

Live at the Apollo - 3LP vinyl


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Yes Featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman

Live at the Apollo - 2CD edition


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Live at the Apollo - blu-ray


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Live at the Apollo - DVD


Side A
1. Intro / Cinema / Perpetual Change
2. Hold On

Side B
1. I’ve Seen All Good People : (i) Your Move (ii) All Good People
2. Lift Me Up
3. And You & I (i) Cord Of Life (ii) Eclipse (iii) The Preacher, The Teacher (iv) Apocalypse

Side C
1. Rhythm Of Love
2. Heart Of The Sunrise

Side D
1. Changes
2. Long Distance Runaround / The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)

Side E
1. Awaken

Side F
1. Make It Easy / Owner Of A Lonely Heart
2. Roundabout

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Steve Crooks

As a fan who has been listening to Yes for 50 years I find this particular album a pleasant surprise. I found it to be a very ‘laid back’ performance with Jon’s vocals as good as any previous live recordings – he does not appear to have suffered any loss of talent from age or ill health). Rick is still awesome but I would say that as a Wakeman fan. The early tracks such as Perpetual Change, All Good People, Heart of The Sunrise and And You & I are different approach and a welcome variation especially when listening in my car, not sure about Awaken though. I would say that Hold On and Lift Me Up are the best versions of these particular songs that I have heard but that is just my opinion. As for the cover, it identifies the album distinctly. Give it a listen, it may surprise you.

Tom P.

Stupid how they mention Make It Easy, when in fact it’s only the Intro that is actually played! Saw this tour twice, once in CT, other in NY. Both shows were fantastic, but definitely could’ve been better if they actually played more Rabin era songs.


Strong performance by ARW. Listened to the clips on YouTube and it has fake applause added to the mix. It comes and goes throughout the show at the weirdest points. After listening to live Yes for so many years, most audiences don’t cheer during their songs. Don’t know who’s idea that was but it gets annoying after a while. I’m passing on this one.


Exactly, this mixed in fake audience noise is annoying and distracting.

Charles Christopher

Speaking as someone who is always commenting on how half-assed a lot of album art is these days……. I don’t think the cover is *that* bad. Or at least I’ve seen a lot worse on this forum. Maybe it gets a lot of comment because Yes famously had high standards for cover art, and Yes fans have a tendency to be “passionately opinionated”.
Anyway, at least it’s colorful – an ugly color, but at least it’s not bland. And it’s based on the art they use on the group’s own website. My real disappointment is with the logo. Even if you’re not going to come up with anything as iconic as the Roger Dean logo, they could do better than that. I’m actually surprised they didn’t use one of the other logos or something that resembles the 90125 era artwork.


The cover is not good. Then again, I don’t play the cover.

Keith Lambert

I’ve seen ARW twice now (including this gig) and they were a joy to behold. This year, I was really hoping that they’d put ‘Endless Dream’ in the set but at least we still had the mesmerising ‘Awaken’ to tick the ‘epic’ box. As someone else said, it would have been nice to have a BD/DVD + CD package. I feel a cheeky Hi-Res rip coming, if the BD allows. I will of course purchase the CD set too :-)

Keith Lambert

P.S. I’ve had this set for a few weeks now and it’s very good indeed, just like the gig itself. As many others have said though, the fake audience noise is super annoying. If it had to be there at all, it could have been added at the end of each number and not at 30 seconds intervals during each track! I’d even put my hand in my pocket and buy this again if they released it without this frustrating ‘enhancement’. I’d love to know what A, R & W think of the finished product and who is responsible for sanctioning the fake noise! It has marred a truly excellent release.

Keith Lambert

P.P.S. !!! I really wish they’d brought ‘Endless Dream’ into the set for the 2nd UK Tour. What an epic and it was performed brilliantly back in the 90’s.


Jon Anderson IS YES, period. Cant stand karaoke singers.


Benoît David was no karaoke singer as i thought he had a great voice and Fly From Here was the best album they had released since Talk. As for that last album Heaven & Earth it is utter drivel and i just cannot take to that new guys voice at all and it saddening to think that album was the last thing Chris Squire did.


Jon Anderson hasn’t been in Yes for 50 years let alone Rabin and Wakeman. That cover is atrocious indeed.


Neil, I don’t understand your comment. Are you aware that there are NO members of the original band from 50 years ago in either iteration of Yes EXCEPT Jon Anderson? Peter Banks, Chris Squire, Tony Kaye, Bill Bruford, and Jon Anderson recorded the first two albums. Looks like Jon Anderson might be the ONLY member to be legitimately celebrating the band’s 50th.


What i mean is Jon Anderson left the group years ago so he hasn’t been part of it for 50 years confusing eh.


Totally confusing. Perhaps it is time for another Union type tour featuring all surviving current and former members. Now that would make sense in terms of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the band.

elliott buckingham

a boring triple black vinyl is available on pledge music. another case of an british band giving the American vinyl buyers a better edition


More interesting there are also several bundles with slightly discounted prices available to pre-order on Pledge Music, e.g. DVD + 2cd, BluRay + 2cd and several other.


Indeed worst cover in a long time. One day it will be famous for it. Cheap computer job done in 1h. As the band was first preping to tour, Anderson alluded at mash-up versions of yes tracks, combining together bits and parts and making something totally fresh. None of this is present.
Hoping they stop all those side projects and touring and focus on an album, with all members in the same room, no email track swapping, and with a real producer, they also need an outside perspective. And a great cover, so many starving painters, I am sure one can replace a computer cut and paste job. Youth would be a great producer for them, or bringing back Eddy Offord from retirement.

Chris Newton

Eddie Offord would be a great idea great producer that doesn’t over produce


Any chance that Universal might buy Eagle in the near future so we get a box set of this AND a stand-alone blu-ray of Music From The Big Pink?


Universal DOES own Eagle Rock.


Hi Andy,

thanks for enlightening me. Next time i go check Wikipedia BEFORE commenting. ;-))

But in that case it seems like the left company doesn’t know what the right company is doing.


Klaus, you are probably right. I think the trouble is that a few record companies own nearly everything these days. When Universal bought EMI, the word “monopoly” stuck in my head. When companies are TOO big, things can’t help but fall through the cracks.


Ugly cover, great set list. Trevor’s guitar playing is so different compared to Steve that the songs tend to sound a little harder. Looking forward to hearing it. It would be far more exciting if it was packed in Roger Dean cover or even Talk like art.

Adam Shaw

Sod the packaging , it’s the music that counts !!
Saw them at the O2 recently ( Paul , it was me who said hi on the train )and they were blinding , still got the chops !
I’ve got a lot of Yes live albums so hope it sounds as good as the real thing .


I tend to agree with you about the primacy of music, but this is SDE, a site about physical media.

If you just want to check out the performance, there are high quality audience tapes of both the Apollo shows (March 18 and 19) easily available out there on the web, as well as the show a couple days earlier in Brighton. And of course there are lots of videos on youtube and elsewhere.

Rick from Connecticut

Not to mention that three stacked orange LPs look like a basketball…

Paul Kent

The cover looks like the box design for a headache remedy. That aside, it seems that nobody appears to have learned anything from the ridiculous Yes vs. ABWH farce of the late ’80s. Guys, listen, if you have left Yes you are no longer Yes! Simple, really. As for the music, I’m in no doubt that it will sound wonderful but issuing a live album as the first official release is something I could care less for. They need to stop the gigs and finish the studio album – something that I am seriously excited to hear.


There is something oddly appealing about the garish awfulness of that cover. I saw them in London a coule of weeks ago. Great show. I’ll be getting this. I wish the DVD/blu-ray was packaged with the CD though, but I suppose I’ll get both.


Wow, easily the ugliest record cover I’ve seen in years. At first glance, this looks like the packaging for some mechanical tool.


Quality of music overshadows any cover issues, really dont give shit bout cover✌


As much as this is a long awaited release for the diehard Yes fan (i.e. me) it is hard to imagine a less engaging design for the casual buyer. Even the much maligned Talk cover at least looked way more original than this.

Mark Turrell

I saw them in SF, and they were superb. Tight as a gnats chuff. Definitely getting this.


It is an interesting piece of decision making, isn’t it? The cover art. Especially given Yes’s history as standard bearers of cover art and presentation.

It’s something that, if you bought it, you’d probably need to tuck to the back of your collection somewhere, lest it lower the tenor of things. You wouldn’t want a guest likely to browse, to stumble upon it and get the wrong idea about the quality of your collection.


Was at the gig and as good a Jon and Rick were, Trevor had a bit of an off night and played a few bum notes and mistimed cues……but knowing post production those errors would be corrected. Would be nice as a full vinyl, cd and bluray box set.

Thomas Staudt

All name shenanigans and personal conflicts aside:
I saw them headline the Loreley Night of the Prog last year and it was pure magic.


Anyone who saw this tour will definitely be looking forward to this set. A great live band.


Yes featuring ARW? So which is it? If you’re not allowed to call yourselves just Yes then don’t bother!


No songs from ” Talk” the best album of the Trevor Ravin era, dont buy!!!


fingers crossed for a price cut black vinyl


Bodger Dean…


Superb set, I can’t wait to hear Jon Anderson again! (What a pity they can’t reconcile with the other Yes and tour as one band)


2cd set ordered. Wakeman has a new studio album out around the same time. Piano Odyssey:

While My Guitar Gently Weeps
And You and I
Rocky (The Legacy)
The Boxer
Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud
Strawberry Fields Forever
Cyril Wolverine
Jane Seymour
Bohemian Rhapsody

Dr Volume

Not exactly Roger Dean standard is it? My dog could do better than that on Photoshop in 10 mins…and I haven’t even got a dog.


that’s probably to clearly separate both bands


Spellbinding music, musicians of that level, gorgeous triple vinyl… then they have to wrap it all in that monstrosity of a sleeve. Well.


Dear g-d that is one shoddy package design. Reminds me of the level of craptasticness you usually find in the $2 dvd bin at your local discount barn or truck stop.


Seriously, that design has all the perverse fascination of a car wreck. Where to begin? The gracelessly cheesy retro-80s logo, complete with gradients, beveling and gratuitous shadowing? The misbegotten light blue/orange color combination? The off-centered text in the opening “50TH ANNIVERSARY” box? The wide font, outlined “FEATURING”? And what’s up with those black text boxes, slapped like grim leaden bars over the gauzy illustration?

Ah yes, then there’s the illustration: Look! It’s a maze! Dude, it’s SO surreal. And some unconvincing CGI clouds! And three of the guys in the band, from the waist up, hovering in the fake sky and positioned unnaturally close together with intense grimaces on their faces!

Perhaps this would be easier to stomach if so many of Yes’s albums hadn’t been graced by the iconic, evocative and beautiful images and lettering of Roger Dean. Even the modernistic misstep of Hipgnosis’s “Going for the One” cover was pretty good.

On the other hand, the packaging here probably is, in its way, honest. This is not likely to be an iconic, evocative or beautiful performance, let alone one that is stylish and of its time (regardless of the musicians involved, who are very talented indeed). I fully expect this to be music by a few of the band’s many members, with a couple of new guys filling in, playing a set of oldies for nostalgic fans. They have issued a souvenir of their concert, and many fans will be grateful for the opportunity to purchase it and view or listen to the show. It does not require artwork that would entice non-fans to purchase it, or grant it serious weight, any more than Eagle’s many other live releases of shows by classic rock artists now long past their prime.

Still, given the many, many live albums and videos issued by the Yes’s various incarnations over the past few decades, and the no-cost option of watching the shows on youtube, the marketing department had no business green lighting a packaging design so clumsy that it might actually discourage purchase. And that goes double for the pricey triple coloured vinyl set intended to sell as a collectable. Classic rock and prog fans remember 1973’s “Yessongs” as the landmark release that set the bar for the triple live album, both in content and design. Everyone understands that those glory days are gone for both this band and the industry as a whole: but all the same, you’d think that the label would treat the band and its fans with a bit more respect.


Why not found your own little record-sleeve-designing company and try to become an oligarch once more?