Yes / Tales From Topographic Oceans / four-disc expanded edition with 5.1


3CD+Blu-ray audio offers amazing amount of content

Yes‘ sixth studio album Tales From Topographic Oceans will be reissued at the end of September with new Steven Wilson stereo and 5.1 remixes created from the original multi-track tapes…

This is the fifth in the series of expanded Yes albums and it comes in 3CD+Blu-ray audio and 2CD+2DVD-A configurations.

Both versions feature the new 2016 mix of the original album along with an unedited/extended version of side one’s Dance of the Dawn and five newly created ‘single’ edits, but the blu-ray version is the one to opt for since its unique third CD offers a complete alternate version of the album using live tracks and studio run throughs. Of these High The Memory (a studio run-through of side 2), and Ritual (live in Zurich, April 1974) are previously unreleased.

The blu-ray and DVD-As both feature the original stereo mix of the album, along with the new stereo and 5.1 mixes, but again the blu-ray combo gives you something extra, in this case the extended Dance of the Dawn in stereo and 5.1 surround sound, the five edits, instrumental mixes, the alternate versions, and other bonus material, all in high resolution.

The DVD-A version is presented as double digipacks while the blu-ray version comes as two mini vinyl replica gatefold card sleeves in a slipcase. The booklets feature new sleeve notes by Sid Smith along with the usual rare photos and elements of new interviews with Jon Anderson, Steve Howe and Alan White.

Speaking about this release, Steven Wilson said “I worked on and off for about 3 years on this new mix in my quest to do it justice. I hope it will satisfy the people who agree with me that it may just be Yes’s pre-eminent masterpiece.”

He also recently pointed out that multitrack tapes are unavailable for the other key albums in the Yes catalogue, so “unless that situation changes”, this will be the final release in the series.

Tales From Topographic Oceans is reissued on 30 September 2016. With the extra discs these are pricier than previous sets, although the current price on Amazon UK for the blu-ray vesion is great value (and is actually cheaper than the other set).



3CD+Blu-ray edition

CDs 1, 2:

1. The Revealing Science Of God (Dance Of The Dawn)
2. The Remembering (High The Memory)
3. The Ancient (Giants Under The Sun)
4. Ritual (Nous Sommes Du Soleil)

2016 full album mix, plus an extended Dance of the Dawn and 5 single edits, all mixed by Steven Wilson.

Single edits:

4. The Revealing Science of God (single edit)
5. The Remembering (single edit)
6. The Ancient (single edit
7. Ritual (single edit I)
8. Ritual (single edit II)

CD 3:

1. High the Memory (studio run-through)
2. Giants Under the Sun (studio run-through)
3. Ritual (live, Zurich, April 1974)

Full alt. album featuring side two (studio) & side 4 (live) of original album prev. unreleased.

Blu-ray element (Region 0, NTSC) features:

– 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio Surround (24bit/96khz) mixed from the original multi-channel recordings.

– the new stereo album mix in DTS-HD Master Audio (24bit/96khz).

– the original album mix in a DTS-HD Master Audio flat transfers from the original master tape source. (24bit/192khz). We believe this is the earliest master of the original mix to be issued in the digital era. (This master was also used for the original stereo on the CDs).

– full alt. album featuring: sides 1 and 3 from the 2003 Rhino CD, previously unreleased studio run-through of Side 2 and previously unreleased live version of Side 4.

– exclusive needle-drop of an original UK vinyl pressing transferred in 24bit/96khz audio and US branded promo pressing.

– exclusive instrumental versions of all new mixes in DTS-HD Master Audio stereo (24bit/96khz).

– 2016 stereo and 5.1 remix of Dance of the Dawn plus 5 single edits (stereo only) all mixed from multi-track by Steven Wilson.


2CD+2DVD-A edition

CDs 1, 2:

1. The Revealing Science Of God (Dance Of The Dawn)
2. The Remembering (High The Memory)
3. The Ancient (Giants Under The Sun)
4. Ritual (Nous Sommes Du Soleil)

2016 full album mix, plus an extended Dance of the Dawn and 5 single edits, all mixed by Steven Wilson.

Single edits:

4. The Revealing Science of God (single edit)
5. The Remembering (single edit)
6. The Ancient (single edit
7. Ritual (single edit I)
8. Ritual (single edit II)

2 DVD-As (Region 0, NTSC) feature:

– a 5.1 DTS Mix and High Resolution Stereo mixes.
– DVD-A players can, additionally, access a 5.1 Lossless audio mix (24bit 96khz).
– 2016 SW album mix in Hi-Res stereo
– the original album mix in a hi-res flat transfer from the original stereo master tape source.

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Have you scrolled down to the bottom of these comments, curious to discover if there any reactions/reviews to this new SW remixed TFTO? If so, I absolutely recommend this Amazon review: https://www.amazon.com/review/R2FXYCL8LQKD8C/ref=cm_cd_pg_pg2?ie=UTF8&asin=B00G2INFF6&cdForum=Fx258AEAEDIDFLL&cdPage=2&cdThread=TxFLXLTBJOYMQW&store=music#wasThisHelpful



Great news and great website.
I don’t really like Steven Wilson’s tastes in his remixes but the extras make it worth it for me. The original TFTO sounded muffled compared to Close to the Edge & Fragile, so I’m at least interested if I’ll be able to hear new stuff that had been hiding.

Boggled how people can love Close to the Edge and Relayer and not TFTO. Close to the Edge and Gates of Delirium have just as much experimental noisy sections and ‘tuneless’ atmospheric sections. As for saying there aren’t any tunes on TFTO, that’s really strange to me, I’ve had these tunes in my head almost immediately after hearing the album. And that was when I was still in grade school.

Yes, they could’ve made it less repetitive, but then again isn’t All Good People from The Yes Album 2 1/2 minutes of the same vocal line repeated over and over and over!!
And really most popular music released in the past 60 years could also be considered overextended. Except maybe the 2-3 minute singles of the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s.

Too bad they couldn’t do Going For the One and Tormato next.


Sorry, my last sentence should read “Too bad Steven Wilson couldn’t remix Going For the One and Tormato next”


I’m with Tino. Close to the Edge, Relayer and Tales are the holy trinity, with Fragile just on the side. And I say Hooray! For this week it’s out.

Tino Stabile

Yes. Yes indeed… I am in fact a huge Yes fan and this is a special album but for some reason… maybe due to its length gets less play. However I plan to change that with this reissue. I think Close to the Edge, Relayer along with this one (Tales) are the holy trinity in their canon. Although Fragile can also be included in that group.
I have ordered it and I am anxiously awaiting its release. In Canada the release is supposed to be this week (Oct. 7th). Let us hope it finally sees the light of day.
I also will check out some unboxing videos in the meantime if it gets released in another part of the world a little sooner.
Great info as usual Paul


Like his work with King Crimson, I think the point of these is primarily for surround sound, not stereo, even if they’re offered as needle drops or whatever.

I’m a huge Yes guy, but could never get into this one. I might pick it up, but November is already breaking the bank, so I might wait for a while…

Jon T

I keep buying reissues of this album in the hope that a new polish might reveal its glory; no luck so far.


The Blu-ray version on Amazon has jumped a bit to £32.64 (22/09 18:30) so burning shed is now the better deal in the UK (at least)

Rik K

I just received an email update from amazon.uk, that the expected delivery time is 15-20 October.

Johnny T.

Amazon USA is now saying this…

This title will be released on October 7, 2016.


Thanks for posting the DVD-A compatibility info
It’s disappointing to pop one of these in a car (Cadillac, Acura, Audi, Volvo) and find they won’t play cause there’s no DVD-A content. (audi/volvo are different cases as they will play DVDs) but the US carmakers won’t play DVD-A unless you’ve got the optional video-screen for the backseat (as in the Caddy case).

peter wolf

Being a Yes fan i will have to go back and listen to the whole album although it may not be a fave
and we all have our fave Yes eras after Steve Wilson’s stellar remasters, reissues i for one will look forward to revisiting Tales in all its glory. As this will be Yes number 5 will there be any more to follow? Choice wise although the album didn’t quite fit into the Yes criteria i must admit i didn’t mind Big Generator, Talk, and 90125. I guess all Yes fans are in a minority group.
In the end it’s great to see these new versions.


Here is where it is £21.66 GBP on Burning Shed: https://www.burningshed.com/store/progressive/product/494/7824/

Or is the Burning Shed website clever enough to detect I’m in Oz and has removed the tax, so I’m seeing a diff price?

At any rate, I was mostly pointing out the price diff for UK buyers who might be interested. (Though perhaps BS local delivery cost is still much higher than Amazon locally.) Certainly the cheaper overseas delivery cost plus the tax removal ends up making the more expensive Amazon price cheaper for those down under. Sad though, I’d much prefer to buy direct from BS. Pity they don’t group pre-order items together for one delivery cost. I’d be fine with waiting, but maybe that would be extra work for them.


Yeah i obviously had it set by default to the UK. Looking at the delivery cost to Oz it just works about the same as the UK price in total. If they could ditch that disc with the pointless single edits and made it a bit cheaper i might have considered this but i think i will pass.

peter wolf

Steven i am in Oz too, have been buying all my special editions from Amazon UK & the great thing too as i have been shopping for ages on their site i automatically receive a discount. And the good thing with all of these bluray editions they’re on the same zone as Australia. With Yes
we no doubt have our fave Yes eras, will Tales be the last one? As what Philip C suggested above
SW is contracted up to 1974, is this the end of Yes’s back catalogue?


Wakeman shouldn’t devalue his mellotron work on TFTO. It’s one of last great expanses of mellotron to be found. I always enjoyed it even more live as Yes worked so hard to bring that album to life. I saw it twice in Detroit in Feb 74. Sometimes I think Rick just started repeating Chris Welch’s attack on the album so that he could justify his short-lived solo stint before returning. He was sort of rude bring curries on stage! Search out Bruce Eder’s review of a bootlegged TFTO concert for a refreshing take.


Very excited about this, esp in 5.1. I have loved Topo Oceans from my very first listen and I find it perplexing that Yes fans who love Close to the Edge and Relayer have trouble get into it. But we’re all different.

Rick Wakeman’s work on this album is particularly exceptional. I remember reviews and interviews at the time pointing out that he perhaps got a bit carried away and carved out too huge a slice of the cake which would be a big challenge for him to replicate live. I seem to recall Howe also said similar at the time of the release. Quite possibly the poor critical reception at the time and Rick’s subsequent departure have coloured how he now feels about this masterwork.

By the way, the blu-ray is 21.66 pds over at Burning Shed, cheaper than Amazon.


The blu-ray from Burning Shed is £25.99 plus £3 postage so it’s not cheaper than Amazon.


Love Yes ! Love the 5.1 Blu Rays but the Fragile Blu Ray wouldn’t play in all my Blu Ray players…anyone else have this issue ? My Blu Ray players are all Sony machines. Thanks ! I want to buy the TFTO 5.1 releases !!!!


Daniel, I understand what you’re saying. But some of us are replacing really old versions of these albums.

In the case of Yes, some stuff I had from the first CD versions that came out. Then, (forgive me for what I’m about to say) I burned them into MP3 at 128 kbps because I was listening to music on cheap computer speakers and cheap car speakers. And some of the portable listening devices that first came out were MP3-only. Plus, hard-drive space and portable player size wasn’t as large as it is today to burn stuff at a much higher quality.

These reissues are a chance to get a few things… better sound than the original CDs, the surround sound version (which after years of listening on cheap computer speakers is quite a revelation), and what for me is often the most interesting part of these Yes reissues… the instrumental versions of the songs. Plus, when I do burn them for computer or car use, I no longer worry about space and can burn at a higher quality.

Tom M

Interesting that right now the Blu-ray set is cheaper than the DVD-A in the U.K.

Daniel Wylie

As a Yes fan and also an XTC fan, I am happy with the original mixes. I have listened to Steve Wilson remixes and while they are good enough mixes, I feel that they add nothing to the originals. I loved the records when they first came out and I loved the first remasters. Great songs are great songs…Steve Wilson remixing them won’t make them better. I suppose it’s different if you want 5.1 surround mixes…but I only have two ears and stereo does me fine. The Rhino Yes remasters from a few years back, sound amazing. Chances are that Yes fans are of a certain age and any real differences will only be heard by your pet dog…if you have one. :)

Mic Smith

Jethro Tull’s Aqualung is the only remix of a 70’s album I have heard that improves on the original. By and large I am happy with the sound of the original mixes on the 1970s work by Tull, Yes and Genesis compared to the 21st Century re-interpretations. I stopped buying the Yes titles after hearing CTTE in 5.1. Not my cup of tea I’m afraid. Never get tired of hearing the original version of CTTE and can’t understand why I would want to play anything else (more than once). Tull’s Too Old to Rock’n’Roll was a revelation too but in that case they used a completely different recording.


Well it is wonderful to have Tales in a Steven Wilson mix but I was hoping that Going For The One would be included too.
Unfortunately this is not (yet ?) the case.

Peter Anderson

Been hoping this would get the Steve Wilson 5.1 treatment so welcome this release. A slow burner like most double LPs but worth the wait. There are sections of side 3 and 4 in particular that are challenging but overall I love it, not least for the artwork for which a vinyl copy is essential and new copies are available. I do agree with MiG that the extras look a bit repetitive of the 2003 release and would have traded all for a decent live version of the whole performance as heard on various bootlegs. Really hope / would not be surprised if the multi tracks for GFTO and Tormato become available at some point – the former is certainly classic Yes and they always argued the latter would have been if not for a dodgy mix – it is the Yes album that would probably benefit most for a sonic overhaul.


Yea, I love this album and always have. I always assumed that this was one of the records Steven Wilson wouldn’t work on, so I’m thrilled!

Chris Straub

Perhaps it is worth pointing out that there may be a big difference between “unavailable” and “can’t be found.” It might be that “unavailable” simply means that the multitracks for other Yes albums were not made available to Steven Wilson and not that they no longer exist. Who knows?

Tony Prince

Can’t wait to order, not my fave album by the Yes-men, but it has memorable moments. Steve Howe’s acoustic work is particularly outstanding! So, I have no problem calling it a masterpiece.


Can somebody explain CD3? Three out of four tracks is not a complete alt album. I don’t think all four sides of the album will fit on a single CD. For the “Dance Of The Dawn” runthrough then, do we still need the 2003 version of the album? (Obviously you’re working from incomplete information, Paul, as the numbering for the DVD version is also up the creek and you don’t list the extended Dance.)

To be honest, we’re not getting much here apart from the new Wilson mix. The extended Dance was on the 2003 version, as was the studio runthrough of Dance (assuming it’s also here) and Giants. You can keep your “newly created single edits”, thanks. That leaves a solitary live track (why not the whole performance live?) and the studio runthrough of High The Memory, which has circulated for years. I know I’m spoiled, but this seems like slim pickings.

I’ll buy it for the Wilson mix and the 5.1 — and the DVD version will do just fine for that — but I expected to be more excited than this.


Whilst I can imagine Mr Wilson not considering it a key album (he’s wrong, by the way), I would personally love to see a surround 90125…

Maybe Trevor Horn would be up for doing it himself?


I am delighted that, at last, Tales From Topographic Oceans has had the Steven Wilson treatment. All four sides of the original album were magical to me but the mix was never that great so I can’t wait for this new incarnation. My only criticism is that I can’t buy the double cd without the blu ray/dvd. I don’t have a surround sound system so I’m paying for something I won’t get the benefit from but never mind, I’m still looking forward to this release.


One of my favourite Yes albums, and I’m thrilled it’s getting the deluxe treatment. Yeah, the newly created single edits are a bit puzzling, but the rest looks to be amazing.
Regarding wanting only the CD’s: I don’t have a surround system either, but the BluRay’s in these Panegyric sets offer fantastic content besides just the 5.1: the new Wilson mix, the flat transfer, the bonus material, the needle drops, and (mostly) the instrumentals…and it’s all in hi-res too. I actually feel the opposite – I’d rather have been able to just buy the Blu’s without the CD’s.
As for the “unavailable” multi-tracks. My fingers are crossed that the Drama, 90125, and Big Generator tapes will suddenly materialize (yeah, I know I’m in a minority on that last one).

Billy Dojcak

Yeah, if you’re doing Drama & 90125 you might as well do Big Generator. Could stick 9012live on there as well.

Philip Cohen

Steven Wilson was apparently only contracted to work with the 1970-1974 albums.


I always felt Tales got bad press precisely because Wakeman started ridiculing
it about 1976 and hasn’t stopped since, in fact he ridicules most old prog apart from his own masterpieces .King arthur on ice anybody?Give me Tales anyday it’s only real fault is its 1 side too long.


ANDREW r: I doubt that’s why people don’t like Tales. I think they don’t like it because it’s not accessible, it’s not memorable, and it drones on and on. I love Yes, but I’ve always tried to get into Tales and never could… it has nothing to do with Rick’s comments and everything to do with the album itself. That’s just me though.


TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS is more like 4 sides longer that it should be!
The album is absolutely rubbish and it will still sound rubbish in surround sound system or any other system!


Wrong. One of the greatest albums ever. Sublime!

Mic Smith

I think Wakeman went public with his unsupportive view of Tales almost as soon as it was released. I disagree that this has any bearing on the general view that this album pales in comparison to Close to the Edge, Going for the One, The Yes Album, Relayer and Fragile. The material is often lifeless and rambling and the production is poor compared to those other albums. It doesn’t take Rick Wakeman to point these things out. I think you have to take a lot of what Wakeman says with a pinch of salt to be fair.

Larry Scott

I’m A working musician who’s played in everything from top 40 cover bands, singer song writer originals, and jazz.My first time seeing Yes was the Tales Tour. Having only heard Yes once about a year prior to this ( Close To The Edge was giving to me by a friend who said I would enjoy the drummer-Bill Bruford ) I have to say I really enjoyed the music . Live and listening to the album. Yes, it’s a bit drawn out. At times I find myself saying ” Well let’s get on with it” But still I find it to be a very good album. There are many other groups that I love but don’t like everything on the album. I guess I simply look at all the different parts of the songs as individual pieces that make up a whole. You like some, you don’t like others. But still a great effort on part of the band.


Firstly, I have never been able to enjoy this album.

Secondly, I’ll be buying this because Steve Wilson has sprinkled some magic on it, I’m sure.

Thirdly, how utterly depressing that multi-tracks can’t be found for “key titles”. I don’t really care which albums he’s referring to – this is a major rock band we’re talking about here, and their music isn’t exactly old. How in the world have we let the multi-tracks get lost? So sad.

With the loss of multi-tracks it means these albums will NEVER get the remix treatment, and even remasters re hobbled. With technology moving relentlessly forward, that’s just crying shame. :(


Probably a case of not enough material spread over too much tape, but when it’s good, it’s excellent. I can’t think of a double prog album that’s top drawer from end to end; even non-prog The White Album is a bit duff in places. Unless Wild Honey Pie, Don’t Pass Me By and Revolution No. 9 are undiscovered masterpieces instead of filler. All a matter of personal taste, I suppose.

The production on TfTO was never that great, not even on the Rhino remaster. Hardly surprising, given all the hay bales, wooden fences and cardboard cows knocking round the studio at the time, plus Jon Anderson insisting on someone building a tile-covered space for him to sing in to get that bathroom ambience, rather than lobbing a microphone in the loo. It’ll be interesting to hear how Steven Wilson has refined the mix. Plus £6 a disc will be easier on the pocket than that Floyd box…..

Mic Smith

I would struggle to pick fault with both The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway or The Wall. Tales in comparison would struggle to be edited into a decent single album. Wakeman is spot on especially when one considers what came before it and after.

[…] Read more at superdeluxeedition.com […]


I had seen Wilson’s “key albums” comment on his site which set off a discussion by fans trying to figure out what “key albums” meant. Did it mean that non-key albums did have multitracks, but Wilson wasn’t interested in doing them? (He’s said in the past he only wants to work on albums that were important to him.) Which are considered “key” in the first place?

And then there was the claim that Drama was off-limits due to Trevor Horn’s refusal to let anyone touch the album.

So I wish there was some clarity in what is and isn’t available, what Wilson will and won’t work on, and whether Horn is really opposed to a re-release of Drama in this vein.

As for the 80s and on material, I’d love to see that put in a package like these 70s releases have been. If Wilson isn’t up for it, I wouldn’t mind Rabin getting involved to oversee the albums he was on.

This has been such a great series of expanded editions that it’s a shame for it to be over. Like others, I’m not a huge fan of Tales, but what I’ve found with a lot of these expanded sets (not just from Yes) is that they give me a new appreciation for the music that I might not have had originally.

Billy Dojcak

Yeah, would love to hear Drama & 90125 in surround. Trevor Horn probably thinks he can do better. He has been nearly invisible since his wife died. The planed Art of Noise reunion also fell through. Adventures in Modern Recording (recorded post-Drama) would also benefit from a surround mix.

Chris Merritt

Forgive the lack of knowledge – but why won’t we get those last three? I’d be especially interested in an expanded 90215…


I could never get into this album at all think i will stick with my rhino version. I was watching a documentary about concept albums the other week hosted by Rick Wakeman and when he got round to talking about this album even he admitted it was a bit rubbish. Pity we won’t get Going For The One, Drama or 90125.

adam shaw

Going by the other Yes albums that Steve Wilson as done this will be , Im sure , a great treat for all Yes fans.
Like many its not my favorite , at the time of release it was hard getting to side 4 but over the years it has grown on me ( it always sounded better when played live IMO) .
Shame they cant find master tapes for the others , Going For The One is the album I was hoping would be next but will have to keep enjoying the albums that are out there .

A Partridge in a pear tree

Steven Wilson mix of XTC – Skylarking (CD/Blu-Ray) is also released in October.


Yes – ordered, XTC – ordered and now Amazon Germany have Graham Parker`s `These Dreams…` box set for less than 30 Quids inc. P&P, cheap Friday so far!