Yes: The Steven Wilson Remixes

6LP vinyl set includes Wilson’s stereo remixes of 5 classic albums

Rhino are to mark Yes‘ 50th anniversary with a new vinyl box set Yes: The Steven Wilson Remixes.

The box includes remixed versions of: The Yes Album (1971), Fragile (1971), Close To The Edge (1972), the double album Tales From Topographic Oceans (1973), and Relayer (1974). Each album features remixed audio by renowned producer Steven Wilson, released on vinyl for the first time (these mixes were previously available on blu-ray and DVD-A).

The outer box features artwork created specifically for the set by Roger Dean, whose artwork is of course synonymous with the band’s identity. Additionally, the label have confirmed that, two of the albums – Close To The Edge and Tales From Topographic Oceans – have new cover art, while the remaining three covers have been reworked by Dean.

Yes: The Steven Wilson Remixes vinyl box will be issued on 29 June 2018. Nice to see the price in the UK roughly in line with the US.

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Yes: The Steven Wilson Remixes - 6LP vinyl box


In the box:

Steven Wilson stereo remixes of the following albums:

The Yes Album (1971)
Fragile (1971)
Close To The Edge (1972)
Tales From Topographic Oceans (1973)
Relayer (1974)

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Matthew C G Green

Resurrecting this as I just bought it off Amazon UK for £72- quite a bargain, I reckon?


For the love of God, 90125 needs a GOOD remix, not just a remaster and an extra songs shiny keys dangling (though I will take them). Could you imagine 90125… or Talk properly done in surround like how Close To The Edge turned out?

And even the stereo for that matter?

Or did someone actually do these, actual REMIX and remaster, done well, but underground?

And I do know TALK is a special circumstance for a remix, but 5.1 would be FUN. And a try at the mix and master would at least be an interesting adventure.

Martin Plamondon

Please do the same on CDs. I don’t want to buy the CD/BD combos as they are too much (I don’t listen to 5.1 remixes).

Just a box with the stereo mixes on CD, just like the vinyl box.


I don’t understand, why the Closer To The Edge lyrics insert was not included. Fragile comes with the booklet and TFTO and Relayer labels were replicated. Might be a small thing, but kind of annoying.


It is hard to imagine that Tormato, Going for the One & 90125 would not receive the Wilson treatment. What the general public does not know is whether or not analog masters still exist. There was a firm march towards digitization during the late 70s.

I just looked at the YES site and on Amazon there are blu rays for each of these titles for $21. Great deal

Peter Anderson

Price has jumped up on Amazon UK from the original pre-order price of £93 to £133. Still at $94 on Amazon US – and Pink Floyd Pulse vinyl set is down to $80, but assume there would be import duty etc for shipping to the UK. Was hoping the price of the Yes vinyl set might drop rather than go up so now the question is go ahead with the pre-order or cancel and wait to see what happens a few weeks later?


Good news … however a “improved” YESSONGS would make me happy as well !


the majority of it is available thru the Progeny box set, with the exception of Perpetual Change, Long Distance Runaround/The Fish, and Starship Trooper. If you have Spotify, its available for streaming.

Jimmy Feathersmith

You know I felt the same way regarding a “reworked” Yessongs but then again that’s why I have Progeny, 7 from ’72.


It is my understanding that the multitracks for Going For The One are unusable for making a remix. Somewhere in the mid-70s the material used for the tapes changed and it affects the durability of the media.


Wilson needs to remix those last 4 multi track albums … It’s mandatory .

Keith Lambert

@TheGMan they are available individually on the CD/DVD & CD/BD formats if you weren’t already aware. Great releases and very reasonably priced too…….


I think its disappointing that the mixes aren’t released separately. I don’t collect vinyl (only CDs and DVD/Blu-Ray) so this is unfortunately a missed opportunity on my end.


The recordings are (or at least were) available on DVD-Audio and BluRay.


Even less expensive in Canada 133.63 CDN compared to 156 in the US in CDN $.

It made a possible yes (no pun intended) into okay I’ll do it! These are great albums. I wish he remixed Drama as well. Such a good record but already an awesome mix.


Yuck to the new covers, but otherwise this looks pretty impressive.

Gary Steaggles

Any idea if there’ll be a CD box of the same remixes ?


Maybe I am in the minority but I did not find any major change/improvement with the Chicago II remix. Is this just another marketing gimmick?


Hello, wem51. Although most SW remixes are outstanding, especially in 5.1 Blu-ray. I also thought SW’s remix of the Chicago II standard CD release was good, but not extraordinary. Perhaps this was due to my being spoiled by the Chicago Quadio box with 4.1 mixes done at Rhino. There is notable sound improvement in the Jethro Tull vinyl records SW remixed, so I’m pretty confident this YES vinyl box set will not disappoint. But, please bear in mind that this will be 2-channel vinyl playback, not the 24-bit/96 kHz surround sound experience of the Blu-ray versions of the same albums SW did.

Chris Miah

Yep,also agree.


Another botched opportunity: had these been coloured vinyl, I’d have preordered fasterthanthis.
Also would have been nice if the new CTTA and TFTO artwork had been done for the BluRay sets.
That said – I have all of the Panegyric Yes BluRay releases, and will content myself with those. I agree with the sentiments above that all reissues should aspire to match the quality and value of these sets. Now when is Drama gonna get the Panegyric/Steven Wilson treatment?!


The sad bit of news that also came with this announcement is that Wilson said there are no plans for other Yes albums to get 5.1 versions. A real shame.


Agreed. “Going For the One” 5.1 – come on !


Yes. I was also hoping Steven Wilson would have remixed “Going For The One” and “Tormato” for the expanded Panegyric releases. I would also love to hear his remix on the first two albums (mastertape multitrack issue). ’69-’79 is all I care for regarding Yes (the solo albums from this period are great too!).


There is a 5.1 SACD by Audio Fidelity in 24/96.

Steven Roberts

That IS a real shame, because if there is one Yes album that demands the 5.1 treatment it is (as already mentioned in this thread)…

….90125 :)

Charles Christopher

I like the new sleeves, and I like them better than the painting on the box – that’s an unusual color palette for Dean, and it’s also unusual to have the foreground landscape in shadow.
However, if that’s the only criticism I have – that the cover’s entirely the wrong shade of pink – I’m sure I’ll be very happy with this set.


Where are you seeing the new sleeves?

Kevin S

Fingers and all other bits crossed for ‘The Steven Wilson Remixes – XTC’ vinyl box.


For those of us who haven’t been keeping track, can someone confirm whether these remixes are true to the originals but with crisper audio, or whether Wilson has taken some creative liberties in his remixes? Either way would have its merits, it seems to me.


Cannot speak to this release, but if judging from his remix of Aqualung- it should be faithful and absolutely brilliant. Wilson tends to not get in the way of the original recording.


I could really do WITHOUT Steven Wilson’s name on the box. Doug Sax, Bob Ludwig, Chris Bellman, and Bernie Grundman have been doing this for decades and you don’t see their names almost larger than the artist… Next thing you know it will be STEVEN WILSON presents yes.


I have no particular axe to grind one way or the other regarding Wilson or his work, but I think you may be labouring under a misapprehension. All of the people you mention are mastering engineers, they take an original stereo mix and add a bit of EQ or mastering compression, that’s about it. What wilson does is to go back to the original multitrack tapes and completely remix from the drums upwards, therefore the opportunity to stamp his own signature on the mixes is susbantial, and far far greater than is possible with any simple remastering. Therefore it makes sense to me that his name should be in the title of the set, not least because you would not want someone buying this under the impression it’s the original Eddie offord mixes.

The Golden Age Of ---- --'-

What Keef said.

Mathew Lauren

I think it’s needed to set this remix boxset apart from all the other remix work done by other audio engineers over the last 50 years. Your broader point, however, is well-taken. It is a marketing ploy — one I would gladly use, myself to move product. It’s not like SW hasn’t earned it. It may have been negotiated in lieu of big cash. Smart!


I REALLY WISH THE 15-song (with previously unissued material) version of “90125” WAS REMIXED TO 5.1 BY STEVEN WILSON.

‘Bout time Warner, Rhino and Trevor!

Mathew Lauren

There have been a number of audio engineers working on so many of YES’s recordings, over the last 50 years, it seems a good idea to have SW’s name attached; if not just to keep us informed of which remixes are being offered here, it’s a brilliant marketing move.

SW’s remix-monicker on board, will help move product and it’s also possible, that this was negotiated in lieu of BIG CASH. I don’t mind, SW’s earned it, however, your point is well-taken.

I’d like to see SW’s name on a discrete-surround (5.1 or better) version of the 15-track (unreleased extras) version of “90125.” It’s been 35 years. It’s time for “90125.1” or “90125” ATMOS.


On the plus side, they didn’t take the opportunity to Photoshop Steven Wilson onto the empty chair on the cover of The Yes Album.

Benjamin Adams

Really? They’ve been REMIXING for decades? ;)

Chris Miah

I know what you mean,I’ve herd some truly awful remixes he’s done and people still keep saying how wonderful…… (Gaint’s Power the Glory),I fell for that one,the vocals are truly awful.Can’t get better than the original mix,the vocals on that are truly amazing. Didn’t need a remix !

George Piazza

In both remixing and remastering, there is always a danger – no matter how talented the engineer is – that the mix will contain less of the magic of the original. I’ve heard many examples to support this: just last night, I compared the master of ‘Yours is No Disgrace’ from ‘Classic Yes’ to the same song from a release of ‘The Yes Album’. I noticed that the Classic Yes version sounded more organic & dynamic. The track from ‘The Yes Album’ by contrast had many of the flaws one hears on early CD releases: less dynamics, too much high end, poor quality processing.
As a mixing & mastering engineer, and someone who has essayed the history of recording technology (tape: track counts, manufacturing quality, durability, etc.; digital: A/D – D/A converter quality, digital processing quality; mastering trends, particularly the ‘loudness wars’ era circa 1995 – 2012) and as a composer / performer, I am aware of the many potential obstacles and seductive trends that can lead to a remaster (or remix) that is less engaging than the original. And the converse: the potential to improve on a mix or master that suffered from technical shortcomings when originally released. (I recently ran across ‘ReMasters’ of ‘Rhiannon’ and ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac; unbelievable! They are so loud and squashed, all the mystery and nuance is obliterated. OTOH, I heard a remaster of another group’s album that brought to life much that was missing in its original release. I believe it was ‘Lizard’ by King Crimson.)
As for GFTO, it was around then that tape manufacturers began experimenting with new techniques, mainly the adhesives that held the magnetized particles to the backing. It all seems so misguided now, as many (if not most) of the tapes from that era degraded far more quickly than their predecessors.
When CDs first came out, not only was A/D converter technology in its infancy, there was also no unified standards to guide engineers when transferring analog masters to digital; some relied on a VU based reference that left 3 – 7 dBFS unused (check Peter Gabriel * Fripp – Exposure transfers made at the time to note the unused digital headroom – perhaps a bit too conservative.); others pushed those early cheap compromised converters too hard, inducing nasty clipping (The original CD release of ‘New Sensation’ by INXS has 13 clipped samples in a row! at one single positive going spot in the waveform; if you know anything about Inter-Sample Clipping, you will realize how messed up that is).
My point is that, although even top tier mixing & mastering engineers can do a poor job now and then, there are plenty of other issues, obstacles, questions of standardizations & quality of available technology that can make the job harder or even impossible. And of course access to a reasonably well preserved master multi track or stereo mix tape. Yes was not the most meticulous band when it came to cataloguing and storing their tapes in an environment that would best ensure their longevity.
I will have to track down SW’s remix of ‘The Power And The Glory’ and compare it to the one I have; 30 seconds of ‘Aspirations’ will probably tell me what I need to know.


There they go, selling us the same stuff all over again. But it’s wonderful news and this one looks fairly easy to justify, considering: a) it’s classic Yes; b) it’s the first time the fantastic SW remixes are issued on vinyl; and c) the BD/DVD-A issues (which I assume most of the people buying this vinyl set already have) were not terribly expensive back in the day (in fact, they were a no-brainer to get, if you were a fan). So yes, it looks like I may be buying this box, too.


I’m not a fan, but when does this Wilson chap find the time to sleep?

Richard Starkey

From what I’ve read, he’s not married, and has no plans in that area, so that certainly helps. He’s simply one of the living geniuses of our time. All the music I’ve heard him compose, play, produce, or in any way work on is just wonderful..!

Charles Cotham

Oh, I’ll definitely be getting this!

Christopher Williams

I don’t suppose these are the remix versions with the extra tracks . America :etc

Pete B

Bit more info and some pics of the covers here:


Thank you, Pete B for providing us with the YES website address for this release. I was able to see the new and modified cover artwork made by Roger Dean for each of the SW remastered YES albums in this box set. This looks superb!


Would be nice to get this and any future Yes reissues on 5.1 surround. Especially when the name Steven Wilson pops up, I’m thinking of, and hoping for a 5.1 mix.


These at least are all already issued in 5.1 in blu-ray and DVD formats. The mixes are stunning, the releases are comprehensive (giving you best of all worlds – old AND new mixes, CD + high-res), plus bonus material and the prices are reasonable. I cannot speak highly enough of these Wilson/Yes reissues. Every other record label/artist out there should use these as a benchmark. My favorite is TFTO!

Mathew Lauren

I know. I get excited, too, thinking a 5.1 or better surprise awaits, but alas…

Dan T.

Oh man, I wish my turntable wasn’t busted… I love the cover on this too!

I wish the packaging for the DVD-A and Blu-ray sets had been identical. I bought the BR version for Fragile, and then bought the DVD-A version of the four others (after landing a new universal disc player), and I like the DVD-A packaging so much more! (And finding a DVD-A version of Fragile has been near impossible, at a decent price anyway). The DVD-A sets remind me of the packaging they did for the King Crimson 40th anniversary releases, even down to the audio codec grid on the back, detailing which audio standards the disc contains. At least with these vinyl sets, there’s no packaging confusion!

Mathew Lauren

You know, I like the audio-codec grids, too, Dan. It’s an extremely efficient and self-explanatory way of addressing any and ALL (DVD) disc format and resolution questions — and it’s neatly fit on the back of product!

In my quest for DVD-As I missed or now want, however, I’ve found that many original DVD-As enclosed in original SJB PLUS cases (older style w/smaller hinge), don’t always have these audio-codec grids. Same title. Same artist. Sometimes there’s an audio-codec grid and sometimes there’s none. Que es esto? I was told, it had to do with whether it was an “early-run” disc or “later-run” disc, regardless of it being, otherwise, the same product. Have you any insight on this topic? Tx. ml


Hey Paul. Thank you for these wonderful YES news! Any info regarding faithful replicas of the albums? Fragile with booklet, gatefolds, album artwork on Tales and Relayer labels…

Mark Jacobsen

Michael – Rhino and Friday Music have both reissued several Yes albums on vinyl that are replicas. The Kevin Gray remasters of Fragile and Drama are, in particular, very worth it.

Adam Shaw

So they are still wringing the most out of Steve Wilson’s work instead of giving him the tapes for Going For The One and Tormato to remaster/remix .
Shame .


There are no tapes for GFTO, sadly. They are missing.

Frank Moriarty

“Additionally, the label have confirmed that, two of the albums – Close To The Edge and Tales From Topographic Oceans by Dean.”

The label confirmed – what??? I’m in suspense!


Tales from Topographic Oceans… not Topography Oceans ;-)
Done – That was an easy sale!
This is a wonderful surprise in preparation for the 50th.


I’m sure it was merely a topographical error.