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4AD’s limited coloured vinyl reissue of Belly‘s 1993 debut Star is out today and meets all expectations – it’s a thing of beauty…

This limited edition double marbled white vinyl set doesn’t really look anything like the very colourful ‘artists impression’ shown on the news story earlier this week. The two records are basically pinky-white and bluey-white both with fairly subtle ‘marble’ effect.

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The records are both 140g vinyl pressings and to answer a question posed by an SDE reader earlier this week, they are both 33RPM, even though the album is spread over two records.

Chris Bigg’s design work looks fantastic, the gatefold is high quality, printed on uncoated stock – as are the two inner sleeves – and even though this isn’t particular cheap, it feels like you’re getting decent value. Particularly because this comes with a CD rather than the ubiquitous MP3 code-on-a-card. Having the optical disc is great, but you’d wish they’d cobbled up the extra budget to put this in a printed card sleeve.

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The vinyl sounds great – quiet and warm and it’s a lovely way to get to know (or reacquaint yourself with) this album which is 23 years old at the of the year. The lack of standalone CD edition may be addressed at some point, but we’d love to see more vinyl reissues demonstrate this level of care and attention.

Star, Limited 2LP Gatefold white vinyl edition, is out now.

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Star [VINYL]



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Wow! Looks amazing. Any thoughts on how this sounds compared to the original CD? Is the mastering louder? Quieter? Better or worse EQ?

Simon Taylor

A few things – yes, the white vinyl sounds surprisingly good. Playing mine now. A bit peeved its not like the preview pics but it sounds great and I thought white vinyl was supposed to be the one that was most problematic for good sound quality. No issues here.

Pleased also its 33rpm. Was worried when I saw the album length was only 53mins and double vinyl. The likelihood of 45rpm was high. My own turntable is a pro-debut 2 which is a pain to change from 33 to 45. Not a simple switch flick.

Lastly, amazon emailed me and said as id pre-ordered at £26.99 id get a refund as the cost had dropped to £21 or around that price. So even more joy. Nice to get a cd thrown in. Very good. Well worth it for that price. Cheers for the heads up, Paul.

Dean T

Thanks Paul,
I actually prefer this marble effect to the one advertised so just ordered from Juno.
The art work looks great .was going to wait till next month but yet again you talked me into it .
Any news on the new pixies album which is due and available as a box set ,some pics would be nice as it comes with a art book .

Michael L

Agreed, it’s a nice package but the vinyl is nothing like the mock-up!

Wolf Parade’s ‘Apologies to the Queen Mary’ deluxe edition seemed to have a similar issue – the Sub Pop “Loser Edition” was meant to be marbled, but all three discs in my copy were single-colour.


Whats interesting is it’s not the original cover, strictly speaking. It’s the same cover as the 1993 deluxe digipak CD – not the original vinyl / regular CD version.

John Hirst

Wow – I was considering this – glad I held back – as you say it is NOTHING like the lovely coloured vinyl that the advert promised. Reissues like this are what makes me want to wait until stuff is out before committing funds.


There were some very good b sides for the singles, i wish they were included.