FIRST PICTURES / Let the Record Show: Dexys Do Irish and Country Soul


Out last week was the new Dexys album, modestly called Let The Record Show: Dexys Do Irish and Country Soul. This is available as a 2CD+DVD deluxe, with signed copies initially available from Amazon in the UK. Check out some photos of this rather good value package, below…


The ‘signed’ edition features this scribble. We think there’s a K in there somewhere!


Three different cover shots for the three card wallets. One pair of trousers.


Attractively designed discs


Generous level of content for a set that is under £13

Compare prices and pre-order


Let The Record Show: Dexys Do Irish and Country Soul (Deluxe Edition)


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[…] you can see no anonymous squiggle (like this), no ‘Love Jimmy Smith’ (see this story) just and elegant, well placed […]

Neil M

I have no problem with the trousers I had the concrete and clay single and he has fishnets and suspenders lol

John Moore

waiting for my set- but the comments posted are great- anxiously awaiting!!

[…] also do very well, with their new album entering the physical chart at number four (no. 10 on the ‘combined’ official albums […]


You could never accuse Rowlands’ image changes over the years of being contrived…


I got it.
The autograph is…not an autograph but a child-sign!
The music: cd1 is boring, very boring.
Cd2 is simply unlistenable.

Charles Hodgson

Great to have more music from Rowland & co. I’m enjoying getting to know the record; “Curragh Of Kildare” is worth the price of admission on it’s own. Compared to his previous ‘covers’ record, “My Beauty”, this is much less “dark” – in places, that was downright scary – and far more positive. It took a long time for “My Beauty” to sink in and absorb, it may be the same with this one, so I’m nowhere near a definitive opinion. I just know I’m glad to have it, and happy to hear Kevin sound – and appear – more comfortable in his own skin. It’s been a long, hard journey from “My Beauty” to “Let The Record Show” – via the 2003 Tour and “One Day I’m Going To Soar” – and the restoration of his belief and confidence in his own talent. I’m glad he’s made it and – seemingly, hopefully – laid his troubled past to rest. He’s one of the UK’s very greatest artists IMO, and a highly sensitive, honest, fragile and idiosyncratic one.

Very much looking forward to hearing where he takes us next (with or without Sean Reed – the “right-hand man” thing is very important in bringing Kevin’s vision to life, and he’s had – and has – some great collaborators.)

Keith Wright

Great deluxe set for the price, and one of those cds which is slowly growing on me with every listen.

Hope we get another studio album before this decade is out.


To say it is signed is somewhat misleading. Mine is the same as in the photo.I do think if you are paying for a “signed” copy the artist could spend a little more time and actually provide you with an autograph and not just a scribble


totally agree Simon. kinda hate when artists just sign something with a squiggle.
(I mean what letter is that even above?!!)
its nice to decipher *something* at least.

side note. Dave Vanian has beautiful hand-writing.
(and is super friendly as well)


Personally I would have preferred some alternate versions or demos on the second disc rather than the 8 solo vocal tracks (+ there are 3 instrumentals).
Still a good album though.


Loving Dexys, love that coat.


Not only is this a great bargain, the music is wonderful as well. Great versions of “The Town I Loved So Well” “Curragh Of Kildare” and Carrickfergus” The rest of the tracks are good too. Not sure if the solo vocals add anything but its still worth the money. As for the trousers….he’s worn worse on his album covers (i.e.”My Beauty”)

andrew R

Paul any chance of a similar look at the vinyl? The sig scribble ?? i thought would be a full set
with maybe a pithy comment from Kev, very disappointing !


I got my signed copy yesterday – thanks again for the heads up on the reasonably-priced “signed” copies Paul.

It is a really nice package but I thought that the instrumental and vocal only tracks added little enough to the original versions.


I thought too that the content was generous at the price and that other labels / artists should take a leaf from this set. The DVD is a good watch too.


Those trousers on their own should get a record deal!


I want a pair of those wide pink swishy trousers – NOT !!!