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Out today is Prince‘s second, self-titled album on vinyl LP and SDE bring you some photos of the reissue.

For those who might consider this a deal-breaker, this reissue of the 1979 album is actually pressed on 140g vinyl, not 180g. However, the good news is that unlike For You, whose recent vinyl reissue boasted a decidedly average cover reproduction, the front of the Prince sleeve is superb. The image is pin-sharp and the stylised ‘Prince’ at the top looks like it has been recreated from scratch. The words on the back look like they have been freshly typeset too, although that image has always looked blurry, and remains so!


The inner sleeve doesn’t let the side down with more crisp text and the sepia photo of Prince looks great, also. Most importantly, this vinyl sounds very good indeed and it’s a really pleasing package which is well worth picking up, especially since it’s under £12 via some resellers in the UK.

The Prince vinyl reissue is out now.



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Wish they would hurry up and put the pre orders on amazon.co.uk

Friso Pas

Cool. I appreciate that.
I’m also very, very curious if he has use of the original tapes. And how the entire workflow is. Would be a nice feature article actually. About his work on the Prince Warner catalogue. Hope you’re interested.

Friso Pas

Paul, can you ask him if he’s doing the entire reissue run? Much obliged.
I think I will have to get another Sign ‘O’ The Times then. Already have a Japanese pressing.


Can’t believe some people thinking £12 is a lot for a vinyl LP in 2016! Most releases that i’m interested in are anything from £16 – £23 on average! I think this is a well priced reissue.

Friso Pas

Hi Paul,

Can you confirm from the dead wax, that it has been mastered by Kevin Gray at Acoustech? Initials/lettering should say so. I assume you have the EU pressing.
Last year I bought the 2009 reissue of Purple Rain, also mastered by Gray, which has a superb mastering. It sounds very, very good.
I really look forward to Sign ‘O’ The Times, and Parade, hopefully done by him as well.

Rob Puricelli

I can confirm that this, like For You, is pressed from a cut by Kevin Gray at Cohearant Audio (not Acoustech). The marking KG@CA is present in the runout.

And it does sound very nice indeed! :-)

Rob Puricelli

That is the general opinion, Paul. I’ve tried to ascertain if it is a new remaster, but have found nothing to confirm this. Either way, it sounds very nice :-)


Thanks Paul for the detailed description of the sleeve and insert work on this reissue. It’s appreciated. :)


Gorgeous artwork (gorgeous man!) but I won’t be paying $30AUD just to look at large pictures.


140g….it’s retro! (say the marketeers)

Simon F

Nearly £12. Wow! I remember back around 1986 Warners reissued the first four Prince albums for £4.99 each. A snip! I bought For You, Dirty Mind and Controversy. Never did get Prince, maybe it was’nt in stock at the time. Although For You was disappointing the other two remain firmly in my collection along with all his other 80’s output including a bootleg of the Black Album, although I might very well go for a legit version of that record when it gets reissued in September.

Anthony C

I totally agree! All vinyl I buy these days is around £15.99 but back in the day £3.99 to £4.99 seemed the norm. After all, CD prices have dropped over the years. I appreciate record companies will give us the usual rhetoric about volumes and demand dictating the price. However, I think the costs for producing all formats should be cross-collateralised. As a collector I will but these re-issues but most of my original Prince vinyl is still sealed. As I have the CDs, I didn’t really see the point of playing the vinyl – after all, the songs all still sound the same :-)

Anthony C

I do like these re-issues, but they are not original. I urge collectors to buy the originals and not these.

It’s really bad this isn’t a direct re-press and I can’t believe they even changed the label.


Hasn’t the US release date been pushed back to May 27th?

Rick E

Cool to see evidence that the copyright holder is NPG Records under license to WB, i.e. Prince regained ownership of the masters but licensed them back for distribution.