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The image above is confirmation that for the forthcoming deluxe edition of R.E.M.‘s Out Of Time, the band and their management have abandoned the square ‘lift-off lid’ box sets used for previous reissues, such as Green and Document, preferring a DVD-sized ‘casebound book’ package, favoured by acts like the Manic Street Preachers for their own deluxe sets.

The four-disc 25th anniversary deluxe edition of Out Of Time is due in next month (the ‘monster‘ of a month for reissues) and features the remastered album, a disc of demos, a further CD of live performance and a blu-ray audio which delivers a 5.1 surround sound mix of the 1991 album.


Interestingly however, the two-CD edition of this reissue which is an album-and-demos combo, does opt for the lift-off lid box design used for previous deluxe sets. Presumably the label thinks this treatment (it also comes with a poster) justifies the high retail price of £19 for a two-CD set.


2CD Edition of Out Of Time

The Out of Time 25th anniversary editions will be issued on 18 November 2016, via Concord Bicycle Music.




1. Radio Song
2. Losing My Religion
3. Low
4. Near Wild Heaven
5. Endgame
6. Shiny Happy People
7. Belong
8. Half A World Away
9. Texarkana
10. Country Feedback
11. Me In Honey


1. Losing My Religion 1 (demo)
2. Near Wild Heaven 1 (demo)
3. Shiny Happy People 1 (demo)
4. Texarkana 1 (demo)
5. Untitled Demo 2
6. Radio – Acoustic (Radio Song 1 demo)
7. Near Wild Heaven 2 (demo)
8. Shiny Happy People 2 (demo)
9. Slow Sad Rocker (Endgame demo)
10. Radio – Band (Radio Song 3 demo)
11. Losing My Religion 2 (demo)
12. Belong (demo)
13. Blackbirds (Half A World Away demo)
14. Texarkana (demo)
15. Country Feedback (demo)
16. Me On Keyboard (Me In Honey demo)
17. Low (demo)
18. 40 Sec. (40 Second Song demo)
19. Fretless 1 (demo)


1. Introduction
2. World Leader Pretend
3. Radio Song
4. Fall On Me
4. It’s the End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
5. Half A World Away
6. Belong
7. Love Is All Around
8. Losing My Religion
9. Dallas
10. Radio Song
11. Disturbance At The Heron House
12. Low
13. Sawn Swan H
14. Pop Song 89

DISC 4 (Blu-ray)  OUT OF TIME

  • Out Of Time – Hi-Res Stereo
  • Out Of Time – Hi-Res 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Radio Song (music video)
  • Losing My Religion (music video)
  • Low (music video)
  • Near Wild Heaven (music video)
  • Shiny Happy People (music video)
  • Belong (music video)
  • Half A World Away (music video)
  • Country Feedback (music video)
  • Time Piece (18-min EPK)


LP 1


Time Side

• Radio Song
• Losing My Religion
• Low
• Near Wild Heaven
• Endgame

Memory Side

• Shiny Happy People
• Belong
• Half A World Away
• Texarkana
• Country Feedback
• Me In Honey


Side 1

• Losing My Religion 1 (demo)
• Near Wild Heaven 1 (demo)
• Shiny Happy People 1 (demo)
• Texarkana 1 (demo)
• Untitled Demo 2

Side 2
• Radio – Acoustic (Radio Song 1 demo)
• Near Wild Heaven 2 (demo)
• Shiny Happy People 2 (demo)
• Slow Sad Rocker (Endgame demo)


Side 1
• Radio – Band (Radio Song 3 demo)
• Losing My Religion 2 (demo)
• Belong (demo)
• Blackbirds (Half A World Away demo)
• Texarkana (demo)

Side 2

• Country Feedback (demo)
• Me On Keyboard (Me In Honey demo)
• Low (demo)
• 40 Sec. (40 Second Song demo)
• Fretless 1 (demo)

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[…] It may seems as though EVERYTHING great came out yesterday, 11 November, but there’s still a few very good, high profile releases in the schedule for 2016. One is the four-disc R.E.M. Out Of Time ‘box set’. It’s not a box set of course, it’s really a ‘book set’ and many of you have commented on the price, which is currently about £43 (in the UK) having been over £50 for ages. This delivers the same kind of packaging as Paul McCartney‘s 3-disc New deluxe edition which was about £22 and when you consider that a remastered version of the Out Of Time and lossless 5.1 surround sound mix was issued in 2005 it’s hard to understand where this premium pricing comes from. Only two discs here are truly ‘new’ and unreleased. Anyway, thought you might like to see a new (official) unboxing video, below. You can read more about this set, here. […]


Rolling Stone Germany (November issue) comes with an exclusive 7″ vinyl of Religion (demo)/Religion (remastered)/Untitled Demo 2 – worth checking out!

Charlie Waffles

I would preferred R.E.M. would have the lift top box for this incredible album. Sorry guys but there are better box sets coming out next month. This one gets stiffed by me.


What??? No remixes of ‘Shiny Happy People”??? Seriously?
I hope you are reading this Michael Stipe and do something, lol
No, but seriously, that is disappointing to me.

Fran Hearley

Paul, Do you know if this is the same surround mix as the DVD-A release a decade ago?


Still disappointed there are no remixes from this era included in the set. I do like the live set list, though.

Paul Kent

The only comparable issues to this that spring immediately to mind are the Tull book-sets. How do they retail at around the £20 mark while this is touching £50? I was going to take a punt on this, mainly for the 5.1, but not at this price.

Michael Fortin

I’m glad the 2-CD box is in the same format as the previous issues. Looks nice.

Charles K

Being my least favorite I’ll get the 2cd affair but man I am not a fan of the box style for the 2 disc versions. The first two releases were in slip cases then they went to the bloated boxes. I don’t need fold out posters or post cards! As far as packaging and in some cases extras content it’s one of the worst reissue campaigns for a major artist I’ve seen. It sort of weeks of minimal artist input, feels like they just let the staff slap it together.

Still buying it though, rant over, good to get that out! ;-)

Phil Wilson

I wonder if there will be plastic trays inside the covers to put the discs, rather than slide in type storage (ala the Lush box set). It’s not clear from the picture. When you look at how good the value of the REM DVD Box Set was these seem vastly overpriced, but I still want one. They should have included the b-sides, and more of the live tracks from the Bingo Hand Job gig, in addition to the ones they put on the Near Wild Heaven single to make it more complete, and a celebration of that album / era.


Demos are not as interesting as alternate takes…
You listen to them once and that’s it !
I have the 2005 Warner issue and i will stick to it (not a big fan of REM live anyway)

Alan Blevin

My favourite American band of all time.I bought the 4 disc edition from Amazon Italy when it was somewhat cheaper.However I think these are grossly overpriced for the amount of content.They will not sell a lot at these prices.
Nearly everyone in the market for these would have the original.This means in Australian dollar terms you are paying $26 for a disc of demos or $73 for the demos plus a live disc.The Bluray is nice but will hardly ever be played by me at least.Think there may be a Deal Alert eventually!


3 CD + Blu Ray now listed on Amazon USA at $51.29.
A lot of money considering I would only want the 5.1 audio.

Ben Williams

£49.99 for a 4-disc dvd sized book set?!? I can hear Gene Wilder’s reaction to his jail sentence in Stir Crazy… This is massively overpriced. Its a great album from a great band but at that price, nope. No b-sides or documentary either! The vinyl price is a bit steep too for 3 lps. I’ll stick to my trusty original CD for now.


For the 2-disc version, Amazon shows a pic of the standard lift-off box with poster to match the last several REM reissues. Thank goodness (although the poster is silly)!


The two-disc edition is pictured on Amazon, and it is the square lift-off box format that was used for the past few reissues.

Andrew Mogford

I like this. I like this a lot!

Jon Cloud

I’d go for a standalone Bluray to check out the 5.1 but not interested enough to pay for it in the box.


Disapointed by this reissue: 4 disc set is too expense and I would have prefered the live disc in the 2cd set (same remark for the vinyl)

Paul Mac

60 quid from Amazon UK fo the vinyl is nuts!


I actually think it looks really nice.


Would have preferred the square lift-off lid box to be honest.

I mean, it’s not going to look right sitting next to my other deluxe editions on the shelf! ;)


I don’t like those case bound book sets – I much prefer a proper box set


Hopefully the 2CD version will maintain the format of the other reissues which afterall were only 2 disc affairs. I wouldn’t have expected the 4 disc version to have been as small as those due it’s higher price tag anyway.


Let’s hope the high-res audio is the remastered version as the current HD tracks download (along with all the REM back catalogue ) is a huge disappointment


Imo too expensive for this format. Hoped for an 12″x12″ box with a nice book in same size and some more content, like Postcards and/or Poster from that period.