FIRST PICTURES: The Beatles / US Albums: Meet The Beatles!

Meet The Beatles! / 2014 CD reissue from the US Albums box

Following on from our exclusive photos of The Beatles US Albums box set yesterday, here are some further pictures of the first Capitol album, Meet The Beatles!

The 1964 long player contains nine tracks from the UK’s With The Beatles (omitting five) and adds I Wanna Hold Your Hand, its US B-side This Boy, and I Saw Her Standing There (from Please Please Me). This new reissue has the full album in mono, followed straight after by the album in stereo.

Exact mixes used for each song on this reissue is unconfirmed, although we do know that Apple will be replacing any tracks that were originally in duophonic or ‘fake’ stereo with the global 2009 remasters, as well as tracks that had the sound changed significantly by added reverb. Unique mixes or edits are thought to be maintained, however.

Please note: The photos of Meet The Beatles! presented here are actually of an early pre-production edition. There are a couple of imperfections that will not be apparent on the finished product including a slight crease on the front cover (above Ringo) and a very small ‘dink’ on the very top right corner of the card sleeve. CD discs were not available to photograph.

Track listing (in mono, then stereo)

  • 1. “I Want to Hold Your Hand” 2:24
  • 2. “I Saw Her Standing There” 2:50
  • 3. “This Boy” 2:11
  • 4. “It Won’t Be Long” 2:11
  • 5. “All I’ve Got to Do” 2:05
  • 6. “All My Loving” 2:04
  • 7. “Don’t Bother Me” 2:28
  • 8. “Little Child” John 1:46
  • 9. “Till There Was You”  2:12
  • 10. “Hold Me Tight” 2:30
  • 11. “I Wanna Be Your Man” 1:59
  • 12. “Not A Second Time”
Inner sleeves recreate originals (click to enlarge)
Click to enlarge
Like all the Capitol albums in the box set, “Meet The Beatles” comes in Japanese style resealable sleeves (click to enlarge).

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[…] real pictures of the real packaging. We started with the first Capitol release (Meet The Beatles!) yesterday, but thought we’d mix things up a bit by skipping forward to the eighth Capitol album (not […]

Peter Neski

While its hard to tell from the photos,but I take it I will notice this set isn’t
made in Japan and those” couple of imperfections ” might be there ,better or worst if these sets are made in the US, and that box
clearly looks like a US Product not made in Japan ,I guess we will
know when they start showing up


It looks nice, but I have yet to understand what makes this set different from the 2009 mono/stereo remasters boxed sets. As far as I understood, these remasters “recreate” the US mixes by ignoring the actual releases from way back when (no matter how crappy or not they were).

No matter what, I’m happy to see The Beatles get the attention they didn’t get prior to this remaster extravaganza that has started several years ago now.

Nick in TX

They are not “recreating” any mixes. They are remastering the US albums, which means going back to the original mixdown master tape for each mix. The majority of US mixes were always the same as the UK mixes, so the 2009 masters will be used. The handful of unique US mixes will be remastered from the best tape available for those as well (hopefully most US masters were retained at EMI after copies were made to send to the US. If the master itself was sent, hopefully Capitol kept the original tape that was dubbed to make their LP masters).

The original Capitol Albums sets are still available for anyone who would like CDs mastered from the high-generation LP masters.

Alan Rosoff

Are these newly remastered? Or are they basicaaly the same versions of the first eight albums that came out in 2004 and 2006 in the Capitol Albums volumes 1 and 2?

Steve Ferguson

Capitol Records Canada jumped on the Beatles soon after their initial success in the UK. The first Beatles Capitol Canada LP to hit the market (in November 1963) was called ‘Beatlemania! with the Beatles’. It had the same track listing as the American ‘With the Beatles’, and basically the same photograph but with press quotes added below John and George. In February 1964, they released ‘Twist and Shout’ which was essentially the British version of ‘Please Please Me’ but with ‘She Loves You’ added and ‘From me to You’ removed.

It all becomes very confusing trying to sort it all out…particularly when trying to do so on New Year’s eve after a couple of drinks!

Mike F

Not quite – it had I Saw Her Standing There and Misery removed (and put on the Long Tall Sally album) and From Me to You and She Loves You added. The album started with Anna, and mostly followed the sequence of the Please Please Me album from that point, aside from the insertion of the above tracks.

Tim Lindsay

Mono is where it’s at! I’m glad they sequenced the true mono versions first. The mono versions of these songs are the best way to hear them, ‘duophonic’/re-channeled/wide stereo be damned. If I get this box I’m reaching for the STOP button after the mono portion is over, just like I do when I play The Beatles in Mono versions of Rubber Soul & Help!

Dr. Robert (aka John's fictional portrait dietitian)

The ongoing mystery of why the pies always sold out so quickly in the Abbey Road canteen at lunchtime was put to bed when this picture of John was published on the cover.

Seriously though it is a rather poorly drawn portrait. Looks like one of the cheap waxworks that don’t look like the person their supposed to be at seaside resort wax museums.

Blame the photo retouch ‘artists’ at Capitol!

Simon Franklin

pointless then, give us the fake stereo versions and the duo phonic versions of the original reasons. Apple again messing with ther legacy or saving it for a future release?