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The Bride: click to reveal signed version

Natasha comes up trumps with signed CD

As we alerted you back in March, signed copies of the new Bat For Lashes album The Bride were available via Amazon UK, for a period. The Bride was issued yesterday and SDE was delighted to get our signed edition, which you can view below…


As you can see no anonymous squiggle (like this), no ‘Love Jimmy Smith’ (see this story) just an elegant, well placed ‘Natasha’ from Natasha Khan, with a bonus kiss. A few little smudges are fine, adding to the authenticity.

The packaging is a gatefold card wallet, with glossy 16-page booklet in the left pocket and the CD in the other. The rear of the wallet has a shot of ‘the bride’ which is different when compared to the vinyl.

You can still buy a signed edition, but they are only available via third party resellers. The Bride is out now.

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Bat For Lashes

The Bride standard CD


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Bat For Lashes

The Bride 2LP vinyl




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Yes very disappointing signature from dexy’s cd just like a s,don’t call that a signature.


Does the signed version sound better?

Ian Mears

Of my recent purchases, Lianne La Havas beautiful and clear – James McCartney, from the school of Kevin Rowland. No idea what he scribbled.

Ron I

I’m looking forward to getting mine in the mail!

I don’t think you can judge music on the first couple listens. I’ve had albums I loved at first that I now consider boring.

On the other hand, many of my absolute favourite albums grabbed me months or years later when I suddenly “got” the songs. For example, on the first few listens, I thought the latest Beach House (Thanks Your Lucky Stars) was lacklustre, but now I adore it and can’t stop listening to it. The songs are just incredible.

Steve Whitfield

Still winning about the dry British wit…get over it already!

Steve Whitfield

Still whinning about the dry British wit…get over it already! (Spell check failed me)

Steve Whitfield

Still whining about the dry British wit…get over it already!

Boaz Halachmi

There is an amazing box set from Warner Australia, with picture disc 2LP, signed CD and more goodies: http://warner-music-australia.myshopify.com/collections/bat-for-lashes/products/the-bride-boxset


William – you can buy a resealing mylar CD sleeve that will protect the signature

William M

thanks, i’ve ordered myself some of those :-)

William M

might have been better signing it inside the gatefold Natasha, depending on storage it might just fade or rub off given it’s positioning on the cover, took receipt of mine today and i’ve left it in it’s cellophane for now as i have a signed waterboys cd ‘the cloud of sound’ that was similarly signed on front and is just a smudged,faded memory now :(

Paul Wren

Good point well made. At least vinyl signed front covers (once they are in a protective sleeve) do not get the same amount of handling as a CD booklet.


Agree with the headline – her autograph looks gorgeous!

Autographs can be risky, especially on a deluxe item – a good autograph can enhance the item but a bad one can detract from my enjoyment of it, almost like a stain or even damage.

I have a few signed items from singers/musicians – the nicest autograph I have is from Wendy Matthews. I’ve been to a couple of her shows over the years and queued up afterwards. She signed a few items for me and they all look lovely.

I got a lazy initial from a singer called Kate Miller-Heidke – I ordered her CD from an on-line retailer and the ‘autograph’ was just KM (she didn’t even double-barrel the surname initial!)

The worst I have is from Timomatic – I ordered a CD single by SMS and it’s just a giant scribble. The cover looks ruined!

What annoyed me about Kate and Timo is that I didn’t even want the autographs – they were just part of the deals/bundles/orders. I would have been quite happy with the unblemished CDs. If I was at one of their shows it would be a different story – I’d queue up to say a quick “hello”, buy some merch, get a signed ‘memento’, etc. But I was just buying CDs.

I apologise if I sound like I’m poo-pooing people who want autographs – that’s not my intention.

Chris Brown

Meant to post this last week – the ASA upheld a complaint against Zavvi for selling “signed” certificates with just a printed signature:

Not sure which is more shocking, the con or the fact that Zavvi still exists.


Really like her first 3 albums.
Struggling to get into this one.
Nothing is standing out as yet.
Sounds bland.
Hopefully it’s a grower.


You’re happy with the packaging, delighted by the signature and knocked-out by the “bonus” kiss. Not a word about the music and whether or not it’s any good!

Dave H

I have a mix bag when it comes to autograph items. Some nice ones and some squiggles as you call it. The last autograph item that I received is the Manic Street Preachers ‘Everything Must Go’ box set which all three members have nicely signed.

Watching Wimbledon at the moment, I feel sorry for anyone receiving a court-side autograph after a match has been completed as I’ve never seen a player give anything more than a squiggle. It adds to the debate selfies or autographs!

Paul Wren

Yes, most sports people have an abbreviated form of their normal signature that they use court side or elsewhere. Witness the signatures that tennis pro’s sign with great care on the TV camera lens at, say, Roland Garros after a victory and then watch them dash off the quick squiggle on proffered tennis balls as they leave court. At least they can’t abbreviate a selfie!!!

Auntie Sabrina

Fantastic album by a fantastic artist. Love it…

Richard Dowling

Also a double coloured vinyl Indie Stores exclusive available.


Looks great! Still waiting for my copy to arrive from Amazon. I also ordered something that was listed as a 5 CD set of the album for just 10.99. It has not been dispatched yet and is said to be temporarily out of stock. I guess it was too good to be true for that price…


Have the deluxe box set on order since May.
Didn’t arrive on release date which was a tad annoying.

But I’m willing to wait a bit longer as I love Natasha and BFL since their first LP.
And the LP has got rave reviews all over the place i.e. Mojo, Uncut etc


great post title ;)
and yes. exactly.