Now That’s What I Call A Predictable Extended Remix Compilation

Ian Wade ponders the art of the 12-inch collection

Look, don’t get us wrong. We at SDE love a good Now compilation. They’re perfect snapshots of time, everyone has a favourite, and in their recent expanded four/five disc bundles focusing on Forgotten Pop of various decades, or the recent Glam Pop they can be pretty ace. So when Now goes a bit awry, it feels awful – like being disappointed at a member of the family for letting you down. Even when the reissues of the early editions came along, we were thrilled at this reaching out towards their legacy, until we noticed that some tracks were omitted or they’d put the inaccurate mixes on. This stuff is important.

When rumours emerged of a new Now based on 12-inch extended versions and reswizzles – now confirmed as Now That’s What I Call 12″ 80s four-CD set – we were all hoping it would be a cut above the slightly shoddy cheap ‘n’ cheerful affairs that have come before. In the last couple of decades there’s been some decent efforts. The 12”/80s series ranging from Pop, New Wave and Dance (from Universal) were quite sexy; Warners’ 12-Inch Dance series had their moments; and Blank and Jones’ long-running so80s collections are always thoughtful and feel properly curated, but these are the exceptions rather than the rule – many other CD triplers seem a bit too ‘will this do?’

Would that this new Now 12-inch compilation was a nod to their iconic Now Dance 85/86 collections, where they’d appeared to take the expanded form quite seriously. In fact, why not reissue them? What previously unheard mixes would we get to hear for the first time in yonks? Will we be able to bin our original copies? (who am I kidding? This is SDE, no one is going to do THAT).

Let us just stress that this is by no means a bad compilation, it just feels a little lazy. Queen’s ‘Radio Ga Ga’ in its extended form is a relative coup and, naturally, it’s track one disc one because, well, it’s Queen, but while the rest of the contents include some terrific, nay legendary tracks such as ‘Favourite Shirts’, ‘Love In The First Degree’, ‘Together In Electric Dreams, ‘Torch’, ‘Duel’, ‘Ghost Town’ etc. it’s all rather familiar. The ‘Dance Mix’ of Duran Duran‘s ‘The Reflex’ – really? The Murder Mix’ of Dead Or Alive‘s ‘You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)’ – double really? And there are so many extensions of Frankie Goes To Hollywood‘s ‘Two Tribes’, good though it is, hasn’t the ‘Carnage’ version been blunted by familiarity? How about showcasing one of the remixes of ‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome’ or ‘Rage Hard’ (hello, Freddie Bastone) instead? And to title New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ as the 12-inch version is slightly cheeky. I’m sorry to break this to you, but the original 7.29 cut is the 12-inch – there wasn’t another couple of minutes being hidden from you all this time. You may be someone who has been crying out for the longer version of Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes’ ‘(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life’ or, god forbid, been holding a vigil for Modern Romance’s ‘High Life’ to finally appear somewhere, but to most ears, it feels like you’ve done an online shop for some chocolate eclairs and been given a potato instead.

You do wonder who this might be aimed at. A brief trolley dash around Spotify or even some of the previous 12-inch compilations, will show that none of these are hard-to-find. It’s conceivable that previous compilations may no longer be available and Now sees a gap in the marketplace, but we know they’re capable of so much more. If ‘the brand’ fancied it, it could easily scratch the surface and license some of the slightly less obvious remixes, and charge a couple of quid extra to make it a must-have, more curated experience.

A quick ask on Twitter threw up no end of examples of stuff that has eluded deluxe edition or box set compilers – ‘Tantalise’ by Jimmy The Hoover, ‘Dancerama (Club Intro)’ by Sigue Sigue Sputnik, ‘Breakin’ Down (Sugar Samba)’ by Julia & Company, ‘This House’ by Big Sound Authority, ‘Soul Train’ by Swansway, ‘Ain’t What You Do…’ by Fun Boy Three & Bananarama, ‘Say Say Say (Jellybean’s 12-inch mix)’ by Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson, ‘Hey Music Lover (William Orbit Spatial Expansion Mix)’ by S’Express, ‘Listen Like Thieves (Extended Mix)’ by INXS, the ten-minute ‘Mountains’ or William Orbit’s ‘Batdance’ by Prince & The Revolution, ‘No Memory’ by Scarlet Fantastic, ‘West End Dub’ or ‘Left To My Own Devices (Disco mix)’ by Pet Shop Boys, the really berserk version of ‘Duel/Jewel’ by Propaganda, that version of ‘Close (To The Edit)’ by Art of Noise that sounds it’s been done with rulers, the Arthur Baker 12-inch and dub mixes of Bruce Springsteen‘s ‘Dancing In The Dark’ and ‘Cover Me’, some original extensions of Wham! and George Michael singles, and whole catalogues of ABC, Sting, Scritti Politti, The Cure, Billy Idol, Madonna and more!

Some of these tracks have probably been kept from reissue for good reason and it’s true that a few estates and acts are a bit sniffy about being on compilations – the Pet Shop Boys apparently have an issue being on anything labelled ’80s’ –  but it’s surely not beyond the Now‘s licensing talents to secure a few more genuine rarities.

Could Now turn this around and make this an absolutely brilliant series? How about starting by improving that awful ‘we do it on a computer now’ artwork.

Now, we love you and we love the idea, but let’s try and delve a little deeper for the next volumes. Now That’s What I Call 12” 80s is released on 16 April 2021.


Now That’s What I Call 12″ 80s Various Artists / 4CD set

      1. Queen – Radio Ga Ga (Extended Remix)
      2. Duran Duran – The Reflex (Dance Mix)
      3. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes (Carnage Mix)
      4. Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Murder Mix)
      5. The Communards With Sarah Jane Morris – Don’t Leave Me This Way (12” Extended Version)
      6. Bananarama – Love In The First Degree (Eurobeat Style)
      7. Limahl – Never Ending Story (12” Dance Mix)
      8. Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder – Together In Electric Dreams (Extended)
      9. Soft Cell – Torch (Extended Version)
      10. Heaven 17 – Temptation (Extended Mix)
      11. Nena – 99 Red Balloons (Club Mix)
      12. The Specials – Ghost Town (Extended Version)

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Andrew Abley

Sony, seem to get a hammering for this type of release and do they have the right version etc. or should have had rarer cut.
Just called into the local Asda and picked a Sony 100 Hits : The best of Northern Soul ablum up for £3.00 ($4.00) decent pressing no probs and clear thru my system, other budget compliations hit the bin rapid .

This one is an absolute bargin 5 CD’s CD 1 pays for the purchase with track 4, the rare and expensive £70 plus on Discogs for the 7 inch single The amazing Eloise Laws “Love Factory”.

Haven’t done the full analysis! Love Factory for £3.00 job done. Probably another 10 tracks of similar value , Hard to find and expensive to purchase phyiscal music for £3.00 works for me. With the advantage of a decent sound and another 99 tracks.

Sony don’t always get it right, but in this day and age of “digital music”, they still manage to put lots of music on a phyiscal format.


These collections always leave question marks… Especially when I see Sony because they have resumed on vinyl records in the past.
I’d like to know if these releases belong to the original tape… or if they inevitably made the same mistake.
Furthermore, often many tracks were affected by too compressed dynamics, thus considerably reducing the stereo sound with very high volume, not suitable in normal conditions (-14 /16dbfs) …


I’ve pre-ordered already. I think it’s a good cross-section of 80s 12″ mixes…
Don’t think it’s made for the ‘collector’ market (which i think most readers of SuperDeluxeEdition are) – it’s made to appeal to the mass-market I think.
Although there are a couple of harder to find mixes on here, even Queen’s official website have mentioned that this remix is quite rare, so i guess Queen fans will be picking it up to get this version on CD?

“The Extended Remix was only ever made available in the 1992 mail-order release ‘Box Of Tricks’ box set and the 1991 Hollywood Records US version of The ‘Works’ album as a bonus track. It was not included on the 2011 ‘The Works’ CD bonus disc, any of the Singles Collection Box Sets, and is unavailable on streaming services at this time”

Anyway, this’ll bring back loads of good memories for me, so it’s a must-buy.


Roger !

I suppose I meet the ‘collector’ tag criteria – try SDE shipping tariffs to Mars – but this release is welcome. I must have every mix on twelve but closer to one third on digital. Easy Upgrade.

Young lady cavorting in the nectar.. fluffed their lines, right there.

‘Do They Know..’ extended.
Superb Shout.


S’xpress-Hey Music Lover(Red Giant Mix by Daniel Miller)
Billy Ocean-Lover Boy 12′(completely over the top 80’s studio madness)

Dave H

As someone pointed out the album version of Heaven 17’s Penthouse and Pavement had been used on numerous compilations, I checked all the versions I have.

The album version clocks in at around 6.21 and yes, there’s a few compilations that clock in at that time. However I have two CD’s that clock in at 6.50, these are –

Heaven 17 Special Fortified Dance Mixes To Enhance Danceability (4CD Set)
Electrospective (The Remix Album) – Excellent electronic compilation of 1980’s – 2010’s with some rare remixes and some later day re-remixes.

Band Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas (12″ Version) has been released on CD in Japan though as far as I know not widely available in the UK. It’s probably more suitable to a Christmas compilation but definitely worth a CD release.

Tom D.

I thought the whole point of this series was to be predictable, not to present rarities, correct?

SDE Hall of Fame

They want these to sell, presumably, so making it totally predictable isn’t the way to do that.


I agree – I don’t think NOW is about appealing to rarities collectors. Surely the bigger ‘names’ and well-known mixes that your ‘regular joe’ remembers the more people will buy it. There’s a lot of other companies release rare stuff out there if you look for them…
And i miss 12″ mixes so much – they don’t seem to do them these days with modern tracks (okay, i’ll get back to my zimmer frame now!!)…

Michel Banen

This is pretty much a “Best of 80″ 12” and for the contents and the price…. I will order this immediately. Some great tracks I don’t have on CD yet…. I think…. However, Reflex, Wanna dance with somebody, You spin me around…. they are pretty much on EVERY “80s 12” compilation….

Andy Robertson

Either 12′ mix of Apollo 9 (Orbit/Splashdown) would be excellent on a comp, along with Sharpe and Numan ‘Change Your Mind’. ‘She Drives me Crazy’ by FYC delivered some excellent remixes, not least the Monie Love version. And Neneh Cherry….so much available….


Adam Ant – Apollo 9 (Francois K Splashdown Mix) Time 6:46 is on 80s Remixed & Extended CD3 – £6 on Discogs. https://www.discogs.com/Various-80s-Remixed-Extended/release/9069209

Sharpe and Numan ‘Change Your Mind’ (Extended Version) Time 8:32 is on 12″80s Electro:pop CD3 – Aabout £10 on Discogs. https://www.discogs.com/Various-1280s-ElectroPop/release/1932143

The best She Drives Me Crazy Remixes are on the recent Raw & The Cooked reissue. About £12 on Discogs. https://www.discogs.com/Fine-Young-Cannibals-The-Raw-The-Cooked-Anniversary-Edition/release/16540269

But I get what you are saying that it would be good to have them on the same remix collection.


I don’t see/read anyone dismissing the supermarket demographic or being snobby about them.


ABBA – Lay All Your Love On Me (Disconet Dance Mix) would be top of my wishlist.

Ian Wade

And also, while I’m here. Think of 1984’s Now 3. Sold thousands. You could buy in all the lerge supermarkets and was designed to sell as much as possible.
Side three starts with Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by The Wham! and ends with David Sylvian’s Red Guitar.

One song was designed to be as massive as possible, the video itself – with slogan t-shirts, flourescent touches, headbands, dance routines, big hair and an atmosphere of going for it – and has become the very ground zero of 80s revivalism and reference points ever since. And then you have Wake Me Up Before You Go Go…

John MC cann

If you wanted a record or tape in Glasgow then,,you went down renfield street,,listen ,,bloggs,,and carried on down union street,hmv,virgin or bath street,23 rd precinct,,don’t remember,fine fare , Safeway,ect selling records then and I can’t even remember being in a Tesco in Glasgow till about 95

Ian Wade

I think that to completely dismiss the supermarket demographic with a level of snobbery is not on. Yes, this may be aimed to that crowd, but that crowd is also a huge part of the population. Why shouldn’t they be catered for with as much respect as someone spending £100 for an unreleased track on a limited box set? You don’t waltz into being a music fan at the high end. Everyone starts somewhere. My idea is that while cheap and cheerful, you can also be imaginative

Michael Reinberg

Fun Fact: Last year I walked thru a DIY store in germany and they played the Extended ‘Scratch’ Mix of Paul Young´s ‘Come back and stay’ on their store radio in full lenght !


And yet it doesn’t include the 12” extended version of the biggest selling single of the 1980’s, Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas?


It does get frustrating with all the redundancies that happen if you start collecting 12″ Mix compilations. I already have at least have of this, but I’ll probably still buy it if I can get it at a decent price on import.

Whatever happened to the Dance Classics series? I have some of their collections (including a couple of the New Jack Swing volumes and the POP editions). Those were very good, and because they were a continuing series, you didn’t get repetitions over multiple volumes. Often there were many really obscure tracks on them as well. Did the label go out of business? I wish someone would step in a start reissuing them, as I think they are ALL out of print now, and go for insane amounts of money. I would happily buy every volume I don’t already have–even the ones where the majority of the songs were ones I had never heard of-because they were so well curated.


Dance Classics for Arcade? That stopped a long time ago. They were really great, with the exception of information in the booklets. Like with all arcade compilations the booklets just focussed on advertising other releases.

This now compilation looks quite reasonable and probably nice to listen to (although I’d prefer disc 3 and 4. 1 and 2 are too overplayed). I’m not likely to buy this though (except maybe for £3.99). This is just like a playlist on CD.
As this is not meant for collectors you can’t expect to have mostly obscurities. Maybe Paul can create one with all the missing tracks.


Dance Classics on Arcade stopped at volume 16, but there was a follow up series from Dutch label Rodeo Music with a whopping 44 volumes. Now That’s What I Call Good 12-inch Compilations !

Steven Roberts

Did the Heaven 17 track Temptation even get a 12″ remix upon original release? My guess is this’ll be the Brothers In Rhythm remix from several years later (might even have been the early 90s).

The Queen track is probably the bait here for most people.

Here’s an idea for Sony the next time they want to produce a similar comp – why don’t they just ask SDE to run a poll and get the TARGET MARKET to put in their requests?

Who knows – they might actually sell a few more copies?

Gary Tilford

Yes Temptation did get a longer 12″ version back in the day. Slightly longer than the album version.

Jimmy The Hoover

I think that being a NOW compilation means that their main target market is the supermarket consumer…which is why they have probably compiled this album with this type of consumer in mind.


An SDE poll to decide a compilation? Please No. Curation cannot be a democracy, you’ll find out why if the idea is ever tried.

I think this NOW compilation is aimed at the supermarket shoppers demographic, possibly the same type of person that charity shopped all their CDs a few years back. It will be viewed as a disposable, temporal purchase rather than an addition to a music collection. If someone sticks it on at a garden party this summer I’m sure I’ll enjoy listening to it. I wish the good folks at NOW well with it.

Could there be NOW compilations that would set the heather on fire among most of the SDE readership?

Now that’s what I call the sound of young Scotland (this has never yet been done well)

Now that’s what I call kitchenware records (some Kane gang still missing from my collection)

Now that’s what I call post 70s prog rock (7 cd option)

Now that’s what I call Jackie leven (I’m pushing it a bit here)


Maybe I should be more discerning, but Big Gold Dream on Cherry Red did a pretty good job on young Scotland for me.


Two 12”es that are still not on CD are:

1. Loz Netto “Fadeaway”
2. Marilyn “You Don’t Love Me”

What compilation is going to put those out? Not the “Now That’s What I Call…12” series. What a let down. Not one single remix that hasn’t been released on 6 other compilations.

Ian Davis

Looks like you have some good ideas on a tracklist going there Paul. So when is the SDE 12″ Monsters Quad Box due out then?

I’d buy that for a dollar! (keeping the 80’s references going there)


To make this a more interesting release or series, they could have themed it by year or genre. So they could have started with choice selections from 1980 and so on.
I’d have liked to have seen Now Dance 85 and 86 reissued as well. Just seems an obvious thing to do? Or here’s an idea – start at Now 1 but do this as a 4 cd
12 inch collection!
This collection just feels lazy and they’ve simply pulled a couple of big hitters out and then names out of a hat.


Will buy this but was a bit let down as well when I read through the tracklisting. Agree that they should have stretched to include more obscure mixes here.

Interesting to see the Fun Boy Three/Bananarama ‘It Ain’t What You Do…. / Just Do It’ 12″ listed as a missed opportunity here. That track was one of the main reasons I bought the 33-CD Bananarama ‘In a Bunch’ singles box. They included ‘Just Do It’ by itself on the 2009 Cherry Red FB3 debut CD reissue but that was the first time the full 12″ was released on CD.

Also interesting that you note how the Pet Shop Boys are careful to protect their legacy in terms of how their songs are used. ‘Opportunities’ is now being used in an Allstate insurance TV commercial in the states. Was a bit surprised by that.

SDE Hall of Fame

Haha that’s amusing about PSBs

Craig Hedges

It’s got the song to number one in the US dance chart 35 years on. Along with Its A Sin being used in the TV series it’s given their profile a big boost in the past few weeks. Hopefully they will build on this, A compilation of their 12” remixes which haven’t yet been released on CD is really overdue.


Totally agree Craig regarding PSB 12″ mixes not on CD. Annoying that the first batch of 2CD further listening discs had loads of tracks already on CD, some twice ! Can’t understand how they can release 2 lots of 2CD b-sides comps and leave loads of 12″ a-sides as vinyl only releases :-(

Glen (not Glenn)

I remember a sub sandwich chain Blimpie using the percussion from Opportunities for their commercial, way back in the day…

SDE Hall of Fame

sub sandwich or dub sandwich? ;)


I’d buy Shark Sandwich on Vinyl if that was ever released Paul (–)


A pity that they didn’t go with the “high octane mix” of Yello’s “The Race” which was never released on CD. Maybe Blank & Jones will issue a good remix collection for Yello.

Derek Langsford

Will the version of Fade to Grey be the Dance Mix which is often used as the extended or 12″ mix or the much rarer 12″ Mix found on the original German Maxi 12″?

Peter Hogg

I would say a missed opportunity here, however we have to realise that this is the NOW series.
Nothing new on this CD collection that has not been on any of the many 80s compilations over the last decade.

To prove a point, here are a selection from my collection.
12″/80s 2
12″/80s Dance
12″/80s Grooves
12″/80s Pop
12″/80s Love
12″/80s Electro Pop
12″/80s Classics
12″/80s ALternative
12″/80s New Wave
12″/80s Chilled

Blank & Jones So80s
Blank & Jones So80s 2
Blank & Jones So80s 3
Blank & Jones So80s 4
Blank & Jones So80s 5
Blank & Jones So80s 6
Blank & Jones So80s 7 Ibiza
Blank & Jones So80s 8
Blank & Jones So80s 9
Blank & Jones So80s 10
Blank & Jones So80s 11
Blank & Jones So80s 12
Blank & Jones So80s13
Blank & Jones Ultravox
Blank & Jones Heaven 17
Blank & Jones Kajagoogoo
Blank & Jones OMD
Blank & Jones Billy Idol
Blank & Jones Culture Club
Blank & Jones Sandra
Blank & Jones Falco
Blank & Jones Alphaville
Blank & Jones ZTT

12 Inch Dance 70s Groove
12 Inch Dance 80s Groove
12 Inch Dance 80s Synth Pop
12 Inch Dance 80s Pop
12 Inch Dance 90s Club
12 Inch Dance 90s Remix
12 Inch Dance House
12 Inch Dance Chilled
12 Inch Dance Indie
12 Inch Dance Australian 80s Pop

Twelve Inch Eighties (People Hold On)
Twelve Inch Eighties (You Spin Me Round)
Twelve Inch Eighties (Rhythm Is Gonna Get You) ‎
Twelve Inch Eighties (Let’s Groove)
Twelve Inch Eighties (Can You Feel It)
Twelve Inch Eighties (Digging Your Scene)
Twelve Inch Eighties (When The Going Gets Tough)
Twelve Inch Eighties (Hold Me Now)

Don’t get me started on the Italo & Euro 80s compilations, not forgetting MOS

Gary Tilford

It would be great to see the actual 12″ version of Penthouse And Pavement by Heaven 17 turn up on one of these many compilations instead of the album version.

Mr P

Still play my s’express hey music lover Philip glass mix.

Now that’s an unusual pairing!


Certainly nothing too rare here but I would gladly listen to the first 2 discs and gladly never listen to discs 3 and 4. Interesting how they did that from my perspective.


What a disaster! This is not how you make a 12 inch compilation for CD anno 2021. If you want to make this ‘demandable’, you’ll have to come up with more obscure tracks …

Kevin O

The inclusion of “Break My Stride” should immediately disqualify this collection from even whimsical consideration. It’s bad enough (though not surprising) that “Gloria” is included.

A few other overlooked items:

Boys Don’t Cry – I Wanna Be a Cowboy

Culture Club – I’ll Tumble 4 Ya [In the US, the 12-inch got probably as much airplay as the 7-inch]

Patrick Simmons – So Wrong

Billy Joel – Tell Her About It

Nona Hendryx – Keep it Confidential
Nona Hendryx – Transformation

Ministry – Work for Love [I didn’t like the main 12-inch version, but the 12-inch single included another version that differed from the 7-inch]

Go West – We Close Our Eyes (The Total Overhang Mix)
Go West – Call Me (The Indiscriminate Mix)
Go West – True Colours (The Snake Charmer Mix)
Go West – I Want to Hear It From You (A Day in Aarhus)

Dolby’s Cube – May the Cube Be With You (3D mix)
Dolby’s Cube – Get Out of My Mix

Thomas Dolby – Dissidents (The Search for Truth, Part 1)

Prince & The Revolution – Let’s Go Crazy
Prince & The Revolution – Raspberry Beret

Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood
Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love

Scritti Politti – Scritti Politti Turntable Mix (Hypnotize/Wood Beez/Absolute)
Chaka Khan – Love of a Lifetime (extended dance mix)

Ryuichi Sakamoto & Thomas Dolby – Field Work (long – TYO) [This sparser version, which also cuts the “create a diversion” verse, was included on the Japanese 12-inch.]

Since we’re on the subject, one of the best collections of 12-inch versions I’ve seen is the Classic Alternatives series released in 2000. I used to have the 6-disc set, though I believe they were also released as individual volumes. It includes plenty of stuff I’m not interested in, and overlooks most of the pop-oriented material on this NOW compilation, but it’s otherwise got a good balance of stuff you’d expect on this kind of compilation (e.g., Haircut One Hundred’s “Love Plus One”, Frankie’s “Relax”, A Flock of Seagulls’ “I Ran”) and stuff you wouldn’t (e.g., Psychedelic Furs’ “Heartbeat (New York remix)”, Gene Loves Jezebel “Desire (Come and Get it)”, the original 12-inch versions of Pet Shop Boys’ “West End Girls” and Tin Tin’s “Kiss Me”, the US 12-inch of Talk Talk’s “It’s My Life”).


Reissuing Now Dance 85 and 86 is a great shout, if only for Little Benny & The Masters and ‘Who Comes To Boogie’. Think I’ve only ever seen that once on an obscure compilation.

Don’t mind these supermarket-geared compilations, and sometimes pick them up for a fiver on a weekly shop. If they could do a dance themed one, or a forgotten hits one, maybe that would be a bit more satisfying.


4 cd’s each having about 75mins of music for a £ tenner is still good value if you think about. You do get quite a lot of music/ different artists for not much £expenditure!

Mark W

I accidentally stumbled upon Paul Young’s 10 minute remix of I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down. That track is FIRE!

SDE Hall of Fame

It’s good. Although that was the ‘standard’ version on the UK cassette of The Secret of Association back in the day!

Chris Squires

I once remixed PY Playhouse out to 46 minutes on to a TDK SA90. Must have driven my parents absolutely bonkers as, if you don’t like the song, I imagine it’s quite an annoying sound as the Fabulous Wealthy Tarts were on top form with their “crash crash”.

An odd choice to have Moonlight Shadow on a compilation like this. Yeah, it’s 90 seconds longer but really nothing to write home about. I thought Shadow on the Wall was always more interesting. Having said that I never imagine Mike as an 80s remix artist although in the 90s he went bloody stupid about it.

SDE Hall of Fame

Talking of Oldfield, I’ve been listening to and really enjoying Five Miles Out recently. Great record. I have that 2CD+DVD deluxe from 2013 which has the 5.1 mix. Great stuff.

Craig Hedges

I haven’t heard that album, will do over the weekend. Don’t know how much other Oldfield you’ve heard but I can thoroughly recommend both Ommadawn from 1975 and Amarok from 1990.

Chris Squires

Yeah, I tend to go through phases Paul, where I listen to someone solidly for about a week, both on CD / Vinyl but also trawling youtube for the quirky stuff. About three weeks back it was wall-to-wall Oldfield. It took me right back and it made me realise although I had already seen Mike live and bought everything a 13 year old could afford it wasn’t until Five Miles Out came out that I actually got it with grown up ears. I’d turned 15, had a Saturday job and a girlfriend (for a short while) and then FMO comes out.
I can only liken it to hearing something like The Visitors or The Dreaming for the first time. Looking back it seems that was the moment I felt grown up. Mistakenly of course, still not quite there yet at 54, but you get the point.
Five Miles Out was my watershed.


Look of Love (Special Remix) and Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Urban Mix) were the pride of my 12” collection

SDE Hall of Fame

The ‘Shout’ extended remix is actually rarer than the ‘US Mix’ that virtually every 12-inch compilation insists on using.


Yeah, I really wonder why they didn’t want to use the original UK 12″, which was done with band approval/input unlike the US Thompson/Barbiero version. Would have been a nice nod to those who didn’t want to buy the Big Chair box set just for the 12″ remixes.

Joe Atari

The remit of NOW from day one was a summary of the most POPULAR (sales not influence) singles of the period it covered (usually around 3 months). So whilst this is a largely obvious collection, its actually not that bad. It’s just the 12/80s collection covered multiple bases years ago with far more finesse. with genre based collections. This is just a kind of summary, volume one. I can do with out the USA originated, lycra wearing, fitness video standards on disc 3. But then that is kind of revisionist, to pretend they weren’t around. There was plenty of “bad” music around in 1980s too. NOW has always just been about sales over content anyway.


There were some great INXS 12′ mixes from the Swing and Listen Like Thieves years. Also the U2 Rattle and Hum 12’s (Desire and God Part II) would have been great. A HD remaster of the original video for the 12′ of Desire has just been put on U2’s official Youtube channel. Would be ace to have it on CD. As there is (still) no deluxe of Rattle & Hum on the horizon, its appearance on a compilation is the best we can hope for.

Peter Hogg

I agree, there were definitely some great INXS 12′ single mixes from Swing and Listen Like Thieves albums.
INXS or the record company (most likely) need to remaster these and issue them, we are all waiting.

Original Sin (Dance Dub)
Original Sin
I Send A Message (Extended Remix)
Burn For You (Remix)
Burn For You (Extended Remix)
Melting In The Sun (Extended Remix)
What You Need (Extended Remix)
Listen Like Thieves (Extended Remix)
Listen Like Thieves (Instrumental Remix)


Here is where you can find some of the earlier pre-Kick INXS remixes on CD. Hoping the Giles Martin reissues will still happen given Chris Murphy’s recent passing.

The One Thing (Extended Mix) – Retro:Active 3 CD

Black And White (Extended Version) – Shine Like it Does 2 CD

Original Sin (Dance Version/Dance Dub) Promo CD X Marks the Spot

Burn For You (12″ Extended Mix) Retro:Active CD

Burn For You (Single Remix) Shine Like It Does 2 CD

What You Need (Extended Version) Mystify CD single

Listen Like Thieves (Extended Version) Bitter Tears CD single

Graham G

Is this the first time Radio Ga Ga 12″ has been released on CD outside of the weird Box of Tricks collection from 1991?
Actually, theres an idea for an article. bizarre box sets from the past. That’s my nomination.

SDE Hall of Fame

It was also on a Hollywood Records expanded CD of The Works in 1991.

Rich E

Hmmmm, The Riddle. One of the more prosaic Kershaw extensions. Would love the first extended mix of I Won’t Let The Sun (not the awesome Boswell mix) on digital format if anyone knows where it may reside? Seems to have made it to a compilation called Dance classics Pop Edition Vol4 but I’m yet to find it.

Paul Foster

Hi. The mix you require is on a 3xcd compilation called 12″ 80s pop . refurbished copy on ebay under a fiver! I bought it in 2007 expecting the Simon Boswell mix but it is the original dance mix.

Rich E

Thanks Paul. Off to EBay I go.


It’s a pity, Sony Music puts always the same 12 inch versions on their CD’s.

Val Kaludov

Of course Queen’s “Radio Ga Ga” is track 1 on CD1! I’ve been clearing rights for EMI compilations some 20 years ago and this was always the rule – Queen will approve ANYTHING if only they are the first track on the compilation. Nothing has changed.

Craig Hedges

Rather than complain about these compilations I think the real problem is the reason they are being produced in the first place. This will mainly be sold in supermarkets and has been designed for this purpose. I had to laugh a couple of months ago hearing a young girl say to her boyfriend in the ‘entertainment’ aisle “CDs??? Who buys them???”
Whilst I glared at her in disgust and stopped myself from announcing that I still did, it dawned on me that this is a general opinion held by most of the shoppers, and the stores themselves upon viewing the ever shrinking amounts of products they sell.
Your average supermarket will have most of the new and recent releases from the past couple of weeks, probably a selection of greatest hits collection and then a glut of the recent ‘gold’ and ‘essential’ releases along with the above mentioned Now compilations. This compilation would have to sell itself in the cursory glance it will get so it has to have artists and song titles that will appeal to the average music buyer. It’s not designed to be a treasure trove of lost and so far unreleased rare mixes. Even so called ‘forgotten’ and ‘alternative’ compilations seem to go with fairly well known titles which the more knowledgeable music fan will question the inclusion of. If you want rare 12” mixes there is a website where mixes are uploaded from vinyl and mastered better than a lot of official release, I won’t give the name of the site but it’s the same as a Duran Duran song if you want to google it.

John MC cann

Can you give me a clue? I’ve googled the chauffeur, hungry like the wolf and union of the snake,, I still can’t find it! And please don’t glare at me in disgust!

Craig Hedges

Lol ok John, it was released in 1989 and was a mega mix. The title was taken from from a line of Hungry like the wolf. The chap who runs the site goes to a lot of trouble with the uploads including scanning and retouching the sleeves.

SDE Hall of Fame

This is getting painful ;)

John MC cann

Iv tried I’m on the hunt I’m after you!,still nothing


Burning The Ground.


I quite like the mix of songs, but agree there second volume needs to be a more diverse selection of hidden gems.

Stan Butler

It’s good value but really not that different from those £5.99 3CD collections. Same old names.
The problem I have with these compilations is that any 12″ version on them that I like, I nearly always already have. Even if there’s a couple of tracks I need, it doesn’t seem worth adding all the other stuff that I would never listen to. There is too much dross on here.
I prefer to buy deluxe editions of the individual acts and get the extended versions that way.


I have at least 38 of the tracks already on other various CDs, so no need for this collection. It is about time companies released other hits and more lesser known tracks of the 1980s, as there are so many good ones I have on vinyl, that would be great to have on CD format. This compilation is a wasted opportunity to showcase the decade that gave us the best 12″ versions.


Speaking of Madonna, have you been tracking the recent release of about 10 x EPs on streaming (and assume, at some point, physical) – lots of juicy stuff well curated on them. Good example of how to do it well. Look at her web site for details. Looks like she is involved, rather than just a slap dash record label job.

Dave H

As you say Paul, there’s been a lot of 80’s 12″ compilations over the last few years. Many tracks are duplicated but there’s always one or two tracks haven’t been issued on CD.
On the plus side, £10 for 4 CD’s is at least good value considering how cheap some of the other 12″ compilations have been in recent years. The down side for anyone who has purchased all the other compilations, you’ll have a lot of duplications in your collection.
SDE subscribers could probably create a good list of unreleased 80’s 12″ tracks that haven’t been issued on CD. My contribution being The Beat – I Confess (UK 12″ remix). All The Beat box sets and compilations have the US Remix, some of them even label the US version as UK.
This is the UK 12″ Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zDxo6h1OHs


Great call out Dave re ‘I Confess’. The 2012 Edsel/Shout Factory! reissues missed that one unfortunately. Reminds me of the similar mistake for Madness’ The Sweetest Girl (Extended Mix) on their The Business box set and Mad Not Mad 2CD/DVD reissue. Both use the album version by mistake and the extended mix is not available on CD.

Insider Trading

You’ll find that DM don’t get used on compilations because even in-house they want 52% PPD whereas other artists get 30% PPD between majors.


No Thompson Twins? But yeah…most of those remixes have appeared on many CD compilations in the past, so this is a pass for me. Also, and I’m with Paul here, it boggles the mind that they wouldn’t included much sought after remixes as mentioned, but perhaps those mixes are being held back for that respective artists’ own releases.


Why don’t they just call this 1984 12″ given that at least 16 tracks are just from that year!

Blade Runner

Is Yello-The Race the 13 minute version on this compilation?

Auntie Sabrina

If it’s the 12″ mix, then yes it’s 13:23 Blade Runner.


Laughing out loud here…….

A free modern romance poster.

We were a simpler people back then.

John MC cann

Yes I actually didn’t mind early modern romance, cherry pink, everybody salsa John Dr Prix,ect as I was into blue rondo a la Turk anyway! But by this stage the original singer had been replaced by the pretty boy bass player or else the Mullins guy,,and they where pretty much second devision,,, having said that who hasn’t got a soft spot for walking in the rain? I bought that too,, might have got another poster can’t remember!


Fond of music ,alternate mixes ,démos … i really don’t understand the hype and the enthousiasm for the 12 “versions dance mix of any pop rock track. Too long uninteresting répétitive boom boom crap synth sounds …not for me


aah Christophe – then you must not have heard what are certainly the prize jewels of my 12″ collection: FGTH – the Power of Love and any/all of the 12″ers from Big Country’s first 3 albums.The spoken word and extended sweeping strings of the former and the (mostly) Steve Lillywhite extended mixes of the latter. Luckily I have them all on CD for eternity.