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It is important that any blu-ray audio issued as part of a collaboration with SDE the SDE Surround Series conforms to a standard specification, both technical (audio, authoring etc.) and presentational (packaging). This page is a helpful guide to the requirements and best practices that we believe will help make for a successful product for all to enjoy.

Audio spec • Video spec • Authoring spec • Packaging Spec • FAQs

Audio specification

• Blu-ray discs should include Dolby Atmos and a minimum of at least one other audio stream; either as PCM stereo or DTS-HD Master Audio surround.

• Stereo audio should be on the disc as LPCM Stereo, and hi-res audio (96kHz/24bit or above) should be requested from the artist

• If stereo audio is only available at 44.1kHz it should be converted to 48kHz.

• Surround audio (4.1, 5.0, 5.1, 7.1, etc.) should preferably be encoded as DTS-HD Master Audio. Dolby True HD is acceptable, but the former is SDE’s preferred format for surround audio.

• Atmos audio will be encoded as Dolby True HD at 48kHz. 96kHz Atmos is currently not supported by the blu-ray format.

• If an album includes a 192kHz/24bit stereo stream, a supplemental 48kHz/24bit stereo stream should also be included.

• Any menu audio should try to utilise either part of an instrumental or other unique track/variation, rather than just repeating a track from the album (which can be confusing to the user).

• Audio should be supplied as the following format:

  • Stereo: interleaved wav files at the appropriate frequency and bit rate
  • Surround: either mono discreate stem wavs or as one combined wav file.
  • Atmos: either as .atmos or ADM files.

All the above can be as one long combined file or individual songs.

Video Specification

• Video on the disc should be either 1080p23.976, 1080p24 or 1080i59.94 so that the disc can play back worldwide. This includes any screens or video that accompany audio play back.

• Any video that is at 1080p25 or 1080i50 should be frame converted to one of the above

• Any standard definition video should be upscaled to HD.

• Any additional video content should be provided as Apple ProRes HQ, MXF files or a similar lossless compressed format.

Authoring specification

• Layered artwork files, such as Photoshop, Indesgin or Illustrator, should be provide to the authoring
house for the creation of all menus and play back screens.

• Albums should be authored as one whole video/piece and not individual songs joined together at the
authoring stage. The later can cause some amplifiers to mute the beginning of tracks where they’re
beginning a new audio stream. Any additional bonus songs or alternate versions should be authored
in a similar way.

• There should be a 3 second lead in to the first song of every section/album to give amplifiers time to
switch to the appropriate stream.

• If not defined by an existing version of the album or a request by the label, chapter points into each
song should ideally be at least a second before the start to allow amps the maximum time to switch

• Bonus video/promo videos should be authored as one piece, where the next title plays in sequence
once a chapter is chosen.

• All discs should include a top menu to allow the user to choose options, including playing the album,
song selection, bonus songs and/or video (if appropriate) and audio set up before album play back

• Discs can have all songs listed on screen during audio play back or utilise a pop-up menu to choose
and track the current song playing.

• The ability to change audio on the remote should only be disabled if the audio options appear always
on screen, otherwise audio changes made this way should be tracked with in the menu system.

• When ready, an approval disc must be sent to SDE. It is essential this is done before manufacturing begins.

Artwork specification

• The blu-rays should be packaged in a BD HIFID Audio Box 11mm clear case (Ref: Y454295)

• Blu-ray/album artwork should be supplied to SDE for the created of the SDE Surround Series slipcase. The blu-rays will ship to customers in this slipcase.The slipcases allow us to offer consistent branding across the ongoing SDE Surround Series. Your title is assigned a number in the ongoing series and that number is on the spine of the slipcase. The slipcases are still dominated by your artist’s album artwork, but there’s a small discreet element of SDE branding, which in turn means there’s no SDE branding on the actual product.

The SDE Surround Series blu-rays should be packaged in the BD HIFID Audio Box 11mm clear case (click image to enlarge)

Additional spec details

• Replication should not happen until all parties have made the necessary approvals