Alanis Morissette / Such Pretty Forks in the Road ‘fanbox’ video

Unboxing video for the limited ‘fanbox’

Alanis Morissette‘s ninth album was issued last week. There’s no deluxe editions, no extra tracks on any format and no coloured vinyl, but there is a European-only ‘Fanbox’ of Such Pretty Forks in the Road, so SDE takes a look with this unboxing video…

Such Pretty Forks in the Road is out now.

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Such Pretty Forks In The Road - limited fanbox


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Morissette, Alanis

Such Pretty Forks In The Road - CD edition


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Morissette, Alanis

Such Pretty Forks In The Road - vinyl LP


Such Pretty Forks in the Road CD edition

1. Smiling
2. Ablaze
3. Reasons I Drink
4. Diagnosis
5. Missing The Miracle
6. Losing The Plot
7. Reckoning
8. Sandbox Love
9. Her
10. Nemesis
11. Pedestal

Such Pretty Forks in the Road Vinyl LP

Side 1
1. Smiling
2. Ablaze
3. Reasons I Drink
4. Diagnosis
5. Missing The Miracle
6. Losing The Plot

Side 2
1. Reckoning
2. Sandbox Love
3. Her
4. Nemesis
5. Pedestal



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Shaun Williams

Hey Paul,

Great video, still undecided on this one.

What they have released now, in Canada is a 500 copies only? Coke Bottle colour vinyl


Think this might get in the same category as the Box Set that BNL previewed in this ditty … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5S0RSdGl-2E


Would love a deluxe edition of everything she’s done, complete with rarities etc. They’ve recently remastered all her music videos in 4K, so how about a Blu Ray of those videos in HD seeing as they’ve spent the time and effort to remaster them in such high quality?


Maybe there will be a reissue campaign where her back catalogue will come with wall mountable commemorative plates?

Jon Barlow

There is a purple vinyl available on the official website

andrew davis

Thank you buying this Paul so we don’t have to. Alanis is well known for writing and often recording 20 odd tracks for every album and for the past 2 albums deluxe editions came out at time of release with additional tracks. I wonder if there will be a future deluxe edition with additional tracks released. I love the cover artwork and it is a fine album after an 8 year wait but sigh what a disappointment this silly box is. Hope you’re using the mug Paul!


She should have included some actual ‘forks’ to go with the mug…Couple of stainless steel forks, with AM inscribed on the handles, might have tempted me to go for this…

Peter Muscutt

I once wrote a short story years ago which featured an ailing musician trying to flog his comeback album in increasingly desperate ways, including via the means of a set of signed, 24-carat gold musical refrigerators that each played one of the tracks off the album in an exclusive “ice-cream van chime version” – meaning serious collectors had to purchase twelve fridges to ensure they had the entire album. I guess we can be thankful Alanis didn’t go down that route for this album…


@Peter Muscutt:

Sounds more like Gene Simmons to me… ;)

Peter Muscutt

You’re right Klaus!! But at least Gene would’ve come round to your house/flat/apartment/25-bedroom mansion to do a two-hour PowerPoint presentation on it as well!

Gareth Pugh

In your story, were they ‘blind boxed’ like some of those vinyl collector’s figurines can come – so you don’t know which tune you’ve bought til you get it? I imagine that would make playground swap sessions fun!!


@Gareth Pugh:

I can see some really high arched eyebrows from mums and dads on the benches circling the playground when a bunch of middle-aged to really old men (it seems women don’t tend to do slightly crazy stuff like that) appear at said playground with a minimum of one fridge each… ;)

Andy Hanson

Good video. I know a lot of these releases (and reissues especially) are aimed at buyers who have achieved a higher level of disposable income, but some of them are impossible to justify the cost of. Mugs and marbles – for those who are and have lost theirs – come across as record companies taking a poke at their customers before laughing all the way to the bank. Ultimately we all pays our money and makes our choice of course. But some of these releases are just crackers.


I can’t help but think that when the Charlie Buckets eventually meet Alanis and mention this box set and how they won , she won’t have a clue what they’re on about.

Brent Keefe

A mug…and isn’t that ironic? Perhaps that’s how they view those who purchase this edition…..


After you pulled out the mug, I thought, ‘certainly there must be more in there.’ Almost laughable. Gets my vote for worst value for money box set ever. What a disappointment!

george glazener

Agreed, she could have at least put a packet of hot chocolate with marshmallows inside the mug. How many of you guys have listened to the CD? Is it pretty good music overall…? Cheers!

Andrew R

2 things that surprise me.
1) With everyone in lockdown, why aren’t artists signing more ‘stuff’ to put in records, CDs, boxes etc. Give a bit extra to fans and promote their products. Not sure they’re ‘that’ busy.
2) I don’t see the point of a hand numbered photo/card. Alanis hasn’t numbered it or she could have signed it. So it’s ‘numbered’ by anyone…. could be me numbering it.
Oh well…

Alan B

Paul what makes you think the writing on the spine is the wrong way round? To me it is perfectly natural to have it the way this CD has it. I instinctively would look to read it that way. Maybe it is because I’m predominately left handed on most things.

Alan B

Fair enough. I store all my CDs to read like this CD. Personally it just seems natural to read them that way when looking at them stored together.


Alan, I’m left-handed, and I also store all my CDs, movies, and books so that you have to read the titles from bottom to top. It’s more natural that way… to me! It makes visitors who check out my collection mental. But it makes me happy.

Graham Turner

I think this just depends on the convention in the relevant market though?

I have a few import Blu-Rays that have the text going from bottom to top. I understand the text on book spines is similarly orientated in France & Germany (plus others, I’m sure).

george glazener

Cool, so let’s support her for her musical talents, which are considerable, by buying the regular CD, rather than supporting her management’s marketing efforts, which are far less so. Thanks Paul!