All formats of Paul McCartney’s ‘Flaming Pie’ reissue unboxed by SDE

1997 album reissued today

Paul McCartney‘s latest ‘Archive Collection’ reissue is out today. Flaming Pie comes in five physical formats, including a 3LP package, a 5CD+2DVD deluxe edition and a massive Collector’s Edition. Grab a cup of tea (and maybe a biscuit) and enjoy this 40-minute unboxing video which examines all formats in detail, with commentary.

All formats of Flaming Pie are released on 31 July 2020. I would encourage any McCartney fans to order a copy of SDE’s special  keepsake booklet ‘McCartney: 10 Years of Archive Reissues‘. It contains 25,000 words of largely new writing on the McCartney Archive Reissue campaign, by yours truly. These are limited to 1000 numbered copies and will ship on Tuesday/Wednesday next week.

Collector’s Edition: Canada pre-order • UK pre-orderUS pre-order

Flaming Pie 5CD+2DVD deluxe

CD 1 – Flaming Pie (2020 remaster)

The Song We Were Singing 3:55
The World Tonight 4:05
If You Wanna 4:37
Somedays 4:15
Young Boy 3:54
Calico Skies 2:32
Flaming Pie 2:30
Heaven On A Sunday 4:26
Used To Be Bad 4:12
Souvenir 3:41
Little Willow 2:58
Really Love You 5:18
Beautiful Night 5:08
Great Day 2:09

CD2 – Demos and Home Recordings

The Song We Were Singing  5:25
The World Tonight  2:26
If You Wanna  3:00
Somedays 4:15
Young Boy 2:22
Calico Skies 2:31
Flaming Pie  1:40
Souvenir 2:54
Little Willow  2:26
Beautiful Night 4:27
Great Day 3:30

CD3 – Studio tracks

Great Day [Acoustic] 2:17
Calico Skies [Acoustic] 2:06
C’mon Down C’mon Baby 1:23
If You Wanna [Demo] 1:54
Beautiful Night [Run Through] 4:09
The Song We Were Singing [Rough Mix] 3:50
The World Tonight [Rough Mix] 3:47
Little Willow [Rough Mix] 2:59
Whole Life [Rough Mix] 5:34
Heaven On A Sunday [Rude Cassette] 4:43

CD4 – B-sides

The Ballad of The Skeletons
Looking For You 4:41
Broomstick 5:10
Love Come Tumbling Down 4:23
Same Love 3:55
Oobu Joobu Part 1 (8:47)
Oobu Joobu Part 2 (8:27)
Oobu Joobu Part 3 (7:57)
Oobu Joobu Part 4 (5:31)
Oobu Joobu Part 5 (8:48)
Oobu Joobu Part 6 (9:16)

CD 5 – Flaming Pie at the Mill

Spoken word documentary


In The World Tonight (Documentary)


Beautiful Night
Making Of Beautiful Night
Little Willow
The World Tonight [directed by Alistair Donald)
The World Tonight [directed by Geoff Wonfor)
Young Boy [directed by Alistair Donald]
Young Boy [directed by Geoff Wonfor]
Flaming Pie EPK 1
Flaming Pie EPK 2
In The World Tonight EPK
Flaming Pie Album Artwork Meeting
TFI Friday Performances
David Frost Interview

Flaming Pie 3LP vinyl

LP 1
The Song We Were Singing
The World Tonight
If You Wanna
Young Boy
Calico Skies
Flaming Pie

LP 2
Heaven On A Sunday
Used To Be Bad
Little Willow
Really Love You
Beautiful Night
Great Day

LP3 – Demos & Home Recordings

The Song We Were Singing [Demo]
The World Tonight [Demo]
If You Wanna [Demo]
Somedays [Demo]
Young Boy [Demo]
Calico Skies [Home Recording]
Flaming Pie [Demo]
Souvenir [Demo]
Little Willow [Demo]
Beautiful Night [Studio Demo]
Great Day [Home Recording]



Flaming Pie 2CD edition

CD 1 – Flaming Pie (2020 remaster)

The Song We Were Singing 3:55
The World Tonight 4:05
If You Wanna 4:37
Somedays 4:15
Young Boy 3:54
Calico Skies 2:32
Flaming Pie 2:30
Heaven On A Sunday 4:26
Used To Be Bad 4:12
Souvenir 3:41
Little Willow 2:58
Really Love You 5:18
Beautiful Night 5:08
Great Day 2:09

CD 2

1. The Song We Were Singing [Home Recording]
2. The World Tonight [Home Recording]
3. If You Wanna [Home Recording]
4. Somedays [Home Recording]
5. Young Boy [Home Recording]
6. Calico Skies [Home Recording]
7. Flaming Pie [Home Recording]
8. Souvenir [Home Recording]
9. Little Willow [Home Recording]
10. Beautiful Night [1995 Demo]
11. Great Day [Home Recording]
12. Beautiful Night [Run Through]
13. Whole Life [Rough Mix]
14. Heaven On A Sunday [Rude Cassette]
15. Great Day [Acoustic]
16. Calico Skies [Acoustic]
17. C’mon Down C’mon Baby
18. Looking For You
19. Broomstick
20. Love Come Tumbling Down
21. Same Love

Flaming Pie 2LP vinyl

LP 1
The Song We Were Singing
The World Tonight
If You Wanna
Young Boy
Calico Skies
Flaming Pie

LP 2
Heaven On A Sunday
Used To Be Bad
Little Willow
Really Love You
Beautiful Night
Great Day


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Has anyone had luck in downloading the Hi Rez files? The URL provided on the download card seems to be down.


I have received my PAUL McCARTNEY: 10 Years of Archive Reissues and it is an astonishing booklet, a real professional work, full of great images, photos and pertinent commentaries.
Thank you, Paul! «Vous avez une belle plume.»

David Glennon

I loved this video- really helped me make a decision and save £300 in the process! I’m a sucker for the collectors box but as I see it all you were getting additionally were some nice prints- pointless if you aren’t framing them. Went for the Super Deluxe & just got a copy for £156 on Amazon. That’ll do me

Richard Harris

I see there are comments on the Steve Hoffman forum from those supposedly in the know that we were originally supposed to get London Town and Back to the Egg this year but that it got held up by a lawsuit which is thought to have now been resolved, and so Flaming Pie got released earlier than planned to bridge the gap. If true this sounds all very Hunt Sales, doesn’t it? He didn’t stand in as Wings’ drummer between Joe English and Steve Holley, by any chance, did he????


Excellent video! Thanks for clarifying the differences between all of the formats clearly.

I went for the Collector’s Edition. I have all of the fanciest versions of the other Archive releases. I might as well keep it consistent.

Bernard Reynaert

Is there any chance there will be a deal in the near future on the deluxe set? Yesterday I bought the 2cd version but since for emotional reasons this is my favourite Mccartney album I definitely want to buy the deluxe.

Richard Bristow

Last year Flowers in the Dirt was £50 for a short time somewhere, I remember sending you the link Paul.

Gareth Pugh

Great unboxing video, thanks as always Paul. It’s always nice to see what the other formats get you – I think on this occasion, this has confirmed that I’ve probably chosen the right ‘tier’ for me (the 5CD/2DVD deluxe, but not the massive Collector’s Edition), driven partly by the same reason as a few other readers here – I’ve got the first 12 and this sits nicely alongside. And I don’t have a shelf *that* tall ha ha. Leaving aside the £200 price tag (if that’s possible), I did find the content of this set particularly good and especially accessible – if you want nice simple stories behind the tracks, they’re there in the booklet in the folio (or glued into the 2CD version digi); if you want a deeper read, that’s there in the book. Definitely one of the better sets in the series this far.
If London Town and Back to the Egg really are next, i’m crossing my fingers one of them has ‘Mama’s Little Girl’ and ‘Same Time Next Year’ with the orchestra – they were used as B-sides for ‘Put it There’ in 1990 but I’m pretty sure they weren’t used on the Flowers deluxe and were recorded in 1978. They sound fantastic IMHO.


The triple vinyl is probably my limit but it looks a nice package with the slipcase.
I know it’s half speed remastered – does anyone know if it plays at 33rpm still or 45 rpm?


Really comprehensive video Paul. well done. Still staying with the 2cd version as just can’t justify the expense at the minute.
Looking forward to your booklet too!

R. Michael Cox

Great video Paul! On the positive side, I jumped on the 2 cd set (well pre-ordered from day one). On the negative side, I never thought this series provided a bang for the buck/pound. I think it started with maybe a few songs from the Unplugged set on McCartney dvd (why not the whole set?) and they have left a lot of blank space on the cds. I will not even get into the downloading issue. I think the Prince estate is catching on about how to market these sets.


Great video – thank you Paul!


Hi Paul – fantastic video. Very balanced and informative as ever. As a Beatles fan I am curious about some of Paul McCartney’s solo stuff but not at these prices. I think pricing is extremely difficult – look at the Wings 71 – 73 boxset – it is now over GBP 1,000 to buy. Perhaps the thinking is to limit the collectors edition and price it to share in the upside once it sells out instead of selling it cheaper and then reprinting when it sells out. The Tug of War super deluxe had nice art prints and that box was only GBP 100. Granted the prints are much smaller.

David M

What exactly is an “art print”? Seem to be just a big photograph and the ones that Paul showed as being in the box are all extremely common shots found elsewhere in the package. I fail to see much value in them at all, what are you supposed to do with them? Frame them or just keep them hiding away in a ridiculously large box?

Jimmy Ringland

Thanks, Paul. Sir Paul should give you a cut. After watching this, I cancelled my order at Amazon for the 2-CD version and snapped for the Deluxe Set. The thing that got me was the “by the balls” line, since I have the previous 12 sets as well.

Amazing quality to this set. I just hope on the remaining albums (“London Town”, “Back To The Egg”, and, fingers crossed, “Broad Street” & “Press To Play”) he goes back to the smaller, book-like format of the “Band on the Run” / “McCartney I/II” / “Tug Of War” / “Pipes of Peace” sets. I’d really like to go back to the days when I’d say, “geez, I can’t believe I just paid $45 for “McCartney II” — or, even, “geez, I can’t believe I just paid $100 for “Wild Life”. Those were the days.


Terrific video Paul. Love the deluxe box and all the bits and pieces inside. My small gripe is why the backing sheet won’t fit inside the box without getting creased. Can’t they make it just that little bit smaller?

David M

Fold it in half. Live dangerously!

Paul Lewis

Great video Paul! Happy with my choice of the triple vinyl – and thanks as always for the fantastic service from the SDE Shop! It does seem incredibly churlish, not to say frustrating, that for the first time with the archive series, they’ve removed the downloads from vinyl editions. I know they’ll probably say that’s because everyone streams, but they’ve included downloads with the deluxe editions so that doesn’t entirely tally. Just another one for the list of high cost/poor value issues around these releases I guess, but then I’m proof that we still buy them myself! So I guess MPL will say that proves their strategy, but in this case, is the poor PR worth the negligible cost of giving a download of music we’ve already paid for?


Paul, as usual, did a wonderful video presentation of unboxing the “Flaming Pie” SDE. Too bad the price for this box set isn’t equally wonderful.


Great to see the unboxing video. I would have loved to buy the deluxe version but it’s just too expensive. Alternatively the 2 CD version is excellent value, comprising a lot of the audio from across 4 of the deluxe CDs. So if you consider what is on the 2 CD version and that a lot of the DVD content is already free on YouTube, it costs an awful lot more for a bit more audio and a book. The SDE price is more competitive than other sellers but with a mortgage and a young family, I couldn’t justify the expenditure. The deluxe version is great but it’s more than double the price that it should be. I hope that future box sets are priced more sensibly.

Richard Bristow

The deluxe version seems to be the ‘right’ price in the US so why we have to pay so much more in the UK I don’t know.

At around the £150 mark I think they would have shifted well over double the amount of copies.

Thanks for the video Paul.

David Fisher

Great video Paul – thanks! I’m sitting next to my Deluxe CD/DVD box set which is still in its shrink wrap and I chose to watch your presentation before opening my real copy!

I nearly took the plunge on the super-super deluxe one but it really was far too expensive and although the prints are ok if you like that kind of thing (I might look at them once) the only temptation would be the Ginsberg vinyl disc which I really couldn’t justify paying an extra £220 for – especially since its on the CD. And a guitar pick? I have them coming out of my ears here.

“Flaming Pie” is a strong album but I’m not convinced by the production – I love Jeff Lynne’s work with ELO but never really went for that dry vocal, Spectoresque tracked-up acoustic guitars and heavy gated snare approach that he seemed to use for everyone else he produced. It sounds dated to me. (Odd the I seem to be the only person in the world who likes “Press T0 Play”, despite its 80’s production.) Steve Miller did some tracks too I believe?

I did get the recent expanded Wings’ Wildlife/RRS double super-deluxe box but that had a really nice outer case and an exclusive live CD – AND it fits neatly on the shelf next to all the other archive boxes so, after watching your video, I’m certain I made the right decision.

Pity they held off on the rumoured “Back to the Egg” release, my joint favourite Macca album with “Ram”. I hope that will see the light of day before the virus gets me. (It would be nice to hear the Glasgow concert in good quality and see the TV special looking better than the VHS copy I taped off the telly many years ago.)

I’m still waiting for my triple vinyl box…

Keep up the good work.


Ben in Colorado

On eBay I picked up a double CD set called “last flight”. It is the Glasgow concert and then some rehearsal audio tracks. The cover looks like the album “concerts for the people of Kampuchea”. I think the sound quality is incredible. You do get about five different versions of coming up though. All in all for 20 bucks it’s a steal.

Disc One

1. Horns Intro 0:31

2. Got To Get You Into My Life 3:18

3. Getting Closer 3:56

4. Every Night 4:30

5. Again And Again And Again 3:51

6. I’ve Had Enough 3:29

7. No Words 3:27

8. Cook Of The House 2:35

9. Old Siam, Sir 5:01

10. When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along 0:43

11. Maybe I’m Amazed 5:35

12. The Fool On The Hill 3:28

13. Let It Be 4:17

14. Hot As Sun 2:39

15. Spin It On 2:31

16. Twenty Flight Rock 2:40

17. Tiptoe Thru The Tulips With Me 0:21

18. Go Now 3:42

19. Horn Section Intro 0:28

20. Arrow Through Me 4:38

21. Wonderful Chirstmastime 4:11

22. Coming Up 4:58

23. Goodnight Tonight 5:58

24. Yesterday 3:09

Disc Two

1. Mull Of Kintyre 6:02

2. Crowd Chant / Thanks 3:13

3. Band On The Run 7:00

4. Got To Get You Into My Life [live 12/31/79] 3:03

5. Every Night [live 12/31/79] 4:21

6. Coming Up [live 12/31/79] 4:15

7. Lucille [live 12/31/79] 3:01

8. Let It Be [live 12/31/79] 4:11

9. Rockestra Theme [live 12/31/79] 2:36

10. I’ve Had Enough [live 12/31/79] 3:32

11. Hot As Sun [live 12/31/79] 2:41

12. Twenty Flight Rock [live 12/31/79] 2:37

13. Every Night [live 12/31/79 – alt. mix] 4:40

14. Coming Up [live 12/31/79 – alt. mix] 4:06

15. Ranachan Rock 3:44

16. With A Little Luck [rehearsal] 4:27

17. Coming Up [rehearsal] 4:16

18. Coming Up [live single version] 3:50
19. Coming Up [live unedited single version] 4:36
20. Coming Up [live edited single version] 3:29

Gareth Pugh

David, have a dig around in one of the envelopes in your Deluxe set – you get the plectrum with that set too.


Just wanted to say that I always thought I was the only person in the world that likes ‘Press to Play’. I think it is one of McCartney’s strongest albums.

I hope it gets an SDE but given McCartney’s oft-reported dissatisfaction with it I shan’t hold my breath…

Phil Cohen

As you have noticed via recent and upcoming boxed sets such as “Flaming Pie”, The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” & The Rolling Stones’ “Goats Head Soup”, is that outtakes CD’s in these sets are restricted to 45 minutes each… so that the vinyl release can be musically identical. Obviously, vinyl collectors were angered that vinyl editions of the “Sgt.Peppers” & “White Album” boxes didn’t contain all of the outtakes from the CD/Blu-Ray editions. So instead, Universal Music will shortchange CD collectors , and substantial amounts of outtakes related to “Abbey Road”, “Flaming Pie” & “Goats Head Soup” will remain forever unheard. You’d think that big companies such as Apple Corps, MPL Productions and Rolling Stones Records would have some voice in this decision, but this is obviously a Universal Music decision. At the price of these deluxe sets, the outtakes CD’s should be nearly full. Add more discs to the vinyl sets instead of curtailing the amount of music on the CD’s.

Secret Friend

Thanks for this! It is about as close as I’m ever gonna get to actually unboxing it myself.

I’ve bought all the previous reissues but this one was just too expensive. Besides, I never even touch the CDs, I download the FLACs, then I browse through the book for a few days, then up on the shelf they go to stay with all the other box sets to collect dust and moths. If this one had been $100 less I probably would not have had this realization and I would keep buying these reissues well into the future. Now, I think I’m done.

Marshall Gooch

Loved the video, Paul–especially that little bit that sounds like your voice speeded up even moreso than Bruce McMouse’s. But seriously, well done. Made me wish I was getting the (Super) Deluxe Edition right away. As it is, I’ve ordered the 3LP set and the basic 2CD set for the car, to tide me over until the price goes down on the Deluxe.


Great video by the way Paul, thank you.


Great deal here in the U.S.for the massive box collectors edition $337 !
If you’re thinking about importing that to the U.K. its $100 postage not including any taxes.

Ben Williams

Enjoyed the unboxing video!
Deluxe set does look very nice. More than happy with my 2 CD set. Great to finally have Whole Life on CD and happier to have a couple of unheard things like the Songs We Were Singing demo and run-through of Beautiful Night with Ringo, very special.
Now to spend the next 18 months guessing what the next Archive set might be… :-P (let it be Press To Play!)

Paul Fitzgerald

Congrats SDE on another superb video review.

McCartney is a true musical genius and stands head and shoulders with the classical greats such as Moazrt, Bach and Beethoven. His musical legacy will be around long after we are all gone, his archive collection is fantastic and I’ve supported it wholeheartedly over the years including this most recent release picking up the Collector’s, Deluxe and 3 Vinyl set.

Also, please let’s do our best to support SDE when buying stuff even if there is a premium versus other retailers.

It’s the best way for us to ensure SDE exists in the future.

I think we all agree this site is superb for those that love physical music media and if it was to disappear we would all miss it very much including the price transparency SDE allows us comparing most retailers out there.

Keep up the great work SDE !

James Lee

Hi Paul

I was about to nag you for another video then got this 41 minutes job! Your videos have always been very good but are now exceptionally professional and it is a difficult skill. Congratulations. I though long and hard on this one but sorry to say was persuaded by your suggestion as to the value for money of the 2 cd set. Still that and the Fleetwood Mac cd box set ordered from you. The product from Macca is impressive as you say though at this price if he signed one of the prints I reckon you could get your money back just selling the print on E Bay. Thanks again for an exceptional video.


the bookbinding term for the book in the deluxe edition is a disappearing spine, where you make the spine piece then attach the boards (front and back covers) to it, instead of making it in one piece. Its very effective actually, and looks great here.


Not sure if this is a mistake but Udiscovermusic.com has the Super Deluxe down from $600 for $337.50. It is free shipping and if you put in the code SummerVIP you get an additional 5% so after adding taxes it comes out to $341.87. That is worth a Deal Alert I would argue.

Stephen Hance

Thanks. Ordered.


Glad you got it. It now shows sold out on the site, no surprise at that price. Macca’s website sells it for $600. The free shipping alone probably saved $50. The thing is huge.

Stephen Hance

Thanks. I also do some work in the States so have had it sent to friends to collect at some point. Saves postage and customs. Can’t believe my luck at getting this around £250. I had SDE on order from amazon Italy and managed to cancel before they despatched. Thanks so much.

Gary Hunter

Excellent video Paul, I nearly choked on my Custard Creams, when you mentioned the price of the deluxe and super deluxe editions!

David Robinson

Well bought my Super Deluxe Copy of UK AMAZON for £146. Been pinching myself all year since I took a punt on a “tbc” placeholder on Amazon that didn’t say what it was or have a picture until about April. Felt sure Amazon would cancel it …. but brilliant bargain … turned up today ..

Paul E.

NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL…Unboxing! Top honors Paul…certainly one of your best. I enjoyed that little pro tip about tucking away the OBI strip. It made me smile as I have my own methodology for storing those within my Japanese pressed CDs. I carefully disassemble the disc tray (works only if it’s a clear tray) from the jewel case, place the OBI over the rear panel artwork, and finally reassemble the tray to the case. It’s magical- the OBI strip is now forever safe from loss and can be viewed simply by removing the disc! Previously, I put them into the front booklets but they always found their way out…or worse..[it’s difficult to even type this]: creased! The same applies to stubborn stickers- those get carefully cut out and inserted behind the tray. Music collecting on full tilt.


Great and funny post Paul. I appreciate your comments as I very much recognize myself in them. And thanks for the OBI tip!!

Paul E.

Cheers Kauwgompie!

Phil W.

Thanks for the review Paul, detailed and insightful as always. Regarding price, there is a cheaper alternative for the Deluxe 5CD & 2DVD art in the UK from What Records at £179.99 plus the triple vinyl set at £44.99. I picked up both at a total of £232.99 including the £8 postage and packing. Not trying to take your business, but you do a good job of showing what Amazon so across the globe so it seems fair to show what is available from a smaller (tax paying) UK independent store! Thanks once more.

Ben in Colorado

Amazon US has the Deluxe Edition down to US$216. Looking at the other Amazon sites it looks like a lot of them are back ordered, or selling from secondary sellers. Bull moose also has a good price on this as well if you’re in the United States.


Great work once again! eagerly looking forward to my copy of the keepsake booklet ‘McCartney: 10 Years of Archive Reissues‘. Cheers!!


Epic unboxing and excellent as usual. Totally agree on the free download nonsense, don’t mind them being given away but at least include them in the sets. This has got to me more than prior Archive releases as the free downloads of Somedays and Beautiful Night are corkers.
I have got the regular deluxe which is up to the usual standards of Macca’s sets in terms of presentation, but after watching your video I really like the look of the Collectors edition. If it had been £100 more than the regular I might have bitten, even though there is vinyl within it. Those art prints look the bollocks.


I’m just waiting for BACK TO THE EGG and LONDON TOWN deluxe box set. Maybe GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROAD STREET but I do not know if there will be a deluxe edition for this one! All we need to do is wait, wait and wait and I’m too tired of it.

For instance TFF Seeds Of Love box since 2015 !!!!!!!
Will it ever be release some day ??????????????????
Even god can’t answer this!! SUCH A SHAME !!!!!!!!!


Udiscover music in the US has all of the Flaming Pie items at 25% off. That is a $150 savings on the $600 set. In addition, the code SUMMERVIP gets you an additional 5% off. Shipping is free. Not that $427.50 is a bargain, but it is better than $600!


Wonderful video Paul. Now I know what’s in the massive box that I have not yet opened….


A CD I listened to once then strung it up in my cherry tree to let it twirl in the wind to scare the birds away.


Have to agree. The album made no impression on me and found it forgettable after numerous plays. Can’t believe people are willing to pay £200+ for an SDE of a mediocre album just because it come with some nice tat. Now if it was a Beatles album I’d understand.


Thank you Paul. I am seriously jealous you got the 0000 edition for free. When you get tired of it, I will be happy to store it for you. Noted SDE version at 3000 x GB £520 = 1,560,000 Pound sterling / or US $2,049,216.00. Man, nice money if you can get it Paul (McCartney).

Cheers Paul S. thank you again.

Now I don’t have to buy any of them.

Best regards!



well if you seriously think all the money went back to him bypassing the manufacturer’s costs , the record company, the promotional ads etc etc etc


Of course not. Not sure what manufacturing costs are, maybe $100 or $150 on that SDE box. It is really quite beautiful. Also noted that the price in US is $600 (or less) depending on where you shop. I’ve seen the SDE as low as around $400. That said, it even though it is a beautiful package, I will however reserve my money at this time.


hendry doran

Thanks for the video and commentary Paul. Thoroughly enjoyable.
In relation to the Collectors box set I see that UMC are now making it available through Udiscover/Thesoundofvinyl etc. Could this be that what they thought would be an immediate sell out through the McCartney website has backfired slightly regardless of how impressive it looks on the video.
Now looking forward to next week and the special keepsake booklet.

Thanks again

adam shaw

Great video Paul as always and also thanks for saying what most Macca fans are thinking.

Tom m hans

Brilliant video. I bought my 1st Macca Deluxe via bullmoose.com in the US and paid $199.00 with free shipping for Flaming Pie DE. Now I need the other 12….

Mike the Fish

Nicely done as usual. It’s got to be hard to give a balanced review when you’ve been sent £800+ of goodies and the excitement of opening them all up as well, so well done for giving perspective.

Shaun H

Thanks Paul a fab review as ever, do the vinyl editions come with download codes.


Thanks Paul for such a brilliant video!
Love the way you covered all the various options to suit budgets and tastes.
I can now appreciate just how big the Collectors Edition box is and I’m glad I have it on order.
Its expensive, sure, but for me I love the size of it with the Vinyl and Deluxe Edition all in contained in one box with the art prints, extra vinyl etc. and such a beautiful package in which its all housed. I can better understand now how the pricing is justified (just my personal opinion!)
Its now got me thinking though that I also need to have the Deluxe edition so I have all the archive releases in one consistent sizing on display in my record shelves, and keep this larger edition suitably elsewhere. LOL I’m seriously thinking about it and I’m sure many are thinking I am seriously CRAZY ! haha.
I agree totally with you on why this size collectors edition box wasn’t considered for Band On The Run. Surely it would have been worthy of this size treatment. The Nigerian location and studio shoots alone would have been worthy of larger format books, quality prints etc.
I’d also consider this suitable for the solo McCartney, his first post Beatles outing would have looked magnificent with larger books and Linda’s photography from that album and period is gorgeous!. Throw in screen prints etc. WOW factor!
These early archive editions like McCartney, Band On The Run, even Venus And Mars (another worthy contender of the Collectors treatment) now look positively bland compared with Flaming Pie. Maybe they will get a revisit (?) OMG.
I am so looking forward to a London Town/Back To The Egg in 2021, there’s some great opportunities on those for a Collectors treatment and possibly a double up box set Wings 1978-79 similar to Wildlife/Red Rose Speedway etc.
Thanks again Paul for putting that video together, its great to see it all first hand with your commentary. Great work!


Brilliant video, I watched the whole thing. Very well done. The audio speeds up for a few seconds around 23.55.
I decided to buy the deluxe box (not the super deluxe). You are right, MPL has you by the balls. If you have all deluxe boxes, which I do, you want this one too regardless whether you like the spoken word documentary on disc 5 and these radio fragments called Oobu Joobu on disc 4. They are useless in my book but it’s Paul McCartney so it sells especially if you have all previous deluxe box sets. Importcds has it for a very reasonable $183 so that’s where I bought it from. I got a note that it was shipped yesterday. Apparently they didn’t make a lot of these so the deluxe box may go out of print fast. Most sellers have the price at over $300!