Black Sabbath / Vol 4 vinyl set unboxed

Out today are the four-CD and 5LP super deluxe edition box sets of Black Sabbath‘s Vol 4. SDEtv lifts the lid and unboxes the vinyl version; watch the video…

These Vol 4 box sets are out now. Note there are Rhino and BMG versions of the CD box. These are the same save for label designs, but the prices aren’t necessarily the same (see below).

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Black Sabbath

Vol 4 - 4CD super deluxe BMG version


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Black Sabbath

Vol 4 - 4CD super deluxe Rhino version


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Black Sabbath

Vol 4 - 5LP super deluxe


Vol 4 4CD super deluxe

CD 1: Original Album Remastered

  1. “Wheels Of Confusion / The Straightener”
  2. “Tomorrow’s Dream”
  3. “Changes”
  4. “FX”
  5. “Supernaut”
  6. “Snowblind”
  7. “Cornucopia”
  8. “Laguna Sunrise”
  9. “St. Vitus Dance”
  10. “Under The Sun / Every Day Comes And Goes”

CD 2: Outtakes – New Mixes

  1. “Wheels Of Confusion / The Straightener” *
  2. “Changes” *
  3. “Supernaut” *
  4. “Snowblind” *
  5. “Laguna Sunrise” *
  6. “Under The Sun” (Instrumental) *

CD 3: Alternative Takes, False Starts & Studio Dialogue

  1. “Wheels Of Confusion” (False Start with Studio Dialogue) *
  2. “Wheels Of Confusion” (Alternative Take 1) *
  3. “Wheels Of Confusion” (Alternative Take 2) *
  4. “Wheels Of Confusion” (Alternative Take 3) *
  5. “Wheels Of Confusion” (Alternative Take 4) *
  6. “The Straightener” (Outtake) *
  7. “Supernaut” (Outtake) *
  8. “Supernaut” (Alternative Takes with False Starts) *
  9. “Snowblind” (Alternative Take 1 – Incomplete) *
  10. “Under The Sun” (False Start with Studio Dialogue) *
  11. “Under The Sun” (Alternative Take with Guide Vocal) *

CD 4: Live In The UK 1973

  1. “Tomorrow’s Dream” *
  2. “Sweet Leaf” *
  3. “War Pigs”
  4. “Snowblind” *
  5. “Killing Yourself To Live”
  6. “Cornucopia”
  7. “Wicked World” (Includes Excerpts of:)
  8. Guitar Solo
  9. “Orchid”

iii.                       “Into The Void”

  1. “Sometimes I’m Happy”
  2. “Supernaut” / Drum Solo
  3. “Wicked World” (Reprise)
  4. “Embryo”
  5. “Children Of The Grave”
  6. “Paranoid”

Vol 4 5LP vinyl super deluxe

LP 1: Original Album Remastered

Side One

  1. “Wheels Of Confusion / The Straightener”
  2. “Tomorrow’s Dream”
  3. “Changes”
  4. “FX”
  5. “Supernaut”

Side Two

  1. “Snowblind”
  2. “Cornucopia”
  3. “Laguna Sunrise”
  4. “St. Vitus Dance”
  5. “Under The Sun / Every Day Comes And Goes”

LP 2: Outtakes – New Mixes

Side Three

  1. “Wheels Of Confusion / The Straightener” *
  2. “Changes” *
  3. “Supernaut” *
  4. “Snowblind” *

Side Four

  1. “Laguna Sunrise” *
  2. “Under The Sun” (Instrumental) *

Alternative Takes, False Starts & Studio Dialogue

  1. “Wheels Of Confusion” (False Start with Studio Dialogue) *
  2. “Wheels Of Confusion” (Alternative Take 1) *
  3. “Wheels Of Confusion” (Alternative Take 2) *
  4. “Wheels Of Confusion” (Alternative Take 3) *

LP 3: Alternative Takes, False Starts & Studio Dialogue

Side Five

  1. “Wheels Of Confusion” (Alternative Take 4) *
  2. “The Straightener” (Outtake) *
  3. “Snowblind” (Alternative Take 1 – Incomplete) *
  4. “Supernaut” (Outtake) *

Side Six

  1. “Supernaut” (Alternative Takes with False Starts) *
  2. “Under The Sun” (False Start with Studio Dialogue) *
  3. “Under The Sun” (Alternative Take with Guide Vocal) *

LP 4: Live in the UK 1973

Side Seven

  1. “Tomorrow’s Dream” *
  2. “Sweet Leaf” *
  3. “War Pigs”

Side Eight

  1. “Snowblind” *
  2. “Killing Yourself To Live”
  3. “Cornucopia”

LP 5: Live in the UK 1973

Side Nine

  1. “Wicked World” (Includes Excerpts of:)
  2. Guitar Solo
  3. “Orchid”

iii.                       “Into The Void”

  1. “Sometimes I’m Happy”

Side Ten

  1. “Supernaut” / Drum Solo
  2. “Wicked World” (Reprise)
  3. “Embryo”
  4. “Children Of The Grave”
  5. “Paranoid”

* previously unreleased


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Halici Arif

Paul, I couldn’t agree you with you more about the missed design opportunity on the back of the box. I chuckled audibly as I watched you explain it. Well done!

Neil Woodcock

I ordered the Rhino version on Amazon via the SDE link. It was on Amazon UK and sold in £GBP. No obvious shipping costs or issues. Today I get a text saying it is shipping from Netherlands. So I expect whacking great import charges.
I review the order and look into the supplier and they are Germany based. OK, it is my fault, I should have clicked through and checked on placing the order but I think it is disingenuous of Amazon to place items on Amazon UK, sold in £ and hide the fact it is coming from abroad in amongst the weeds. It should be clear up front in huge letters where it is shipped from and that there may be import charges. I feel like a mug.


I bought the vinyl box. The new remaster sounds good, in the sense of hearing an album I know like the back of my hand, with a facelift. Was the remaster necessary? not really, but it is an incentive to make us spend our money. The Steven Wilson mixes are horrendous. I don’t know what equipment he mixed it on, but on my stereo, the low end has zero definition, it just sounds “low”. The way the bass drums were mixed is a disservice to the wild & maverick double-bass techniques Bill Ward played. It’s obvious Mr. Wilson is clueless to the ambience & vibe 2 kick drums can bring to the dynamics. Bass guitar too, Geezer seems to be just part of the sound of the new mix. We all know Geezer always has significant definition to his bass parts.

Wayne C

I’ve just received mine two weeks late after been sent the Paranoid SDE one by mistake, then this getting lost in the post. Played the remastered album and the Steven Wilson remixes , it’s amazing how people have different opinions sonically, I actually think Mr Wilson has hit this completely out of the ball park. These remixes by him are a revelation to me!, Supernaut and “Wheels of Confusion” on Side Three are absolute peaches – wonderful in every way. The bass sound on “Supernaut”and “Snowblind” are absolutely brilliant for me. To get honest I would have paid this for the side Three of outtakes alone. What a brilliant job he’s done. The actual original album in comparison seems to be a bit wishy washy for me sonically especially in the Bass department. The positives of the Remastered first vinyl for me are Ozzy’s Vocal and Bill Wards drumming but the bass is so far back in the mix. This ones a tremendous Super deluxe and I couldn’t be happier. The alternative versions some of which I prefer to the final released cuts. It would have been great if they had wrote these alternative lyrics down in the booklet.


Does anybody know how many were pressed?

Juan Andrés Núñez Serviá

I wonder if the live takes from UK are the same as Live at Last, released on 1980. Outtakes and alternatives ones are not my cups of tea, so I have the original album and a narrow book left. I prefer The Paranoid Deluxe Edition by far, it seems more interesting. Reggards!!

Wayne C

The live tracks apparently are from the same two shows as Live at Last was recorded at, But three of the songs on this deluxe set are from the alternative of the two performances including Sweet Leaf, so these are the first time those have been released officially. Mine not having arrived yet I can’t comment on quality but I’ve read they are great. Apparently people seem to be raving in appreciation of how much better the Steven Wilson tracks on LPs 2 and 3 but are moaning about the album itself. I guess some folks are never happy!!.

Steve L

This vinyl pressing of the VOL 4 sounds brilliant on this


To me also, I can’t understand all the hate with this release on hoffman forum.
This box set is fantastic , and there is a rumour that Sabotage is next at the end of the year.

70s Guy

I was reading up on this set yesterday. If what the piece said is true, apparently the poster is the original pre-hype poster for the lp when they were still going to call the album ‘Snowblind’. Warners said nope and it was changed to Volume 4.

Carl Jacobs

My sets LP and CD superseluxe editions arrived bang on via Royal Mail from Badlands in Cheltenham.
Wonder if M.O.R and S.B.S and Sabbotage will get similar releases. Would really like the Never Say Die album to get a box set as well as Black Sabbath.
Also I know will say sacreligious but, H.A.H should surely get a box set release. Rhino US are releasing a double LP with basically some of the tracks on the previously released 2 CD.

Would don my Sabbath Doc Martens to listen but they’re safely sealed up for posterity never to be worn and it’s a shame Paul didn’t do this. Make it so Paul with a new super deluxe unboxing to include audio tracks.

Steve L

The outakes are very bare bones and not produced , basically the band running through the songs live in the studio. They are worth a listen and are fascinating to be a fly on the wall whilst the final product was being created, However they may not get to many repeated listens

Christopher Merritt

Mine arrives tonight – I know what I’ll be doing all weekend! If the live tracks are as good as the Paranoid box, I’ll be a happy camper.


It’s got a glowing review in Kerrang


I’d like it but for 4 discs it still seems a bit pricey, even at the £65 version.

Wayne C

Excited about this release such a tremendous Sabbath album. Pre ordered mine as soon as alerted by SDE. Thanks for the video Paul. No sign of mine yet. Interesting why Steven Wilson didn’t remix the original album though that’s puzzling, he does such a great job on all the stuff I’ve got by Yes and Tull thought this would be a given?.


Yes… I was shocked!! They have the master reels and there re Mixing!! Can’t wait to hear it.. to me the first 4 sabbath albums are total doom metal masterpieces (and the start of metal for me at least) they wanted to to remix born again but don’t have the master reals. So to hear volume 4 is getting a remix with studio outtakes, I am sold!!! Than again I have every album multiple versions already… but this is actually new old stuff


I think the box set has gone AWOL I pre ordered and got nothing…

Wayne C

I phoned my independent and as I paid via PP they forgot to send it out for released date!. Really looking forward to getting this, and with others saying the original album sounds fantastic. I’m even more pleased. This was my first album purchase when I was 11, I remember playing it on my old Fidelity record player in the 70s. My mum has never forgiven me!. I can still see her telling me to turn it down all 2.5 watts per channel or whatever it was !.

paul cutts

Looks great in your video Paul but what I need to know is how does it sound.
Are the outtakes and alternate version worth having or are really scrapping’s from the bottom of the barrel.
The original live recordings from 1973 as previously released were very ‘muddy’ sounding so are they now listenable.
I want this set so badly but it needs to be really good for the price’
Thanks, I will probably give in sometime today though.

Paul Mac

Rhino version is only £65.48 on Amazon UK since last night…..