Watch Blondie’s new video for ‘Fun’ + bargain price for 7″ album box

Watch the video for Fun, Blondie‘s first single from their forthcoming album Pollinator.

The album will be released on 5 May 2017 and SDE has found an even cheaper price for the limited edition seven-inch box set version – only £27 on Amazon Germany, which is a £13 saving when compared to the Official Blondie Store.


  • 1. Doom or Destiny
  • 2. Long Time
  • 3. Already Naked
  • 4. Fun
  • 5. My Monster
  • 6. Best Day Ever
  • 7. Gravity
  • 8. When I Gave Up On You
  • 9. Love Level
  • 10. Too Much
  • 11. Fragments


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[…] array of formats, including a clear vinyl seven-inch box set. Like Blondie‘s forthcoming Pollinator, the 13-track album is available spread over a number of seven-inch singles (five, actually) and […]


I had a chuckle when I saw the bass player was having a nice sit down all the way through the video. Probably has a roadie get him back into the standing position after any gigs!

Barry shaw

A blondie fan since i was 11yrs old.fun sounds great and takes you back a little bit to the heart of glass days and debbies solo period.


The more I hear it – the better it sounds.
Is it wrong to fancy a 71 year old?


I really like this single and the video is great as well.
Actually that does look like Bobby Gillespie in that pic lol.


Looking at the fella second from the left makes me wonder when Bobby Gillespie joined the band!


It’s not a bad track actually – quite funky – sort of wouldn’t sound out of place during that Rapture / Disco period – or her solo stuff with Rodgers, Benitez and Moroder (The Jam Was Moving, Feel the Spin, Rush Rush). But what have they done to her voice!? That’s serious amounts of auto(American) tuning there.