Gene / ‘The Albums’ unboxed

Unboxing video of the new vinyl and CD box sets

Out today is Gene‘s The Albums box sets. Watch SDE lift the lid on both the nine-CD edition (which features a large amount of bonus material) and the 8LP coloured vinyl set, which is available in limited quantities with a signed print.

Gene: The Albums is out now.

Gene / The Albums 8LP vinyl box set

Gene: The Albums 8LP coloured vinyl box with signed print


Side A

1.Haunted By You
2.Your Love, It Lies
3.Truth, Rest Your Head
4.A Car That Sped

Side B

1.London Can You Wait?
2.To The City
3.Still Can’t Find The Phone
4.Sleep Well Tonight
6.We’ll Find Our Own Way

To See The Lights

Side A

1.Be My Light, Be My Guide
2.Sick, Sober & Sorry
3.Her Fifteen Years
4.Haunted By You (Live -Helter Shelter 6/7/95)
5.I Can’t Decide If She Really Loves Me

Side B

1.To See The Lights
2.I Can’t Help Myself
3.A Car That Sped (Radio 1 Session 1/2/95)
4.For The Dead (Version)
5.Sleep Well Tonight (Live -Forum 31/3/95)

Side C

1.How Much For Love
2.London, Can You Wait? (Radio 1 Session 18/5/94)
3.I Can’t Help Myself (Radio 1 Session 18/5/94)
4.Child’s Body
5.Don’t Let Me Down (Radio 1 Session 1/2/95)

Side D

1.I Say A Little Prayer (Live -Glastonbury 25/6/95)
2.Do You Want To Hear It From Me
3.This Is Not My Crim
4.Olympian (Live -Forum 31/3/95)
5.Child’s Body (Live -Forum 31/3/95)

Drawn to the Deep End

Side A

1.New Amusements
2.Fighting Fit
3.Where Are They Now?

Side B

1.Speak To Me Someone
2.We Could Be Kings
3.Why I Was Born

Side C

1.Long Sleeves For The Summer
2.Save Me I’m Yours
3.Voice Of The Father

Side D

1.The Accidental
2.I Love You, What Are You?
3.Sub Rosa


Side A

1.As Good As It Gets
2.In Love With Love
3.Love Won’t Work
4.The British Disease
5.Fill Her Up
6.Something In The Water

Side B

2.The Looker
3.Little Child
5.The Police Will Never Find You
6.You’ll Never Walk Again


Side A

1.Does He Have A Name
2.A Simple Request
3.Is It Over?

Side B

1.O Lover
2.Let Me Rest

Side C

1.We’ll Get What We Deserve
2.Walking In The Shallows
3.Yours For The Taking

Side D

2.Spy In The Clubs
3.Somewhere In the World

Gene: The Albums 9CD box set

CD 1: Olympian

1.Haunted By You
2.Your Love, It Lies
3.Truth, Rest Your Head
4.A Car That Sped
6.London Can You Wait?
7.To The City
8.Still Can’t Find The Phone
9.Sleep Well Tonight
11.We’ll Find Our Own Way

CD 2: To See The Lights

1.Be My Light, Be My Guide
2.Sick, Sober & Sorry
3.Her Fifteen Years
4.Haunted By You (Live Helter Skelter6/7/95)
5.I Can’t Decide If She Really Loves Me
6.To See The Lights
7.I Can’t Help Myself
8.A Car That Sped (Radio 1 Session 1/2/95)
9.For The Dead (US Version / Remix)
10.Sleep Well Tonight (Live Forum 31/3/95)
11.How Much For Love
12.London Can You Wait? (Radio 1 Session 18/5/94)
13.I Can’t Help Myself (Radio 1 Session 18/5/94)
14.Child’s Body
15.Don’t Let Me Down ( Radio 1 Session 01/02/95)
16.I Say A Little Prayer (Live Glastonbury 25/6/95)
17.Do You Want To Hear It From Me
18.This Is Not My Crime
19.Olympian (Live Forum 31/3/95)
20.Child’s Body (Live Forum 31/3/95)
21.For The Dead (Hidden track, as per original release)

CD3: Drawn To The Deep End

1.New Amusements
2.Fighting Fit
3.Where Are They Now?
4.Speak To Me Someone
5.We Could Be Kings
6.Why I Was Born
7.Long Sleeves For The Summer
8.Save Me I’m Yours
9.Voice Of The Father
10.The Accidental
11.I Love You, What Are You?
12.Sub Rosa

CD 4: Drawn To The Deep End – Bonus Tracks

1.Drawn To The Deep End
2.Autumn Stone (Small Faces cover)
3.Cast Out In The Seventies
4. Nightswimming (REM cover)
5. We Could Be Kings
6.Dolce & Gabbana Or Nowt
7.Wasteland (The Jam cover)
8.As The Bruises Fade
9.The Ship Song (Nick Cave & The Bad

CD 5: Revelations

1.As Good As It Gets
2.In Love With Love
3.Love Won’t Work
4.The British Disease
5.Fill Her Up
6.Something In The Water
9.The Looker
10.Little Child
12.The Police Will Never Find You
13.You’ll Never Walk Again

CD 6: Revelations -Single Edits & B Sides

1.Toasting The Union
2.Man On Earth
3.All Night
4.To All Who Sail On Her
5.Pass on To Me
6.Touched By The Hand Of Havoc
7.Common As Air
9.Town Called Malice

CD 7: Libertine

1. Does He Have A Name
2. A Simple Request
3. Is It Over?
4. O Lover
5. Let Me Rest
6. We’ll Get What We Deserve
7. Walking In The Shallows
8. Yours For The Taking
9. You
10. Spy In The Clubs
11. Somewhere In the World

CD 8: Libertine Bonus Tracks

1.Let Me Move On (Long Version)
2.If I’m A Friend
3.Left For Dust
4.Supermarket Bombscare
5.Little Diamond
6.Rising for Sunset (Unreleased Studio Version)
7.Who Said This Was The End?
8.From Georgia to Osaka
9.With Love In Mind
10.Welcome to Dover
11.Baby I’m Sorry (Unreleased Studio Track)
12.Man Seeks Life (Unreleased Demo)
13.6 am (Unreleased Demo)
14.Skin Parade (Unreleased Demo)
15.You (Chapel Studio Version)
16.Does He Have A Name (Demo)
17.Simple Request (Demo)
18.Is it Over (Demo)
19.Spy in the Clubs (Demo)
20.Walking In The Shallows (Demo)
21.Let Me Move On (Demo)
22.O Lover (Demo)

CD 9: Rising For Sunset

1.Does He Have A Name? -Excerpt
2.Fill Her Up
3.The British Disease
4.Where Are They Now?
5.London, Can You Wait?
7.As Good As It Gets
8.Your Love, It Lies
9.Rising For Sunset
10.For The Dead
11.Be My Light, Be My Guide
12.Speak To Me Someone
14.You’ll Never Walk Again
15.Somewhere In The World


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[…] album wasn’t included as part of the this year’s The Albums vinyl box but was issued on limited edition yellow vinyl for Record Store […]


really nice video Paul, not a Gene fan, but loved seeing what those that bought it were getting. Seems a good deal for either the CD or LP buyers.

Richard S

For some reason I thought the CD box would be large format too, a bit like the Simple Minds Rejuvenation one. Looks a bit less exciting now I’ve seen the un-boxing. Hey ho, I guess it’s the music that’s the important thing right!

Ian Ellis

What a lovely set. Thank you Paul for delivering another enjoyable unboxing. Thanks also to the person who on the thread that announced this box set pointed out that the two disc Edsel versions of each album were still available. They contain quite a lot of live material. I picked them up quite cheaply a couple of months ago and I see they are still available. They each contain a wealth of material together with a very decent embedded booklet with photos, promo material and a interview with the band (except Martin) discussing the album in question. I am massively pleased to have picked them up. I think that all their albums have plenty of merit and lots of enjoyable material. Anyone who has not heard them should definitely treat themselves if they are remotely interested. I saw that Martin had planned to do a farewell concert earlier this year and revisit the Gene catalogue. The other three were not to be included and that is really saddening that it could all come to such an end. I’ll descend into cliche now and say that at least their legacy lives on in these brilliant albums.

Graham Turner

Would you happen to have found a link for the ‘Olympian’ Edsel 2CD? I’ve been looking for this myself a couple of months now (probably spurred on by the same comment in the earlier thread you mention) but despite listings on Amazon, HMV have failed to get hold of a copy.

Ian Ellis

Graham Turner… I got my copy off amazon UK but it’s sold out now. Can’t spot any copies on other amazons or ebay I’m afraid.

Graham Turner

Thanks Ian. They seem to have disappeared from all online stores – maybe a recall ahead of the box set? – although I can’t find any copies of the reissue (at least any at a reasonable price) on eBay either.

The hunt continues…

Ian Gair

Thanks for posting the video Paul as I now what the RSD rising for the sunset LP will look like. I still have fond memories of seeing them in a live in store performance at Sheffield HMV surrouned by vinyl & CD’s :)
I have ordered the vinyl box set as I never managed to afford the LP’s back in the day, but did purchase the 7″ singles. Not too impressed with the CD box set, think the 2CD digibook editions Demon released are better value & quality. Also its interesting to note Olympian is pressed on white vinyl, whilst the 2015 re-issue was on blue vinyl, perhaps the lack of demand / sales made the LP box set the way it is.

Larry Davis

Just got a text from DHL saying it will be here on the 25th…I recall just originally having the US CD of “Olympian” and really liked it but lost track of the band as I don’t think anything else in the set had a US release…so buying this set was both a big catch-up and flying blind as I’m not familiar with the rest and haven’t heard Olympian in 25 years…will get the Mansun set too but closer to December cuz it’s an expensive autumn…and will get from you Paul cuz it’s $80US less than Amazon AND the bonus CD single…nice Gene unboxed tho Paul…as usual…


Thanks for letting us see this, Paul, since I just got the email from Amazon US that there is an unspecified delay on ship date. Not sure if the stock has been halted en route to the US due to the Trump attack on the Post Office here. These are strange days…

Jorje Chica

Now Amazon US says delivery is expected between September 15 and October 17. I bet the supply designated for the US is sitting in a shipping warehouse at Heathrow.

Jorje Chica

Okay, so I was too quick to despair. Amazon US says my copy has shipped and will be delivered September 1. Plus the price went down $43, which I benefit from because I preordered the box.


I was a huge Gene fan back in the day, and saw the band play live around 25 times. I’ve bought the vinyl box set but I have a couple of reservations.

Although it’s not advertised as ‘the complete works’, it’s a bit of a missed opportunity. It’s truly very disappointing that the b-sides and non-album tracks from the Drawn To The Deep End era onwards weren’t rounded up into a new compilation album. There were some fantastic songs – Who Said This Was The End, Drawn To The Deep End and To All Who Sail On Her… and more… All of which have ‘kind of’ gone missing. There was scope for a To See The Lights part two here.

And secondly, the design of this box is absolutely terrible. Nothing to do with the Gene aesthetic whatsoever. Look at the classy style of the first couple of albums and associated singles. They should have gone down that route instead of this very clumsy, cheap and nasty look.

Still, the music is wonderful.

Gary Fowles

Nice video Paul, I actually really enjoy your unboxing videos even when they’re for something I have absolutely zero interest in buying. Have to say that the vinyl set looks fairly average when compared to the CD set.

Jorje Chica

Nice video, thanks for posting it Paul. Still no word from Amazon US when my vinyl box will ship. And I’m still annoyed the Rising For Sunset is part of the CD box, but only a UK RSD vinyl release and not part of the vinyl box or more widely available. The three Rising For Sunset shows at the Troubadour happened to fall in June 2000, one month after I graduated from law school in Los Angeles and roughly one month into my studies for the examination that July to be admitted to the bar. I recklessly attended all three shows, but somehow still managed to pass the exam on the first try.


I already own the double CD reissues of Olympian and To See The Lights so I think I will wait and see if it drops in price before I consider this. £30ish and i’m in though as it looks great.

Fantastic unboxing video as always Paul. It would be great if you can do a Mansun one when it gets released. Keep up the great work

O(+> Peter B

Mrs B and I have the original CDs and lots of the b-sides so will be passing, but I am surprised that Rising For Sunset isn’t on the vinyl set as it’s a really good live album, a bit of a missed opportunity. Great band.

Chris Thomas

Thanks for posting the video Paul. I have the vinyl set on order, but after seeing all of the extra content on the CD set I’m getting a slight twinge of buyers remorse!

BTW the booklet included with Olympian reissue in the boxset was also included in the original vinyl release, looks a very accurate reproduction.