Impressionist Jon Culshaw unboxes Doctor Who 7LP vinyl box set

In an entertaining unboxing video impressionist and comedian Jon Culshaw (and ‘friend’ behind him) gets to grips with the new Doctor Who vinyl box set, The Dalek’s Master Plan.

Culshaw gives a wonderful description of playing a record: “As the vinyl spins around and the stylus moves across… that’s like a mini-performance in itself, isn’t it? The wonderful sense of hardware and tangibility. You can’t download that!” Check out the video below.

The Dalek’s Master Plan is a 12-part adventure that was first shown on BBC TV between October 1965 and January 1966, where The Doctor’s arch-enemy, The Daleks, threaten to destroy the fabric of time itself (naturally).

This box set is available as standard translucent blue vinyl, or as a special exclusive edition with the seven 180g vinyl records pressed on orange ‘splatter’ vinyl. It’s out now.

LP 1
1. Prequel Mission to the Unknown

LP 2
1. Episode 1 – The Nightmare Begins 2. Episode 2 – Day of Armageddo

LP 3
1. Episode 3 – Devil’s Planet 2. Episode 4 – The Traitors

LP 4
1. Episode 5 – Counter Plot 2. Episode 6 – Coronas of the Sun

LP 5
1. Episode 7 – The Feast of Steven 2. Episode 8 – Volcano

LP  6
1. Episode 9 – Golden Death 2. Episode 10 – Escape Switch

LP  7
1. Episode 11 – The Abandoned Planet 2. Episode 12 – Destruction of Time


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What’s the Location with all the people running around?


So very tempted to buy this but tragically I have no more storage space for box sets of this or any other shape or size. I do wonder though is this beauty a taster for the next missing story to be put back together by the DWRT on DVD? Do hope so. I do have room for that!

Paul Taylor

Big fan of Jon Culshaw, really enjoyed watching that!
As Mike says his enthusiasm for vinyl shone out!


Already some detritus on the blue LP! Oh, the joys of vinyl.

Mike the Fish

It’s nice to see Jon really enjoying handling the vinyl.