John Lennon / Gimme Some Truth CD and vinyl sets unboxed

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The newly released Gimme Some Truth set features the best of John Lennon, newly remixed in both stereo and surround sound. SDEtv looks at the 2CD+blu-ray deluxe and the 4LP vinyl box, which both contain 36 tracks of audio. Watch the video…

Gimme Some Truth is out now. Read the full review on SDE.

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John Lennon

Gimme Some Truth - 2CD+blu-ray deluxe edition


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John Lennon

Gimme Some Truth - 4LP vinyl box


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John Lennon

Gimme Some Truth - 2CD set


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John Lennon

Gimme Some Truth - 2LP vinyl


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John Lennon

Gimme Some Truth - single CD edition


John Lennon / Gimme Some Truth 2CD+Blu-ray
Gimme Some Truth 2CD set + Blu-ray deluxe

CD 1

1 Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) (Ultimate Mix)
2 Cold Turkey (Ultimate Mix)
3 Working Class Hero (Ultimate Mix)
4 Isolation (Ultimate Mix)
5 Love (Ultimate Mix)
6 God (Ultimate Mix)
7 Power To The People (Ultimate Mix)
8 Imagine (Ultimate Mix)
9 Jealous Guy (Ultimate Mix)
10 Gimme Some Truth (Ultimate Mix)
11 Oh My Love (Ultimate Mix)
12 How Do You Sleep? (Ultimate Mix)
13 Oh Yoko! (Ultimate Mix)
14 Angela (Ultimate Mix)
15 Come Together (live) (Ultimate Mix)
16 Mind Games (Ultimate Mix)
17 Out The Blue (Ultimate Mix)
18 I Know (I Know) (Ultimate Mix)

CD 2

1 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Ultimate Mix)
2 Bless You (Ultimate Mix)
3 #9 Dream (Ultimate Mix)
4 Steel And Glass (Ultimate Mix)
5 Stand By Me (Ultimate Mix)
6 Angel Baby (Ultimate Mix)
7 (Just Like) Starting Over (Ultimate Mix)
8 I’m Losing You (Ultimate Mix)
9 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (Ultimate Mix)
10 Watching the Wheels (Ultimate Mix)
11 Woman (Ultimate Mix)
12 Dear Yoko (Ultimate Mix)
13 Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him (Ultimate Mix)
14 Nobody Told Me (Ultimate Mix)
15 I’m Stepping Out (Ultimate Mix)
16 Grow Old With Me (Ultimate Mix)
17 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (Ultimate Mix)
18 Give Peace A Chance (Ultimate Mix)

All tracks 96/24 hi-res stereo / 5.1 surround / Dolby Atmos

1. Instant Karma!
2. Cold Turkey
3. Working Class Hero
4. Isolation
5. Love
6. God
7. Power To The People
8. Imagine
9. Jealous Guy
10. Gimme Some Truth
11. How Do You Sleep?
12. Oh My Love
13. Oh Yoko!
14. Come Together (Live)
15. Angela
16. Mind Games
17. Out The Blue
18. I Know (I Know)
19. Whatever Gets You Through The Night
20. Bless You
21. #9 Dream
22. Stand By Me
23. Steel and Glass
24. Angel Baby
25. (Just Like) Starting Over
26. I’m Losing You
27. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
28. Watching The Wheels
29. Woman
30. Dear Yoko
31. Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him
32. Nobody Told Me
33. I’m Steppin’ Out
34. Grow Old With Me
35. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
36. Give Peace A Chance


Gimme Some Truth 4LP edition

Same track listing as 2CD set

Gimme Some Truth
2LP vinyl

Side A
1 Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) (Ultimate Mix)
2 Cold Turkey (Ultimate Mix)
3 Isolation (Ultimate Mix)
4 Power To The People (Ultimate Mix)

Side B
1 Imagine (Ultimate Mix)
2 Jealous Guy (Ultimate Mix)
3 Gimme Some Truth (Ultimate Mix)
4 Come Together (live) (Ultimate Mix)
5 #9 Dream (Ultimate Mix)

Side C
1 Mind Games (Ultimate Mix)
2 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Ultimate Mix)
3 Stand By Me (Ultimate Mix)
4 (Just Like) Starting Over (Ultimate Mix)
5 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (Ultimate Mix)

Side D
1 Watching the Wheels (Ultimate Mix)
2 Woman (Ultimate Mix)
3 Grow Old With Me (Ultimate Mix)
4 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (Ultimate Mix)
5 Give Peace A Chance (Ultimate Mix)

Gimme Some Truth single CD

1. Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)
2. Cold Turkey
3. Isolation
4. Power To The People
5. Imagine
6. Jealous Guy
7. Gimme Some Truth
8. Come Together (Live)
9. #9 Dream
10. Mind Games
11. Whatever Gets You Through The Night
12. Stand By Me
13. (Just Like) Starting Over
14. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
15. Watching The Wheels
16. Woman
17. Grow Old With Me
18. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
19. Give Peace A Chance


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[…] with the Imagine reissue of 2018 and last year’s Gimme Some Truth ‘best of’, the audio for this reissue of Plastic Ono Band has been completely remixed […]

[…] Great price for the brilliant Lennon set. Read the SDE review and/or watch the unboxing video. […]

Joe Donato

I did not buy the Imagine Ultimate Mixed blu-Ray box set, I just settled for the 2 CD version in 2018 and was happy with that. And when they come out with a Plastic Ono Band set in the near future, I will most likely go with a 2 CD set, if they offer it. However as a nice overview and from what I have seen in the video with the detailed book, I think I will splurge on the Gimme Some Truth 2 CD/ Blu-Ray. Thank for the unboxing videos Paul. You understand what is fans want in these biz sets. Cheers!


Well I’ve listened to this and checked the levels, the first disc has clipped levels, but the 2nd disc doesn’t ?

It is bass heavy (John goes disco?).

Bad mastering, the Signature box set is far better quality, John would n’t be impressed with this new release.

Jonathan Riley

I’m still wrapping my head around over how many John Lennon reissues do they actually need to keep making with a majority of the same tracks
First it was the album box, then the 4 disc gimmie some truth, power to the people best of, then the imagine super deluxe now the super deluxe best of album
Idk about most but I’m happy with the signature Lennon album box from a while back


Another really enjoyable and informative unboxing, thanks Paul.
Do the picture sides of the inner sleeves of the LP set join together like a jigsaw puzzle to form one big picture of the band in the studio?


Have you read all the little prints?.. Look page 123, section “listen to the deluxe boxsets”..
And you will find a “John Lennon / Plastic Onno Band 6CD, 2Blu-rays (2020)” boxset..
One can only guess it was scheduled for release earlier this year but did not show up because of Covid, but at least you have the confirmation of its existence.
Now Paul, do you think you can get the new release date for this?

Larry Davis

Was at the Brooklyn Rough Trade yesterday, to pick up my Suede 4CD set, and saw the Lennon set, and it did jump out at me…the mixture of gold & black & white with that arrow & cool font…and like you, the size and presentation is just like the Bobbie Gentry & Richard and Linda Thompson…also saw the Lou Reed and Replacements sets…so now I know which 3 boxsets I want for holiday gifts, after Kiki Dee, Bob Mould, John Prine, Menswear, Bob Marley & that Wham Japanese Singles… would be great to be able to trade my extra copy of the Prince SOTT for the Supergrass but I haven’t found any takers yet…


I’ve got the single CD which is the same price as a pint, that’s value!


More of a McCartney and George fan myself but got to be honest Lennon’s reissue campaigns are better than both (yes I know there’s less material). More imaginative packaging and more reasonably priced than McCartney’s which seem a bit of a rip off compared to these.
Do you know if the book is going to be available separately cos I’ve seen an excerpt elsewhere and it is very well done?

Gary Ashton

Paul,I was unsure about purchasing this set but decided to buy the deluxe version.
Am amazing job has been done by all concerned with the music, The clarity achieved on John’s vocals is very good but I have to say that although this set isn’t cheap ,the book makes it well worth the cost. I am still making my way through it all but the detail and commentary of every single track and the information about every musician involved will keep everyone reading it for several weeks ahead.
Now looking forward very much to the release of POB .


Yeah it looks wonderful (except for that flippin arrow), and no doubt the book is gorgeous. But I’ll save my money and concentrate on the dedicated album deluxe specials you’ve hinted at. I’ve heard some people gripe over the new mixes but I tend to find you can’t please everyone and tbh my ears are not refined to tell much from one to the next


Is there any overlap in the text in the book with the Imagine box? The Imagine box has a similar song by song breakdown with interviews and text. So for the Imagine songs that are on this new box, have they just copied and pasted the information into the new box?

Gary Hunter

Looks a really cool set, a well thought out product, I’ve got the “Imagine” book, which is fascinating, the book in this set looks equally as good.


It’s a beautiful package, of course, but what I love about “Gimme Some Truth” is the cover: high-impact, simple, unusual, true to the artist’s ethos and image, and executed with real creative flair.

The art of the record sleeve isn’t dead just yet.

John Archbell

Totally agree!

I’ve been pondering this release for the last month. Should I? Shouldn’t I? It’s been in (and out) of my basket more times than my weekly grocery shop.

But after watching it sell out numerous amount of times on Amazon I have succumbed and really pleased I’ve gone for it. I think the book and 5.1 sold it for me. After all, I appreciate value for money!

sergio falcone

I’m glad new records are out, but not everyone can afford them. First they imposed on us the cd, which I prefer, now the vinyl. More and more expensive box sets are published. I don’t have the money to follow all the news and this makes me sad. The policy of the record companies should be reviewed and corrected. It is useless to continuously scrape the bottom of the barrel. The original records, the ones that came out at the time, are better than all the box sets in this world. Many of them will never be reprinted again. Music and culture belong to everyone and not just the rich.

Thank you.

All the best,
sergio falcone


In times of music streaming nobody earns any money with regular cd´s. They have to be creative and shift to new forms if they want continuing publishing physical content.
The pure music (like regular CDs) is still available at affordable prices.

[…] Gimme Some Truth is out now. Watch the SDEtv unboxing video. […]