Kate Bush / watch the new video for the live version of ‘And Dream Of Sheep’


Kate Bush has issued a video to go with her new ‘single’ And Dream Of Sheep

The promo film is in fact is the pre-recorded footage of Kate (singing live) shown at the Before The Dawn performance at the start of the middle section of the show (The Ninth Wave).

It seems as if this is all that fans who didn’t attend back in August, September and October of 2014 will get to see, since Kate has confirmed to a few sources that she has no plans to release a DVD of Before The Dawn.

You can still buy the audio though and Before The Dawn is issued on 3CD and 4LP vinyl at the end of this week.

Compare prices and pre-order

Kate Bush

Before The Dawn 3CD Edition


Compare prices and pre-order

Kate Bush

Before The Dawn 4LP vinyl Edition




Before The Dawn 

CD 1 – Act One:
01 – Lily  (04:48)
02 – Hounds Of Love  (03:33)
03 – Joanni  (06:07)
04 – Top Of The City  (05:24)
05 – Never Be Mine  (05:55)
06 – Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)  (05:40)
07 – King Of The Mountain  (08:05)

CD 2 – Act Two:
01 – Astronomer’s Call  (02:44)
02 – And Dream Of Sheep  (03:37)
03 – Under Ice (03:04)
04 – Waking The Witch  (06:38)
05 – Watching Them Without Her (01:57)
06 – Watching You Without Me  (04:23)
07 – Little Light  (02:08)
08 – Jig Of Life  (04:11)
09 – Hello Earth  (07:55)
10 – The Morning Fog  (05:23)

CD 3 – Act Three:
01 – Prelude  (01:55)
02 – Prologue  (10:10)
03 – An Architect’s Dream  (05:22)
04 – The Painter’s Link  (01:39)
05 – Sunset  (08:00)
06 – Aerial Tal  (01:30)
07 – Somewhere In Between (06:59)
08 – Tawny Moon  (06:08)
09 – Nocturn  (08:51)
10 – Aerial  (09:43)
11 – Among Angels  (05:48)
12 – Cloudbusting  (07:16)


Before The Dawn 4LP vinyl

Side 1
1. Act One – Lily (Live)
2. Act One – Hounds Of Love (Live)
3. Act One – Joanni (Live)
4. Act One – Top Of The City (Live)

Side 2
1. Act One – Never Be Mine (Live)
2. Act One – Running Up That Hill (Live)
3. Act One – King Of The Mountain (Live)

Side 3
1. Act Two – Astronomer’s Call (Live)
2. Act Two – And Dream Of Sheep (Live)
3. Act Two – Under Ice (Live)
4. Act Two – Waking The Witch (Live)
5. Act Two – Watching Them Without Her (Live)
6. Act Two – Watching You Without Me (Live)

Side 4
1. Act Two – Little Light (Live)
2. Act Two – Jig Of Life (Live)
3. Act Two – Hello Earth (Live)
4. Act Two – The Morning Fog (Live)

Side 5
1. Act Three – Prelude (Live)
2. Act Three – Prologue (Live)
3. Act Three – An Architect’s Dream (Live)
4. Act Three – The Painter’s Link (Live)

Side 6
1. Act Three – Sunset (Live)
2. Act Three – Aerial Tal (Live)
3. Act Three – Somewhere In Between (Live)
4. Act Three – Tawny Moon (Live)

Side 7
1. Act Three – Nocturn (Live)
2. Act Three – Aerial (Live)

Side 8
1. Act Three – Among Angels (Live)
2. Act Three – Cloudbusting (Live)


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She has certainly went down in my estimation with her stupid comments in the media today.

Ron I

@ David M

Oh man I can’t wait for the day when phones are blocked in venues during shows. I want to experience a live performance to its fullest, not stand like an idiot gawking at a stupid phone. It’s like some kind of fear of “not being there” unless you make a crappy, shaky, garbled video of it (in portrait mode, no less).

Kate Angry No DVD

All this crap about no one video taping the shows because she said she would …… because the millions who couldn’t even go to the shows. I already have 30 audio boots of this damn show… Now all we get to hear the multi track version… Well all we wanted was to see the damn thing and now she won’t because she probably self conscious about her weight. Re think it over Kate !!!!!!!!
This is disappointing . We know what it sounds like.

David M

The no taping rule was because Kate wanted people to be in the moment and fully immerse themselves in the concert rather than watching it on a small screen. A very wise approach.

Dr Volume

KB explains why she isn’t keen on the DVD idea at some length in the 6 Music Interview. To be honest it makes sense the way she explains it, it was a theatre show and perhaps the film doesn’t do it justice and clearly she wants the live LP to be the lasting document of this particular project…fair enough. I wasn’t there, so I’ll listen to the CD and use my imagination.

Fulvio Chisin

Fair? No, not at all for the millions who – like me – couldn’t witness these shows. I’ll never give up the hope to see Before The Dawn on DVD or BluRay or whatever. Ditto for an official visual release of the 1979 shows. Kate, our love for you deserves to be returned.

David M

You deserve nothing. If she doesn’t want to release it, then that’s it

Ron I

Easily one of my all-time absolute favourites (up there with Talk Talk’s Colour of Spring). Heard it so many times and never tire of it.

I’m so struck by how her voice sounds in this live version of ‘And Dream of Sheep’ that I’ve had to listen a few times to forget what’s long ingrained in my head. I love it!

Just ordered the Vinyl set. Any word, anyone, on a hi-res digital release?


Quote: “since Kate has confirmed to a few sources that she has no plans to release a DVD of Before The Dawn.”

If she keeps getting asked, maybe she’ll have time to do it between (singing about) loads of laundry. :/


The only thing more beautiful than the song is watching her perform it. 10/10 video performance on top of a 10/10 song.

James bw

TBH I think not releasing something that would be so loved is bloody selfish . We went and I found the whole show very moving , to relive it fully in HD video would be fabulous. It took an age for Led Zep to release the O2 gig and often these things do emerge eventually .


I love the new vocal. A bit lower in registry than on HOL but still beautiful. She still can captivate and command attention. Even just floating in a pool. She is truly amazing.
Lets hope she changes her mind or someone leaks a full video of the one of the shows.
Happy Holidays to all!

Inge Bratset

Great video. Reminds me how brilliant the concert was, and how lucky the ones of us that got tickets were.


Ok I’ll bite – what is false about her arms? Her fingers move at 1:26, so are you saying they’re robotic? Is Kate Bush a robot now?

David M

In some parts of the video you can see 2 right arms. The real one at her side, the false one stretched out. It is quite obvious.

Rob Puricelli

Can you provide a timestamp or annotated screen shot? I see no more than Kate’s own arms…


Arm-y Dreamers. :)

I have watched the video and I honestly don’t know what to think – they do look a bit too long, but maybe that’s just the contrast of the puffy life-jacket.

My theory? I imagine sitting in that water would be f’king freezing – and as she is a perfectionist I can’t imagine she’d do one take and leave it at that, so she could have been there for hours. Surely that would have some effect on how her arms look/move/feel.

David M

Ok, I may be mistaken about that. However I still believe they are fake. They bounce around and don’t move like real ones. Look at the “hands” at 2.12

David M

Shame about the obvious false arms (which I noticed at the show)

Inge Bratset

To me they seem to be real, but it looks like she’s wearing some kind of gloves.

Justin Isbell

Damn… now I’ve seen them I can’t stop seeing them. They are definitely fake arms (or at least fake hands). Why would they do that, what an odd thing to do, what’s wrong with Kate’s hands… ?

Rob Puricelli

Well, I’ve just watched this three times on two different ultra high definition screens (27″ and 55″), ran it through at normal and half speed and I can’t, for the life of me, see anymore than Kate’s own two outstretched arms, with fingers twitching.

I also saw this on the screen, at the Hammersmith Odeon, on opening night, and never spied any more than the requisite number of upper limbs.

If anyone can provide timestamps or annotated screen shots, I’d be very interested to see them :-)


Yes, in the 6 Music interview, Kate gave the flimsiest of reasons for not releasing a DVD, telling us that as a kid she bought the 17-11-70 live album by Elton John (presumably on its March 1971 release) and played it to death as she loved it so much. Yes, Kate, but there was no such thing as home video then! If that’s a reason, why did she release a 1979 show on VHS in 1981?

Then she said how modern live DVDs have a CD tucked away at the back as an afterthought and she didn’t agree with this, presumably forgetting that the same 1979 show’s re-release on VHS in 1994 had a CD tucked away inside…

There is some hope – she did say something like “I’m not saying we won’t ever release it, but there are no plans”.


That is an amazing track.