Listen to Steven Wilson’s The Tastemaker

As promised Alan Lastufka – who spent £10k on Steven Wilson‘s limited-edition-of-one Ultra Deluxe version of The Future Bites – has shared the track exclusive to that box, called ‘The Tastemaker’.

In fact, Alan has gone much further than that, he’s produced a video for the song, very much in keeping with the whole TFB concept. Listen to ‘The Tastemaker’ and watch the video, below…

‘The Tastemaker’ is of course an outtake from The Future Bites sessions. What do you think of the song and Alan’s video? Leave a comment.

The Future Bites is out now. Watch the SDEtv unboxing video.

Steven Wilson official store The Future Bites:

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Steven Wilson

The Future Bites - vinyl LP


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Steven Wilson

The Future Bites - blu-ray


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Steven Wilson

The Future Bites - CD edition


The Future Bites Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set

CD 1 – The Future Bites

  1. Unself
  2. Self
  3. King Ghost
  4. 12 Things I Forgot
  5. Eminent Sleaze
  6. Personal Shopper
  7. Man of the People
  8. Follower
  9. Count of Unease

CD 2 – The Future Bites – Instrumentals

CD 3 The Future Bites – Bonus Content

  1. Personal Shopper (Extended Remix)
  2. Unself (Long Version)
  3. Ha Bloody Ha
  4. Move Like A Fever
  5. King Ghost (Extended Remix)
  6. I Am Cliché
  7. Wave The White Flag
  8. Eminent Sleaze (Extended Remix)
  9. In Pieces
  10. Every Kingdom Falls

Disc 4: The Future Bites Blu-ray

Features the album in

  • 96/24 Stereo LPCM
  • DTS-Master Audio 5.1
  • 96/24 5.1 LPCM
  • Dolby Atmos

Instrumentals (in stereo)


King Ghost
Eminent Sleaze
Personal Shopper


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guido litjens

Great video just dont like the music at all

Sorry gonna skip this Steven Wilson offering

Ron Monteleone

Brilliant song, a brilliant album. The video for SELF is beyond words, just says it all about the times we live in!

Gary Shaw

That is absolutely brilliant Alan. I’m so glad that the box set went to you. EXACTLY the right person to own it.
I’m really enjoying the new album. I bought the (standard) deluxe edition box set. Disc 3 is really good. I love the extended remix of Personal Shopper, but that’s my favourite track on the album anyway.
I’ll be interested to find out Steven Wilson’s opinion of the video, but I should imagine that he’ll be impressed.


We owe Steven Wilson gratitude and respect. He has served so many of our favorite artists so well. And he seems a sincere and genuine artist and fan himself. I’d buy him a beer. Just wish I could appreciate his music more. I’ve really tried. Bought a number of his CDs, but only one Porcupine Tree really clicked. My usual reaction is, where have I heard this before? The Tastemaker is pleasant, but so familiar. That said, kudos to Mr. Lastufka for posting the song and making the truly professional video. I’d buy him a beer, too. The set couldn’t have gone to a better home.


Thank you for sharing, Alan Lastufka.

And thank you, Steven Wilson, for actually making this uber limited-edition of one copy — potentially to be never heard by anyone other than *one single consumer* – a pretty decent song.

Arthur O'Brien

Nice of him to do this for the fans of this artist. He definitely did not have to do so.

I would love to see an artist I’d actually heard of before reading this blog do something similar. Now THAT might get me excited.


I am grateful he shared the song but I must say it’s terrible. I know I’m swimming in shark infested water by saying that but after four listens it’s just awful and no surprise it was relegated to a single 7” record. The album and other b-sides are fantastic tho.


The box sat on the desk next to the computer. It had arrived earlier in the day and business had interrupted her opening it earlier. She didn’t who had sent it and briefly wondered who it might have been. As she began to unwrap it, she had no idea that opening it would completely change her life. Hence…

Paul Kingston

Thanks for that Alan. As has been the case with the last few of Steven Wilson’s albums, by my reckoning at least, the demos and outtakes have included a few tracks that were a much better listen than some of the tracks that made it to the album, and The Tastemaker falls in to that category. I don’t often watch videos, as they don’t often relate well to how I interpret what I listen to, but that was a very well-made and apt bit of video too. Good work, fella!

Darren Parr

Dude thanks so much for sharing this!! Much appreciated and what a great video!!! :)


I’ve been loving the whole The Future Bites concept and music. I confess I hadn’t even heard any of Steven’s work until after seeing Paul’s unboxing video of the box set. (Thanks Paul). Enjoyed Alan’s unboxing too.

The TFB concept is messing with my mind…..

What if we discovered that both Alan and Steven are the owners of TFB corporation? (in the Personal Shopper video)

I wonder if The “intentionally left blank” CD in the box set was intentionally missing from my box set, to reflect the disappointment of consumerism?

Derek Langsford

Congrats to Alan and a big thanks for going to the effort of making a video for us all to enjoy.

I still had not taken the plunge but it looks like the decision over the boxed set has been made with it now being sold out. For me collecting is mostly about the music and the decision with TFB boiled down to “could I justify the price difference between the Blu-ray and Boxed Set (about $130 including shipping) for the music on Disc 3 alone.” At what turned out to be $13 per track, the answer was “no.” I will have to hope that the album is revisited by Steven in the future and a CD + Blu-ray set including the CD3 bonus tracks on the Blu-ray happens in the future.

This is my first casualty of the brave new world of higher shipping costs. Obviously by selling out so quickly, the market for the box was still there but I still think international sales of items from artists stores will be hurt by the new taxes, postal rates, import fees. The future certainly bites for the availability of physical music.


My limited edition deluxe came today. Does anyone know if there is a download code in the cassette case for the cassette-exclusive tracks? I don’t want to unseal it, because I don’t have any way to play a cassette, but if there is a download code, then I’ll open it to get the song files.


The 4 songs included in the cassette are already in youtube


Thanks, Paul. I’ll leave it sealed then. I figured that was the case, but thought it might be worth asking.


So kind of Alan to share this great track with us and even better to make a video to go with it.

It’s a big thank you from me and thousands of other music fans.


Very generous Alan, it’s a great video ;)

Mad Earwig

As a Porcupine Tree appreciator and Steven Wilson solo artist fan, I’ve enjoyed the whole limited box set story from the start.

Credit to Steven for doing the charity thing and to Alan for the unboxing, the Q&A and now the sharing of the track.

I’m not enjoying the new album ( its okay) as much as the previous 3 and it’s totally different from previous styles.
The production is excellent and I like some of the tracks but I miss the heavier guitar sound that I loved on PT albums like ‘ Blank Planet’ and ‘Deadwing’

But I get it.
Steven has expressed his love of Prince and Talk Talk
(less so Van Halen) and he is going his own way.

This track, not brilliant but unique,
Alan, Thank you for sharing it.


My thanks to Alan for this; what a great way to showcase this one-off track, with a video that fits perfectly with the concept of the music and the other official promo videos. I’m grateful that a fan bagged this box-set as opposed to an ‘out-and-out’ collector who may have chose to leave it sealed and thus not given the overall fan-base a chance to hear this.

As for the song; definitely not a throw away track and would have comfortably fitted in with the main album.


How nice it it that he produced a video too.
Thanks a lot.


An outtake?! Well deserved…

David Kunzli

REALLY like the video! Now I want a limited edition super deluxe casket! I know I deserve one. Alan, if you have any, please let me know what I need to do to get one. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Richard Stephen Pievaitis

Great video Alan really impressive. The music is not my cup of tea I’m afraid.


Great video and very generous from Alen, it’s super cool and also a very nice song.


Looks like he even used Steven’s briefcase in the video…nice touch.

I truly enjoyed that. Thank you Alan for sharing it in such a clever way…and just for sharing it! Dig the song itself and happy I was able to hear it.

Alan Lastufka

Erik, cool that you noticed. There were a few close-up shots of the laptop bag from the Eminent Sleaze music video to better tie the two together, but they had to be cut unfortunately as they interrupted the flow of the video. The song is just a touch too short for me to cram everything in there that I wanted to. Time for an Extended Remix? :)

Tom m hans

Did Steven himself get back to you in the very cool video? Greetings from Florida!


Couldn’t help noticing that the box set’s price has gone up a bit…

Phil Morris

Nice touch to include real purchasers in the names which appear on the monitor.


I prefer this song than over half of the album tracks. It says something about the actual album.
Very good video. Professional.

Wayne C

I must say I’m very surprised by this and I take my hat off to you Alan (well beanie anyway!), what a great way to publish this track to the internet . Your a very talented chap and have clearly spent a lot of time on this. Although the track itself isn’t as strong as anything else on the album, you’ve done a great job there with your video and I’m sure Mr Wilson will be over the moon with your efforts.

Alan Lastufka

Wayne, thanks! I do hope Steven enjoys it when/if he sees it!


This is an interesting song however I haven’t listened to all the album yet commend Alan on his approach and his enthusiasm for music is inspiring. The whole album concept is innovative in what is an industry calling out for inspiration in these dark times. I hope the £10k idea sparks fresh ideas in the industry perhaps even Paul Mc Cartneys management will come up with something to benefit charity?


I actually really like the track and would have been happy for this to be on the album, let alone the B sides disc. Inspired video from Alan, and just a request to him if he looks in – “Alan, any chance of posting a FLAC or similar somewhere so I can listen to it whilst out walking?” Thanks for sharing in any event :)

Alan Lastufka

Matthew, I will be making the hi-res FLAC file of my needledrop available next week when I upload the “Making Of/Behind the Scenes” video of the Tastemaker shoot. Sorry for dragging it out, I just want the music video to have a few days in the spotlight before it has to compete with hundreds of reuploads of my needledrop.

Matthew Breach

Brilliant! You are a (very generous) star :)


Steven Wilson couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome for this track!


Totally agree!


Great video
Obviously a talented guy.
I see a bright future for them both maybe working together.
Maybe the best 10k he ever spent.


Great work Alan! Really enjoyed the video. What a brilliant way to share this.

Andrew Robinson

Very nicely done video, and a real treat for those of us who didn’t have 10k lying around. It’s also really nice to find out that the track was a properly developed completed piece rather than a throwaway offcut – where does Steven Wilson find the time do do all this work?

As for the track itself, sonically it’s perhaps a little too close to “Eminent Sleaze” to have worked in the context of the album, so it makes sense not to include it. Am I also detecting some influence from Underworld’s “Bruce Lee”, perhaps?

Rare Glam

An excellent track, thanks for sharing Alan, great video as well. Maybe you should add it to the box on a DVDR or a memory stick. That way if you move the set on at some point it would be like an evolving project that includes something of each owner as well. It would tell a story of the appreciation for the original. I am reminded of that set of CDRs Cure fans did internationally all doing their own versions of Cure songs and presenting the finished article to Robert Smith some years back.

John MC cann

And Roberts yet to listen to it!

Christophe ODDONE

Thank you Alan for sharing this ( weakest song compared to any others .. album remixes and deluxe bonus includes) track with us and congrats for the vidéo. Enjoy your box set

Colin Harper

He Is The Videomaker

G.D. Wilde

Ev’rybody had a hard year
Ev’rybody had a good time
Ev’rybody had a wet dream,
Ev’rybody saw the sunshine

Arthur O'Brien

Crossed my mind, too…