Lord of the Rings / 5LP vinyl unboxing

Check out this new unboxing video that shows off the fine physical attributes of the new coloured vinyl box set of the ‘Complete Recordings’ of Howard Shore‘s score for The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Rings soundtrack.

This limited edition 5LP collector’s box (5000 units) and the 3CD+blu-ray set (with a surround sound mix) is out now. If you already have one of these sets, why not leave a comment and let fellow SDE readers know if it lives up to the hype of this label-produced video!

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Howard Shore

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring - The Complete Recordings [VINYL]


Compare prices and pre-order

Howard Shore

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Rings-The Complete Recordings


Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship of the Rings 3CD+Blu-ray

Disc: 1
1. Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All
2. The Shire
3. Bag End
4. Very Old Friends
5. Flaming Red Hair
6. Farewell Dear Bilbo
7. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
8. A Conspiracy Unmasked
9. Three Is Company
10. The Passing Of The Elves
11. Saruman The White
12. A Shortcut To Mushrooms
13. Strider
14. The Nazgûl

Disc: 2
1. Weathertop
2. The Caverns Of Isengard
3. Give Up The Halfling
4. Orthanc
5. Rivendell
6. The Sword That Was Broken
7. The Council Of Elrond Assembles
8. The Great Eye
9. Gilraen’s Memorial
10. The Pass Of Caradhras
11. The Doors Of Durin
12. Moria
13. Gollum
14. Balin’s Tomb

Disc: 3
1. Khazad-dûm
2. Caras Galadhon
3. The Mirror Of Galadriel
4. The Fighting Uruk-hai
5. Parth Galen
6. The Departure Of Boromir
7. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 1
8. May It Be
9. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 2

Disc: 4
1. Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All (Advanced Resolution Surround)
2. The Shire (Advanced Resolution Surround)
3. Bag End (Advanced Resolution Surround)
4. Very Old Friends (Advanced Resolution Surround)
5. Flaming Red Hair (Advanced Resolution Surround)
6. Farewell Dear Bilbo (Advanced Resolution Surround)
7. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe (Advanced Resolution Surround)
8. A Conspiracy Unmasked (Advanced Resolution Surround)
9. Three Is Company (Advanced Resolution Surround)
10. The Passing Of The Elves (Advanced Resolution Surround)
11. Saruman The White (Advanced Resolution Surround)
12. A Shortcut To Mushrooms (Advanced Resolution Surround)
13. Strider (Advanced Resolution Surround)
14. The Nazgûl (Advanced Resolution Surround)
15. Weathertop (Advanced Resolution Surround)
16. The Caverns Of Isengard (Advanced Resolution Surround)
17. Give Up The Halfling (Advanced Resolution Surround)
18. Orthanc (Advanced Resolution Surround)
19. Rivendell (Advanced Resolution Surround)
20. The Sword That Was Broken (Advanced Resolution Surround)
21. The Council Of Elrond Assembles (Advanced Resolution Surround)
22. The Great Eye (Advanced Resolution Surround)
23. Gilraen’s Memorial (Advanced Resolution Surround)
24. The Pass Of Caradhras (Advanced Resolution Surround)
25. The Doors Of Durin (Advanced Resolution Surround)
26. Moria (Advanced Resolution Surround)
27. Gollum (Advanced Resolution Surround)
28. Balin’s Tomb (Advanced Resolution Surround)
29. Khazad-dûm (Advanced Resolution Surround)
30. Caras Galadhon (Advanced Resolution Surround)
31. The Mirror Of Galadriel (Advanced Resolution Surround)
32. The Fighting Uruk-hai (Advanced Resolution Surround)
33. Parth Galen (Advanced Resolution Surround)
34. The Departure Of Boromir (Advanced Resolution Surround)
35. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 1 (Advanced Resolution Surround)
36. May It Be (Advanced Resolution Surround)
37. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 2 (Advanced Resolution Surround)
38. Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All
39. The Shire
40. Bag End
41. Very Old Friends
42. Flaming Red Hair
43. Farewell Dear Bilbo
44. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
45. A Conspiracy Unmasked
46. Three Is Company
47. The Passing Of The Elves
48. Saruman The White
49. A Shortcut To Mushrooms
50. Strider
51. The Nazgûl
52. Weathertop
53. The Caverns Of Isengard
54. Give Up The Halfling
55. Orthanc
56. Rivendell
57. The Sword That Was Broken
58. The Council Of Elrond Assembles
59. The Great Eye
60. Gilraen’s Memorial
61. The Pass Of Caradhras
62. The Doors Of Durin
63. Moria
64. Gollum
65. Balin’s Tomb
66. Khazad-dûm
67. Caras Galadhon
68. The Mirror Of Galadriel
69. The Fighting Uruk-hai
70. Parth Galen
71. The Departure Of Boromir
72. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 1
73. May It Be
74. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 2
75. Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All (Dolby Surround)
76. The Shire (Dolby Surround)
77. Bag End (Dolby Surround)
78. Very Old Friends (Dolby Surround)
79. Flaming Red Hair (Dolby Surround)
80. Farewell Dear Bilbo (Dolby Surround)
81. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe (Dolby Surround)
82. A Conspiracy Unmasked (Dolby Surround)
83. Three Is Company (Dolby Surround)
84. The Passing Of The Elves (Dolby Surround)
85. Saruman The White (Dolby Surround)
86. A Shortcut To Mushrooms (Dolby Surround)
87. Strider (Dolby Surround)
88. The Nazgûl (Dolby Surround)
89. Weathertop (Dolby Surround)
90. The Caverns Of Isengard (Dolby Surround)
91. Give Up The Halfling (Dolby Surround)
92. Orthanc (Dolby Surround)
93. Rivendell (Dolby Surround)
94. The Sword That Was Broken (Dolby Surround)
95. The Council Of Elrond Assembles (Dolby Surround)
96. The Great Eye (Dolby Surround)
97. Gilraen’s Memorial (Dolby Surround)
98. The Pass Of Caradhras (Dolby Surround)
99. The Doors Of Durin (Dolby Surround)
100. Moria (Dolby Surround)
101. Gollum (Dolby Surround)
102. Balin’s Tomb (Dolby Surround)
103. Khazad-dûm (Dolby Surround)
104. Caras Galadhon (Dolby Surround)
105. The Mirror Of Galadriel (Dolby Surround)
106. The Fighting Uruk-hai (Dolby Surround)
107. Parth Galen (Dolby Surround)
108. The Departure Of Boromir (Dolby Surround)
109. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 1 (Dolby Surround)
110. May It Be (Dolby Surround)
111. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 2 (Dolby Surround)
112. Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All (Dolby Stereo)
113. The Shire (Dolby Stereo)
114. Bag End (Dolby Stereo)
115. Very Old Friends (Dolby Stereo)
116. Flaming Red Hair (Dolby Stereo)
117. Farewell Dear Bilbo (Dolby Stereo)
118. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe (Dolby Stereo)
119. A Conspiracy Unmasked (Dolby Stereo)
120. Three Is Company (Dolby Stereo)
121. The Passing Of The Elves (Dolby Stereo)
122. Saruman The White (Dolby Stereo)
123. A Shortcut To Mushrooms (Dolby Stereo)
124. Strider (Dolby Stereo)
125. The Nazgûl (Dolby Stereo)
126. Weathertop (Dolby Stereo)
127. The Caverns Of Isengard (Dolby Stereo)
128. Give Up The Halfling (Dolby Stereo)
129. Orthanc (Dolby Stereo)
130. Rivendell (Dolby Stereo)
131. The Sword That Was Broken (Dolby Stereo)
132. The Council Of Elrond Assembles (Dolby Stereo)
133. The Great Eye (Dolby Stereo)
134. Gilraen’s Memorial (Dolby Stereo)
135. The Pass Of Caradhras (Dolby Stereo)
136. The Doors Of Durin (Dolby Stereo)
137. Moria (Dolby Stereo)
138. Gollum (Dolby Stereo)
139. Balin’s Tomb (Dolby Stereo)
140. Khazad-dûm (Dolby Stereo)
141. Caras Galadhon (Dolby Stereo)
142. The Mirror Of Galadriel (Dolby Stereo)
143. The Fighting Uruk-hai (Dolby Stereo)
144. Parth Galen (Dolby Stereo)
145. The Departure Of Boromir (Dolby Stereo)
146. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 1 (Dolby Stereo)
147. May It Be (Dolby Stereo)
148. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 2 (Dolby Stereo)



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Chris Squires

I listened to the whole thing today whilst supposedly working. Getting up and down 9 times to switch things over was the only productive thing I did all day. I got little to no work done.
My Lord, this is fabulous. Other than a few, small, packaging quibbles like the inner covers, which are functional but not interesting, 10sq. ft. of dead real estate, the rest of it is absolutely top notch.

I am trying to think what I place it at the top of my collection with….The music is just sublime and as like most fans of the film I can see every single scene in my head and I can hear so much more than a film soundtrack can give on a TV, like the little drum sounds just before Gandalf first sings, I hadn’t heard those before.

Sigh, this is how things should be, perfect music, beautifully presented. The very best thing I have bought in years. Still can’t think of anything that comes close. Chuffed.


I managed to listen to LP1 during the weekend.
The music is stupendous, pleasant to listen even without the film (cannot say the same for Star Wars – The Force Awakens), and besides I almost know it by heart so images spring to mind immediately. Howard Shore has produced a masterpiece worthy of the film. I once again thought what an incredible thing Peter Jackson and all his collaborators have managed to create. Immortal in its beauty.
Sound is excellent for my standards (I am not an expert mind you).
The box set is nice, but somehow the inside lacks the luxury of the outside, I can’ t find better words to explain.
Certainly they could have done better with the inner sleeves (why not picture sleeves, a portrait of each of the members of the Fellowship?) and maybe invent something for the booklet, make it more “substantial” somehow. a red velvet lining of the interior of the box would have paired well with the red lifting strip and would have dramatically changed the overall appearance.
A nice item, but it could be improved. But nobody will ever care to do so, just like the Bowie Reality Tour vinyl box set. I submitted my observations to the label (Legacy? Can’ t remember) but never received a reply.

Chris Squires

Mine has come today, a week earlier than expected, it is without a doubt a very beautiful thing indeed. Numbered in the 3,000s so nowhere near the front of the queue as it came from the US of A.
Only listened to the first part of the first side as I won’t have time to clean it all up and play it until the weekend but it does sound very good on first impression. The box is in a pristine state, no issues with seams or spines.
I think the LOTR boxes will be very much like the Bowie boxes. The first one was to test the water, to see if it would sell, it will become an instant collectors item as 5,000 is nowhere near enough. They will possibly make more of the second and third sets which won’t quite have the pull of the first as availability will match demand. 7,500 or 10,000 of the second and third sets or stick with the 5,000? It will be interesting to know the Bowie numbers if they exist, but I bet it follows a pattern of 1x , 2x, 3x (or whatever) as there are definitely more of the latter boxes once they knew they would sell.

A thing of beauty…..for those who like to hold their music in their hands indeed.

Nicholas Dawson

My copy from US came this morning, seeing now its double the cost from US, so well happy only paid £101.77p, and that included customs payment, P&P as well, and yes only 5000 copies made, now just need to save for the two towers and return of the king sets. But a well made boxset regardless. So thanks to superdeluxeedition for the early tip.


Are the records in polylinened sleeves?


Yes they are in poly-lined sleeves.


I wonder how soon this will be sold out? Should I wait or order now..just not sure which format to get vinyl-box or cd. What’s your verdict here Paul?

Chris Squires

This will sell out and quite quick. Not just because it’s great music, it’s the first time onto vinyl and it’s a massive franchise with a great series of films (until the Hobbit anyway – IMHO). As has been said here before they have done well by giving a fixed number and numbering the boxes. 5,000 worldwide is not that many, even in these impoverished times for physical media, it will focus the minds of those who waver as a habit.
It’ll be hard to get a set for under £200 quite soon, so £150 seems like something to jump at if this is your kind of thing. And yes I get it that even £150 seems a lot for 5 slices of vinyl. But I have been after this for 17 years….
I don’t think we will be getting a deal alert for this anytime soon unless it’s an error or it lasts less than 30 minutes. I am surprised AM.US let them go at $108 (£100 all in) initially but that stopped quite quickly.


Thank you for sharing this YouTube un-boxing video of LOTR. The vinyl package looks glorious, but I would aim for the blu-ray set for the improved sound quality — what a dilemma :-/ As a good example, I have three early 2000 Japanese re-issued CD’s packaged in 12 inch vinyl record sleeves with all the inserts: The Rolling Stones “Some Girls”, Free “Fire and Water”, and The Who “Who’s Next”. If record companies could issue CD, SACD, DVD-A and Blu-ray discs safely inserted in sleeves replicating vinyl records, it would satisfy both my craving for best sound quality and splendid graphics. On another note, Paul, I always enjoy your un-boxing videos, and really like the few moments of rock slide guitar music you use for the intro and closing. I would very much like to know what bit of music you’re playing so I can add it to my CD collection. Thanks so much!

Yani P

Mine arrived a few days ago, lovely bit of kit only observation is I thought they could have made more of an effort with the vinyl sleeves as plain boring black.

Chris Squires

Aye, but it’s the Vinyl set that is the real stand out. Hasn’t the disc based version been released before? Stupidly expensive though from what others have said…..

What Records seem to have the cheapest independent UK price I have seen at £150 plus £8 postage (to which you can add as many other records as you wish and postage stays at £8). There is one seller on AM.UK that when postage is added comes in at just over £158 and Prime at £160, it’s neither here nor there. Post launch worldwide prices seem to be settling at around £200-ish.

Chris Squires

Dayam! I was hoping that it was one of your un-boxing videos Paul.

My delivery is set for next Wednesday the 18th, hopefully before, but as it is coming from AM.US it has a long way to travel.

Anybody get from from AM.UK or any other close supplier so you have it in your hands?

don cooper

Could you give me One Ring if you do,Paul.


I have the vinyl set – from amazon.co.uk.
Nice flat discs. Quiet as well. Lots complaining about broken seams on the box but mine was pristine. I’ve played the first 3 discs. No issues and lovely clear sound.

Lovely set – price is just hard to swallow – wouldn’t have gone for it if I didn’t listen to it regularly.

I’ve had the CD/DVDAudio set since its original release in 2005 – cost me £19.97 from amazon then – so the price is taking the P – even 13 years later.