Neil Young and Crazy Horse / Return to Greendale unboxed

SDE lifts the lid off Neil Young‘s latest box set, Return to Greendale. This features two LPs, two CDs, a blu-ray and a DVD. Watch the video…

The Return to Greendale box set is out now. This set is available via the SDE shop.

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Return to Greendale - 2CD+2LP+blu-ray+DVD box


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Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Return To Greendale


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Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Return To Greendale [VINYL]



Side A

01 Falling From Above (Live)
02 Double E (Live)
03 Devil’s Sidewalk (Live)

Side B

04 Leave The Driving (Live)
05 Carmichael (Live)
06 Bandit (Live)

Side C

07 Grandpa’s Interview (Live)
08 Bringin’ Down Dinner (Live)

Side D

09 Sun Green (Live)
10 Be The Rain (Live)



01 Falling From Above (Live)
02 Double E (Live)
03 Devil’s Sidewalk (Live)
04 Leave The Driving (Live)
05 Carmichael (Live)
06 Bandit (Live)


07 Grandpa’s Interview (Live)
08 Bringin’ Down Dinner (Live)
09 Sun Green (Live)
10 Be The Rain (Live)

Blu Ray: Film Version Of The Live Concert

DVD: Inside Greendale – making of the album documentary


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I cut round the shrink wrap.
Thus keep keep hype sticker and don’t risk damaging it.


For anyone interested the bare bones Vol 2 archives is up for pre-order on Amazon.com. Search for B08N37KCV5. Including import fees it’s £150 to the UK. I’ve got my order in now just in case it doesn’t appear on the UK site at a sane price. Hoping for a price decrease before release either way.


Hello Paul,

first of all thanks for the excellent website. Amazon Sweden launched recently and I was wondering if it was at all possible to list them with your price comparisons?


Paul Wren

Helpful video, thanks. I’m sure these vids help people make buy decisions. I also retain the hype sticker on the shrink wrap somewhere inside the album/box set. Minor quibble: It would have been nice if the lyric booklet was 12″x12″. I’ve bought this.

Donal Murphy

Clarifying a few items:

The Blu Ray is being released separately, Neil confirmed this on his website recently, no date was given.

The DVD “Inside Greendale” was initially released after the album was released in 2003, in a cd/dvd set. It has the darker cover to the standard issue, and is still easily available.

A 2nd version of the cd/dvd combo is also available, this includes a dvd of Neil solo – live at at Vicar street, Dublin, a must have live dvd imho ! About 2 hours of Neil playing the album tracks, and a full explanation of the storyline, its a unique solo performance.
But this was remarkably excluded from this box set.

I passed on the box as too expensive, but got the vinyl,


Thank you for the video, Paul!
I guess there’s no plan for a standalone blu-ray or dvd release, right?

Alan Blevin

Unrelated to Return To Greendale but Amazon.com have just put up a link for the standard edition of Archives Volume 2.Price is $US160 and release date is 5 March 2021.In the last few days Neil said they were about to announce it so it is definitely genuine.
Still annoyed Neil has quarantined to Greendale concert film to an expensive box with duplicate vinyl and CD.

bruce kelso

time to say goodbye to neil.too much filler not enuff killer.


I never peel the hype stickers off; I cut the plastic around the sticker and then keep that. I don’t like the idea of sticking something to the artwork.

Paul Gray

Old Neil’s Re-issue/Archive programme seems to be a bit of a mess at the moment! £90 for this package of an average album, £100 for After The Goldfish and the Archives 2 debacle ( I see a copy is being flipped for nearly 2000 dollars!)
Apparently we should hear in the next couple of days about Archives 2, Mark 2 and allegedly there is a deluxe version of Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere coming out in March.
I reckon if you’ve buy Archives 2 Mark 1, Greendale, Goldrush and Everybody, that’s probably £550 in Neil’s coffers.
I guess you don’t have to buy them, only Archives 2 interests me and I ain’t parting with more than £125 for it!


The question about hype stickers should be: what do you do with them after you peel them off the shrink? I put them on the front of the box/cover in the least conspicuous spot, or somewhere on the back side/inside blank page. I do have to “pitch” (“bin”) some that tear badly.

What do you do with the hypes stickers you don’t have to “bin”, Paul?

Peter Stanton

Exactly my thoughts Brian. I too tend to stick them on the box somewhere, but that’s not ideal and always a worry regarding the glue ‘migrating’, apparently the technical term, onto/into the box.



I carefully cut mine out and keep them.
I used to peel them off and stick them on the boxes but stopped a long time ago.
Now I place them inside the box on top of the stuff inside.

It’s a pity that records and box sets come in shrink wrap in the first place.
I wonder is there any environmentally friendly alternative?

Happy 75th Neil!


At least I’m not the only anal retentive person who cuts them out, too. Makes me nuts when I accidentally slip and damage the sticker, even ever so slightly.


I cut them out and put the sticker and bit of shrink wrap inside the booklet (if there is one). Then I read the booklet, the sticker falls out and I lose it.


Thank you. Neil’s 75th birthday today!

Electric Sydney

Great video Paul, it seems to me that Greendale is way too complicated and expensive a project for me to get involved in. I wanted to ask you Paul what your method of removing hype stickers is. I will use a hairdryer if it is stubborn.

Derek Langsford

I try to keep the shrink wrap with sticker intact on a set by carefully slitting the shrinkwrap at an end. Works great when the contents slide out an open ended outer box (Tangerine Dream, Beatles Abbey Road, etc.), but one has to slide off the shrunk wrap for lift off lid or bookbound boxed sets and with those it is often very difficult to slip them back in without ripping the shrinkwrap.

Keeping the shrinkwrap on prevents fingerprints, dirt, and dust from getting on the outer surfaces. I wish one could get poly bags for various boxed set sizes. One used to be able to get larger poly bags in art shops (used by artists to protect their work) but it seems almost impossible to get odd sizes in small numbers now.

Anyone else have any tips for protecting boxed sets?


Re. Derek Langford

These are not perfect but are the thicker vinyl covers and work for boxed sets.


Paul, loving the unboxing videos.

Andy Haines

I wrap mine in cling film! Have David Gilmour Live in Gdansk vinyl box set that is unplayed wrapped up. It came from the seller unsealed so I’ve wrapped it up to protect it. Also an original Pulse box set which came to me second hand and the outer box is a bit shelf worn so I’ve wrapped that as well leaving the open end clear to allow me to extract the discs. Just reduces further wear & tear. The only issue is it’s awkward if the wrapped item is in a collection as you can struggle a bit with getting items in and out from either side and don’t put two wrapped items together or you’ll have a wrestling match getting them separate again!

Peter Muscutt

How about protecting box sets by wrapping them in clingfilm? (Sorry, that wasn’t the most constructive answer…!!)

As someone with a small child, it’s always a routine to ensure hands are thoroughly washed and dried before handling a boxed set – although in these hygiene conscious times i imagine we all do that – but even more so when there’s the added peril of jam, chocolate spread, pasta sauce, custard, yoghurt, poster paint and orange Wotsits residue transferring to that £100+ box set you forked out for!!!

Maybe there’s a ‘Dragons Den’ style gap in the market for larger poly bags for vinyl/CD box sets?

Carl Jacobs

See my posts elesewhere.
Covers 33 do 400 g poly sleeves for 7” 10” LP and box sets. Now the box set ones have been used extensively by me including the two original Classic Records Greendale sets. Ye I got bot and down loaded the lyrics for my opened 180 g set and like others carefully cut the stickers and retained. For the 200 g edition, I kept sealed. I have kept the RTG box set sealed and stored in said poly.
For the really massive sets like Rusk Floyd, Motörhead and Sabbath I use any in printed and carefully retained poly from electronic purchases or clothes covers – my wife works in retail. This protects from shelf wear. The contents are stored in individual poly and poly lined paper sleeves etc.
CDS are protected in poly round edged sleeves bought from Bags Unlimited USA with extortionate import charges; anyone know of a U.K. retailer?
Digipak cd covers I use carefully adjusted and cut and restuck comic poly covers that are commercially available. These are good for CD box sets as well.
Obviously LPs and 7” are stored outside the cover in poly lined paper and the whole lot in poly with the openings turned so that dust does not enter but with side one label correctly aligned to allow easy reading.
All stored alphabetically and chronologically the individual band member sols at end of the group in bespoke shelving. Curse WB for the oversized Floyd LY box set being 3mm to high for the 12” shelving, when all else are just fine. Who designs these?
All catalogued diligently and laboriously using Discogs ad nauseum, ad infinitum.
Hope this helps.

Jarmo Keranen

I have never saved the shrinkwraps. I tear them off and threw them in the garbage can!