Neil Young / Archives II 1972-1976 retail edition unboxed

Watch the unboxing video

Out on Friday, is the ‘retail’ edition of Neil Young‘s Archives Vol II 1972-1976 box set. SDE takes a look at this cheaper version of this 10CD box set and compares it to its bigger cousin. Take a look at the video, below…

The Archives Vol II 1972-1976 retail edition 10CD box set is released on 5 March 2021.

# signifies an unreleased version of a song, while a * signifies a song that has never been released in any form



Neil Young / Archives Vol II second edition

Archives Vol II 1972-1976 Neil Young / 10CD Retail Edition

    • CD 1 – Everybody’s Alone

      1. Letter From ‘Nam *
      2. Monday Morning #
      3. The Bridge #
      4. Time Fades Away #
      5. Come Along and Say You Will *
      6. Goodbye Christmas on the Shore *
      7. Last Trip to Tulsa
      8. The Loner #
      9. Sweet Joni *
      10. Yonder Stands the Sinner
      11. L.A. (Story)
      12. LA. #
      13. Human Highway


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Terry Malone

A bit late in the day, but does anyone know why Will to Love wasn’t included? From what I can tell, it was written/performed in 1976…

[…] Sizeable reduction on the truly excellent ‘retail’ version of the box set.  Check out the unboxing video. […]

Stan Stanton

Possibly the greatest collection of music ever released in one place. Phenomenal stuff.


my copy arrived today. totally agree with you Paul, this packaging is way better than vol 1.
Mind you that’s not saying much because NY’s packaging has a very low standard imho. Booklets/inserts are usually not very easy to read, as is the one in Archives 2, It’s all one sentence!


Thanks Geronimo! True words….

Received the retail Vol.2 and testify it’s an amazing collection of songs….quite worth it whatever package…..as always, music is the yardstick, not the packaging.

Now comes the new quandary for this fan: will the downloadable high-definition versions sound appreciably better than the CDs? (we had no bluRay option this go-around)

Do I spend $233.98 to find out (?)…..and still no hardcover book!


Got mine & it’s all I could have wished for. Thanks Paul, your packaging is amazing!

But, the poster – Oh dear! I just wondered, is anybody planning on hanging it on their wall?


Yeah, I scratched my plan to even open it once. The thought of trying to fold it up again filled me with anxiety.

Florentino Stabile

Hi Paul,
Thanks for all you do for us passionate people that love to hold the music will send in our ears for the entire experience is still very important. What to say about Neil Young a Canadian national treasure…. natural treasure for the world. Great musician, wordsmith par excellence, a catalog to die for and incredible career considering he had a child with CP to take care of. What an incredible man…. may he live another 100 years. Of course I ordered mine.
God bless you Paul and all at SDE.

Carl Jacobs

My “Retail Edition” dropped Fri am by my trusted postie. All nicely packaged and protected as requested from Badlands. Yes plastic bubble and the squeezable air thingys. But hey when it comes to protecting our muzac who cares about the planet. The Hype sticker is therefore intact on the rest of the shrink wrap.
All discs are correct in terms of titles and sleeves.
Shrink wrap carefully removed only from the box opening in a surgical like procedure to allow the slip case to be removed. Great design as Paul says ala the Jap promo boxes that I have for Hackett stuff.
I have a reservation about the quality of the card sleeves not being correctly aligned when folded. A bit poor if you ask me. Also no protective sleeves for the discs, paper or tissue or LDPE
So I have done the usual and used my stash of proprietary sleeves purchased from Bags Unlimited in US; high postage though.
Covers protected in amended poly that are originally Comic bags from Collector Line again in US but I get mine from Page 45 in U.K.
Booklet and poster protected in same way.
Outer box protected in an amended 10” 400gsm poly sleeve.
All reassembled means that it is a solid item now, with no shelf wear, the discs do not rattle and scratch inside the covers or induce tears.
All logged and described on Discogs
Shipping note from Badlands retained.
Assiduous fastidious and pedantic but protecting my investment for my loving daughter, who thinks I spend way too much.
Don’t Spook the Horse

Would love Where The Buffalo Roam OST to be included for future

Neil Deans

I hope they reissue Archives Vol 1 in the same retail edition now


I hope they reissue Archives Vol 1 in the same retail edition now


Poorly made. The gate-folds contain nothing justifying making their spines so wide (other than the lettering) and they’re misaligned. The booklet is cheap and perfect-bound.
I preferred the awkward foldout packaging of Volume I as easier to store. It has the nifty magnet closure usually reserved for The Beatles and Rolling Stones.
Volume I listed for US$99.98 in 2009 for 8 discs (US$12.50 per disc)
Volume II listed for US$159 for 10 discs (US$15.90 per disc)
Inflation (US) brings Volume I up to about $124 in 2021 dollars (US$15.50 per disc) , but I can get $12 CDs I bought new then for $6 new now.


I can slip it vertically with other box sets – The Buff Box, Pink Floyd live wall, Nuggets, etc.


I’ve received my box today and … surprise: I have 2 CD #3 and no #2 ! As I already have Tuscaloosa, this is not so big issue but I will contact FNAC to see if they can exchange… anyone with the same issue?


Just bought mine for $100.07 with tax and shipping from importcds.com which I’ve never had any problems with. Might be just for the American market, but just wanted all to have a “heads up.”

Matt R

I bought the limited reissue from The Greedy Hand.
Delayed until 19 March.

would like it to arrive, but as I have the FLACS I may never listen to the actual CDS.
One of the Way Down tracks is 500MB That is effectively the size of a CD.

Way Down arrived last weekend and Young Shakespeare is due on 26 so it is a very strong month for Neil product


Do you think there is a chance that they will reissue the first archive box again?




Mines despatched from amazon but doesn’t look like I got that £103 price ? Ordered as soon as link appeared


Remember, there’s a third version out there and I think it’s still available from The Greedy Hand. It was made available after the first Limited box sold out. It’s the one that has the red lettering which makes it unique. Me, I’m happy with the OG limited version as it matches the first box from many many moons ago. Also got my “signed” CoA last week.

Dave Roberts

very kind offer, would love Homegrown if still available
Dave – 07733 631252

James Rainbow

I’m happy to send my spare copies of Roxy, Tuscaloosa and Homegrown to a new home if someone wants them, assuming that Greedy Hand manage to actually deliver me a box set. Am I allowed to make such offers on here? Not after any dosh.

Justin Campbell

Hi James Rainbow- I’ll take the Roxy CD please and will happily pay the postage. Give me a shout.

Justin (07774723487)

James Rainbow

Justin – no need to pay the postage, happy to send it to someone who’ll use it. I’ve made a note of your number and will text you for your address once I have the box set. Cheers, James


@ James Yes please for Roxy and Tuscaloosa. Already got Homegrown

James Rainbow

Ralph – will happily send you Tuscaloosa. Apologies, Justin replied first on Roxy.
If you’re happy to put up your phone number I’ll text you once my box set arrives and send on Tuscaloosa.

Ralph MacGillivray

Thanks James Much appreciated. I’m on 07806 785023. You’re a gent!

Dave Roberts

very kind offer, would love Homegrown if still available
Dave – 07733 631252

James Rainbow

Dave – no problem. Will text you once I’ve got the box. Cheers, James

Different Time

Now That’s What I Call A Very Good Box Set. That is much more preferable to the Behemoth that is the limited edition version. They could have gone one better and made it an excellent box set by ditching the gatefold sleeves and the poster and really slimming it down in the process.


The “basic” box looks far nicer than I was expecting so I’m looking forward to receiving that. The poster will be unfolded once out of curiosity then never again.

I should be wise to Neil’s tendency to include previously released CDs in the Archive boxes but I do regret doubling up on the Homegrown CD after having bought the RSD vinyl. Ah well.

Andrew r

Hi I am interested that some people have had free membership and a letter over the deluxe debacle . I bought the box and have received nothing other that the ltd box set . Can I ask did it arrive automatically or did you apply ? Questions to NY .com have so far been inconclusive. Any ideas Paul or anyone else . Thanks


Hi Paul. The free subscription comes via an email but is the Certificate of Authenticity posted to you or in an email? Does it look like an actual Neil Young signature?

Alan Blevin

You should have got an email with a code and link to activate your membership about the same time you got your download link.If you don’t have either or both of these contact Archives team through Greedy Hand.That seems to work better than contacting Warner Music.
Today Neil confirmed that the release of Volume 3 is early 2022.The 9 films he has been referring to will be on 9 separate Blu-ray Discs.This is in addition to 10 cds in the box.
Main contenders for these films are Odeon Budokan (yes I know the CD was in Volume 2),Human Highway,Boarding House solo show,Rust Never Sleeps,Animated Trans,Trans Berlin,Solo Trans (which bizarrely enough is a concert that is not solo and has very little of Trans in it),Austin City Limits and who knows what else.


>Today Neil confirmed that the release of Volume 3 is early 2022.
Won’t believe until I see hogs on the tarmac.


Sorry, I don’t mind a little bit of Neil Young in small doses. I’m sure he’s sponsoring this website!


Fair enough Paul, but you don’t cover every Bowie release, and there is also a steady flow. On the other hand, every move by Neil Young gets SDE coverage.

But then again, I think of all the same old moaning we would read and I realize why you don’t cover every Bowie release!


I am glad you are not covering that latest Bowie cash grab, one of the most insulting rollouts I’ve ever seen. It really seems that the label itself has no confidence in the product they are selling. Bypassing retail, spurning fans, burning a lot of goodwill, perhaps it is their way to condition fans to simply stop buying physical product, or perhaps they don’t inderstand the point of buying physical product in the first place and instead treat it like selling Pokémon cards.


Folks, don’t complain about the covering of Neil Young’s releases at this site. I appreciate all the news very much (a big thank you to Paul!). I could decide myself if I am interested to read it or not. Neil Young just seems to be very active going through his archive and this is a gift to his fans! And it is far more better than posthumous releases as a cash grab.

Alan Blevin

In the last few weeks Neil has been putting out details on Volume 3 which he says will be released early 2022 or “even sooner”.As well as the normal 10cds he said there will be 9 movies in the box.It goes up until the International Harvesters-1985-at least.There have already been 3 archival releases from this period-A Treasure,Hitchhiker and Songs For Judy-so be prepared for the usual amount of repeats.
With 10 cds and up to 9 dvds/blurays it is going to be pricey.
The Covid lockdown has been good for Neil’s Archives work flow.


Please reprint Volume 1, missed it the first time.


very much so.


I passed on Volume I back in the day, and would to see a CD reissue in this same format.

Frank J

Bummer that the retail edition was so much cheaper than the limited first edition, but I take heart in the fact that I recently received a COA for the limited edition, which is actually signed by Neil Young. That more than makes up for it, in my view.

Mike M

That’s pretty cool Frank, is it hand signed? Or a facsimile?


I’ve since found out it is a printed signature. They used different ink, some gloss, looks good, but is not hand signed. My bad. Should have realized, was Neil Young going to sign 3000 of these? Still a nice piece though.

Carl Jacobs

Hi all Superdeluxers,
Just received confirmation that my Retail Edition set has been despatched from Badlands.
Great news; my wife doesn’t understand why I’ve got the (famously very) limited edition and have kept it sealed and have purchased this edition. I have said previously that, for a fleeting second, I did consider buying the deluxe edition from Greedy Hand and keep that sealed, but could not rationalise the purchase price for essentially a minute unrecognisable change to the box from 1st edition. Indeed my wife would have had my wotsits for breakfast, but she’d have had to have sewn them back on again. So I settled for the Retail Edition, but from an actual bricks and mortar retailer albeit online during COVID restrictions on travel.

Now to those complaining yet again about price. Get over yourselves. Amazon is a behemoth that is ruining the market place. Do you not read Neil’s site? Buy local and that is what I choose to do, in full knowledge that I will pay more. However, the quid pro quo is that shipping to a UK address is included.

Paul attempts to disrupt but cannot hope to compete solely on price and neither can Badlands. Paul adds value by presenting his excellent unboxing vids.

These help us saddos to view the items in all their virtual reality. I have said elesewhere, on this site and others, that I wish more care was taken in the handling of the product and contents. That aside, keep up the good work Paul.

So I get the value = price x quality / service sum that clearly those that choose Amazon don’t. I also get the wise wise words of John Ruskin on the same theme; again there are some that clearly don’t. Don’t bleat when all your local stores have disappeared and there’s no RSD.

To paraphrase messers Zappa and Gallagher (Rory / Donal) disrupt the disrupters!

Don’t be Denied.



I understand where you are coming from, BUT, I buy quite a lot of music and have done for over 40 years, I hate to think how much I’ve spent. Yes I do use Amazon, I can buy even more that way as my money goes further. I also buy stuff from Bandcamp, Discogs and actual shops. What can I say, I’m not in a position to pay over the odds when I buy as a much as I do.
Yes Amazon can be seen as an ‘evil empire’ but sadly they do what they do well, hence their success.


Great video! Besides the book and the box design, the deluxe also gives you 1 year free access to NY web site wich one is wonderful. Of course, almost 100 box over is still a lot but also is the price for this “retail” box set. It is cheaper than the Deluxe one but still expensive.
@Rett Russel jut 3 albuns were released before and they are Roxy, Tooscalosa and Homegrown. Tonight´s the Night is not the same as it´s well known homonimus.

Enda Joseph McAtamney

This is on my Amazon orders page at £103.05. When did it drop to this price?

Paul Gray

My order is showing the same price, 103.05 whilst it is still shown as selling for 121.99. I was only charged 10.50 for Rust Bucket whilst it is still priced at 11.99. Pre-order discount?
I will be very happy with the lower price but I think 80 quid would have been a fairer price.

Keith Allan

His question is obviously when did it drop from the consistent pricing of £121.99 to £103.05. It’s a fair question, I’m wondering too.

Another deal missed by SDE! ;-)

Enda McAtamney

I ordered at 121.99. I had a £5 voucher and went to cancel and reorder to get it for 116.99. As I was about to cancel I realised it was down to 103.05


Is this UK Amazon? I pre-ordered for £123.14 the second it was listed (3 Dec) but the lowest I’ve seen it was £121.99.

Looking forward to it regardless. Feels like ages since this was announced! Nice to get a preview in the video, I’d sooner have a compact version as I don’t know where I’d put the big box one.

Sascha H.

Way too much, it´s too expensive.


Re-ordered my pre-order (don’t ask, it’s complicated) of this retail version today; this time from the Greedy Hand US Store. Fully expect to get the box set AND the hi-res download from them which failed to happen with the UK store!
Your unboxing video confirms I was right to go with the retail version even though it looks a bit underwhelming after all this time waiting for it! I’d love to have the big box to go with my Archives Vol 1, but an extra £100 for a nice quality book and a matching box is just not on. The music is what counts, and it’s the same in both versions.


Paul, another wonderful unboxing video. You helped me make up my mind, so I will be getting the smaller retail box (more so for storage considerations).

BTW, I have to compliment you on your videos. The plain white backdrop used to eliminate any visual distractions, and your showing and describing all the bits and pieces of a box set is so informative to your viewers, and superior to any other unboxing videos I’ve seen on YouTube (no kidding). Also, you have the most pleasant looking hands. Have you ever considered being a hand model? :-)


A moment straight out of “The Office” there…


I only come here to see Paul’s hands. The music is secondary.

Rett Russell

Such a quandary for the Neil fan who picked up the stand-alone albums as they were released in the last year or so.
I think about how magnificent this NYA II box would be if I hadn’t heard/owned quite a few of these discs already.
Such is the life of a fan…. I’m grateful we’re getting to hear this great stuff in our lifetime.